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Dusty & Cam, 12.23.16 Hour 1

Dec 23, 2016|

Wake Up Call, talking about Thursday Night 'Poopfest', and textual relations: records that won't be broken.

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Base or listening to the dusty camp podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right thing since 1952. This message will solve the structural dialogue. We only do. Oh yeah. This is dusty and jam on football Friday they. This is a football Friday addition of dust and jam in the morning. Dusty narrow an NFL veteran Ken Cleveland. Brought to you by a series Cathay implies revenue award winning high from series for your football viewing party series cafe in pie express and local delicious dusty and 1080 both Sudan and. And a happy Friday to you folks. As the great fans. The eighties lover boy at month's end. Everybody's just working for the weekend. We're here. It's a holiday weekend. Christmas weekend warrior or. Monica starts tomorrow. So happy Chanukah to sum up there. Whatever you'd celebrate. Merry Christmas happy Chanukah I don't care Kwanzaa future yeah absolutely. That's too. I don't Joseph Joseph Fisher in for Crawford know beat him today and I tell you what I'm glad don't have to do this tomorrow I'm. I am I give Crawford all the props in the world and you guys as well how old are you Joseph. When he for me 25 next month yeah it's hard to wake up early come off. Yeah this is the last few days I'd be all right but. Today it was a theory too much Oreo half it was it's rough is rough it takes time for your body to get adjusted to the wee bit on. Did you watch for me I've dated everybody yesterday which scare rounds was a year today. Also isn't here will we were we were almost go time I may have to leave at some point during the show. So if that happens. Joseph we should talk about this we have talked about this yet eyes can throw the Singh India's the end. Got you on the leaf so that happens. A ring doesn't have a kid. So that really like the big warning to my family is well this won't turn in to that esteem cam show. Sands dusty cam Alex knew. No. You know this should get interesting IA on I'm almost warning this happened to see just take off. He'll last in my last skid was born not my last hit my first child was born. Wipes like what's during. My wife and in the labor the second. Segment of prime time. And as producing primetime. As Baghdad got to go and then. I just left. And was gone. It ended you guys is called a night right now I'm there now know the show goes on. Special them. Yet kids today don't you the producer I had to do is push a button we had to actually our boss had become then. In specimens for awhile like Bosnia boss Limbaugh spent Jeff. While the she is just I think in that call on somebody in at some point yeah. But yeah it was. That's what happened last and so maybe from Iowa IC goodness gracious she's been we've talked about just who's looked she started making excuses. You know she started getting angry at kit. And for for not coming out I had I don't blame her. I don't blame her you know Lee said the due date is in ninth and do you area yet stunningly there. But you know 37 we sure yeah yeah yeah that's right that's your sin we ought to get you. Is there any winner people leave for the holidays. I'm assuming people hurting gone days there already gone because you know what's happening in this building. Today. Is I don't know how many other workplaces have this but Monday is a company holiday mean. Because after Christmas and then then next Monday January 2 also company holiday here. Because it's day after new years and apparently. People that work in radio had two day hangovers so whatever reason is taking this day off and then using for vacation days for work. Next week they're getting that double debt get those extra days eleven days of AK. Owner how many of businesses and how many people are are afforded that opportunity. Is up people just mail and it and right now I know that one Brendon spray is taking advantage of that let's do this. RJ is saying you go ahead he'll be he'll get the call the bullpen you need antenna you neared ten minutes I don't know we want that to unleash. You know that DL the thing gel is if you just took calls. For however long it took I'd say you can get some great and some horrifying content from that it would be fantastic. That may be plan B actually when they go to ESPN play and beat if you want to wing it. Go ahead and doing it gel and you can waited in there just take calls you can't screen and there's nobody's there to help you we'll have a sappy interned. That's right. That's right. You can just go right in there in disease hit Gary caller you're on the air what do you want I mean I do have a show she confirm his second is going to be. Base everything off of that oh that's not gonna happen. But. Yeah hey look at this guy he says. I'm Toni TO wake up at 345 every day if I can do its opinion. All I did you know I I did wake up a little little. Little sister had little brother power there Haas a little bit of a struggle that they see maybe UN net Dextre can call each other in the mornings maybe he can be wake up call. All I won't needed after today hopefully so Aaron well speaking of like up call let's do it. He and I remember was just like yesterday. I. Lou we got a good one for today in sports history. Last chance for the Steelers. It's just trying to get away. And