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Dusty and Cam - 12.6.16 - Hour 1

Dec 6, 2016|

Monday Night Football was garbage and Bryce Harper will likely get paid $400 million.

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Base or listening to the dusty camp podcast brought you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning with a dusty narrow. And sends him back. I doubt we'll go about it and doesn't plug is. Online. Just didn't jam in the morning 12 and eighty days. And happy Tuesday TN 682. Dusty Americans living with you I don't really wonderful that they are now recovery you guys doing. Or you don't carbon gaming complaining about the cold and also this. I've been three it's been made pretty clear on the show that I'm cold analysts by I hate being called. Not a bad I was proud I wasn't one that was complaining front in this comes plane yes drug dealers and try to stay warm. I was doing said it was super cold and so I was chilly. Norman takes awhile for my heater to get going in my car. But so cobra in these Chile what all an act play as warm like the seasons now I lose your way time I enjoy watching the seasons change that being said. I do miss sunshine. Have pledged that his eyes as he then change back if you get a are you I agree with you are like the sound all so I appreciate dub like Ulf all this is caught wind terror okay do you believe in battered weathered syndrome yes he's leaving that sadly a lot of people have that hear them whether syndrome you know. I think sold her doom and gloom and alerted seasonal depression are just fed call a battered whether I know like I like that. Like that seasonal depression sounds depressing it's all real. But it's real bad or whether he's got to tell you more aggressive this make you sound more manly ram. Battered whether. Yeah that's the most canned it's not as GM way to go and thus easily depressed and batter Saturday. Rated it B. Don't be afraid to talk about his seat and oppression. Thank you for the public service announced I'm here listen. I'm here to talk in here. That's that well you'd see that includes two why is it my AA it when I look at the weather out because I don't wants news. Very often by Regina snowy asserted totally interrupted you. The I did I gotta I gotta Justine it was really weird. Yesterday because like my street didn't have any snow you go two blocks over. Covered. And then they go two more blocks no Snow Mountain is very odd. Very odd snow patterns I can't wait for big snows we can see the city panic and should there on. Never where else in the country that's noses laugh that small way for tomorrow. Because white is my and the canal whether have been like the snow keeps getting pushed back thank you think they know it's come and Thursday now. Wednesday America account I could I would put money on that if she said here. Aren't. Let's get to show on the road and everybody be safe out there can't. Capture the cold and I Texas 55 DO five that is tax and hey oh by the way before we get the single and today. Today at three clock marks the start of the Isaac in Stukes radio Thon to benefit Special Olympics organ. So of special programming notes we'll be on from six to seven tomorrow and then now eyes instantly taking over. 77. Good to see those guys on. You those guys who condemns guy who would you like to get up in the morning. And and they are it is not up he's not at this early meaning I don't queue up I think he's up he might he's an earlier riser. He's sold his early drinker and an early rise yeah I know that though he's an old soul is not old were the same age as you say shut up he's an old soul always an old soul. Oh yes he is Little Rock is an old song ever top guys across Harris. Yeah how we always an old soul mean he's a good seven year old man I got in aid. Really one year old body M fatigue that Isaac. He knows it. He and I remember was just like yesterday. An old soul sounds and sit around with your. Sweats pulled up above your belly button down that's just how you're looking at it and you know with your slippers on perception did. By the way in my view the guy in road trip that woods stands up he's got a big. Chubby your own road Jimmie stands. Your doctor about when they go state grandma's house I don't think that's an old soul or revise its and that's what I picture worthy of an old soul an old person. Speaking of slippers. And Terry Stotts were thugs last night is that slippers. I'm during the game I guess down these yeah you finish off man they weren't like they weren't on sterling thinks a BC like gorilla wearing slippers or not. I have Alan that I have read I have the ones all around including issues guys yeah do you think Brooklyn. On this big sports history in 1960 Gene Autry about the angels. That Gene Autry the demand that Gene Autry. We significant lack of good westerns. In our world right now Kurt westerns. Yeah I mean like people say we're to vote was ruled on HBO and show them that's futuristic site Haim had a good western and quite some time. I read it we did good letting young guns there my wife's grandfather and my brother in law and I. We will watch behavior and the games he has like John Wayne movie marathons on Christmas. Classics yeah Alia we like tall club looks the other runs my GM we have a big you know every Jim dot BTV he's always watching westerns. It's great great yard drive about motivate I know laughter seriously I'm like some of the wanna put the game on the little like stand Mississippi. Had