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Dusty and Cam - 11.30.16 - Hour 1

Nov 30, 2016|

Did Oregon make the right move in firing Mark Helfrich? Also, a discussion of the business side of college football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Base or listening to the dusty camp podcast brought you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right thing since 1952. This is dusty in there I'm in the morning. He knows there's water tower anything else. Before I get drug that you. Yusmeiro. And Champloo. Happy hump day folks is the last day in November. It's a new done down in Eugene. Any happen over the night. And cardinals turning news. Here rating haven't zombies loops and if you. New this spokesman to didn't the university Morgan has hired mark Alford just ahead with the wall. And that is dynamite reporting by Alex Crawford in our. Sports car. Heard your version of organ haute farm Marco for turf horses and how French is god. It was a really bad old man whose voices mean the oh what do you got. I just got my voice helped write shaved these down that I dropped my really battled them in on a daily basis. To sit gamblers yep exactly. And a one my favorite part. Mark tell French. And organ and moving on exceed there's not a favorite part of mark coverage getting fired because. This is one thing that sucks. About this especially for a guy like can help for cheese and Oregonian. He says that this is been his dream job like growing up as a kid. Yeah you know in that dream is is dash right it's I got lost his job and he's moving on. Granted he's in 117 point seven million dollars go away. But my favorite part is the names that pop up as potential candidates via because don't. I mean it shows you how out of touch and a lot of national writers are two local. And to local jobs and in local stories like that strength. A double the they need to do their job their job is to put something down on paper and just like we do our job every day and I'm not defending net who do we have our thoughts and everyone has their inclinations and you have your sources and he start to put stuff down and that's what everybody's really doing right now because there's only a couple people really know what direction. Everybody's going I can probably he probably fitted on your hand that's how many guys actually know and who's gonna Poulter Nixon and Aaron. Tension now. It's and I think there's a swoosh involved that's all that's all I know. And that's all I really. Phil let's connect said coach. No I said guys are going to be making a decision is a solution involved. You that would be my first. First person I would look at the brawn James man Michael Jordan. And that's a jump man logo right in tells you look at the same umbrella same umbrella. Our right to and let's get to this radio show half. He and I remember was just like yesterday. On this day in sports history 1971 the world cried. Brian sung aired on ABC. But I I can honestly say I've never seen what's. Ari you. I'm me who is every one year old man do you know what it's about you know. I might know I might know in remembrance. Government OK so my parents may not have shown me. Star Wars sound of music than my dad made sure I saw grindstone. It is the story. Sound of music dissent does things that were on the TV back and I three channels grandson was deemed major TV live via abouts. Brian piccolo. He's former bears player and his friendship with a Gale Sayers off. I can't say that are America and pick I have to give it's. You Brian's son's class there like I love you brand piccolo yeah. And a I don't think you sound like that. I don't know what the outlines I'd never seen that movie Agassi clips. You've never seen answer no I know of it it is seen in my high school football team watching it and saw all the guys are like. Really saddened freshman year they're like man Bryant whom. They need. The kid freshman football team watching you guys just never know that they made a lot isn't it odd requirement if I. People are. Cars baby. Okay. He's proven that two cars getting nobody jars tar ball misery the sailors the site. Tar sailor. You can't go to ours tar ball. You understand there are no idea what he's saying at all and lost yeah. The tar heel as a nickname for a sailor cast there's a lot of people that have never seen on Brian's song. Strange as he throws out Star Wars in and tourism but that was right. His grandson it's like an 88 you shouldn't be guy got it I thought you would a scenic camp I'm disappointed I have and I will make sure I go see maybe. I am angry major or not we should have a movie night united open. He's. Yeah. All right today's sometimes you just gotta say Devi TF is been bumped. Because they're centers and join us at 8 o'clock. I guess he'll make people say that. You know. And CS ends. Air intention isn't to break down the organ firing what he's hearing on the rumblings moving forward. We will be talking a lot about mark Eldridge moving on the cause of all class rankings came out and then just indicative organ state quarter. They'll join us hurt his little victory that third since the air is anyone's civil war now. It here player's perspective what it was like to feel to win that game three down years. It's