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Dusty and Cam 1.6.17 Hour 1

Jan 6, 2017|

Blazers recap, Chris Berman and his nicknames and the problem with ESPN.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 19:52. This mass central selfless problem. This is dusty and jam on football Friday it. This is a football Friday addition of dust and jam in the morning you. The gusty Kara and NFL veteran Ken Cleveland. What do you Busch Series cafe implies. Revenue award winning high from series for your football viewing party series cafe and pie express and local delicious does steal and jam on 1080 so soon. The end videos. Aloha. And welcome man you've dusty and I am in the morning. And you can tell is is in dusty. Heat had a baby. Or at least his wife had a baby is is. Alex Crawford NER wins you say this you say it would win here couples we have babies he said dude dude had a baby to GAAP. Okay Irian doing work they got I mean get you some more as some point all the praise goes to ladies there so congratulations. Two there are fairly specially Lindsay. You do agreed to yet dusty and I assume you've supported in dissented brief I'm a little you do I'm a little disappointed in dusty so dusting Mariam where you just pointed Alex Crawford in for dusty camp as always your your free reliable you're like mr. Here mr. reliable and hair Bennett Andrews air and what is say that re gonna say that in August yeah I was gonna say that because the bravery. Was born yesterday which is January 5. Which is my birthday and now I Cheryl Burke they would does these firstborn son. And and guess that's somewhat model and a lot of looking at the hospital and I told dusty I told dusty months ago he told me did you date was late December resonate that was born January. It happens to end on January 5. I think that I should get some kind of a shout out in there like a middle I think Crawford. Would be a good middle name with a strong middle name is strong he told we know he always told we know from day one and then ask for god father status let me be the godfather. When the baby's godfather cult god no he got no I don't know note note. Finally happened I took the least I thought it was all like a ploy like you would eventually say OK yeah AAA you can be the baby's godfather or the middle names Crawford but. Now he just he stuck to his guns and and I'm left without a well would you. Which will honestly would you have a god part of it wears a gold chain like Bellamy outside. Of he shirt. The where Arnold Maggie today. I mean I don't know you know that its its credit he looks great today's got a key code and he's got a pulled out. It is war had on I mean he looks good it sure if he showed up in the studio berth in that out that. You bet. He didn't think as I thought this is what the godfather was supposed to Wear golden egg roll on the outside gold on the outside to show that he's classy it's the end fish and its goal of two new gold on the outside and let their hats to show your wealth also can't I want to thank you. You got me an awesome birthday gift did you gummy shirts. Ares I devilish RT shop folded up for the television cameras but it. For those of you listening at home yeah it's from your favorite comic shop in Vancouver right remained. And it says across that it hit will can Jiri debt because this I can't read new carried out what does that say. What trips there isn't addressed Erica purview are gonna proud of that I'm absolutely protect a joke it's like to have a hipster upon yeah it's yeah don't aren't. I all of these kind of shirts are soft. With that ring around the collar and in the sleeves and a in the seventies. But in malls we used to have that iron on teacher so I heard about that I wanted to ask you would go into the mall and there was few did you would everything he wanted and they all those kind of shirts in you can just you can pick different types of logos and they just. Press iron on you walk out with a new teacher whose. So what are these skull frozen yogurt that anger impala and frozen yogurt when you talk to and a meets frozen yogurt backed up that's when all these idiots deep now. Let's let's wake up. With political. In my remember was just like yesterday. Today in sports history happy birthday to Howie Long. Some remember him. Doing very good things for the raiders others are infamous RadioShack dad's number those completely just I guess I remember as a kid before I knew he was a raiders player a little kid out like a broker said the RadioShack was the ball back in the day. It had everything. All right beat on this is Lawrence you have horses also here is a great memory for cowboys fans Antioch stance 2007. Tony Romo hole. Fumbled the snap fourth and one from the two yard line potential game winning field goal. In the play out warnings as what it well that's right it was extra point counts as Seattle won 2120. You know so. You go so remember that and then remorse I feel like dad always kind of tarnished Tony Romo is. Reputation. Would you always thought oh he's not clutch even though later in his creative being very clutch we don't have starting quarterback told the football. Yet could belly putter so we deal that was his first season when he took over right yes he did oversee was still older yap. I remember that very well. Yeah we got game. Pretty loaded this show today a lot to talk about a big football weekend NFL playoffs starting. College football national championship on Monday. We have Bob can go to and the Seattle times covers the CIT's gonna give us the breakdown at 830 also hey. Dini alerts back in the blazers want to sell. Can't have a lot to talk about today. Including will's Wii can would you rather avoid. You're worried about that yeah wills on the phone with our our friend Mike who calls every single morning. Hey was that our guy Mike. There was in fact my EA calls every every morning at this time you make little wanted when by the way. But the blazers 10 yeah I know we got autographs at three and we get a football starting tomorrow loan. Time do we go. Bogeys I went hockey on this one because we never talk cocky what does that mean. He Columbus Blue Jackets last night turned away