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Dusty and Cam - 11.29.16 - Hour 1

Nov 29, 2016|

Monday Night Football and Tim Tebow's passed up $1 million endorsement.

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They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised doing the right thing since 1952. Just jam in the morning. Never about money for us it was about plus against system this system that kills the human. Stands on. Dusty era and had the old bulls. Now want. They're an NFL veteran jammed into them. I'm Tiffany Wilson. Hey Kim went soccer guy and this morning all I didn't know no go ahead does they'd tell you call that soccer guide this city it's kind of like fast. I know it's really like that current or three outs he came Vizio that Crawford after sports are part that is supposed to put in significant. I quartz vein I thought it was a great sports are for you didn't leave anything out who. I left out a really big move on now that's she said. I thought that you were phenomenal and it's back cam might have to add to is the significant sports in the day because it's not even in the wake up call it's not in the wake of common. Throw this one in their cousins and only wanted to appreciate is appreciates the sport. In this room values that mr. tiger elder woods will be making his return to this year row world challenge first time in twelve months he will be playing the special Bridgestone ball you'll be playing Taylor made. He is goal out of his mouth today is to make it back into the top 1000 golfers of the world. There you go there's my update big updates pretty important day for tiger. We're gonna do good for the Mallory got it. And he's our he's our I just woke up Sealy Menendez is do you guys. My head as non a non elitist when it comes as the world's now Tiger Woods that kind of thing million. That is a right Nelson now and that is big news that tiger's coming back. And that he's changing balls playing Taylor made I never thought in the world later received a complaint tailor made equipment but. But. It's just what did he play before Nike's titlist use the pilots guy he at times and he was paying. He definitely is always used a ping ends or cutter style of that removed to a method putter. But he's always been a blade blade player he used to use title 680 MBs which of the muscle back blades. And but now than he's always he's gonna keep his Nike irons right now. And had no idea that I go voter had their little bit DD year going. Way too far sorry you wager for payments it's like Christmas time now you guys realize that. It is yet Thanksgiving is over I know on Charlie. Yeah I turned on Charlie now I know it's official got yeah three last night turned on Charlie FM 97.1. Kids loved it right a little tree. Rattled gift exchange in my house on Saturday night that's a little premature yet people go and out of town earlier than usual I don't boy. Wrong with a little premature can I say I'm on pat myself on the back today. I had a raped. Name and experience yesterday you know how we all like to eyeball rent or guys with him with a man experience for you you're gonna lonely though. I'm hoping dude. Yes because I've been different not just gonna sit arts and this is stop right now and just today okay edited may reversing comes in my mind about a man experience going to be your man experience blitzer rears its so we all like tin. Think that we can do is going to get it done we don't need to measure twice measure month's Oscar that Renton. My Chris history. I measured the ceilings obviously before I left but I when we got that's a tree from my again it's about did. Cut it down it's perfect right button. I go up. But the star on the top of the tree yesterday there's got an eight of an inch between the top of the star in my ceiling wonderful in it did in in I just let. Nailed it. Totally eyeball lit the whole time. Nailed it and that's a great man experience not be enough room for the store clerk. Oh sure and ensure the apple it was nice out it was my Clark Debbie eager as all moment good for you in it is. Just. Below the ceiling nine foot ceilings in the house yeah I coterie but I'm I'm gonna get a tree and I mean to hangings. Let's. That. I don't know how many get a trade what does it mattered. I'll sit on the patriarch. Very easy and hey I know head I didn't get. I listened to what you said there hidden understood the word matriarch nobody else's nobody else is celebrating Christmas or else no everybody is but like everyone's going home for Christmas. Two different places that are our house. About seven days before Christmas so yeah brutal do we get a tree you don't wanna dried tree right begins Charlie Brown tree. I began in charge of injury I think entry I think I'm a little mini fake water little lights may be spins in Iran suspended something and you know give it your guys' reaction was straight out of them. Disney original comedy erected a let's I'll let you guys look went what. There's some thing is that I guess a terrible comedy so there is there really bad comedy that was genuine it wasn't pour acting on our part noticed the way it was in unison was great. While you guys. Of course you would. Did you read I remember was just like yesterday no it's not like that way. In a letter. Watch it though this that I hear