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Dusty & Cam, 12.23.16 Hour 2

Dec 23, 2016|

Taking a look at the playoff picture after Thursday Night, Scott Barnes hired as the new AD at OSU, and looking at Idaho's bowl win/move to FCS.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. It's good balls Friday on the sale and this is a football Friday edition of dusty and gentlemen the morning the dust era and former all American Jim Cleveland and grab an award winning high from series for years. Football viewing party series cafe in high expressions. Delicious. Bulls Friday with the dusty and jam on Jay Nady take the fight so CNN. I thought factor five a lot of really good Tex coming in on the nose untouchable records in sports. I think it's Wayne Gretzky and his goals scored. This email coming in thrown at you and Vijay says I did was Gretzky take a right way the 894. Goals he scored. And he still has more points and yummy yarder. That's ridiculous. Because points scored he's got 969. More. I mean they're great when scored. 894 goals on them. On this text this may be in the running now. With all of them. I mean really album this is up there with cal Ripken junior's. With the will scorn hundred stock tens assist record with a Gretzky won. Rasheed Wallace's technical foul record. I don't think that a big change the rules because she'd. His forty navy wanted to single season were career you'll Rasheed Wallace holds the first second third it. In fourth spot. For most technical fouls and a single season. He is the record of top four in 2001. He had 41. He did his 2000 record of 38. And then in 2002 and 2005 seasons respectively he'd had 27 technical house. I really been no lose that battle. Now now it was. He had yields of five of the top ten. Single season technical filed records and NBA history. Yelp if you wanna go through the top twenty he also he's got to. It number thirteen and fourteen. And he has eighteen. You know almost half of the top 28. Of winning. That's insane. I think that Rasheed how we are. We are not given she'd enough credit and I'm untouchable records list that may be it. Our rights. Kim is out. Does seem fish and today Crawford also he's done in Newport Beach celebrating a very sandy Christmas. I peak came mistake hastening but he is going down. T Georgia to go watch the Huskies and Alabama next week so hopefully it's my stories from that time. That's that's cool. Yeah on the work party with the on this Friday a football Friday in Texas 553 or five or you can call us at 503 T 501080. Or its status founded their athletic director they proved again. They are complacent with there's lot lights in the pac twelve where on the outside the pursuit deep perception of Morgan State is that they are a bottom tier. School in the pac twelve that is what the perception is in California Arizona. Colorado each time Washington. And in. Or estate. Proving again dare not okay with that and they don't wanna be that. They've done their due diligence they knocked it out of the park they have hired Scott Barnes away from Pitt as athletic director. And a lot of people that I've seen has said is this system moved to kind of make Gary Anderson happy keep Gary Anderson here because you wanna keep your football coach. Eight Gary Anderson is probably thrilled at the higher Scott Barnes Barnes is the guy who promoted Anderson from defense coordinator head coach at. You dusty back in 2009. In they have a longs in history together as. You know Barnes was the media Utah's state he knew that comes to Morgan State from pit where he was hired in 2015. This is a great hire for organ state. Because of this reason. He's exactly what organ scene needs organ citizen a great job of finding guys like Gary Anderson. Like Wayne tingle packed TC as Scott wrote the women's fast look at a finding people. That fit the culture in Eugene. And Barnes does that. He easy guy he's a West Coast guy he is made it working at a place like Utah's state and kind of took the Aggies. Athletic department to another level. On what was committed to facilities was committed to raising money was committed to spending on sports and wanting that he did when he got a job at Pitt and this is great Asad the son organ lives and right above him on bed like keeping you should know about as Scott Barnes. Is that. From the pit web site his philosophy on athletics is. Athletics at the biggest thing in at at a university. But he equated to the front porch. Where. It's what people see first. It's what people on the outside. Gravitate towards and you see university. A majority people look at sports. Is it the foundation of the university absolutely not is it one of the main rooms and university no but. Athletics are that in you can make a lot of headway for university do the F like department and that. Is huge for organ state. That some that the university president Ed re probably loved about him. In he is a guy that can connect. You know one of the biggest parts between athletic department and in university is a lot of people say you know detail lags the dog. With the athletic department has too much powering universities when you have they been athletic director of the panel looks at that. You can bridge Zagat in that's where device and this comes between the academics and the athletic side. Other universities and there's a lot of that across the country. And you don't even locally mean I think we probably Havel has some of that down you need in Eugene. Right