from their potential NHL record tying seven seed to win in around. It would tie a record for the most wins in a row during the regular season. Washington Capitals beat downs and so they did not get to tie the record I feel really bad I did not know Kentucky had a hockey team. Oh Husseini a Kentucky you say Kentucky would Columbus Blue Jackets jeans I mean not. Yep it's that kind of morning boys well. We don't like to in all fairness we don't talk hockey players from my point exactly and Iraqis awesome I didn't do that aren't always you have more. Don't you wish we talked talking Morris you wish we deserve an innocent NHL senior important. My roommate and I were reminiscing please go to Mighty Ducks games growing up in Anaheim and we're like we don't. Watch hockey I personally though is that when you see hockey live it is a blast it's totally different winter hawks games are great experience yeah I absolutely love winter hawks games anyway. OK so Columbus I didn't know they renamed by the way the ad they did not tie the record that record held by the 1993 Pittsburgh Penguins. Ladies. Number yard. No but Mario many more what are you up L'Oreal the zoo what I mean that's. How come this Oklahoma running back Joseph makes it is going trial he announced yesterday. Finished the airwaves almost thirteen hundred yards on the ground ten touchdowns over five that are receiving yards by receiving TDs of course everyone knows Joseph makes in the video. He punched a woman in the face had to sit out a year. Very good player character issues do you think well how do you think those are gonna affect him going into the draft in our in our new day and age bar don't know. If it is what it is guys are gonna get second chances in life and hopefully he understands what he did and there is an option right you can. We we don't wanna take away the fact that somebody can get better be a better person what he did was. Inexcusable. Inexcusable. Know why we all what do what do you do with guys like that where he still less talented I that's so that's how I feel I feel like a lot of people deal makes income like. Donald I don't wanna brush aside what he did but I thought some people don't wanna give people second chances anymore you're ready so quick play growing Latin. If I never got second chances after mistakes bulb. Drew ain't that the truth all of us all of us so it's like yeah I don't always curious on the second chance thing came out he either very good running back. I'm sure he'll go in the NFL draft or not they'll get signed as a free agents and I hope we learn from his mistake. Did you make since I'm going to probe. And hey that does not pass this is rock and roll I. Really putting them out estimates. 600 bucks goes and or oh my god it's early wake up. Glorious date. Filling some holes. In their coaching staff. They announced yesterday hiring Jason Phillips and John rushing. Philip's going to be the passing game coordinator and wide receivers coach and pushed Rembrandt and the wide receivers coach left to go to San Jose state and then rushing and a B to CDs coach Derrick Odom. Believed was hired on as the defensive coordinator there at San Jose state under Brent Brennan both these guys coming in with pretty good experience. Phillips was the co offensive coordinator SMU 222014. And and a pretty prolific offense and in rushing. Worked for the Green Bay Packers for seven years in different consultant roles I the most recent role was as the rams' special teams and defense of consultants last year. I don't know if there's another industry leader but he really doesn't understand how much shuffling goes on. I always coaching. Especially football but this is it like any good coach Gary Anderson he wants journal every understands that sometimes new things. All these things are coming in new point of view. Fresh new ideas that's kind of what you do with coaches and staffing your always developing also when your good coach you we're gonna take you guys the way this kind of how it works the shuffling move your family's. The hard lifestyle but yeah. Pretty pretty lucrative nowadays coaching yeah and I'll look I look at these guys' backgrounds little bit because I I don't I you can try speak to this more than I kids having you know you've played college football stuff. I think the position coaches at the college level can really make a huge difference would you Sakai an organ ceiling Rembrandt in the receivers coach or reinstate your dads will York. Essentially you are here they're there every you're with them more. You're here you babysit them sometimes you go make sure they're in class. You do everything you interact with them you're your big league all about leadership when your position that. Well this guy rushing coming and he's you know as a degree of attackers were seven years part of there's other Super Bowl run they went on the last seven years of playoff runs. So I think coming in as a doubt NFL experience as big I mean I don't know. I don't what we'll see what happens but a good hire by the B snuck good. Good little liar out I'm a group yes. Go be recital hall world. Yeah Kobe gives us. And sir contributors and a lot of it now will dole worried. Ducks fans who'll beat fair and unbiased fair balanced like Fox News no you won't. Her height calms the blazers. Get a played last night it looked like a playoff team. But we'll tell you why blazers fans shouldn't get their hopes up just yet. When we come back you're listening. Did Justine Kim morning on 1080 the fan. This isn't football Friday edition you know just jam in the morning right do you like scary that. On Jack maybe the welcome back into the CNBC sports. Curry Alex Crawford can't really hear it he'll do I like that will you timed at a perfect season seats. Ford's factory what why that teensy. Problem I mean yeah. First she gave Kentucky Claman pricey oh yeah IDS are the Claman triumph in Karachi will. Either that or the shellfish our. Clearly our egos crossed he's not here today. For him in Karachi no claiming home or clan clam crouching crusty he. We talked about it when you weren't around is that everybody butchers are names sometimes you read your name butchered will