a long time. Time do we go. We're real. Morgan's highest rated recruits. Yeah in the door Leno learn how to Seles in high school in the number three rated. Athletes in the country this is an athlete. Always an athlete. Am busy busy lean one way here or there the other guests resentful that this isn't. Honestly tell us what positions was he playing in high school he can't play everywhere. Tell that to. And endure Lenore. He's a corner. Corner receiver receiver Aaron back got it happens everywhere Z visa Versa pretty football we're he has deep committed. From the docks he was the highest rated prospect. A B fans get a sadness. That deep commitment to invest Oregon State is now recruiting Avaya a higher level according TV star ratings in the organizes your. With Eddie commitment. Should be noted though you've got. Alex Forsythe. The west lane native he says he's still 100%. Committed to the organ that's as is. The linebacker seemed Sen. And you. They force our linebacker so two for circuit saying I'm going anywhere manner. Stanford in a ghost ghost buster in the thing. Hey wake up I said wake up. Pro football talk dot com reporting the NFL ditzy early bird kick outs for the London games yeah I feel about that I feel. No more 6:30 AM kicks I think that's an and that's good because your viewership is not at that time. Yeah that this sends such crappy games over I don't think any less fuss and those games are always markets are watching it knows that seems that the markets are and will be watching and that's that's pretty good and usually couple million people yeah. Nurtured. Must we have here oh Jerry Jones came downs. Ed. I eighties Myanmar and not our Thursday not at all here to stay there. That's and he said oh it's money shot guns in the air like that it works Yosemite Sam did you he did that negated that blues he's earned chassis that riveted. You're dead RG three's being cleared its first full return to football activities so he can get hurt this week is eateries and at the browns will get a win. But will be the main question I know of no and your daily reminder that Adrian Peterson is not a human he is a monster he was sprinting. Bull go on the sidelines at practice yesterday good so he is not expected. To return from the bucket handled their business guess. Heard like normal people another month. They are expecting him at some point this month. Good knee replacements at forty years reporting you are forty and 411. No change me. Top and it does not test this is rock and roll play is really keeping them out and do leg. 600 Lazio's ten or oh my god it's early wake up. All the congress change of game favorites to win I don't see two Big Ten teams getting in the playoffs or Penn State wins I think they go because they head to head against Ohio state of Wisconsin wins I think Ohio State's gonna be the Big Ten representative because of their head to head win against the back. Com. Jesse Palmer because small playoff committee released their rankings in that committee includes organ athletic director rob Mullins. They released their top for the ducks not a part of it. Surprised that that's. Most definitely image in this what's wrong with you. Nothing and it's a summer day could losses. Alabama is number one in Ohio State is TU clemson's third Washington and back up into the top Fuller after Michigan's last. They are fifth and are in the playoff. Heading into conference championship weekend Kerviel our favorite again and Kirby said that it is a razor thin margin. Between Washington and Michigan right now with a 45. RAZR brand new. Here where they're looking upset the way I'm not a said this you know we're doing a show here. Saving all my good stuff for later. That's what I tell the ladies did say that I'd say I'm here to impress you out of the gate did you get a real long term relationship here hash tag marathon exactly the blaze like season yet deemed dollar touched a marathon. Four of these tough since then. Four of the top seven are from the Big Ten because after Michigan because Wisconsin Penn State. What they did tell us because both players committee is that it's our big twelve you know again then because Colorado moved up to eight and Oklahoma dropped a spot. The buffaloes jumped up and yeah I you know their their could be scenario we do we will discuss a scenario in which he big twelve gets in your happy you never know there could be a scenario of note. USC is eleven Stanford is up six spots to eighteenth Utah is twentieth somehow Auburn got rolled by three scores. It dropped. In one spot. That's how did they think Alabama is. All right town where we start this radio program the organ exit change direction mark Alpert is out its head football coach. And for the first time in forty years. There's a coaching search. Was the right move made. Testing camp 55305 is Tex sign or you can call us 50325. Vote 1080. Dusting him on the Finn. Jam in the morning on 1080. Little while ago I've met with mark and informed him that after much thought. Careful consideration have decided to change leadership and football program marks a quality person and you handle that difficult decision with the same class professionalism and character who comes in knows she returned him. 2009. Rob Mullins Jeanne