Dugard and you can squat thrusts geared one on one leg lunges to little. Clint talk. Oh he had that lot of gun smoke on the I think I today Monday that the plus side the blazers did not the Heisman finalists are mentioning group. That is absent that something's. We'll see very often. And though media and update on the coaching search is well how about that for you Tuesday. Yes yes oh and fun with audio and get a feel. I live audio including Jason's like an addiction and you know about this yet. You come up. Know you think this is good. No but I think you will think this is goodnight honey you know it. A yearning runs a little stronger. You. See our safety Earl Thomas will not undergo surgery repairs fractured. TBS. But he did reiterate he has been dead murdered he still contemplating retirement said nothing changed answer. I'm a big changes I think you you always when you're injured you're sitting around going this sucks I don't like it. And the worry is getting hurt again and then the pressure you have to deal with his rehab. Stress the anxiety of me that's just kind of what it is to be a pro athlete and yeah you're gonna think of our retirement but didn't Leo think that that's kind of reactionary thing on Sunday night and then he's acknowledged it commented. That's just how Long Will that go way for him it won't you think there won't. As fuel education goals as you age and as an athlete especially Universal Sports like the NFL. Never leaves you every year going to possibly keep going. Keep going keep going. What's your kicker where you can. The dirt. Adam Vinatieri. Never give. He's the 44 old man rarer. See this every appealing Jack saying he heat collate is a great. Will western flick and then in the next closest one tombstone. Think that you don't even in the same. As a seasons and they need to be and it. Wake up certain way and didn't stone is outside those like unforgiven and of those yeah. Klay Thompson not human he went fifteen of Tony to forty points in just eighteen minutes in the first half he finished in the sixty points in just 29 minutes. That's an impressive little run he made last night for the Golden State Warriors here. He's good shooter from deep group on this note I don't know he's a very good shooter warriors beat the pacers a 140. TO. 20106. 142. Year late they shot really good. Chaos. Is all right they're rounding into form. I just get it does you. Do the cavs. And gold Syrian match to adjust fast forwards are clipper fans reduce their fast forward. You're not win in the west it's okay you're done. Big game plain cheesy clip for success Crawford broke it down first yesterday at the end of the show what was that video lottery or are they healthy and make me go to first round I believe what Crawford said was Chris Paul needs to keep his fingers at. I hope Gerald Henderson's but is it away from. Not out of away from the because that's how it broke that so he broke his hand he's broken hand yeah. Yeah but he did I don't know the spurs may have some to say that about that you. You know the spurs and clippers will both have things to say picture. That just won't have enough. Say I'm like hello and goodbye. And bias and the Sonics fans are saying go out. Look at that. That's a low blow blow blow by the way the offender in the fits a mountain in Russell Westbrook is -- sixth straight triple double. Could come along that's crazy these three good girl. Top pay it does not test this is rock and roll play. Really keeping them out and do leg. 600 but it was ten or oh my god it's early wake up. Who is this a good way to start trip news. I've always even though that we give up and under whatever on defense we were plugged into most games. We do a lot of good things defensively and know they made their run in the third quarter. We showed social life. Period grids which by the way textured true grit. Not bad. Preston memories I'm seeing through it yet they knew one haven't seen you see Neil and all right DeLia fields here there's yes Newhan not bad. I think parents and I've just got to do none out in a reboot for the Belsky. The oval three tent Indian mound with Russell Crowe also got a reduced. Drew not a bad. Sixty minutes from. There we've run out of story lines right. Kill stuff. Speaking of Terry's destitute grid that's or going back to you. Come back on track Portland trailblazers have won four of their last five games. With day 112. To 110 win over the Chicago Bulls last night the last. Six trips to you. Chicago. They've won five. On how about the hometown team gets down in the defense in his floor like Gerry Studds says there hey they give a 110 points but. That's not their whole pulled tale of how night games played defense they. The journalist got down on that end of the floor last near London and on defense thing is the attitude is still. Carried over that's good start to road trips. Aren't so we'll talk more about Allen later because I was a disc that was a great win for the blazers and it was on the return of African Nina and and boy they're gonna need him tomorrow against the new new lock gave bucks a bump and for the good man. Blazers get their best win of the year Monday Night Football got to their worst game of the year when a clunker in the metal ones. Could the jets be taking over as the worst team in the league 553 a five's tech signed dusting cam on the fan. This is. M in the morning on 1080 I. Oh for the first time here we've got to. And tools and it's very disappointing physical standpoint. I thought they kissed her and I think we have a lot of effort. This is assumed sort of some people assume that for most animals for every guy and kids. We have pretty much sums it up top both. Jets head coach. 