darken it's hard to put your name I fill all of dork in Suzuki. OK there you go I get clam Cleveland all the time. And Cleveland yes clam does everyone puts the seized in the Els and they get it in so I'm just assuming everybody you know as a literate than triple its. Ruling AK RAK. I hit it. Deal wore pins out hot anyway Donald dork and welcome back welcome back you know what if I'm if I'm draw. Lewis for naming and Karachi crunchy and your clam and he's crusty can be krill. For only snoop dog it was my name did you attack that was my name. Sic on connect you know is saying now last night the Portland trailblazers. They got a big win. 118109. Or the lakers have Los Angeles beat LA chants raining down. In the Mota synergy Noual returning after five games off and yet a nice game for Portland and 36 minutes or not. Not a made its restrictions for him on his return he scores 21 points ten assists five rebounds on seven of fourteen from the field for ten from three so all around really solid game. Really solid performance I watched this game start to finish. Portland. They fought back you know will the lakers at times. We're up I think what they were up at halftime the lakers scored 382 quarter points and Portland fights back they get a nice win by nine. All of a sudden you're like okay this is the Portland team we thought of I'm seeing hold your horses rip city as the lakers suck. The lakers are not good wire the lakers not good did you not see any talent from the lakers at all there was a stretch run no no there are a lot of shock no you're right they've improved they've improved a lot. But this is these are the kind of wind you should like Portland. You said big win and I said OK this is an expected a Wii at the point now with the blazers in this part of the season where you have to their must wins in their games really. Are you going against the lakers you need to win this game well that that's when it handle I guess I'm saying big win because with Damien coming back. I think there was a lot of questions about how he would play. And I also think there's been such a lack of consistency lately with his blazers team for them did. This was a must win in and that's like as it's a big win because there's been a lot of quote unquote must wins lately where Portland is a lost. But you know was the quotes have always been said that Portland is a young basketball teams or the lakers lakers would vary. They do their looks very young knew very inexperienced but their size and athletic schism I'm gonna tell you right now is better than the blazers. It was better but there were times in that game you could just see that. The lakers are still trying to figure out flawed individual ball but the blazer just plain better as a team in that game it's good out here for general back when lowered comes back. Everything does feel like it fits it's like it's like the puzzle fits together the Lagos fit together now the Damian is back. But that was a pretty good stretch run of not having your leader in there not I mean having CJ take over. When you have Evan Turner a thorough throat when he and off the bench. And make shots from the L now are huge I mean that's. She is he's now evolving into the guy that you were expecting right he's the money now write it well. Like right like. That version of an internal rusted to German army it's not our money were not spending cuts triple rightist Paul Allen's money that's true he can put whatever he wants there own money to disable its Meyers Leonard where the money's. Well hark what's worth the money who's worth the money it doesn't matter I want to see production a fight and get fifteen points off the bench from Evan Turner the rest of the year on average. That's fantastic. Well I guess I shouldn't have said they win what I'm trying to say is lately looking at the blazers schedule. They're losing streak right he sought teams they should've beat that they lost they lost to the nuggets 130 T 128 the loss of the kings by by the loss to the mavericks those royalty those are games that you expected this team to win. I know that's an expectations thing that you expect. This team to win if they're gonna be a playoff team and they lose them so to see the blazers win a game going into it he said they should win. I I called a big way at this point this season because you're just looking for some right this is this a bigger because your clippers guy and he is wanted in a lobby they'll all love right the lakers lose no honestly. No no that's not why though I guess at this point this season it kind of feels like. If on the blazers I'm looking for some traction right. Each game is an opportunity get something going to improve defensively to get a guy like Evan Turner scoring twenty points off the bench to see how game and CJ mash. And and you got that would this game you've got some traction and now you're gonna go play for the pistons next who it that's another game that you could and should win. And so wanna see a lot of he does seem build on something. 'cause I haven't seen that. They beat the kings they loss of the spurs spurs are really good. They needed to roles they lost the warriors were the best team the NBA they beat the lakers now let's see them take this another step and beat the pistons to kind of keep it going. This is the time of year. Last season when they started. To get things clicking right things started to turn some looking for I guess traction is the word this is a win that I think that they can build something off of but I I don't want I don't wanna get. Too excited about it because escalators. It is what it is at this point in gold the blazers are sitting in the nine spot they're sixteen and 22. They're just behind Sacramento fifteen and twenty and then you go into that everybody with a winning record. It's at Oklahoma City Thunder there Torre won in sixteen and in the grizzard 22 and sixteen Utah's when he June 15. Right now it's all these average at the bottom from eight all the way through the rest through from from Dallas with a eleven wins to Portland. In Sacramento fifteen and sixteen wins there is a an atrocious bottom bunch of crap at the bottom of the Western Conference