receive organ athletic director last night. The ducks fired mark help bridge plus the threat live. Why did the right move. After a for an eighth season. The ducks firing coach in his 21. Games over 500 in his coaching career goals led the team to a college football playoff. Berth in its first year of existence the plant that is a Rose Bowl win. And it is the first coaching change. In forty years she contestants at 55305. Or you can vote on her triple acts 1080 the fan. On the Twitter bots. In the organ docs make the right decision firing mark Alpert yes or no. We think let's start when you. Because you know you've seen this program your dad play you know you've seen it up close I've. I haven't had the type of eating inside feeling for a city as as you have an end especially some of the listeners out there. Because I've been on the other side a bit I've definitely been on the side of seen a program fall have also been a part of the team. That's had their coach fired mid season I've been a part of a college that I lost the person that recruited me I've also been cut late in the season. In my Jen lost my job as a professional athletes so all these things that. Coaches are feeling players are feeling everybody feeling right now I've actually lived and breathed it but from my perspective it could be different so. What is what do what does your words. What do you feel when you see this decision made. Well. I sit there and I look at all I look at this thing. As a whole and the beginning of the year I always said give him a year to turn turn this ship it back around to right itself. I understand where the people that are the detractors in the naysayers are sitting there in their goal and it's a downward turn it's been a spiral. Blah blah blah lot. I did that. I think it is reactionary in Oregon has never been reactionary it has not been a reactionary school you look at forty years. This is the first time they fired somebody in forty years because and they hired rich Brooks they knew that is going to be a process to build a forward. And they did that they handed it from the average Brooks to Mike Bellotti Mike bloody and TU Chip Kelly and Chip Kelly. Elevated dissing too unrealistic expectations and that's a market offers took over. Mike the lobby in rich Brooks had a couple of down years each in there existence especially at the beginning of their head coaching ten years when they were afforded the opportunity to stumble. Right both of them were afforded the opportunity assemble and they did. And they were able to pick themselves up. By the bootstraps figured out in go I think after four years mark health for two was not allowed to do that you look at what left him. When he took over it in New Delhi India after one just one year leaves he he has to make a higher in the defense of coordinator position. He made the wrong one and Don talent he gets one year with Brady helped instituting new defense and and then the dead. The trigger was pulled in his tenure is done I think it was a little bit reactionary. I understand the detractors and I understand the naysayers but if I look at what how the organ program got two words out. I sit there and I go this seems Zachary action removed okay so bit but you do you think it's wrong or right. Because reactionary it's never. Wrong doing like it's no. Do I think indeed is it wrong or right look this is college football now this is that this world we live in man. Like I mean big boosters in a film I not been at the civil war again that don't tax on 553 or five look. Phil Knight not been at the civil war and going to use the highest finishing in kidney. You know big time boosters walking away from the program in just like not. Really checked and end. That's an issue yup that is an issue sale you want about season tickets it's not about season tickets about the big name mister Jim when those guys walk away. And oh win and there isn't. Apathetic sense about recruiting in the state and yeah I think that that. That is enough to lose your job now volleys but is it the right move or is it the wrong move in your opinion it's a simple 5050 question. It's not it's not I don't know I just don't know it's not I might well okay is it the right or wrong move. And who knows right now well that's that's the careful careful answer I wanna know and that's why we're asking a Twitter for that's where were seen everybody's gauging it. I do believe you stand on one side or the other and just sat I'd just laid it all out there that I man. I get wild people say the detractors but no I think as as watching how the organ program has made itself. And in grown now you disagree with the firings. I wouldn't say it like I get why they did it none and I know that but we you and your hard do you agree or do you agree with the firing. I mean. I don't like it that I agree with that yeah and he's like I understand why you would fired I don't think that this is like this black and white issue you can sit there need to say. They yeah I understand it but eye as sit there and watching the organ program watching it. How rich Brooks and Mike Bellotti went through ups and downs and workers. And fired after four years and he won a Rose Bowl and together NASA JP to launch for. Silly way at the end of