where there's these great facilities for their athletic department. And the school it is sometimes feels like they're an afterthought. When you have an athletic director make Cambridge Zagat does nothing but good he is a great fund raiser. He is done that at every stop that he's dead he. He went back in he was part of the rebrand it hit the statue were going back to the script hit logo and AD kind of it reinvigorated the fan base and brought the fan base back in with that. He he's got a is connected. With a lot of their boosters and he's made great hire he made one day I think three hires when he is in a short Tenet Haiti's only if like a year and a half. But he hired eight Kevin Stallings away from. Vanderbilt. To come meet Abbas talk Argentina Dicks Dicks and left. EPO I think he got a national champion soccer coach for the women's soccer team or never. In the era I've apparently people were thrilled at a diving coach and he hired there I'm not sure. Not too up on my diving coaches in the ACC. But he's a guy that may is made sound hires at his south obviously our Gary interest to promote Gary Anderson head coach he Tennessee's that. But here's the thing that I I think that makes Scott Barnes a good fit at Oregon State right now. Is that you have Bobby careless. Who I thought made that sound decision in the pac twelve was formed. When he said we're gonna pay off debt before we get into the arms race. Organ state did that. They've gotten committed the arms race. They've upgraded their facilities did the basketball practice facility. The valley center now dollar football sinner now. With the new locker room. The additions that they've made they're getting into that arms race. And yet Todd stands very who came in in in net stop gap. In that little gap between Bobby careless who is fiscally sound and got. The effects pop department on better footing. In more responsible with their money where as you see all these athletic departments Neill working in the red. Big careless was Smart with the way that they eat they spent their money kind of paid off their debt now all got these two outside searchers to point where. They can have a a more or less clean slate. Scenes or was that young innovative gonna bring things in like the idea Asian team. We are gonna start to you rope in our alumni base and our younger alumni base weak indeed that didn't made. Strides in the in the fund raising a major boosters now you bring in back in a more traditional athletic director and Scott Barnes who is a very good fund raiser. You have the new. Footprint of Todd stands very. And they are still those pieces behind when the ideas have grown fort I think that organ state isn't it great place. Where where they were behind. A lot of if not all of the pac twelve is far is their innovation. Their forward thinking their fundraising they're facilities. Oregon State is catching up I think this is a very good hire they went outside they found a guy that. And not only appease their. They're coach is is it is a guy that doing Kevin Kevin Stallings who left Vanderbilt to go to Pitt he said you know it's a little bit professional. The personally. I'm sad to see Scott Barnes go right because he says he's just good guys so fund raiser boosters London. Coaches. Apparently loved him. You were your number one revenue generator in football. Gary Anderson should be drilled at this it she may be your fans feel a little bit more common and Gary Anderson isn't gonna be leaving. In that he has a guy is a is athletic director. That he has seen I'd die within the past and in I don't know their relationship personally. But Scott Lawrence fits that mold and it right now. It's a really early in were still look inept at trying to find things that. You know may be hiccup there. It's hard to find him because he built up there in Utah State program. He took over eight hit program and he boosted their fundraising in just a short time that he is at Pitt. Right this seems like another Smart savvy move. Bio Oregon State and they fly under the radar nationally. It may not be dissent seized a news but they found a guy who was wanting to come back to the West Coast has West Coast ties he's from Spokane. Went to Fresno state worked a Utah State worked in the at a packed full school for Izzy associate AD a bad L Washington. He has got the ties in let's goes wanted to give back over this way if on the got the right time right place. Very similar to the way they found Gary Anderson and they found lane team goal. I think that this is saved eighty savvy move a pretty Smart move for foreign states of Scott Barnes is new athletic director he comes over from pit after just a shortstop there. I would say look less into what he did that get more into what he did. And Utah State. On. Because today he he did a lot. Down there in. Innocent spacing on where you test status. Not Provo. Not logged in key you're just giving me. A bunch of cities in Utah Joseph RA now. I can't live insisting on. Wherever it is and you that and that they are it's going to be on me and two for no end. But. Scott Barnes. What he did you just a building that he's got he fits the bill for a state and he should be happy at this tire. And happy that today you got your coach for one year extension C have him for five years and he got Nady now that it's his. Mold on good old town of low low again n.'s Tom Lowe again. Thank you. Thank you. Rounds like hog and no not really a little bit narrow the cowboys have