that everybody's fighting for it does feel like this team. Is fighting for eight seed and that's it because if you tell me that common to see the blazers make a flip like they did Lester I'm hope we. Honestly I'm hoping that they can make a run like he did in January and haven't changed but the way this conference is set up right now I don't know how they're gonna catch everybody else right now. We're talking about you know dead the second half of the Western Conference is a bunch of crap down there let. No I don't you wanna call it crap but it's mediocrity yet everybody's chasing one when the as the seed in the NBA mediocrity is crap like. I'm not one of those guys this is tank in announcing that and others blazers team I'm thinking the blazers on the team I'm looking at that. Seven seed this Oklahoma City Thunder down. There's two teams that I think can rise from that and that's the blazers announced the pelicans. I think does the teams is rosters are good enough to kind of rise from the noise relic emerge from the static down there to commenting grab a playoff spot. To me the blazers could be right up like they can rise up and get as high as sixty like there's no reason I don't think the blazers without much worse than the Utah Jazz. I hit it well that's. I don't know how that's that's subjective it's not it's based on your record in yeah based on what you've done and I mean the jazz played defense the team here that everyone should be enamored with his Houston Rockets they came out of nowhere that was a team that the blazers were handily better than last year. You sought and what is changed well coaching change of velocity change. There hasn't been a coaching change of fauci be changed with Portland so what is been the biggest difference this year that is made this team not. Get up to the level where they were last year. What is it. I I think it's having a apathy. All I I think it's having a veteran presence off the bench actually run the offense because you can say that CG runs the offense quote unquote you could say Evan Turner. Runs the offense but they really don't for the most are all they do is try to find a picks than they can score quickly if you brought in the a veteran guard to kind of run things all dame was a way to get more opportunities for CJ to come off the ball for Evan turn to come off the ball for. You know any other scored to come off the ball a Tiki might have a little bit more success but other than that it seems like when the benches out there it's not so much confusion bitches kind of. Where we're going here with these is that any news when he three points per game almost when he four point two gig that's. Who knew what more would you ask for him we say run in the office did you like the way the office looked. With CJ running the point compared to deem coming it too is that the solution is that going to be an option that you're gonna Seymour now adjustments. Not only just starting her during the game I don't think it's gonna happen Notre Dame off the number one spot. Well don't do that you rustling up and some people are talking on the tax lying to you it it's a trade. People are talking about the blazers making a trend that's kind of in the hot buzz item this week with Chris Haines brought it up when he was on durden Sprague two days ago. People are talking about that. My question is. Who would you trade from his blazers team would you. I've sat through five SX I'm curious I wanna know well blazers fans out there I think would you trade a CJ McCollum right now he's he's blowing out. He's playing arguably the best basketball his career right now. His stop couldn't be higher would you be willing to part ways with him in an effort to make this team better. I I would say old now away. But it'll let there are some intrigue into it because it's almost similar to the situation stepped curry Monta Ellis firms like you had two guards who were literally. Almost the same player. Didn't kite CJ I'm still a gamer almost the same player in terms of style don't we remember the trade that Golden State almost did with Klay Thompson. Okay and love me that was that was on the dock he was ready to go out the door. Would that team Golden State been any different if Klay Thompson is not there yes you do not get rid of elite talent like this you have an up and comer who's. Mean the kid he is he was 25 years old he's averaging 23 he's playing fantastically CJ is jumping up into all star status consistent all star status. In I say do you trade for a big man. There are any other options you can do you can package things up together you do not get rid of a CJ McCall knows he can no way cam. I agree with you but I know but I know people people out there and this is this is our era are impatient and visiting a sports fan when your team was better last year I was saying like. Try to figure things out you're gonna see what's going wrong. People up they're saying we need to make a trade. Right now are looking at the blazers the most dribble pass that is CJ McCollum right like that's gonna give to the most bouncing in terms what you should do I wouldn't trade him. Because you got him in the draft the best teams is available on our own you you you build through the draft the Golden State Warriors. Bill through the draft that is how they got to where they are there they got continuity and consistency out of their lineup that they you know they add small these are but they're core pieces. They drafted in the drastically Thompson they draft stepped Cory they drafted dream on green and they built a mob so I would not trade CJ McCollum at all. But people out there are clamoring for a change and they wanna see something happen so that's why I'm asking blazers fans would you is there anyone out there who would. This text coming in I'd trade CJ for Anthony Davis or bogey cousins other than those two you know way. And I don't even I don't even know teams and make that trade. The hard part is too if you're looking in the future. Of what the draft picks the blazers that they don't have a lot. Many just don't have a lot of did it is a little bit of worry how you gonna how we gonna build through the draft if they traded