41 to ten. In a game that didn't even seem that close. As the Indianapolis Colts roll on Monday Night Football over the New York football jets so after watching that and looking at it which was news news nugget football season. I hope you kind of list with one eye. Did I looked great I was twenty now that most the time zones that are to watch. IA I saw this because jets fans were just at the point of earning T shirts that said. Jets just. In doer the suffering and to Tina who they did their and Israelis. Because that's really what it is it was insufferable watch. And you'll remember how I mentioned yesterday that some guys give up in this part of the year some guys dirty Millen and and or two of we're not just mailing it in their regular vacation plans for January. Is what happens this is this is happens now. I've seen it seen it locker room completely seen everybody check out. I'm on a cell be dead honest with you I'm guilty of it in 1999 completely guilty of it three in thirteen sucked the life got to me. My second -- never been a part of that kind of losing me your first year was six intended then the three and thirteen hit. To step in that locker room on a daily basis and look at the downtrodden faces of coaches. Trying to fake like they cared because they all knew they were fired players knew that they were getting cut it was going to be a whole new regime. It was just it was awful to walk through now. It's being honest you're paid to play a game that part wasn't awful but just the aura of being around that what it was hard. Yeah I think that's it suit is hard on fans to kind of sit there is that like. Well. How does that justify a year effort just being war because after effort is something. That no matter what you should be giving because of the fact that day and the fans are looking at it from the aspect of man you gays get paid a ton of money to go out there we're using our hard earned my name going jobs that we don't necessarily like from a police had like twenty goals and assists. But I know I know what you mean I know I'm right and we just saw this kind of Eilat you know what. You can't take away human nature right no matter how motivated you are. It it there's intrinsic motivation and then there's outside motivation there's winning motivation there's losing motivation. There's so many different types of it in the we have that kind of in group of players that are on the jets team. It feels like when. Darrelle Revis is talking about how his island is now the size of a grain of sand. You know he's we re Revis island now it's more like you'd be Revis bacon strip there's there's nothing there. There's nothing there he doesn't have a knee he says he's gonna retire that's your leader. The other guy held out for a bunch of money and any shaved his beard I mean he's no longer Sampson needed me it's all gone. So that there's a Selma summer's volatility that team that team shouldn't be that bad but they are that bad because. That's what happens in the league. When a few losses and things compile and then all hell breaks loose any data is a problem that people have with it though because that is something that is it totally controllable. And wet but what about in the ultimate pride and sport. Where is the pride in in your effort and trying to hold on your job improve the eking get and that earned deserve another gig right. Well again about six players make all the money on every team 67. On average everyone else's league minimum or scratching and clawing to get by the problem is as those other forty guys that are scratch and claw and all its get sucked into that mentality like world we don't really care and it's so hard to dig your way out they couldn't even figure out how to line up. Meant I mean checked out there are just like yeah I mean that is in Bayer is saying and and is that that's also on Todd bulls still. I mean Todd bulls you can have in your head coach's job is that when things get bad team take them back up been bullied and not in no matter how bad it is and how many guys check out. Mean it's finding a way to send that message to get them back on the right ship rank you but if you don't have a quarterback that's any any stability. If you costly go out there and fight your butt off in the guy throws three interceptions. If you're just out there are going through the motions going you know what we could play our butts off right now and this guy can't get it done if you don't believe in not. And it doesn't matter how hard you try and it does that. Coaching staff knows it too. Nat is in bay isn't that kind of like a losing man mentality that I get and it's a loser mentality why teams suck that's why only six teams. In the in the NFL can win the dance every year who's worse right now. The jets. Or the 49ers. There's at least a 49ers play hard what's this other question too is good there's a Cleveland watch it on film. You can gauge body language I mean when those teams are bad when you lose you can see the difference who does Jacksonville played hard the other teams play hard and guess who plays next week. When jets in the forty next. Guess we'll see who really wants it more a permit to find this whole thing up on guarantee there's a lot of guys that are playing for their jobs. Yeah this here's the other thing too when you're on