the football game in in this business it is a black and white issue. Because when you either win or you lose you don't get the option in this business. To be able to say what it's over and over again what is what is can get you a few things the first one it will get you. Is fired the second one it will get you is a crappy program as a those are the things that happened. So the reason why I wanna know because beauties when you're close to programming you have those emotions built in. It is impossible. To not be loyal to people who is also impossible not be loyal to your school so you have to look at both sides. I completely. Respect what hotel efforts did yeah I respect him as as a man as a person as a coach of what he was able to do. Do I personally think from my heart from the outside perspective I don't have inside a lot of people but from outside looking into I think it was the right move. Yes. I think it was the right move. And the reason being close from that from from mine thought process. The leadership. Was lacking. The commitment. To the strength. Of of of somebody standing at the top. In scenic trickle down it is always a pyramid when you're looking at football or impairment starts with your your leader in everything. Branches off from there I for my personal perspective from just from my opinion at looking at what's dollar coaches that have been successful. Right now in college football they all have a leadership style that trickles down and you could immediately put it put a finger on that is what he's about. I don't know if I ever felt that with coach offered. I do believe that he has a lot of great qualities massive amounts of qualities. And it's OK you know it's it's also OK to say sometimes that some people and some coaches just aren't. Great Indian head coach and they're excellent coordinators the good position players there's. They're they're they're very good at their job beat analytics via breakdown some. Sometimes it's okay to say that right it doesn't mean you're bad person it doesn't mean it you just can be good at everything yes right I get a hair. OK I can say it. I'm OK when that I'm also not good at a lot of things but I do know sometimes I know my path for some people do. But this is this I just don't want people in my opinion I don't feel I don't have those emotional feel sorry for coaches. As a as a lot of other people could. Borrower or actually sit there in Singapore mark Alpert report those coaches and their staff put those guys have been there for years. They have urged the some of those coaches are going to be taking care for four life. Do I feel sorry that there will be wheeled part of the program not really but what I do see is it's another stage or step for them. In the business of football it's not fair in its not stable that never will be. IA in that is. The reality and that is all very fair what you will do what you said man and I get it ended Louie just weeds and add us. You know the day will you vote coaching move needs to be judged when you know the name of the replacement coach until then you just don't know and that to me is the big that's the big one right there is that. There's a lot of fans that are just happy mark health for just gone not knowing what's lined out and there must be a known. Of what's happening like in Ron Mullen said the they've they've come. Had to search firm they reset to search firm is going after this in and really kind of and digging in to help them look for a coach in that search term Parker's Parker executive search. And on their website it says ten to fourteen days. And there was rumors swirling. Two weeks ago that that search firm had been acquired right okay. So. If they had actually started that. Two weeks ago. Then they should probably know who they're who they're dying right now and they have made very good idea. Of who. The next head coach of Morgan will be. Or we should know in the next couple of days the longer that dissing drags out the worse it is right yeah if the rumors were true that they did acquire than two weeks ago yeah. What I've said this to during the year and I couldn't commit to either side. But I did know that this decision was already made in fact. I do believe that the decision was probably made after the Washington game. And it wasn't one of those things where you saw a gap in that game between your biggest rival B you saw. A separation. There that wasn't acceptable. Was not acceptable at all. From a comes from your leadership. From the people at the top from the players from the fan's perspective and I think at that point in time when you see something like that Benicio repeat. Games the Stanford game other games we continuous continuously see USC stepped above you you saw separation. And that is fearful for a lot of leaders in if you see that you have to either make your choice are we willing to go down this path. Are we willing to make it changed because who says that college football's not reactionaries that joke is it is it's him immediately as reactionary. But in you look at forty years enough tiger head coach your ups and downs this is different football game now this is a different business this is a. School that has not been. And it is a program that has not been. And no it