away all their draft assets and in your routine and now you've paid everybody. There everybody on that rob yeah. Who could you packaged up together. Because that's what you're gonna do you mean if you're the general manager your meal let's say you're sitting here in your under 500 you're trying to chase to get better because you're trying to save your job. Yes he would trying to do your turn to say these are all the guys that I paid how my gonna save my job but I if there's somebody out do you gonna trade. You guys may be right CJ is your best tradable asset but there's no way an actor known. Yeah eight was a trail I just think. Guy who you could. I knew you could part ways with and get the most in return at this point they're not penetrated Damian Miller anybody who says that is fool. And so I don't know us know when you hit it. Personal don't do that please blazers never in this never gonna happen. Happen you don't turn away with a brain that's leading that team guys spurts ownership logic is he's the face of your friend yeah you know I know you don't know what people say that that's I guess that was in the blazes that people are saying it was should trading in a crazy nobody I know I know my final point is that. If the blazers are mediocre this year and they get the AC or whatever. It's not the end of the world because. Having with with these couple PCs you batted in in the money paid guys no one's going anywhere. And getting consistency. And continuity are your squad out of your five or your your eight man rotation. Is huge for the future and so like even if the team doesn't yeah doesn't do better than the gators seventy this year it's not the end of the world sucks right now. But it's not in the world the long run is this roster. Is loaded like this is a very good roster and they got to figure something out or not GMs or not coaches but I like the roster from the blazers and I I think I think the what do two blocks say. After every dark night there's a beautiful sunrise some like dat. Anyone now I don't. Was even after the darkest night as the bright this morning to block said that anyway things are looking up and let's talk about on the all time defining the faces of ESPN's Chris Berman. He slowly moving. Back back back back back back back. To retirement. On I know you're guys here Chris Berman isms are text and 55305. That's going to be a textual relations fever Chris Berman memories. Favor Chris Berman isms will get him gullible play on for you text them 55 TO five this is dusty came on Tate the fan but first. Our producer will darken with a sports center update. Widespread text either. That's the message when numbered. 24 are. Niners five. Six. I can't hear you trailing off and like it here I'm here and there we have all of my life I mean. The most cordless text there's no it's 5530. Sly message and data rates may apply just play my number. You can go we're desperate. This is sexual relations on the shouldered likes to read. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that also asked. Chris Berman ladies and gentlemen welcome back in it does seem to jam. And the morning Chris Berman. They can't load the face. I was trying to figure out exactly what his role was at ESPN he's done a little let everything absolutely everything he he was I guess he was ESPN prolong time runs everything yes via Suu Kyi is he is stepping down from their NFL coverage he's still gonna remain at ESPN. And kind of may yeah. What's the word I'm looking for tunnel ancillary yeah they said they said a married his role he's got to just gonna float around and they said be a face of ESP and a but he is no longer and a host say demands and do his what is it the fastest three minutes of the fastest human is that he does and all that stuff so that's gonna stop he's gonna not be apart their NFL coverage he's still gonna be around. These kind of just slipping in their retirement so can you used this is your idea what what is everybody's favorite Chris Berman isms Texan to us 55305. Because he's got. The nicknames. My favorite is though. Nate always yeah I loved that man. If you're a sports fan and you look at the SP I grew up with so many ESP and memories of me I stayed up all night I would watch sports center. All like me I would Ed that's what I did in high school a simple 2 in the morning watching sports Bernard baseball highlights in the summer or watching Berman. My favorite thing were baseball isms and Berman isms those are my favorite of all time and I've said this one before is Bert be home by eleven. What an awesome and I just I loved her by the than one of the Nancy scurbel ever but here's the top five for you you got some if you remember these. Here's first one chuck new kids on Knoblauch at skated. That's a relief because that's really good. And here's a football on Andrei bad moon rising that's good it me because during that when he would do his fastest three minutes in these guys would come up and that's what he's you know he's supposedly nicknamed man in the near slipped in a and that was Chris Berman manner Eddie eat drink can be. Bet that. And then Lance you sunk my Blankenship. Using armor like it was going to shoot these are good north. Tony to ask go sauce. There's these are classics. LC for me Darryl Strawberry shortcake. Todd which and Z fro with half staff. The date but my Fave like. Prison Parma enemy was he was like almost. I actually use this word essay on the show ubiquitous. Like he was everywhere like he was ESPN like he was as a member as a kid. That is associated seeing Chris Berman on my television with watching ESPN. And the nicknames thing became like ingrained in me like. You know it's fun when you watch games now it's like Fonda trying to give players nicknames or when I I was doing play by play analyst rob invitational try to come up with nicknames and stuff. And then I was realizing too this morning when we are talking about Chris Berman and we're looking at houses look an his retirement stuff. Might allow came from watching Chris Berman like all that you know he he started out whole thing and and I don't know I don't assays fallen off in recent years but it's kind of been slowly