it I do it. I would. Venture. Crawford about a year ago. Would be more irresponsible gated trees lead in his house. And then come back to like a home infested with spiders at the dead tree exactly I think you've matured to the play real like none and and now that's wasteful and it deal waste of money in we're not gonna be their do appreciate that treatment. Last your we got a streak as one roommate was staying. But you know tofu treatments to view that. Itself. It would have the idea that the security. You can recycle it can read it affects you can't respect and your tree I know I certainly noticeable no real trees you can compost them again London knows people they have that ability they deliver a live tree TU. That is still packed in its roots and then when you're done with it you take it back out planet you're. I think it's agreed that is great. 1890s like navy defeated army Tony for nothing in the first army navy football game played at West Point now Brent. I love that game do you think they've packed pillows for pads. The guys who put the stuff on this won't hurt as much pounding dated nearly so numb these military men is when after a man who wore something. The name it anywhere and it ain't no other moments but they get out there and into Andy yeah maybe it's the navy. You think that cleaves. Think the cleats for your feedback. So I'm pretty claims the color was he did the most important guy. In the in the city we're in the village here and in the town yeah he was he was really knows. The cobbler food to put guys. It was depend up from Pinocchio cobbler yes he was accomplished. I just imagine that everything and 1890s here. Is that fair to criticize gambit like your underwear and feel like get hurt is friendly burlap. I stayed a minor leaguers pay issues leather with some Q must go back to the good old days. And 1890 ethernet I thought that. Eighties missed everything weighed a thousand pounds for older fans coming out of your fingers. I organ state trail there really that ended up running way from southern organ. The raiders started jacking up threes early and they were there fallen eight of thirteen free scared for a minute. Have our intern Matt yes nice to outline I point six rebounds Seattle priest this we have our intern Matt update. And we should be getting that almost every game he's a former intern he can win it without telling us that thing gave us this you bunt him returning to basketball program. Beavers beat the raiders 84. Q 59 meanwhile Danny Eugene that that ducts slip past Boise State oh. Sixty to 63 at home organ RE 23 they were tough nineteen their down to 23. A second look and. Students and members still. You know hey wake up I said wake up. We'll run before we get to this cat did you see it back in coaching you said it's college basketball. Son got a job. The guy who said yes it yeah. I'll bet some stay at home. Dan Hawkins man got a job of yes who UC OK Davis I did see that out now about that deadline now we can go ahead make fun of that drop and say. This hack. Bids and I'll bring you ended Ramiro brother but you can Ruder. Entered coach game. We're talking about how long of where my feet out with a dislocated pinkie and that digit is not as important some the other on the hand. But still two dislocated which he called the most people injured his life. Come back to play with the globe to play the way he did told you that you should be okay going forward some big sigh of relief Yoko and you'll raiders in. Britain. Demand Ronnie Lott that things are important digit equity and therefore. Antonia what do you need EP three other than scientists believe that we're evolving as Siemens to aid they've begun with the Yankees. Good in the third shorter yeah I would say I didn't enjoy my. And it was a buddy David for the last good tears in my career and an end proms and I think he's on. She after they're saying car or shouldn't miss time with his pinky injury. To Rob Gronkowski his back injury he is expected to be all right but he may be out this week against the rams. Oh that's a concern against the. We're yeah. And it does not test this is rock and roll waves barely keeping them out and do leg. 600 bucks goes ten or oh my god it's early wake up. Here is in the studios create and I think you should brace yourself OK you are sitting down you know throughout that. Pro football talk dot com reported last night that the NFL is thinking about significantly cutting back or doing away with altogether. Thursday night football no wait. I did see down. I'm also saw the reports in that kind of said no and the NFL immediately denied the report instead need we see the rumor mill is churning in overdrive. Which still that pro football talk dot com Mike Florio he responded with thank you for knowledge in because it's called the rumor mill that it was dead. Means. I ask. I tend to leave that. In things like this with a guy like Mike Florio he's not just throwing it out there for no reason well like yeah they have to be having some sort of internal conversations there. Thing is they have TV contracts in place for quite some time with this right there be some modification where they actually apply weeks with teams whereas Breyer I think that's probably were the first likely stage of thirty laughable it's not going anywhere right now being get