clinched which makes it tough call for Jason Garrett. If it is even his call at all. Gusting came on the fan. My yeah. This is a football Friday addition of dusty and jam in the morning brought to you by series cafe and highs on Jay Nady drove trend. On the last. They have come. We're. Love this Jimmy Buffett little manic glee you knock a way to go to DJ OE. I like I like that ethnic Christmas songs. He's not he dies. Okay many many sneaky makah. Parent. America is just everybody. Abby Monica. Are you celebrating. This season is there like a fourth holiday that we don't know about the sides on Veronica probably. I mean don't they celebrate someone celebrates. Yeah. On. Tested this. Of horse. Can now how could I forget the airing of grievances he was due this. Should Dallas Cowboys play Tony Romo this weekend. Legit question that Jason Garrett. Is going to be facing as the cowboys with the loss of the New York Giants last night. To Philadelphia Eagles in who fest as Richard Sherman like scholar at 24 to nineteen. The cowboys not only who won the NFC east they locked up first round bye home field throughout. The NFC plot playoffs. They're twelve and two nobody's gonna catch them not a New York is ten and five there's no chance of that happening. Does Jason Garrett. Played Tony Romo now because deck press guide is your guy. He is your guide to future Tony Romo hasn't played all season long you've got to. More or less meaningless games here at the end of the year especially this week against Detroit. Where. You're seeing there and you're gone and may. Don't the only has to have as our I's gonna get her. Do you play Tony Romo put your cells and as she's. The admitted the bigger question is that is this out of told edge using your hands. Is she is Gerri again Elvis and start taking back over and say none and and and now. Is this is Gambia we're gonna play Tony or we are gonna played back in take it back out of here at C it's one thing that I think that Jerry Jones done a phenomenal job love. A over the last couple of years is he is let people make those decisions. But. Gosh after this supportive deck press got. Arm was at week ten. We we nine or ten. Came out and it was hey he's our guy moving forward. With every passing it seems like as sentimental attachment to you Tony Romo keeps. Getting more and more with with it Jerry Jones. Do you see it as you need that. For your team heading into the postseason where you have a back and then easier wraps if I'm Jason Garrett I don't wanna open up that box one bit. I think if your Jason Garrett if you were the Dallas Cowboys you look at this and I you are safe. Heading into use it in the postseason. And there are teams that would often times do you take their foot up gas but. For those saying that Tony Roma should get a start. Now. Did you may be able to get him in the third or fourth quarter. Late third early fourth quarter but if you give Tony Romo they start you sit deck press golfer and entire game. And he's say take it easy young Fella. You're opening a pandora's box here opening up a debt that little sliver of hope for all the critics everybody wanting to pounce. If Romo plays well which you hope he does he you don't wanna set him up for failure. That. There's a cup quarterback controversy there's no way. That they're gonna start Rommel I I think that. To see that I don't know in into CNET from some even reporters genome in and all that. But it columnist with a grain of salt because they just wanna get clicks they just wanna give people the reader stuff. But there's some reporters that it even said hey you know in and you should start where he should think about starting Roland you should think about starting release speak about. Getting deck press got ready for the post season because he has kinda had that regression back to the mean a middle quarterback's own in the home. Back half of the season which is normal. Which is it normal just for rookies it's normal for all young quarterbacks. Into sit there and in say deck press got take a seat Romo and we need to see what he's got. You know what you have been in Tony Romo you should feel comfortable with him coming in because if he if Romo is coming in it's an emergency anyways you can get in those reps. Tell your cowboys fan. Yeah it's it's tough because you know you have this'll. Romo. Relationship that back in your mind and you wanna see him out there in a lol you know one last time this kind of like a sendoff little thing. But you say there were four weeks seventy. You know this Texas 55 yeah five deck in the first half from on the second don't want back out of sync and I totally agree with that and in really. This whole thing to do it this one is this is perfect desist. Play Roma Tilly breaks abound and the press got back and Keith in the garbage truck it's. Well then look at that who and then loses the backup Alan Moore and that that well. Kellen Moore is seen in healthy yet I don't think he's out to be healthy out of it or see on the season ending IR. But daddy is in that is your fear. That if your fear right there is a sit there and you go all right Romo is our back up now. But he is as Christmas story says for G led. Continual Fords used to have him take some hits unnecessary hits you gotta get a man. May mean that's why I'm saying. Mop up duty even at even if a game is close against Detroit this week get a man. Even at the game is close is silly in the fourth quarter as did a man. Let them play and then