life. Slipping into retirement. Why you he's come amend slowly. Usually world aids guys that's what I know I know I'm ahead of all of you. I know man and there are times when I think the only things just. Slipped into the abyss where maybe you dye your hair orange and call the all star game in a home run derby fit I loved I don't know how that happens in this is natural right you just beat the old this is going to happen. And sometimes it passes you by eventually. Mean that's kind of what. Are we are we under agreement that there are some things and things are just it's ready to go thoroughness aids is ready to go but they did make huge change this year ESPN. Many huge teams with the with the NFL game in those guys is guided everybody Tom Jackson and ended Mike Ditka. There were some holds on that show. But I think more than anything ESPN is realizing that most. Most of the consumer base that they're trying to get batter all cut McCord like nobody's watching cable their own streaming services that I know. That's direct correlation to firing all people but at the same time. I think they are speaking you can ride he will actually only only old slick you you're trying to that you're trying to play younger people on television yet you know to relate to the younger demographic and all set big Chris Berman was that last cal line of like. That's old ESPN were new ESP yeah well if you wanna try to get younger you you wanna room. Remove Chris birth I get it I mean I just know there's always a time will be a transition where everybody. Sun about these text Yankee attacks coming 55205 what your favorite Chris Berman isms Chris Berman memories because he is not retiring from ESPN but is stepping down from their NFL coverage he's gonna kind of guide to all professor there I feel like. You know kind of pop up from time to time to make public appearances though we're gonna get to see him do his what was it fast is three minutes. Fastest two minutes I think history maybe history will write that three minute drill yet that's what it was OK I just text and the bills fan growing up and I loved nobody's circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills that's dad that's that's ingrained in. People say that now yeah I guarantee everybody has something that Chris Berman is inside your do you remember. That's a sports fan oh yeah everybody I always do don't I when I'm watching a game. I say I just kind of say that sometimes the. It's. My Brad Brad Brad. But I. Think that's that's got that Gordon's when he got to the homer under real good during sports center but don't render you is if I was tied with the the old Bair at the circus and get them out of the cage and dear did that then again you have Carolina for a given three Beers put him in front of a biker generals all say some things I honestly. We all work in sports media right yeah. I would love. I would love that like I would love. I think we can all I think we all love to have a career Chris Berman ends right Omar I mean gosh Dick Cheney keep change sports media key straight OJ sports media like this thanks coming in. Did Berman isms lead to fantasy football team names. I don't know if they directly did but I mean Chris Burke you know fancy football team now in general is all about the ponds now on the play on players names right here. I mean Chris Berman invented that. If you ever get rid Chris Berman nickname. I play with one of the guys says it was my teammate out Washington his name was Dane Looker you the wide receiver. Andy he said he was of the greatest in one of his greatest achievements his life because. Berman gave him a Dane good looker that's good and that's who is he said that was on sports center and that's one of those moments where you go all right I'm era it all right. That's cool. Dad niners but Berman dancing. Well I had to serve for and so lazier nickname must think pepperoni. Maybe I already started and then people submitted image was like okay. There's an idea or hollering at Steve alters sacks or we have debris Gatti in meatballs. John I'm not a crook theft at a Philadelphia Eagles Franklin ticket stubs Boyce is skip to my Luke that's yep that's again one. Yet he's tech like all and is is another one here. Parolees chicken fish picker. I Raleigh now Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh tigers come alive I'm up decimal one of the best mustaches and Nast sports history. Wonderful this is laugh. Mark tossed salads. Hooks. These guys these are evaluated. I guess you can say that I'm robber robbed double double. Attribute to keep on coming up I'm real find is they're text line Chris Berman isms what are your favorite he's stepping down from his NFL roll ESPN I'm more minor role ancillary role by as much as he liked it. And it's really it's the kind of thought in the last five years to knock the older Chris Berman with his guy you can make fun of the old city just give the crotchety and we're the thing is you got to make fun the old when you're young. Has he you know you're headed there and it's fun to be like all look at that you know where you know you're gonna be some day I had just turned 26 I'm feeling hold your over the quarter century Mark Brunell you're still your tweets that. Our older that I'm what do you 33. You're now you're not thirty a year to when he 181272820. You know and see we're all that is their peak Brawley an awful all you know now. It's terrible because then the real clock of thirty starts. To to just go you never heard as a girl tick tick tick ticket that's. I'd even gone in five bounty of five it's excited favorite Chris Berman isms what do you remember most about Berman you're listening to Justine cam. On city the fans. Everybody's seen. I mean it's not so much stance is that when everybody has to move when I'm trying to concentrate. National road I can't believe that that's a song got him. Why is everyone all the sudden after more than two hours to move around wait ten minutes. She's. Dusty day on the morning now all eyes Chris Berman and the ESP and the face. And ESPN for many years is stepping down from his NFL roll still remain kind of in the bill Shaw only year old trailblazers he'll be around yeah