a feel they sold if they're not gonna take back my. We don't want your money. Take meanest economy we don't wanna make me tell me I can't. Say you know how they always make those teams that go to London you get a bye week before you go to London scene a bye week before you play anywhere overseas the send them overseas all the Thursday night games. As you have to have a bye week before many US. Well those games overseas opponents because they'll still go to the game no matter lab because it's like more blame in Mexico City writes the strike a subtle receives a system. Itself over a border itself you know let's. Yeah this. Coming at 55305. And I think RJ. In Warren hit it right on the head. Crawford are getting a Christian history he says he feels like any. She Crawford purchases is intended to be smoked. What does he got that fear Christmas tree plume of the all star on top of that land true there are plenty of plans you can grow. It's illegal now until I mean you can homegrown do you have those hydra pun acolytes is your Christmas lights. How come on now field events coming out your house there so he ought to start to grow offense and getting Christmas dinner and would you be surprised this is one plant to swampland. And you know driving on a Corvallis I saw four billboards for hydra tonic sales and says what are you gonna do you wish you were four plants that's how many are allowed to grow and you Jeff for Christmas trees it's telling drew and her own beer yeah yeah and then you can give away a little Christmas gifts little Christmas nuggets tonight. And a while you got really insolvency thank you are about a new stockings suffer a lot. Why did get good gut I'd venture to guess Crawford has a lot of buddies who appreciate that nearly doubt be a great gift for about half of my friends saying I wouldn't interest in group that sell air on 51%. I think a lot more people I think a lot more people. And Dag you pass out Reid is their stockings covers. Now als is say no more people ran increasingly token you'd think yeah I know that it dead dead dead you'd be shocked at the number of people that need that that works here nominal. I'm not Japan. Well Aaron Rodgers looked like the Rogers of all last night and then he looked like old Aaron Rodgers. And he kept to slim hope that the class alive but the reason it won't happen is next dusting cam on the fan. This is dusty and chairman Morton on Kennedy loves prayer and. RNA 6 joining him Tuesday morning doesn't hear came Clooney -- how are you have been November 2900 phone there's downgrade you targeting yet of course and targeting you targeting for deals out there are talking everybody away. People wake up. I noticed on Tuesday there's a lack of traffic on Tuesday poses a dead traffic do you notice that jobs remain. Nobody coming in your minimal Mondays. Thursdays huge in Friday's minimal to cut through the author and OK let's go sports and. Our exports up. Monday Night Football side the Green Bay Packers. Come back to life in beat the Philadelphia Eagles 27 to thirteen. Aaron Rodgers and good blast that besides the fact that yeah I don't know he heard is he answering ending starting going in that we are intent. Well every Leslie when ten right. If you make it it put the rap on wiwa. They had to drop in the drop the drawers so you can do that in public camera shot right I was like what was the tenth the tenth was. You we used to when there was many cameras in the had to go in and company. Thickening will need to take any or you'd ask everyone to huddle up and then you get the cup. And then you go on the cup where the or Gatorade bottle and then you'd dump it in the garbage. Cedar huddled up so this is one of the listeners withers a billion cameras now and he's got a phone. Aaron Rodgers he's got a drop down he's got to put on the heat pack and then and the special Lee is one of those heated I guess I would say. If you're seeing those it's like double tape it's like 3M double take ads like BIC pac exactly and it sticks immediately but he got a drop all the way down easy got to get wet underneath that glued to get stuck there he's getting hammy injury right so that's why had to go in the tent and that hurts me your tranda like written off you know speculate cancel sensitive there don't you there I started shaving my legs. In my second year in the NFL because we played on an Astroturf yeah in the New Orleans currently fourteen games on turf I had so many turf burns. But I ended up getting staph infection. Your hair grows in yearly and yes I get its staff products and I had those neoprene rip off finger of those things yeah. And I would cause he rip on him like I'm done it was so painful every day had to put those on. But I ended at shaving turf strips it drove me nuts and those and other bad Somalia so that's where Aaron Rogers good view he's still shave their legs. Occasionally you didn't animal and sometimes he new air and then. It's more habit now it's OK I don't know I'm not judging you know I don't care Aaron I'm in no problems within the and a. But that is don't you know those tents came from by the way. Now so I was just on this article a couple days of the tent on the sideline is the new rage right in football. In addition. And the professor and one of the students said how can we help the football