you can sit there you can go art or put an end and mid third. Jim a couple of series. Lead you know blow the rust off and then you can't Dax finished if the game is close because of the fact you don't want that controversy happening right. There's a lot of ways out of this it is a tough and it's a tough one now if your Dallas because big there are those attachment to guys. In knowing that you know this is time Jiri can get that guy he shot didn't get him in the game you can get him a little bit Iran. Because there isn't much going on investments as we have Mark Sanchez. Yes. That's right. The sand size. Pac guys lose such a great life Georgia Jameel showers and instead. Think about we're saints is that you peak take filly out of it he would from LA to New York to Dallas. Not bad for single dude. No not at all there's worse places to beat. Cleveland. Isn't is Cleveland next stop on the Mark Sanchez trade wouldn't that be the most believable spot for him to go. I know quarterbacks in regular season like winner Jacksonville maybe I'm Ken let's goes news. Yet Jacksonville's. On this and says one thing with the play Roma's if he plays or at least trade value plummets. In the offseason. Minister of this is his wife mother playing in myth if you don't have to that's my thing he knows how much the organization feels about. About a dealer reason would be to increase from a straight sucked I don't think so I think that the is the one thing the one reason why. You. Wood in probably should play raw at some point is because. If things go hurry ethically wrong if Dak press got. Gets hurt in the post season. If you're trailing you don't want Roma's first now being. In. A playoff game. I know he knows the offense and he is event but if you look at quarterbacks in the first few weeks a lot of guys. First few games. Lot of these guys are urged are still just kinda get used to it ranked pre season nobody sharp and he hasn't taken anything since it deeply Seattle. Mean it is been a long time since romo's taken a hit. Played any game CNET speed and when you get to the playoffs it's ratchet up and even higher not so. I there is value in getting Romo and it's windy you do it you did this week against Detroit do you do it next we use Philly. As to be seen as a big decision for Dallas so but for the people that it'd be ridiculous people that want him to start again c'mon man. Come I I don't I don't understand why anybody would call for that I could see that it dumbest thing I've ever heard him right cam cam is out today. We know we're now stands at this big week. For 236 in the NFC. Especially for the Seahawks. Huge week for Seattle's post season. We'll break it all down and what happens in week sixteen in the NFL games have already started with last night. But most of the site gets underway tomorrow. Was only two games on Sunday and then Monday Night Football right now those jell with sports owner. Do you. This is a football Friday addition of dusty and jam in the morning brought to you by saying it fat and ice on 1080 girlfriend. Wondering if there's a football gave us last night was that we know who the number one overall seed in the NFC's going to be. It is the Dallas Cowboys twelve. And two on the year. They will be. Not just the NFC champion Bucs. Home field throughout. In the NFC playoffs Rudy Houston will go to jurors world. What isn't any more clear is two through six right now and really you have nine teams at the shot to get into the post season still in the NFC which is an incredible thing. Was like two games to play in this is the drama at the NFL wanted you know the league appeared he'd wanna build their league to where everybody is essentially eight Nate. We nag and nag emailed bunch teams that are ten win teams in every team to me in a seat. In the NC class today at least ten wins. On the season in year twelve into Dallas sit there as number one overall seed there's at Honda play this weekend. For these Seattle Seahawks and you can hear their game right here on the fate it is tomorrow. The Saturday football in the NFL has that feel for a but that is always a little weird like this past weekend I into the role on eight a game on Saturday. Was not ready for did not feel comfortable with it. On because there is. There's so much a less. When I tune in on Saturday. In football I want. A little bit of that unknown. You know you don't know exactly what's gonna happen in out in a college football game. And you have like your Friday night's. You just have thunder dumb high school football then you have a little bit in the unknown in college football but Sunday Sudan you pretty much know you get clean game. It's going to be you know tight football. I hate. Sat there on Saturn was not ready for the Christmas of football. That and that we had in so and a felon senator is always kind of throws me for a loop but tomorrow you can use Seahawks in the cardinals' right here on the fan as a kick off at one. Third moment when 25130. Pacific time and they have got a time when they're playoff implications on line on because if you look at Seattle this season. On the road they've been dreadful. They are 24. In one. If there's a team that needs home field. Throughout the first couple games in the class it is the Seattle Seahawks. Because they have failed to score touchdowns in three of their seven road games so far this year and that is alarming. When you look at that the often struggles that they have had on the road at century link