you'll see him around that was an epic ran in 2008 an LA hot Mike situation right well knows it was a hot Mikey was just recorded off off cam but it's off alive but it still they get they put that one public there's been a couple good ones. That he's out. Sure to what. Youth let me just be honest here folks. If we had a hot Mike even in our breaks all the time out dude I wouldn't have a job sometimes. Yeah I'm really glad in all of us do that yeah. That's why there's the FCC correct you have to like Howard Stern moved to. Satellite radio out yes can be who you wanted to be swords are about our favorite Chris Berman isms at 55 throw five of the tax line. This again I had an adamant Grateful Dead marsh. That's dead. Eric. Are Josef live and let a die Al that's really got. Kivu common that's a good once you are members the World Series MVP he said that on which all got super cal French Lick XP LO broaching song that's great. He had these I mean. TBF but there's times reading all these crit Chris Berman isms he is stepping down. He's had. Some very funny moments as the ESPN. NFL passes three minutes to wanna play. Here's what here's another one can you found this on is a very good Chris Berman. Take here. Understand tonight is. Awful and here they're awful no no majority awful. I saw this on the schedule jets during the Christmas holiday. I thought I took four do do do is at 6 o'clock knowing what was what this would be. Good juju Jews. Canadian aspirin a little bit of Cody didn't jazzed enough to give that pop. Joseph Joseph Joseph do do do it. We acquired over the counter up there you can't hear. Like ten marks of their buddies like a hundred bucks description here. See if you've put in me all the corners of your showcase your community to declare all the old. Eight. Good good dinners. That doesn't do do do irony here don't data's Canadian aspirin I'm never had a we others kitty master and now there's coding I lived in a live close to order a terror there also laid back this was back when you can just go to Canada a million in Canada to do anymore. I love these I love these hot Mike kinda have that Diaz someone takes an Indiana Bill O'Reilly moments failure. It looked alive and yet those those are both those are great yeah. On this now are you at disagree one from 91 Bryant the robber onus on dinner and NN net net rob around us. Oh yeah yeah I remember that if the all right RP and I noticed there. I and secure according to my children yet you know I'm Sharon and starts Rona and I'm not the lead up I'm not that I'm not the best singer by the way you did the my Sharon was Rob Bironas who I I'd say I'll know Chris Berman. But yeah I'll always remember the fastest three minutes I loved that with the pat and the nicknames and and I he started. I wanna say he started that whole thing which led navy to fantasy football team names like maybe he was the grandfather the godfather of that. If we're talking about Chris Berman now we're clear how much he's made an imprint on not only broadcasting because all of us are in the sports media business that's what we're doing here. Is there somebody out there that you look at now it's gonna take this with ESPN and move into the future because will you said it about. Being a court cut I don't my body and everybody's been accord Carter there is. That group out there but we got what 360 million people asked in our country there's proof baby so I know there's approval but there's less than seven okay 77 million people how many people cut the cord and how many people those are sports fans I mean real realistic sports fans. Have television well did Ari were or millennial sear well you got the court. I have yet to cut the cord because if you work for it's yeah that's what I'm saying is exactly on any what it's like everybody same radios coach Joseph we know no it's not it's a free medium. People love it it's free it's not going any old enough for you now know television is not. My roommates are pressuring me to cut the cord big toss your roommates up they don't care about spore they they don't that's like the crowd they played her fiddles I don't know what they're doing. The fact of the matter is no doubt. Things I mean people are viewing. I guess is Kenseth whatever last but to me that died in the guy that I still like to see on ESPN. Who is maybe my favorite sport senator guy probably Neil Everett. Who went to school down at the University of Oregon are probably many lever when he's on the late night sports center stub always always pay more attention like he's a personality that catches my there's a lot of people on sport center now I can tell you they are I literally couldn't tell. So now these aren't as the they're not as pronounced not bad lead guide that you look at the man I don't know who's doing so we're gonna Charlie Steiner's. Everywhere those guys those iconic people that you go I watched that for that. It's kind of just a new source now that's why look at anything it is different but that's how we absorb a sports now tonight's not so much about characters this is that. Chris Berman was about him does that decided he gave us the sports side where the stories are the highlights wasn't. Why you watched you watch for what he gave you local radio is that I mean people listener and people can get what we're talking about you get this anywhere you can do this on a Google search people tune in to radio into to any of the fan because there's personalities right like you're you've got your personally I got mine. And that's like people listen like not because Jeff writes what we do it well no I think this is news anywhere or the disc orcas like. For example my dad has satellite radio as well. He's had so there's a satellite radio channel that's literally just different sport guys do sports center updates kind of model of its latest sports news to celebrity general podcast or anything no exit no prisoners and some canceled shooting the data he just wants the news people tuning in talk radio people washed a Chris Berman or now maybe Neil Everett or I don't know who else is on sport center now because the personalities aren't there they washed it. For the personality plus the