has. Welcome. Okay. Yeah. Okay. OK. Okay. It's not about prince's purple. It was a miracle all of America. Later that on this day in 1972 the Steelers beat the raiders in the last thirteen to seven or Franco Harris. Sass state deflected a ball from Terry Bradshaw Jack Tatum body on the game. He got the pass student Indians on for touchdown it is known as the immaculate reception DD. Go no. Ego. That's good point gel because. Do you know how much you would scrutinize that player right. Meow all life. It would be. You know end the replays. And did touch the ground I'd bet she Depp played does not stand with instant replay of waits to constructive. What is it that ball was so close. To the ground they probably say he's NASA deter. In the way there officials would call it incomplete just knowing and to have review. And there were indeed video evidence that's just the tip of the ball hit the ground and just barely enough time. Just the tips to stiff that's really needs. All right so we ever we can would you rather at 8 o'clock today we also will. Did I didn't know then new ADN Oregon State Tony Romo time in Dallas that's question for people. And there's a team in college football they did something. And walk off fashion that I doubt we will ever see again. It also. Decent. Christmas theme music. On today's show investors who's on send your quest and 55 you're five DJ Joseph. Here's some that people didn't know Joseph Fisher DJ. You DJ weddings true story yes. Weddings. Parties from time to time do you did give a conclude DJ name Reid DJ jazzy Jill. DJ OB. Oh a boat as an old English rule no gate is TJ. OP. All. All eyes zero million and a very you know DE GO. Time do we go. Hey we know one coach shares or turn that acts as if we didn't know this already offensive coordinator now Ludwig will be returning the Eugene Oregon. He has reportedly taken the wide receivers job and a whole mess. The latter will be back men paying other creatures you freeze. Either way madly Vick not in Eugene anymore under the coach for the run rebels. I guess not the running rebels until you know lethal he's got that. Killer gas mask hooked up now full mess that's right let me tell and so you know bring them for Morgan downed Ole miss. Yeah he can coach all those guys up funds and a great organ we hear. He was settlements a decade ago those receivers coach he is return in the south since pres see him go back down to the self. After. The message happen in Eugene so Matt Lou make Karl. Indeed he is kind of weird though we may have to talk about this. Organs staff not being. Anywhere. Years. Assembled yet isn't that kind of on. And there's a defensive coordinator knows about it. Hey wake up I said wake up. Kinda bullied the ball. Well I was gone ESP NV famous Idaho potato bowl. Which at one point I was in the. Halftime show. But he is 2009. That's right you say yeah at a dance routine or something no well not a dancer dean I was. In Idaho for New Year's. And in Boise with Don Gregg harper scholarship challenge with one of my college roommates had no. Now as 2000 seven's. 2007. With one of my college roommates. And we are in the beer garden and Eisen line for the port of body in us all these PVC plastic really long ones I'm like what or beats. And somebody in one of the potato bowl is then need pretty easy humanitarian bowl racetracks out. As of what are these. And they said these are teacher can't. You will mean have to Jones at her as well. My friends come so we dad dad media and dream like Roger Mason a couple of our other buddies and were plastered shooting the teacher cans made it CDC died during the half time show a Fresno state Georgia Tech go to whole code into the crowd all. It was already here and we didn't. And I was. Hosted during this I don't know why they gave me knows that the data than those things are powerful. Oh by the way last night Idaho beat Colorado State 6150. On it but at least it was entertaining and high scoring in the in the famous Idaho potato bowl. Which nobody was in the sands tour in one of the teams is from Idaho. And hey it does not test this is rock and roll play is certainly keeping them out and do leg. 600 Lazio's and or oh my god it's early wake up. Paste it's that's it is sports history but that caller right there. That's a good morning Vietnam. It's not sports you've been on this in 1987 good morning Vietnam was released about I saw that. And so they're ego. Pretty citizen athletic director announcing the hiring at Scott Barnes away from Pitt. And don't let anyone locally tell you that they have that story first because that popped up a couple of weeks ago and Pittsburgh. Not have kind of a week and a half ago early last week. Condit popped up that he was taking job that Oregon State and then everybody came out as I know don't don't Liz did this isn't happening nothing to see here. Oh there's smoke there's fire and Scott Barnes is the new AG. At Oregon State after Todd stands very left. After room what was a very short stint you had back to his alma mater Georgia Tech. To take the same post there. Barnes has West Coast ties it is a good fit for the beads and we will dive into the islands. Come up a little bit later in the show because. The bigger our foreign states and is it going to be. Is it the right ones because. Owns their son that feel that this is a move to keep dear Anderson happy. But there's more than me TI here with Scott Barnes and we'll discuss that coming up at the top the next