that is kind of as a program has grown. It has. I you could say it's gotten out of that but at the same token. You know lenders and they're changing their identity completely now. Right. Well we don't know yet but I do I think that they're gonna absolutely have a housecleaning. I do. Or duke in this is a they're changing the identity in that they're they're changing kind of the way that they. The program has always been handled handing off from one guide to the next room allowing ups downs and ins and outs Chip Kelly. Made it so mark coverage couldn't have downs. That's what happened is that. You've had ups and downs throughout the course of the organ program Chip Kelly went up up up. And then the first down was you're not the guy right in this taxing you can speak to this it says this is. Mark Alpert is Jim Hambrecht. Great coordinator not a great head. Ouch yes I completely agree Ilocos limo he was not Don James and it was quite apparent from the start. And that's that's a hard act to fall anytime your following an icon I can't think of a time when anybody just walked in. And followed an icon in any college or any in need of professional. You just sporty just. Your behind the eight ball from the get go and your following up expectations that been put on by fans. Especially by players and all of that the hard part about what coach overtime really had to deal with is that. He followed Chip Kelly in not only did he follow an icon he followed a system he fault a culture he folded followed a brand that is established itself. Where can go nowhere. But down. Exactly. Went in there is in college football. And especially. In schools like gore again who are not the traditional powers downs happen. Of course and in conferences like the pac twelve. Where it is not talent rich after. Apple half the schools right where you have California is the big recruiting base in uniting California. It there are downs they do that is the reality I mean look at it ups and downs happen across football man. And the closest recruiting hotbed is a thousand miles away. Right Southern California. Is that is a long way away from Eugene Oregon and and that is where it'd year behind the eight ball in those programs have a lot tougher time. Having sustained success ups and downs happen and college football now is a different beast you mention it's a business now. When it is stopping about you know the developing men part is it just a business now. 55305. Here's Crawford a sports that are. Widespread text either. That's a message of what number. Two horror. Niners five. Six I can't hear you trailing off and I should unite here and there we have all of them all like our team. The most cordless Dexter is now it's five fives real far messaging data rates may apply just finally my number. You can go we're desperate. This is sexual relations on the show good likes to read. Overtaxed. I stand jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that it's. The world of Kosovo has changed it is a business now. And you know that we were talking about this. Before the show is that you know it didn't college football kind of eased to be about you know developing the man Wright is not what we used. Motorola has always said about football I think there was there's smoke and mirrors but I think yes that was the main one of the main things you try to always do. When you're supposed to be leading men. Into a battle of football in college level education developing man developing future leaders. Of this game. Really. Not anymore dude. It is it's a different beast than it is a business Alan I think what we can look at what the university Morgan a move with mark Alpert does a business decision. It was what was best for business. Because your boosters were not happy. Rob Mullins and over the last several weeks people have been setting season ticket sales. Have been declining it's an orally by much into you. And but it's. The season ticket sales due player Rolen hit merchandising has been huge part of organs rise to prominence. A declining. And you sit there and you look at those factors and you go this was a business move their brand was hurting you need to help the brand. And brands. Move the needle mound in sports and college football. The first time I learned. What it was like to be part of the business. Was. Right after probation. In her first years. It's after a 95 we Europe for the Rose Bowl and our head coach stood in front of us in a teen meaning here's a here's young kid living in living in a small dorm. You know again net necks and nothing wearing sweats and all of us are looking around each other in the first thing out of his mouth is we need to get to the Rose Bowl because it's eight million dollars. In every. And I just looked around and looked to my teammates to the next US exit to do do we get them know. Goes to university goes to that goes to pay the bills that goes to make sure that. You keep the lights on you can get tickets and get the people in there you can get the television revenue in there and I and I went I never heard of money nobody ever told me about money. When it came down the college football so that was the first step that was the light. For me that went off rescinded this is a business man and I still