team. With this grant. And they went down and they started developing the pop up tent. To you have a little bit more of our desire privacy on the sidelines of people they know what injuries are going on like that. Right the goods isn't that the most southern thing that can happen as I. We did this academic grant how are we knees it. Ten help football will you know what if you were gonna bite to it now because after many metal ball Aaron Rodgers. A lot a lot of TV isn't Washington has on now they've all and they were on the list of of schools that in professional teams that have them. On so there's that they're. It'd be everywhere I would wait and see we just wait and see when the and I'll go as you can no longer have them because we can't CU there camera down inside about well honestly though and if they're gonna do it and they have a little bit of privacy. But outside of that Aaron Rodgers hamstring Indian Evan drop Trout on going induced safe spaces the old tent there. He could really well thirtieth 39313. Yards two touchdowns it looked finally like you had a vintage Aaron Rodgers and how much of that had to do with the fact that they were able to run the ball. With any success last night. 74 yards yes that would be the main reason and it could be that they had the ability to run the football only had their first say this with me folks. Their first rushing touchdown of the season you know I guy named Murkowski which is a great game played. He had you've played like Wisconsin or Nebraska or somewhere he's a fullback. Pretty flat. Or cal scheme are you looking and looking well well in pretty in Missouri and Michigan Oklahoma. I'm castle burger that you have I don't know does he looks like he's belongs Murkowski seems way too upper nearly principal analyst Keith is no play at Oklahoma he didn't play northwestern what's called that and they look good though man and had a Vontae Adams touchdown catch. I had BCA evening I dabbled foreign belly is dozen of those ones where. The but. It was an and phenomenal catch and we look at a now's a great throw. Was it actually kind of want a bad throw by by Rogers. Where the decision we ever receive those blank you did in the end zone. How often is a playmate on that ball. I think more often than not that Aaron Rodgers throws one of the best balls in football it's accountable football even though it's a dart. His ability he has in my opinion he has the best throwing motion in the best release and all of the NFL but. Ed by it but you you're talking about the target of where it was said about the decision to throw that football. It was it did DB was in perfect position he was riding between Rogers and Dovonte Adams. And heat. Turned to look for the ball and he just turned a little bit too late it anyway underneath his arm as he is gone back to track the ball. In Dovonte Freeman is Ike started falling down in just went right superb right underneath his arm is a great catch. It was a ridiculous the row it's one of those throws where gunslinger are guys that are super confidence is rumors they do that's a gunslinger sure I I love that I love that term Dino because. When he makes that mistake isn't that kind of the same there that robs being criticized for making worse all season long but in it 2713 win. In a touchdown. It's it. That jeetz gunslinger mentality you live with they need doubt they. Right look we knew we all know that Aaron Rodgers is. He has his moments and he has his personality quirks and he has his issues about leadership when he has his cocky Southern California attitude. West Coast and how does it fit with some of his teammates. That is understandable. In you get it but. He is the most gifted person with the football in the NFL with his arm in when he makes those throws when he's on the thirtieth 39. That's that's just one of those games where you don't stand a chance in on a bad wheel to him he goes I can't go understanding morally going with a pistol. So he's one of the pistol on this they they rants like how many times your junger last night. Have they a personal excitement moment about the slant route how fast everything was and give them all out on time and five steps led you to back foot 123 you know it's just that's everything is timing in the West Coast offense and a he's really dead nick Aaron Rodgers still release always excellent quarterback no one's ever questioned that. In the people that are riding out the Packers oh by the way at five and six. Right now the existing game and a half out of the playoff race because of the fact that. Washington tied game and they are not. And with that tied their six foreign one and you have Green Day. New Orleans Philly all sitting at five and six Minnesota and Tampa are six and five. So right now green Bay's got a shot man that they can make Iran but the reality of their their situation. Is that they probably don't make it. Or there I don't know if they catch Detroit I mean that's kind of that's all they they don't have a chance so wild card did they got to catch the division leader. And that they're sitting at seven and four on right now and they've got. Of their final five games. Three of them are against playoff teams right now in Houston which isn't a great team title player can win that game Seattle. Regulation I'm I don't think that they