film in your shown. Giving up on film. Not throwing effort out with free agency comes around. And those general managers nosed player broke guys are our scouting and they're looking at film and they're asking and calling the other general manager's going to pay you had this guy you know your released him what do you think. When he says gave up. That's that looks bad. All wrong. Yeah dead is definitely not a good luck. Also CT it's one part of this game kind of sucking is the fact that the jets had quit and they just in the dead. How much is it that danger electrical maybe figured some stuff out I mean you look at their last four games are 31 over that stretch with wins over the Packers the titans. And then a blowout win over the jets the lone loss came to the Steelers. There albeit in kind of embarrassing fashion twenty to seven. But they knew they don't look nearly as bad as they as they have in recent weeks I mean if you go back there in the last two losses are to be chiefs in the Steelers which is is nothing to shake a stick at. And Dave 1460. Want you to tell me who wins that division. The three way tie via C south it is six and six Houston five and one at home one in five on the road. So you're very delicate can he can't play good. Both Indy and Tennessee are equal three and three at home 33 on the road wins a division. Indy has the tiebreaker over Tennessee. I do not know is that the worst division in football right now. Boo because I don't think so. Mom the worst division in football. And the AC north Manson to say about that but Baltimore's for begin. History is figuring it out the NFC west is the worst division and who you think self yet. You think cell in the Seahawks are quality wood everything else is is is. Thumbs down. Yeah there's not a good one lassie disability but the they've seen the AFC south this it is literally and then this. In and out nanny and a three throughout the I mean ever since they did the realignment we haven't seen. This division standout at all it's always been Indianapolis it's always been somebody who went Peyton Manning did it the titans haven't been able to do Jacksonville and Houston just been. Thumbs down average it's just this is what this division is growing team in two. So right now the Texans. RT you know against the colts and titans where you know where division with one game remaining so it in my beaded Texans just based on the fact that. If they can hold tiebreak or three Indy. In ZE agent if they split with Tennessee. Did tiebreaker will go to you with the Houston Texans. So I'd go do your thing in Houston wins this I'm going Houston. Gosh and that's not say much because rock costs Weiler. Is. Apparently getting better according to his owner but my goodness that team is still. And in their in the miss a three game losing streak well they've lost arguably the best player one of the best players on defense in the league. He don't have JJ watt. Did you Avian clown he's been okay. I had I thought he he played pretty good against the he's been a real lawyers and all my solid player but they don't have the same pass rush mum so yeah they're six and six that's right where I would expected them when I was expecting the twelve and four year. Out of the Houston Texans. Now but they may win that division are so I'd like to see Tennessee maker around with markets and that gave that group early woods yeah. I would I would as well and I'd be a great story too except for you know. Is this a band aid season I kind of want them to you falter at the end of this year. Because they have the building blocks in place you want to Malarkey just get out of here what you know in and and I want to default Europeans and they don't get shut down at the end of the first round because there. Arab they're good draft away. A league good draft away from actually easier it out of the patriots every year I want them to faltered get a higher draft pick or they just figured out because they can draft well. Know there are good franchise and if I were OK did there and weigh less holes to fill and that's I say they're one then the titans are one draft away from being a team where you can be competitive there is a reason why teams are in the top ten in the draft right mean limiting consistently stay in the top tenement amateurs we radically Cleveland. The top five pick at. Need GM their new team president they actually made some savvy moves and it's paying off for the team I agree you need one more year of those news and if you can. Still be taught the Indian near miss blessing. Be upon got a few fixture that's not a bad thing known. Because right now a year six and six year 500 football team and an FD better you're gonna wanna when the playoffs. That division so bad maybe you know they should do. They should use that like I relegation. In nation put like the browns in the DNC south. And they division winner just moves over to the north and in the next year. He just moved around how's that sound sure. We'll just go that way there are they're moving around have a flexible division six cowboys are in the NFC east forgot CVS Cleveland Jacksonville. 