carefully far better team but when they hit the road. Mediate is hit and miss and as Glasgow lawn if you get past a first round by our guess is just you want playoff game home. But if you can get that playoff game on home maybe get a little bit of rhythm heading into you if it is on a CJB two game that is huge for them and it did Seahawks lead or not add 95 and one. Or nine foreign one. Can lock up the TC. This weekend. If they win. No ties. In man in Atlanta loses. Or ties at Carolina in the lion's Lou is in Dallas on Monday. The Seahawks. Loan will lock in the TC. Which is pretty impressive. On because Atlanta losing you Carolinas some that. The very well could happen they do give Julio Jones back I don't believe they will I think that is gonna come down to finally to see who is the TC. Because they area that tie again working in the favored the Seahawks. Nine foreign one is percentage points better than Atlanta and nine and five. How weird would that be if all of the complaints that have come out of Seattle over the tire early in the air against Arizona on the road and that ends up being the defining factor of them getting home field bands like. Love to eyes lit ties are great. Willow then because guess what your strength of schedule ain't gonna help you out. With the NFC west in plain that. Heard rams and cardinals and 49ers a hoop fest division my. Goodness. On but nipping on the Seahawks heels right there is that Elena team who'd they have got. Area trip to Carolina in if the Buccaneers lose. In the falcons win then they were in the NFC south. But they still have a lot on the line because if they have to get either lions or Packers to lose to clinch a playoff spot you got a lot of teams hoping and wishing. That team to lose here I'm still so they can clinch a playoff spot you think about this you've got two teams. In. Atlanta and Detroit where nine in five. In they are sitting third and fourth. Respectively just behind Seattle they can go from two. Out of the playoffs in the final two weeks of the season this is exactly what the NFL wants right now. Because you sit there and you look at Detroit Detroit might be that team that. Aid they may be white knuckle and and at the end of this season because they've got the cowboys this week on Monday night. And then they wrap up the season. With the Packers. At home in Green Bay. With all everything that was just a big cluster a month ago Green Bay controls are on destiny right now. If they win now. They still have a chance hacked they don't even need to win out anymore because. Date. They instill guilt and win the division. Incredible to think about the way to dissing could. Could dole is sort itself out where a month ago everybody is writing off the green bay Packers and right now the Packers sit barely in at Eaton six. They could LeapFrog and they can hit it big could LeapFrog not just dead Detroit and Atlanta as well. In the final two weeks of the season because Atlanta's schedule. A little bit. Easier to navigate but not much easier they act deal on the road Carolina this week and then New Orleans who. Is a great team by any stretch of the imagination right now but they've been playing a lot better as of late and not do. Saints obviously going to be going into Atlanta and a final week which kind of helps the falcons cut but there's no Guinea's for any these teams down the stretch except for. The Seattle Seahawks who knew of all of these teams in this playoff hunt in this playoff race if you think it. They have. At Atlanta or at New Orleans excuse me this week in and if Carolina at home. To wrap up the season to divisional games going on the road in the super superdome a place where in division New Orleans is great. And this second time your plane may the safety and they ended up at home and indiscreet got a 1611 win. Against the saints just couple weeks ago he had to go to the superdome this week would Lund gain in between. And Getty this is it did did tough road for everybody else. I think Seahawks may be able to Clint sent home field advantage this week with hatred and with that table losing. In possibly Carolina losing at and I urge she's beat Atlanta losing at Carolina. Seahawks have a lot to play for the final spots in the post season. This is going to be this can be fun in New York Giants at ten and five still not comfortable in their lot in life they wrap of the season at. Washington they're going to be and they just haven't claims they controlled it last night they didn't get it. But for the giants again in and locked in their their class spot. All they need to do is have Dallas beat alliance. I Dow's beat the lions Derry and or if table loses the saints to the saints or green male loses. To the vikings or the falcons is that Panthers and any combination of those losses. New York isn't attend a five. That is your SE plantation this can be fine year the Seahawks right here on the fan and taking on the Arizona Cardinals again it ended in a tie. Up side down in Arizona early in the year CI need a win. In there and Clinton a class spot could clinch home field advantage as well one of the most ought to walk offs we've seen in all of sports. The team that walks away with a perfect ball record. Testing came on the. This is a football Friday addition of dusty and jam in the morning rob steal by series cafe and highs on ten navy both trim. Last night the famous Idaho. Attainable. Featured Idaho. And the University of Idaho. In Colorado State a 61. Deaths