news that's what this is all about I quickly asked is trying to push our who. They're trying to push for Scott ML. And I love SN BP is in mean scotsman they're a long time and Arab sky we got to start of the Golf Channel we I know about I think Scott Moore were directly reflects the humor that millennial staff. Like he is merely trying to order it's right well he's well Jimmy Kimmel or or Jimmy Fallon for sports and that's kind of what the side they wanted to go to history is trying to do that. But I mean this is. If you just you have to look at it as the future we can sit cord cutting the what is the future of the sport who were the characters. The people who really care about while watching you were gonna talk about when your Miami I said Neil leverage. But the fact of the matter is is I hardly watch sports center anymore. It doesn't grab me Mikey when I was a kid it was on and I watched it and there were segments I look forward to you now man. I don't watch it like there are not. Sports to television personalities. They grab you liked it used to be and I'm not trying to be all time and I remember back when Chris Berman was funny that's the problem is I look at the animals it's a problem but it's just the evolution to right. Mean you're saying that there's not building memories when you get to be open you were year old when your mind when you're forty you're gonna look back on the TV shows you loved. The sports things you love the teams and that will be those personalities that you think about Willoughby who look at this person just accident passport senator do you ever Dan Patrick and Stuart Scott I mean that. That is those guys plus Chris brought to you or Saks ESPN now that he has the end. In mop and a Beagle ever to Jack could again be you know what I would say a little pessimistic though I I would think I would. Ten to say that I think Twitter ruined sports that well there's there's Twitter personalities now their wildly popular people I can name one thing I think people GFT comment or do you know who that is no GMT commoner -- that I don't know it has been I had people like me he's a Twitter personality he's got his own podcast he does have a bar stool sports. People love him. I think he's hilarious I don't really what was his podcast but I'm missing I think maybe and that is where the personalities I agree with you will. Yeah I think it's more people taking into their own hands the content that they want and thinking that their funny that they are now the entertainers you're known as it. And bleeding can't I don't really like it that much either you should watch sports that are the trafford. I I want for our senator I knew I I consumer and I look at it and I and I that's how I get a lot of Bible I'll be a -- arms with the Twitter has done a lot of things it gives breaks everything. We have added chapters your instead he you look for breaking used to be get breaking news in the newspaper back and now you get it. Instantly so. I just think that ought not to say that Chris Berman is the one the the last of a dying breed Thomas seems like hit the the personalities of what you're really listening to what you're watching what he tuning in for now. Right we want instant gratification and find. Give us our minds stimulate this right away right give instant wanna my phone of one at all that that's not what Chris Berman was I understand why were moving out of it now because it's a new era. It did this feel like a little piece of me is dying. Not and I feel that I just I mean I'm just being honest I just don't watch sports center anymore I don't know if it's 'cause the personalities aren't there I don't know why. If it's because my lifestyle change and in my mid twenties I'm not sitting down and watching. You know television as much Aussie dollar watching game I'm like distant street accident. I watch sports I was a sports talk radio all day I don't really watch sports are more born in 1987 so it's like. And bodies. So I mean I don't know if that's my generation or not I'm 26 now so I don't know if people my age are still tuning in. Never sports center in high school and junior high and all that that was employment viewing like I don't you know you tune in to get sports news of the day right now I'm getting it like he said well throughout the day on Twitter and costly getting that the slow. Morphine drip of sports news I don't need them the Russia we were Saturday night to Kim's point DNC gratification yeah don't have to wait until 9 o'clock go see your highlights you see they're going YouTube were. On espn.com run Twitter where people post vines and instincts. Highlights the just loop over and over and how might be able to do a whole show on what's wrong with this and I've been in my humble people like her as well as a deal like oh of course are I don't use Twitter or my don't know I don't know what it is I don't know if it's in and I need to reef refrain mrs. sale of its wrong this is an evolution it has changed where were sodomy if you're talking about watching sports used to wait eagle school your patient and mixing no 7 o'clock 8 o'clock comes on. There's my show there's my growing brain show only thirty I waited for it now looks like she's things gone my phone to get angry rhetoric growing pains at lunch I recorded it and I can watch it's just the instant updates and now I know I agree what's special about sports anymore. The only thing that special us sports is live sports the you have to view rat and Iran. And that's it that's all there is what people saw on TV and Johnny mental. God let's not DC our most recent picture Johnny football don't want he doesn't look at it. He doesn't look good he looks like me. If I do a lot more drugs. Right let's talk more on probably dirty you know I did you know I read catcher let's talk let's go let's go to the NFL our skis and not go to the college football. Our playoff it is just a two day weekend we had back to back three weekends but. It is a three day weekend of football culpable national Jimmy Jim I'm going down on Monday. My question is it foolish. To try to take against Alabama at this point will let you know next jewels and dusting him on ten it up and.