49ers. Had descend the jets federal division together right to have all the crappy teams and one division let Allah Allah yeah that's right. And then the loser of that division plays Alabama at the end of every year. I had a CT on us matchup but it's still would still until almost thirty. Yet SEC fans odd man we can take PH sees out of the picture right. Well there congress and Alabama can win the SEC. Or the AFC south. No question memo that they were beaten Alabama who showed up 400 million dollar man oh weak weak weak over the week you need this like everyone else is and CEO Eric coach. Now I'm like god of unlike other people I know out there that like the Alabama Crimson Tide that say we. And that don't even in live in the geographical location that we. Everybody out there you get Ruiz. You thrown shade him he's an early this Gator I don't know I didn't say anything or anybody great military aren't words that he had great lover of 947 they have their minds recently he's that I know oil but if your front Alabama. It is ugly it is week. It's all week. Leave the 400 million dollar man is Bryce Harper changing the game of baseball. Here's Crawford a sports and. Widespread text either. That's a message of what number. Two or. Niners yeah five. Six I can't hear you drilling off and I can unite here and there we have all of my life I mean. Don't cordless text just now it's 5530. Sly message and data rates may apply to just play my number. You can go we're desperate. This is sexual relations on the show did likes to read. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that it's. 5530. That. When the phone number. Where you can text us. Washington Nationals. Star. Outfielder Bryce Harper. Has started contract negotiations. Which USA today is reporting that is upwards that ten years and 400. Million. Dollars. Were too wordy start it's where were you think about. How much. Is too much anymore I. I'm never on the side of same too much never I never Ben now boy I saw this number and I. And I look at baseball could remember what would Alex Rodriguez said in the offseason I was said baseball. And I know to take this with a green missile that came from Alex Rodriguez but but with the downturn in football and what we've seen with the interest level. These supposedly quote unquote. Lack of viewership which because you know the viewership is down because there's a lot more streaming now as a lot more or cunning. Is baseball really that strong with such a great year. After the cubs winning to be able to offer up 400 million dollar contracts like it's just handing out as. Forty million dollars a year for a guy that averages three at bats per game three to four at bats and hit 330. To throw up 35 home runs. It's unbelievable to me is that were out would be Major League Baseball. I think it's kind of where we've been that for. Since A-Rod got his massive deal unless you doesn't financially easily in your mind in 2001. This 20265243. Million dollar contract somewhere in there she is equivalent is equivalent to the 400 number now is is basic inflationary. I was the way that contracts have always gone in in professional sports right there is this stair step. And we'll see where the ceiling is. But. So our heart harper harbors can be 26 and it's a free agent market now and this isn't. This year it's in. But next year so 2019. Or 2020 foreign now there. And so military 25 over. The next year and then he'll hit free agency when he its 26 years old. You got ten years he's at 36 years old. We see that. In Major League Baseball bat snot out of the realm of pop oil and what you're what you're paying him for is his prime right and a guy who at his prime. Is. One of if not the best players in Major League Baseball he in my Trout right yeah. And so if you're at the top of his game in this is kind of what top billing we'll get you nowadays because. You know the other one that may get this money is Manny Machado. The Baltimore Orioles. You might leave pit. He might get more than that he may be in this price range because over the Summers. Fox sports' Ken Rosenthal reported that. This past summer Machado was in net 400 million dollar range so there could be a hundred million dollars between two players in the greater Baltimore DC area. Think about that just staggering that were on were were on pace to see don't. A billion dollar athlete in the next ten years now meaning that shot though his numbers are bigger he's been hurt though right. And so with the China putting that number out there in June. That's probably why we see this is Bryce Harper starting point right sure do you or do you think as number he just came out went snow says. I think it's this it's a shock and on number yeah than that in agency says here's what we're gonna garner. Would he think it ends up being yet and like fallen somewhere in between you know when pitchers are getting 250 million dollars for ten years. But he goes it was it prices deal that he got. Was just staggering for a lefty that's never won a playoff game. I mean so there there are so many things that you could just throw together with Bryce Harper is an he's an elite talent. He moves the needle as big as anybody he's a reason why you watch baseball from here to the swing. Two arguments with the umpires and that's why that's what you do to your pain for brand right he's his own big brand yeah at this point. Well intended to put that kind of splash and those kind of dollar figures together. 