then learn it until five years into the NFL that's how ninety viewers a football player at the time. There's no need to that he anymore. In college football especially in the pros this is a business it's hundreds of millions of dollars at stake. But when you talk about players he said well who deserves better who deserves more these coaches sit there and stare. Right any young man in their house and sell them a bill of goods. That I want she'd be part of a program for four years I want you give me the ultimate commitment I want to sign on the dotted line. I want you to be here 100% we'll do everything we can't get you here. Yeah everything we can to get you here. From pain you. To doing extra. To taking care mom and dad to making sure your girlfriend gets a job in the athletic department or we will do anything we can't whine. Because our fans demand wins the TV demands winds and we need the money. Because you're that you're that guy that's gonna get us that it was eight years what's. Always weird. Is that. You have these guys that are ninth Nick Saban right Nick Saban is reaches this point I think that there are very few. In college who Vonn now better at this point and it's Nick Saban and its Urban Meyer and he needs Jim Harbaugh. Those those three guys and if indeed they are the only three that you can say players knock the door down to play for them. Every other coach Stan muses a 125 coaches in college football. There are knocking down the door for the players. Right. In that I think has it has been the big equalizer. Right they ended it is no longer the coach that is dated a guy who. People wanna come and play for is the coach wants to go and get the player may need to go and get the player you know. Because that's what keeps fans look at mark offered to me mark comes degrading endless returning right that recruiting is numero uno. For him people look at the numbers and I say this guy can't get it done right. Dizzy you know the recruiting numbers have dipped they've fallen way back down you don't. Forgetting that a lot of the key players that first national title run. We're not highly rated right in but they got to a point where they said. You should be go out in you should get a higher rating guys well then you need to go when you need to start pounding on doors because you're TJ ward John boy yet. You know those guys mark LaMarr plowed the Michael Janes they were knocking down your door to get in because they were the underdog right. And now they're pounded on the doors of the fives are enforced our kids and that wasn't working for. I'm gonna give you a percentage of them I think in my mind and some might disagree some might agree. That I think probably 75%. Of college athletes that are recruited go towards what's trendy. True 75%. That means 25%. Go. To be part of something different they go because they believe in the coach where they believe in what they've been sold how many of us have sat around and had a salesman look at you any guy. If you like I have no idea I mean these knives and five seconds later worth that five minutes later you just bought a thousand dollar bloc of nice wine. Is he convinced you for some reason that in your life you need these knives and it won't be. Your your life wanna be whole until you have these nights. That's what great recruiting recruiters do not only recruiting coordinators great position coaches but head coaches sell you something you don't need you. But a majority of kids nowadays 75% in my opinion. Are looking for what. Only winner. On personal better want I want my your uniforms if I want this I want that I want guild had eighteen pairs of travel sweats somewhat Nike shoes up again I wanna deal have a PlayStation in my locker room. I want a barber shop here this is what I want mean this is what I mean what I want this is dad sitting around saying we gonna do for my son and his future in how you gonna get him to the NFL that's the first question out of a father's. Or mother's question or that's exactly what they're asking their head coaches to do. Think about that as a head coach when you say that. Would continue to get your son to the NFL it's not what can I do to get my son and education what you needed teaching to be better person. Some coaches are gonna that. Others are Stanford. Could be. But at this point point in time organ. What are you doing what you selling. As you can bring in a coach the better and understand the US sell something more than just locker rooms K a fancy motor bike leaking out. You have to sell something more. Because USC is caught up Washington has caught up. Organ state is training wash UNC it is doing more all the teams used to stall on their throats have caught up. You've got to figure out now your leaders have to figure out what are you selling. Because if you don't sell that bill of goods you discuss flounder and that's what college football realizes now it's something more. What does organs self. I thought after a five. And this is uninteresting conversation I think you're I think you're right I don't think adding it is a may be more than 75% of college football players go to what's trendy. Ended the Wednesday venues every Dick Wald they'd all be on the same place well Billy they're turned away that's why they go other places though it's only five. On its own Tony five spots per team rubber glass Brea and you're you have all else is free of him all the blue chip person once wrote. Tell that tell them out but that a yeah. This is that that's where we're at right now and we need it turned away than you filter on you go everywhere else and you the next best thing. 