can live that's that's a battle in that is in the inching part about out one is say you sit there both teams are banged out how how healthy will Seattle be in two weeks we don't know and then Detroit to and the year in and Chicago and Minnesota. Kind of wedged in theirs while they got that they got a bigger Idaho. To get in the playoffs but. In people that wrote off the Packers man based on that Nixon and actually I'm in a row and finished ten and sixtieth seed it's. He put it past them look they've had they have is it seven years in a row CEO of of being in in the playoffs round with New England. Long as long as second class street. I'll begin happens man when a five games in Iraq right now slot task I don't know you view tell me to come put all my eggs in the basket with the with the Detroit Lions and expect them to just just. Not flounder a little bit towards the end sorry that's where they're called Detroit some times the well that's and it indeed trait for the last half century stranger things have happened in the UEFA. Now right now they're playing like Detroit. Benton Detroit will rear its ugly head once again. When you turn out a million bucks your boss asked YouTube. One back up in the NFL did what happened next is the most surprising thing 55305. That is the Tex signs here scratching the sports that are. Widespread text either. That's the message of what number. Two or. Niner five. Yeah I can't hear you trailing off and the next thing I learned there we have all of my life I mean. Always cordless Dexter is now it's five fives real fly messaging data rates may apply to just play my number. Or you can go weird that. This is sexual relations on the show good likes to read. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that also it's. 55305. That is detect signs. This story coming out. AT&T does. Not autobiography memoir memoir. New long hours okay. I don't know are not I mean are you wanna viewers today one person writes it for you and one is you write it well by that's bog your biography and autobiography. Okay are you I think are a biography is like your whole life story. Today memoirs is like memories of certain things and light reflections on certain. Like I read Tim Tebow as book or whatever but I am assuming maybe he doesn't start from day one. And start to some college football kind of makes sense that's my that's my thought. That's my hotter English take non English trader literature take when we go ahead in and through this and I hear it. If there's one person running planet earth right now. That remembers his birth it's probably Tim Tebow. Right is born on Christmas right on with the messiah thing kinda doing. We turn said. Yet he he wouldn't gun nut Tebow tree view it on to talk about is new book chic in discovering your true identity in the midst of a life storm chaos it's a long title for book. And Andy he has an excerpt from that book that he discussed with fed the people of FOX & Friends. Com where he. Re gales a's tale of being that the New England Patriots. And remember he had just being cut by the New York Jets EU is linger or reduce saying his careers over he's an estimated change do you. You know tight end or played H and the patriots rademan fur shorts and they said hey man. Oh. Come on and wall I'd be able to play quarterback lunch in the back of change of pace guy will see. Well during that time he was offered a one million dollar endorsement. Now. I don't know have you seen what the company is no we had lives that I have not seen in that we can speculate all over the place but I would I would. I would not be safety guess it was something to do with. Porn Hub Group. Now some sort of goods maybe religious significance I would yeah I don't know you resent is a million dollar endorsement deal day. Rank it definitely wasn't Dunkin' Donuts. Because that's Brock and David Ortiz stared surgically. But he was offered a million bucks in instead of just taking yet like every athlete that he was to Bill Belichick is like K coach IE don't wanna be distraction. Should I take this. And bill knowledge Jack told him. No he is here with his quote specifically he said hey. I prefer if you didn't do it. And then Tim Tebow said so of course quote I did not do it yeah and a couple weeks later he was cut. Would you do that like whit first of all would you ever put it in your coach's hands TU. To make that decision and that absolutely. 100%. Move. Right no absolutely 100%. No there is a difference here and I and I get the distraction thing that Tim Tim Tebow was trying to do. When you're trying to make a roster you're trying to become a person as part of an organization or team. You wanna do everything you can't it's the old adage of of the high school experience or even the collegiate experience where it's about the team and I do value the team. Once you cross over in the NFL world. The team is important. But it is the NFL breeds it it is about brands. It also is about making yourself. Taking or taking care of yourself for the future need is the NFL window. Is extremely small to sliver you know it's it's the hair on the back of your head it's that small compared to the rest of your life you don't turn down. The opportunity. To be able to. Jerry Remy for yourself unless it's something completely disagree with and it's not even