400 million I just said it were in the next ten years we're gonna see a billion dollar athlete and it's gonna come in baseball. That's where it's gonna come from somebody's gonna get a billion dollar contract and that's going to be unbelievable matches where we're going. And billion dollar contract easing that's gonna have narrow lifetime yes absolutely. Absolutely I even halfway there yet we will be. My goodness commands in heaven some superstar the 218 years old argument lifetime contract to a billion dollars. She came out a million dollars a year. Eight a hundred million dollars a year I mean it think about adult twenty years ago you left Doughty said oh million dollars. Was this oh my gosh this is where we're going in and who's tried test. Who's pissed Mike Trout. Nick is he's on the angels that's like twenty years ago he signed a six year 144 million dollar deal this is attempting to. Less than half the most of these cities and a clear sign when your contracts now in nit and nobody untreated the big money around is it is the use your long term deal but. My trouble hit reads Sedin at 28 years old that's pretty good. Without 144 million dollars in his pocket pretty good and then all of his subway money. Because you know. After that hole. Campaign went south they surged Arnold ammonium I try and Ryan Howard is now current field tiered thing. Human you know they might charge here's all of our money it's changed is change quickly change our image. And they did but Bryce Harper in meaning the child well 400 million dollars in this tells me one thing. It's my kid is going to be getting in baseball bat and glove rev when he comes out is mother's well. Right here's what I do know about baseball as it's in a strong position with so much young talent mean the cubs have a boatload of young talent. You look at big names this this was one of the biggest arguments that we always had earlier in the in the mid 2000 is baseball did not market they're stars. When now they have stars the have young stars and they're gonna start to market. In when you get out of the regional world of baseball that's really hard to do because all of us there're really only regional fans. Until playoffs through the post season start. If they continue to market stars like this and you get big numbers that's that's what's gonna change. To be able to have guys like I'd be faces of the Major League Baseball. Is this a bubble like converse. With them with contracts 55305. And what does this mean for the future baseball everybody says baseball's dying baseball's dying. I don't think self. There's about 800 million reasons why for two guys. Testing came on the fan. At 55305. That is exciting. All right so. This feels to me you like the baseball bubbles about verse with 81 home dates plus an exhibition games and possibly less than 30040000. To 2000 seat stadiums. Is he injured baseball's gonna have a hard time filling seats so where all the revenue come from. That text I've factors victories your front runner comes from TV man. And you know what regionally. In the national contracts are huge. They national contracts are as big as the NFL. But regional contracts each team makes a ton of money because everybody loves. Live content right live sports. Tomorrow to go can't replicate that in you have a hundred in 62 of them right mean there is so much side programming that. That is where a lot of the revenue comes from. And then in the baseball attendance numbers are better than what people think they are I I don't know why there's this idea that game baseball stadium in. Baseball attendance is down own. So bad I think it's because you see and when the Mariners second and. That was really what it is American nonbinding irrelevant products for years since you look at here he just go well. It's not a good. Go to some of those cities and go to San Francisco go to church in Boston go to New York go to Chicago go to Detroit every insolent gates of awesome atmosphere and so I mean that's kind of why it aware of where all that money will come from and it is about what the big brands bring in right in baseball to all of our revenue share. Yeah I think what were the numbers I think he went on some Major League Baseball there. They're approaching ten billion dollars a year yeah. And that's catching up because the NFL was around fourteen. And fourteen to fifteen and they were projecting how they gonna grow 120 billion dollars were the revenue. Where they're trying to go outside the country because. That's there and I feel like he had a Phyllis tapped its growth in the amount of product it's in your face for Monday Thursday and Sunday's. They have to go outside the country that's the expansion. You know there's always there's always that old saying that if your business if you're not growing you're dying. Well does Major League Baseball. And NFL. And NBA have room to continue to grow. Is there room to get to that point where is the bubble because I eventually there there is a bubble that's got to be popular mean you just can't put that kind of money out there. And expect to get great product all the time because then there comes the dissension. Of fans ago. I'm paying for this is one of my auction. I mean I'm looking to getting Baltic it's going to the peach bowl. I am absolutely flabbergasted. Or what the resale market for bowl tickets are already in Atlanta. And Eagles who whose affording these games all the time and who's doing this there's only a small. Group with view of the can do it. You know that and injured team gets better you'll notice that like every reason Ike. How can duck fans not go down to this event live bullets because it they were doing it for so long ya in gifts really say you can't do agree on what what was. I'm cure I mean I don't remember army Niger over the ducks go into national championship game. Ohio State those tickets were astronomical also mean you're going full all my supposed