55 terrified that is the text sign. The business of college football wary going from here a lot of really get Tex come on will get to your feedback also calls final three to five vote 1080 mark coverage out at the university Morgan right wrong or indifferent dusting him on the fan. Fact 55305. That. Is tech saying he doesn't calls I've agreed teeth I've. 1080. Mark Alfred out as the University of Oregon head coach at you. You need to make it in the business decisions are made it. Win the rest of the pack catches up bright in the reactionary moves will have been the facilities are no longer unique organ. The uniforms are no longer unique to organ what is unique to Oregon. What is it what is it any name that is a that's a question that. People need do is start thinking about and in really. As sit out. Member Oregon had like one of the first indoor practice facilities right now is huge huge then they build it indeed. Death star over there young now they have that Mario to performance that are you know if they still are cutting edge sure. It's Eugene and everybody else out. And everybody else has in it is Eugene in the rain is unique all right sure in the against the Mozy neat thing member that was it. SI did thing about the strain of weed. The death in Eugene that is like organ football players you smoke all the time like dude c'mon okay that that's unique and can. It's unique view is they now or go to that your but you'll always be Nike's baby. You know so that I guess is the unique thing. Well I think two is that from the from the outside. If you're the fans in here the people you're looking at something you just in the US the question going into break. I want I want you to really sit backing away what are you trying to do what what are you selling to a coach. To come here. Well what are you saying what type of guy what. What is the brand to mean anymore what it is it is it Nike is it you know we we are fast paced because your tempo is gone. It whose fault is that. Egypt create it but everybody does it forgot six Alabama has up tempo nine unique. It's not unique anymore how do you need to change football is how can he do that. It's something that happens organically you can't just figure something out of going need to change something so you have to ask yourself. From the get go. What are you selling. One thing that organ has always sold. Is that. They have staff continuity. 1983 right. Gary Campbell right on pal you know and he had Steve great when offensive line coach John Neal. In a defense of backs coach that is always been that's been when the neat things dot org is that it they've had the longest tenured staff. In the country. That may be gone to in this text says now they get rid of that ten U seven doesn't. And who knows if those guys are gone or they stay but that would be something that is unique but one again those guys get old man yeah. I just I'm telling me I've seen him multiple times when a new coach comes in he doesn't want to have someone sitting in that the meeting room going. Well we used to do this it's it's just a really really hard because sometimes you don't wanna cured eagle well used to do this but it's not working anymore. That's kind of the the issue would you see a lot of that seemed coaching changes sometimes they wanna have that and I think whoever they do hire will give them cart block to say. It's your staff because there's not one head coach it's coming here it is told that EST keep a certain amount of staff members yeah. I had the comments Tony in Salem. Morning Tony let's updated. I sold. Probably duck fans who wanted mark proper job you got your way but just remember this this next guy coming in. If he has some baggage backgrounds yet couple bad years are not firing has got the stock wouldn't released by the yourself. Yeah. And what's unique to our program we still have the only mascot that's a duck and whole country's as I know so. Thanks Tony. That is. You know that's uninteresting part about this. Four years for health rich and how long is this leash you got to give them along leash right I can give his own stamp yeah I don't even give you any any sort of thoughts on that I hit the minimum for me in most most times is is is three recurring cycles so that is for years. Three recruiting cycles its twelve well when I say cycles I mean classes I you've got Pacific. Three man that he had not long I am not for so well recurring cycles can YE cycle you don't really understand via certain guys can come and go you don't know who leaves her army guys leave for himself. So three recruiting classes okay you only get a full fledged junior class or potential senior class in there yeah. Okay that is I think that you know where you're headed then in that four years for health rich. Then 37 and sixteen their record for an eight with his seat with his seniors. Are and that's the other thing too is