in the realm of your thinking. Grammy for God's sakes how many times do we make fun of Russell Wilson and his nano bubbles. Didn't. He was paid a hefty sum for nano bubbles and you don't turn it down because your only your earning window is very small. This is a very strange thing. I respect Tebow for trying to I think that his agents and the people around him should have said you're an idiot. Yeah what are you doing what are you doing in his own one naik commercial it was ridiculous that India and it would have been a million bucks and Bill Belichick said that it's not the right yet. And then cut him lawyer yet. And I don't disrespect coach Belichick for doing this because anybody that knows him where's played for him realize his coach Belichick is for him and him only. He had but don't you think fell bill dollar check in day in a way keen new home. Whether Tebow is gonna cut it on a team or not of course he knew the first day of practice right so knowing that you're gonna cut him. A little bit down the road how it works. You're still today in hamper his ability to earn money absolutely honest this is his chance role when coach Belichick takes over something with his. Moxie in his confidence and and call what it is it's arrogance. And it's earned arrogance you have to be that way he's the general manager he's the president and he's the head coach of that but that organization called what you will. None of those people have more power than that man not even Bob Kraft Bob Kraft will say it I'm sorry is Bill Belichick. You can say those kind of things because your all powerful. And that's kind of how it works it's a it's a dictatorship there yeah from Tom Brady being criticized in front of everybody. Two guys that are supposed to be there are certain weight and if they're not I told the story forward Troy Brown. We get weighed in every week. At at the patriots every week on Thursday and you have a set plainly. Is it Bill Belichick is doing the way yes will play sets everything. Hurry the coach does that affect what you get the list immediately I think we're ahead taking my commanding to a whole new level of he's actually the one sitting there at this church on a scale though but your assigned to wait. In Troy Brown the captain he's he's probably one of the most legendary patriots of all time. Played corner played slot receiver played safety whatever he did everything you raise a 185 pounds I DID re mad patriots Paul Revere. George Washington Troy Brown of course scene up there Eaton. He weighs a 18585. Pounds. Coach Belichick decided to put his playmate won 83 Troy Brown has like 5% body fat there is an ounce. Of him that's not absolutely mighty mouse he was just shredded. He looked at meals coach when he used when he threw. We lose two pounds. Why. I don't know 500 dollars per pound per day for every. Pound your over your plane where is that money go I don't know. Maybe he is doing a nice and remodeled to his home in needed Troy Brown to you know bill Ford little let me just tell you there were guys who were 101000. Dollars today. I may find any in one of those guys works for ESP anywhere is a big suit he was on a show and now he's be even bigger. Do we don't know that you all know that guy is every every week the Sauna looked like eight. Look like you did though the exercise bike guy you put in the Sauna they guy he said dead that he can take unify yes he did. Way now he he said he liked his chances that you were freak Damien Woody said that he did he on Ryan solution I would never remember that yeah ever fight and we played the audio really good idea Kim did you have any endorsements in your in the NFL just curious. I had breathe right I had the strips jamboree great strip case. I did I was Nike I was long I was on urban street or on canal street with Nike on over there. Billboards I did a few things my rookie year but I didn't have the kind of clout with some of these big time to look Tim Tebow moves the needle. For people he can just walk Jesus walks around in makes money because of who he is and what he represents. You never turn down money. When someone's willing to give it to you if it's part of who you war. Never not even Bill Belichick should have been allowed to do that. Well did because he's got a cup. He did in the cut them the next day and or not the next day later camp knew we have to. I don't know if anybody. Would have even thank you mentioned against dollar check. Overstepping the lines. But if there's a million dollars on line who honestly and goes to you bear employer and says. Hey. I've got this opportunity for million dollars. Doesn't really affect deal. But I'm gonna ask you anyway as I don't think very many people would've done that would don't you know you kind of put it on T go a little bit. Course I put it on Tebow but remember it's brainwashing when you go into the patriots what's the one thing you do when you walk into one patriot. Place. Is that a RS there yeah you walk in and there's the sciences the patriot way ranked when you're brought in to that organization the major ways been beat. Non controversial. Don't distract don't take away from the team. Here's your blueprint of how we talked to the media don't do anything that puts you above the team. Isn't that like the opposite of Rob Gronkowski. William because