fifty win by the vandals. In Boise playing on this merger there hated rival of Boise State. Who surpass them in almost everything. Mainly football. On the mid to win their bowl game on there. On their own soil there in Boise it's a fun game. But. Seven happen after the game that I thought was just fantastic. So. Idaho quarterback Matt Linehan who's the senate Scott Linehan cowboys offensive coordinator. Had this to say after the game. Who blogs at yes very but flatly that there on the loose didn't winnowing the bay we belong here. No matter what anyone thinks that aren't needed even our tone deaf president that he doesn't think we belong Cuba I think we belong there. Obama. Women and the quarterback who I think is is the cousin of former beaver Jocelyn hand and duck Cole Linehan. With it definitely seven shots fired at his university president chuck Stevens. Who is it hit any shots fired right there who said I think it quote our relevance will be complemented by our football program. Not divine defined by a as the day will the Sunbelt conference. What happened with the Idaho I don't him exco stay got stuck in a tough spot in net it very universities did not care about their athletic department's. The kind of threw into the side is on the lack dissolved the mountain west only took in the lack teams that had a relevant athletic departments and relevant football programs. So made a really easy. For than just a look at Idaho and makes the State's AF thanks but no thanks. And then you had some politics of Boise State being in the mountain west and no doubt the University of New Mexico being. In the mountain west and they're like. All we don't want had neck competition here so adios amigos and they had to join the Sun Belt Conference and you think of I know most people are probably going what. Is the Sunbelt. Even made up like what schools. Well amazes us isn't the Sunbelt Blake are in you know what the Sunbelt is anymore they consider Idaho in it no it isn't some both I. Down. Florida Louisiana right now okay gulf I think up there a sense it is Kansas and Appalachian State Arkansas State Troy. Which is that Alabama in our relations with North Carolina. A Louisiana Lafayette Georgia southern Louisiana Monroe south Alabama Georgia State. Texas State in obviously Damascus today. That is the cup like one of these things is not like the other rule. Here's Idaho. At least New Mexico State is kind of close the Texas State or many got someone up in the appalachians. Or half North Carolina and that's a heck of a road game right there. In so this didn't make sense anyway so they're moving down to the SES the bill play in the big sky starting in 2018. But if Idaho locks away from the FBS. And this is their last bowl game. They will leave perfect three now. Perfect. Being the only school ever TU drop from. The FBS level or formally division one day to you the FTS. Or one Dublin they're the only school ever to do it and I applaud Matt winning hit hand. For going out in making that. Making dead that known that you do kind of a tone deaf babies IKEA and now this is him this can be great for us. Joining the big sky it's gonna be great because you have to travel. But having FBS athletic programs. It helps you is especially if you fund them properly. In the QB down. I'm pro to be down. I'm more of an Idaho State singles than honestly. There's the mingle straight yeah yeah yeah there they also played down in Pocatello that's right they do. One day it Bill Weir date and I play the game there. In in that don't bear. Goal posts come down from the ceiling. Like arena only dance suspended goalposts yeah and then the these sidelines are dug outs they're kind of like. They did they don't yet stepped down but the stands kind of overhang on over the sideline that's periods yeah ideas that are beyond anybody over 65. I disrespect him of having eight tiger as there. Logo their team mascot and calling themselves the Bengals because there's when he about tiger teams in the and called football realm so again and kudos for that and the tigers indigenous to you Pocatello. I read that somewhere there are really now if he had any Chris assigns you wanna hear DJ. OE. Yeah you got it that's GO. I'm who has a wedding DJ you can book him right now just to follow my tutor. And he. He'll play if there isn't some. Have you ever got a bad Christmas gift. And yeah I said one off air. And I got and a but man I like that is they're pretty nice to me. Mean I can't I mean Sox are always there like but you don't buy those throughout the year yourself there you'll think to yourself the buy socks though well. You know let we will take. The worst. Christmas gift at 55305. We had to give way there we're gonna do if you have gotten eight just horrible Christmas gift either call us at 5032501080. Or Texas at 55305. And we'll get a leatherman who look prize back to you within leatherman. A lead dancer retail store and I cascade stations got the perfect gift for the holidays. Bill Letterman for the real life for more information go to weather men dot com. We will give you leatherman prize pack because we will feel so bad for you. Texas at 55305 or call us at 503 T five a 1080. Worst Christmas gifts. Will get to bat next hour. And plus will revisit a possibly Scott Barnes the DNA and Oregon State a home run hire for them and coming up next so it's always awkward it's often offensive it's are we can would you rather a Joseph Fisher edition on dusty came on the fan.