adding to that something that should be noted. Is win we will look at this guys whoever the next coach is his first recruiting class. Helm how hard is it. How many guys this he lose right is it his recruiting class can he hit the ground running. And how many kids leave because the previous regime isn't Daryn there's this unknown right. That's why I think Tony census five years because. When you make a coaching change I think there should be as someone said they throw a year in that first recruiting class because it's very hard to do because. You can't go where this guy's been coaching in just start recruiting. The same kids he was recruiting does or like dude what are you trying to sell me turns on the same things they did yeah this other school how to I know you're gonna be here. And however many years right. Sell in who does he relate this is sister relate to some of the kids that are in place at Oregon now you know right now. We don't know that a lot of up upper Echelon talent party locked in to elsewhere soul. You know even those guys that are high and talents that. May fit his system they're not come Norton because they're locked in in other school. Let me ask you question and see if anybody out there feels this way do you need to bears analysts say this is. This could be a point of view that some do might take the wrong way could organ beat the girl the dance that was gorgeous. For a long time she was a freshman she was beautiful in everybody wanted to dance with. And about the time she became a senior. She started trying so hard because everybody very had a dance. He did that it is one of those things where you look at it and we've become a try hard if you're out. Posting your recurring chain or your uniform change every Monday nationally. You're reaching your trying so hard to stay relevant. In assists and national or a natural evolution. Of things changing and shifting and people catching up and you may be more girls moved in and all these things I know it's a strange strange comparison but it's just one of those things where. All those great things sometimes the shine comes off. You know if you if you have the beautiful car eventually when you break it down. It's just four wheels and a tin can when you drive it yeah it just becomes the vehicle you get in every day and then you have all this. Technology means high maintenance stuff you got to take care sometimes you just wanna drive a classic. That's just gets you from two from point a to point B in football when you break it down in the end. It's scoring points in its winning football games it's not all this extra minutia. That you you put on your own self that's the stuff that you added in major self unique and different well that's. That's changed when they need to find another way to be you need to get a do you UE a you know that team that went to the Rose Bowl the team that that was really good late that beat me. Three times that he was is better it just wasn't about uniqueness but that's the that's the difference they weren't not at the level that they got to you. They got to a different they took another step. And from rich Brooks to Mike body Rite Aid to gain another step in that step and wind up. When they won the Fiesta Bowl rank but that's player that does not I'll do with. Your uniform you put on or what teach you how you lift the weight just because you lift a weight that's an shiny and glass house is he does the weight that's 45 that plate it's on the end of that bar it was the exact same as it does at San Diego State and in K it doesn't make anything different. But what separated them and got the attention of people. Was the uniforms was the facilities now there's no separate or what's a separate her what is the separate under. Did the separate or isn't there any more than that that shiny thing that catches your high. And then you're right once you get a men you're right it is the way it's the same way be yet again in their first and that it that was the decision Nike. In the facilities where a huge advantage. Is he vanished I agree with you it it is great it's hard work it's a blue collar mentality this whole get it right but just the yes the blue collar mentality. What do tracks you. To a beautiful Mercedes or what attracts you to a Lamborghini or what attracts you to a Ferrari. The look at it right you look at UConn has gorgeous. Beautiful how can I get that. Once you drive it. Lenses to its its car but much maintenance you have to deal with the company things you have to take care of all the stuff that is what you would track. And I'm not saying it organ is been attracting ferraris. You put it out in this world that you're above everybody the you have the glitz you have the glam but eventually. Do you need to find somebody that all they care about is getting in there and beaten the crap out of the guy over them. It doesn't care about what they look like. Don't care about what mouthpiece looks like you care what we your socks look like. You wanna beat the ever living crap out of the guy over you that Timmy is old organ is missing. In Willie Lyles make or gain unique again. The next fired mark health rich here traffic director rob Mullins next on why ended organ analysts are right light dusting cam on the fan.