hour. Where's our show though why in the world are we surprised that the New York Giants can't run the football it is very simple everybody should be able to see it. This is does he came on the fan then. Didn't know. And. Human. Groups move. This is a football Friday addition of dusty and jam in the morning brought to you by scary Kat fans eyes on 1080 growth trend of. Like if drifters. In else. This may be mind. 2016 Christmas Jimmy Jam right now and yeah and is not my favorite version of the song follow what my favorite Christmas songs in general. Yeah this is making a big. A big move on nine hierarchy just this year for whatever reason I've no idea why. This year that it is it's happened informing it's a good run an easy problem. Aren't the Philadelphia Eagles beats the New York Giants last night Thursday night football the Dow average German to fest saw the home team when I mean once again. On an as this texture points out. Hold on. How high you pick the giants you'd dingle and it's. Fly Eagles fly. I didn't see down on common because you have a New York Giants the Baltic in this must be the most. Infuriating part about being a giants fan. Is a do you have Eli Manning. Who when he makes the playoffs he goes frank the tank mode blacks out. And just possibly he's got like a Lombardi trophy in his hand on the podium. Dude is unbelievable in his in the last nine playoff games hitting he's eaten one. On with IBC two Super Bowls. In the heat is. Reid did you less in when he gets to the post season. It is a fact that it is a struggle for them to get there. And when he has games again last night in the in the I giants in general just kinda. Played these this game where you have so many weapons. You should have. Some semblance of balance. With Jennings and Perkins in your backfield did they have this inability to run the football in marriage she ran the ball fairly well last sentiment over a hundred yards last night. But yet people are shocked. That the New York Giants can't run the football. What they shouldn't be. Because what team. Has a good quarterback while he's an elite quarterback he's better than Eli Manning. And they can't run the football. Green Bay Packers. Rank with Darren Rogers. Where did then Mac do you come from. The head coach in play caller for the New York Giants. He came from Green Bay. Hughes and Mike McCarthy guy. In so people veteran just shocked and stunned that. They can't run the football. Don't be. Is this is kind of BMO. Of the McCarthy version of the west goes up it's kind of the West Coast offense problem. But. The architect in the master of the Bill Walsh always had a later on the football. These guys dull. In that. Is kind of what happened the giants ISI a zero balance Eli Manning has the ball 63 times he draws three takes including a pick six. And giants fans are. Upset because a fourth down and five. And sterling Shepperd obviously interfered with and no flag was thrown right we want to blame the officials for that. In giants fans have their are all hot and bothered by it but they were letting them play all night long and I actually can appreciate it C an officiating crew. That is hey if it's going on throughout the course of the game. At least he has some consistency if it's going to be bad at least it and give me consistently bad because as a player as a coach you can adjust. In you can play in change your game to played Allen. And that's what we kind of saw say in whether that's right or wrong. What ever it's part of the human error it's part of the human element of the game of sports in you have to adjust to it. And that's why we don't have robots officiating games right and until we do you've got to be able to adjust. And did Johnson's that are hot and bothered about that non call on the PI. Wouldn't be upset about the picks excess. Or the other two interceptions the one at the end of the game because. Philly botched their final possession. I mean goodness gracious and I did it when you're thrown the ball in fort down our sees me on third down. To try get a first down and Carson whence he goes to the fade which I think a lot of you will why he ran a fade right there win. You know you write you hit the out you. Trying to defend a fade route over a wide fade. Outside the numbers you think your guy can just are running beat him to respond to the football they're great defense. By New York but if you run the football there's no shot for the giants get downfield because you they would add burn the timeout. And they sell almost had a shot to do it and that disease to another thing is. Why do we have so much prevent defense still. In the NFL. We get everybody gets upset about like fades on the goal line. It seems like deep present in that Philly kind of went into that. In New York had a shot because it is nickel dime they're way down the field he would be outside hit the sidelines. And you dig AB Eli Manning plenty of time with that last time out to get themselves are scoring opportunity now you I freaked out through picked. In Los again informed. But at the same time. I wonder what the studies are on prevent defense is and in how effective they are. Because if you just play Eli in as a as a field got shorter they've they've played Eli more true. And what did he do made another mistake an interception and the game you sense of pressure you got to. Confusing game but now that leads the NFC even more wide open and then it RD is muddied up the play epic picture. On even