to travel and get on a plane when I'll be honest with you I looked at a flight and a flight went from by the time the college football playoff announced. Flight started at 700 dollars in less than an hour he went up to 18100 dollars whose price gouging now. Now that's the airline yeah that's what that is kind of what people do they do it now on holidays and so here we are. Is baseball NFL and NBA all price gouging us to appoint a word she shocked. You're shocked to see these numbers. I don't. Think that. Do you ever get the feeling knee again price schedule and you go to a baseball game though because they feel like. The tickets can be expensive media in the door for cheaper I find me in the experience at the and a baseball game the cheapest of any of the professional sports I will say this I'll be honest with you going to blazer game is. Is priced me out right hates its price to completely priced me in my family out. 86 so it's a mortgage payment almost ready to go. Amid a domain could it mean if you take five people to a quality seat and a blazer gain yeah it's a minimum 20025. Bucks a seat may be even more now. And then you time's up by five blistering in parking you're going to mean this is that's where were yeah. Man oh man oh man what do I feel like baseball I haven't been to a baseball game easily lead to save it. I think I think that when you started those numbers and you see those numbers probably continue to grow. They got to pay for these big contract somehow all right Bryce Harper repair. They starting at ten years 400 million dollars. On the unless baseball. Baseball's economics change we will see a billion dollar contract to the next ten years as this techsters here ten years is a lot. Ares and surely time to go out in August 2001 is and we saw A rods but tuner million dollar deal that was at 2001. So I just think we've known we've gone up only a 150 million dollars and fifteen years. You know. You know there was a gel there's definitely gonna jump after since the economy is three it you know or we're better off than we were 2000 yet you say. 2008 yeah I would say so and so yes so I think that they're starting to see the growth numbers again but this streaming services are gonna change also jumping 600 million dollars is. Quite the quite to jump there. I think I think were right in our lifetime we'll see here and will be the guys going back in my day Mike Trout play for a 144. Million. I'm. A obviously you write a thing about Babe Ruth was sold for what was being bristled 400000 dollars. Yeah. It's a few years ago and it the key term there is Hewitt. Babe Ruth was sold yes. His rights not him he was well okay his rights were sold no no he was sold news that's three on this they know that in selling the idea don't let probably shouldn't be selling people. Yeah anymore and either. Annan. Buddhist text 553 of five sponsors on the uniforms just do it already you're here comes. That's the one way to build NASCAR baby years have we were Major League Baseball the editorial thing NASCAR now. Here's the deal in this will never happen because the say that we need to best bulls worlds we can gouge you the fan and we can still bit now would you be well in the they have ads on the uniforms if it meant your price goes down to go to games. Pete but yes but those still doubt on your behalf and they'll still gouge you and then put ads on any forms to make more money exactly. Boy. Five factories you'll find this on a not really on the topic here but it it it does relate. The you know we're talking about the pricing out of college ball playoff and everything you're gonna peach bowl it's really expensive bidding you got your flight early. You know huge fight really early and that's why this Texas that's at the eighteen playoff or be tough for fans at three games after the season would be very hard yeah I think dole you. Have to be able to deal with it if you wanna do that philosophy there has to be home games can't all be neutral sites. You know you're one cedar are yet to see teams. And there should be afforded that's a whole different world but I'm with you I mean if you're a fan. If you're a fan regionally here on the West Coast and you were a team in the pac twelve and you got a chance to go to the East Coast to watch a peach bowl blitzer in Washington for example. You you're all mean you're only in the upper Echelon people looking probably can't that Joe's real fans not going to happen and you can't afford it there's no way. You can't get in anywhere near Atlanta for less than five grand. No not people just don't have that kind of money to go float around and the wait is that your own your own couch in her own bathroom why go do that. Would you have here that the first trying games. Home teams are rewarded he you know like the tough for you please do that's the other part is up I don't see players' families do this on the NCAA pays for now the wet how much stuff. You did today and will leave. My sim which could never been able to do that. But if if you didn't have helped some as some kind of though it is now I know tons and and we really never contract. When the college football playoff started it is the advanced to the new rule all Google that all search ad during the break in I'll get that. When we come back on the other side because the blaze got their best win of the season last night in Chicago is a defense that trend becoming the norm. Don't let the final score four yeah the blazers played some defense testing came on the fans.