more now in eight sets up for this weekend this is going to be a fun weekend it in the NFL because there are so many games. Of importance with playoff implications if you look down. In the NFC especially you've got what nine teams this off a shot to make the post season. Nineteenth in the NFC there's a very real possibility. That you could have liked a 1220 cowboys and then everybody else and ten wins or less. Or everybody would just ten wins in the NFC. In the AFC it's a little bit more clear restart allotted teams jockeying for that sixth and final playoff spot is chiefs are in the at five they're ten and four right now. Two games applying. They need to win once. In the area and but there's a lot of eight win teams that if they win out they're going to be in an exodus six spot. And it's a little bit more clear to DN SE with the giants losing last night. Now you have the only thing at that date was it clinched a first round bye home field throughout the Dallas Cowboys and then from there. You have no idea what does it because 941 Seattle nine and five Elena nine in five Detroit. Eight and six Green Bay eaten six Tampa. Goodness Chris held by the way you have seven and six in 176 in one. Washington lurking right there's all this can be a fun weekend org we're gonna bring down all playoff scenarios. A little bit later in the show because this weekend. You can either see. Teams clinch solidify the plant picture will only have like one game maybe two spots to go. Entering a week seventeen the final week of the regular season. War. We could have thunder dome in what we know. About they show I love chaos I love the underdog. I hope it happens we'll break down how it happens coming up a little bit later. But the giants Alou is shocker. They can't run the ball very well that maybe the detriment to them but again if I look at petite teams that scare late everybody's scenes in the AFC. You've got some really good football teams you've got New England Oakland. Kansas City for whatever reason people think that it's new England's AC lose if there this rule the giants are frightening. Because the weapons at they have on the outside. The Pittsburgh Steelers are frightening. In Pittsburgh may have some to say about that AFC and let's not rule out his city chiefs of the Oakland Raiders are either. Our Thursday night football to test we got a folks but the Eagles get that we're not about those Eagles now they are six in nine this year. Look India. And that's in the record books was made last night in the highlight it highlights one of sport's most untouchable records. I don't think we'll ever see it what are the most untouchable records in sports 55 through a five right now is Joseph sports. Widespread texting. That's a message of what number to call two or. Diner by. Six I can't hear you drilling off and I can unite here and there we have all of my life I mean. He knows cordless techsters now it's 5530. Sly message and data rates may apply to just play my number and they'll you can go we're desperate. This is sexual relations on the show good likes to read. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that today. I try factor of five that is tax on. Dusty air no cam he doll. Christmas break no Crawford he's done LA he Ximian snap Chad from the clippers game. With his his buddies which you can imagine what that crew is like and clippers game. Recovered its margaritas when he goes clippers games which blows my mind. I don't know why you would do that that does not seem like a sporting event to drink the Margarita. Last night we saw yummy or younger. Pass Mark Messier for second all time in points coordinate NHL history you hockey fan jumped. Do you like hockey I like the San Jose Sharks and that's about the extent of it. So the what does that mean I'll keep track of them you know and all that all of them about it. Now round playoff time and again this may be like the second time. We've ever talk talking on the show. But. That aid reaching second on the all time points this is a feat that. Younger should be proud about and most would be thrilled to. But the 44 year old younger is in his 22 year playing hockey. You stressed that it's her fifth overall in 1990s. 1990. That's before you were born gel yet. He was. He scored 1880. Points in his career. But what is truly incredible. Is the fact that he is still 900 in 69 points a way. From the number one spot held by the great one Wayne Gretzky 2857. That is staggering. Yeah job we're yarder has played for ever in the NHL 22 seasons. And he's 44 years old and he's still 969. Points away from Wayne Gretzky in he's second all time. Second all time in that is the gap between and in need to yummy yarders this long to get to that point. That is truly. Incredible. To need to think about. Did greatness of Wayne Gretzky. In how in touch well that is in got to put that in perspective you've got the guys that are even close active and may have a shot to knock off young year younger. Or touch Wayne Gretzky are you Alexander vet ovitz can who's 31. And then Sidney Crosby who will turn thirty next year. And virile only halfway. To where younger younger is a 989 in 975 respectively. In I sat there and I was so looking at Tennessee can goodness gracious dad has to be one of the most untouchable. Records in sports. We sit there and we we think about the bid truly. Untouchable records in you have like a cal Ripken junior's. Iron Man streak of what 2630. She you games. You've guides the Jerry rice's record. On for career receptions at 15100 which I think probably will be broken at some point just because of the nature of football. In the fact that. You throw the ball so dang much sound football that one is probably all likely to fall. But still nobody's gotten close to doing it since Jerry Rice. Emmett Smith's 181000 yards may become untouchable based on. On the nature of football now you RDE just took the words I'm on this with running backs retiring early and not lasting lawn I mean. 18100 yards like just. That's a thousand yard just say got to play get at a thousand yards scene got what eighteen seasons for that mated this text coming at 55305. Is a good one. The Brett favre's consecutive starts streak. What is first street get it was so at 321. While I was Brett favre's consecutive starts. I'd be active leader right now. Is Eli Manning with a 109 before. Sold that one is. I doubt that doubt we'll have this means free but you think of that. All of these records are compiler records right even Emmett Smith and Jerry Rice in their careers you know note you must remember Emmett Smith as a airs on a cardinal. In W let's remember. Jerry Rice says a Seattle seahawk or to a Denver bronco or an Oakland raider. Those guys in these are looked all compile their records in Favre a jet in a viking. Obviously. On those are untouchable. But to think that a guy that I mean yummy or younger has gotten there. He's gotten to second in this is the closest that the thing with Favre is that. We haven't seen anybody. Kind of get close to touching. That nobody is second all time in the acted in are currently active. So we don't know kind of how long that will take to knock him off. With Wayne Gretzky we see young yarder is played 22 years and still can't get anywhere near. The longevity of this site I think the Nigeria racecar perceptions when you've got up Andre Johnson is the guy who would be the closest. T two touching that and he's only he's just over a thousand he may he may be approaching 11100 maybe he retired. And that is. Yeah he retired earlier this year a year with the abuse claim for the titans titans have and then they have walked away now. But he's still considered active until you officially send in those papers you know he's done he doll. This testify 53 of that is probably right to you. Cy young's career wins. Cy Young. In his career win list is 500 dole Levin. That's when dude used to be pitched double headers. Bill complete game double headers let's go in rubber band Bernard dog that 76 mile an hour. Just. Throw up. Big goal wafers at batters and see if they can get and Ned the cause is guiding him that's active is a big old fat Bartolo Cologne at 231. Horses. Have easing the Martellus training video. Man. Wrapped burrito eat burrito. No repeats he's doing and he's thankful none Qiyue. Resistance bands. He's pulling some sort of weighed on the sled as it appears he sure those were long liquor sure red vines and he's doing ninety the little. Our elected the big rope. Heavy rope work out. And in his shirt has like the Greek Bart Beano. On it I loved Bartolo Cologne who Don and I hope he pitches until he is sixty. But he's that he's next close on that mean a lot of these records. Are and so. Incredible when you think about. How long guys used to play in I think now. We just may never see a lot of these career records because a you have guys like Cy Young. Who did no es pitchers like these serial. And it because if you wanna keep guys and have a longevity of them. But yet Cy Young decent 511 games and aired this sport said the sport baseballs to him so specialized. It's almost impossible to do. And when you invest that attack the money you wanna keep that guy healthy. And then the other part of these career records but a lot of these old school guys hockey Susie exception we see these forty year old he's still playing at a high level. Is that you get paid so much. You need to play in your forties anymore you'll need to play that long it is harder and harder finding guys have that. I don't know it's hard to say that they'd be guys don't have as is much passion now for it but. When you're sitting on a mountain of money you make a hundred million dollars in your career it's a lot easier to hang up when your body's Aegon is certain. You know and you can go in you can get another cushy job where you can break down film he used to watch sports I needed TV analyst. Unbreakable records 55305. Send them are away a lot of really good ones coming in in one that people think. That is untouchable but I think it might be. SE came on the fence. This is a football Friday edition of Justine and Kim in the morning. You might say hey pat empire on each and maybe elsewhere. I don't really get into tomorrow's Australia. He's not mean. My demise is fifteen feet six game hit streak is a good one thing you. Some about that just tells me. Eventually that one will fall we've got we see guys get relative importance. No no he's really gotten that close what Utley. Delegates at 31. Tougher to Chase Utley Burrell I'd visited Jimmy Rollins. Knows Phillies got close awhile ago. And this texture says. How close is the current active leader to Keller in junior. Do you know the answer that Joseph you shed. Now casinos and that the act one to say India active leader right now and threatened. I'm. I don't know my. I made CA. And in oral. But he said I should know this. And. I wanna say Adam Jones nights Manny Machado. 162. Games he's just this season he's that active. Players like I am a leader I'm sure there's a there's more. But they'd be. The active list that I founded just had him by himself as a 161 there 162 games. So this one well we mentioned it before the act of our before the break I think that this could this record could fall. Wilkes 100 points. Really yeah. Kobe got close he did but that's Tobey. And Kobe it but right there will be some guy there'll be another cold. But yes because at another sixty shocked person who goes is absolutely unconscious is playing just deterred team. Is I gum and go get it right. In just goes off like. Klay Thompson is a great example is he could have gone for eighty he did he played he scored sixty points in what 29 minutes. Earlier this year. Like and they just took the foot off the gas there will be a coach and there will be a player as they were gone for at some point in time. Somebody's gonna trying don't get it another Toby tried and he failed but. There are guys that are more efficient efficient think Kobe Bryant I can do it right. This is as far because interception came. I don't know last night was one got a comedian or searching Cain Eli Manning depending on how long needless. That would in this village dean intolerance in single season nine touchdown one is interesting because. I mean for a while that was game broke and it seemed like every season Priest Holmes did it one year. And and then LT did the next it seemed like that. Everyone is breaking that Shaun Alexander I believe. Also broken the back could have been most rushing touchdowns in the season if I so that is 28. By LaDainian Tomlinson. The current leader in rushing touchdowns this year. Is heavily it was total touchdowns if I'm. Mistaken. Total touch on the knee in a season yeah Ocalan. Who have that you Clinton now Vietnam crunching numbers well now it's just bringing me quarterbacks. That's stupid. But 28 occur rushing leader is. Rushing to a sense is fifteen. In the NFL with your Blanton. Of the New England Patriots so is 31. Total touchdowns is the is a record by LaDainian Tomlinson. So. I don't know. That said that's a lot of touch with B. Dick you listen out of touchdowns it's nearly two per game and Arizona's David Johnson is the current leader seventeen. So he's eleven often he's got two games to play. Don't think it delving it's gonna happen especially this against the Seahawks yeah held a skilled player to get that Don. Yet Allen may be that one may be untouchable. LaDainian Tomlinson. And lawyer agrees are talking about this was. We had young you're younger. Moving into second all time in points and end NHL history last night 1888. And he is in his 22 season. And he is still 969. Away from Wayne Gretzky should pressure. My goodness that is I enacting did that one might be one of those ones we just said nope never again we probably have one in every sport. And the thing about baseball is. I don't know in baseball would that the home run record may be untouchable now whether you wanna go with Hank you're nor Barry Bonds. With the look Yasser it's Briscoe not I don't know felons ever gonna get attached. As A-Rod sociedad guy. No wrong. And I don't know if the way that kind of baseball's been then. Is is played now. The long Moses got away. Teachers are to Dominic. This on Wilkes fifty points per game 25 rebound average one season. He did that. Goodness and science 511 wins that tech seems to come an end. A lot tonight this section says price James Harden he's gonna hug the ball all night train go for hundreds accident happening especially in Mike D'Antoni system and a book. Let's not rule this one out with the way that the blazers them play defense might happen against Portland somebody goes for a hundred. And I joking when I say that. That's one of those ones where. We might laugh a little bit but. His sixties. Goodness five factor five is a big text. Most unbreakable records in sports. On. Mower Mariano Rivera's. Saves record. That's a good one. Because. And he had longevity he played on great teams you have fit in in the life of a closer now. Is you're usually a flame thrower you touch a couple of a hundred now. Because great pitchers like Mariano Rivera. They are made to be closers anymore because of Rivera threw gas hit a wicked slider but they'll trying gated pullback as starters on is akin. And with Rivera. You you look at his longevity defect he played on the Yankees in. An unbelievable run that the Yankees were on. I don't know if anybody will be have the luxury of being able that have a lease that's as long as NB is dominant for as long as he has. Because it's the game is changing. In the way that teachers are handled in baseball closers are gone after thirty minutes man. You're gone three seasons is the is probably belong to say you're going to be fine. On. This Texas is I think resort Trout will get the home run record if you look at averages not even close. And Rickey Henderson steals record keeps coming in as well that that is the inlet. And there's a lot of really tough ones in all sports but the career. Goal scorer or point scored in NHL history. Wayne Gretzky. Yup that's one of that is one of them. Five factory a five is the tech side. These found their man Scott Barnes and new athletic director. A risk just to keep Gary Anderson happy in the higher or is the right man for the job. Why this was the most important hire for organ state that is next dusty camel fan.