he's on he's dancing with I don't know E. A. SPORTS he's a rocker and those having party cruises with his with his Brothers that's the difference between somebody that's confident and is on a team and has a future hall of fame pro bowler to a guy just won in cook he's a guy Tim Tebow as the guy on the outside the window when everybody's playing around he's on the window gone. And help me pay can you guys meaning with or he's the guy on the sideline. That standing their jumping around jumping up and down he's got to sweat bands on to you want to get a game. Do you do anything it takes to get in there do you think that Tim Tebow is genuine 55305. Testing came on him. This is dusty and gem in the morning Don. I've 55305. That is Tex and Tim Tebow turned to and a million dollar endorsement. When news of the patriots. Because he didn't want to be distractions this Dexter. At five factor of five says. Just asking the question is this is a distraction villas and it's. Yeah you should even I'm I don't even know you know what I get at what he was trying to do eaten. Is every is a donor and ask. What you don't even ask is it genuine though the Tebow I didn't wanna be distraction that's violent and in and I asked bill dollar check yeah I do believe it was it's all genuine that. Gear picking up everything that he's put down there got the eat this is a man. That loves sports and wants to be a part of football and loves it and loves it too. Tonight to a fault but to a point that sometimes you gotta give it up I mean if he's trying to play baseball he he loves competition he wants to be part of it. I know that because even in my age now I look back oh man I was thirty again if I was 28. You kind of you know you have that window of time and am once it's gone you you can't get it back so when I take advantage of everything. Yeah I respect affected Tebow still wants to be significant athlete because you love it. Yep 55305. This guys has always look out for number one in the professional world no matter what you are told. You're just a number in the system take week in and never being give nothing back. Gosh that's dark was dark. Well that's a dark way to look at the business world man. I don't think it starts I think it's reality I think that everybody wants to really feel. Feel like there's this this atmosphere of everybody's okay and then there's this atmosphere tune business where were altogether and were working together in certain businesses are just not that way. The NFL is one of those businesses where I can say if you think you have a contract in your locked in in your comfortable. That is when you'll fail that's part of how the business is driven in with the NFL does is they need to constantly motivate you. I didn't say it was wrong hedged his dark around I don't know this dark I like competition. I don't think you should ever feel comfortable I don't know when it comes to competition. When we're talking about NFL not talking about business. I'm just talk where you were trying to Scioscia were sports show or so words. Directly targeting the NFL if you work for another business out there that's not reality the NFL that's when you sang in the professional world. Right but I am trying to relate that to yeah ports in the NF anchor. Oh that's that's that's what I'm trying to make the point oh yeah. I'm design decision that is that in that is dark in that you know take everything give nothing back. You know that is in the it's mostly the ultimate team game you know I mean. Yeah. When you earnings for a common goal. Where did you get error you know it's supposed to be all about everybody is an adamant all everything that we are tot in team sports you know there's like an injury spots. We have been on that date the senior taking this in ninety deeds out. Though you're sending no absolutely not take those out but you have to do in the time where you're trying to make a team. Yeah you're out for number one in that is what's crazy about that is that people sit there and they're like why does he need take a pay cat. Well shut up just annuity annuity either it is very can you do fans are always like that and saying that and then the guys that do take pay cuts. Never get enough credit. Right from Brady it's pretty cute or taken that credit of taking pay cuts. Does he easily most hated guy in the NFL I'm just I'm Kuroda went out there a right the talk is very well taken care. Well yes he's mr. hugs in the news. Really super awkward see the mattress commercials and conflicts and grateful locker commercial the where he's DN ABC in the James Bond one I have not. He's sect Joaquin Muehlegg is ahead not build Butler and then 190 get us through another one he takes enters secret walled down the stairs he's earned a turtleneck in his. Smoking jacket and he goes and he's eight. This do it take a broom with it in dean mattress on it they did what he did in that dungeon. This is you know an actress in super creepy ear holed about a mattress on mattress. I don't wanna buy that map is true patriot and Newton. 55305. On. The rumors about Tebow having world hinted then yes he's easy genuine and as turning down that much. Pass to be on tough when your morals there. I mean. That. You're gonna win. Every has regrets in their life what's wrong was regretting what you should have done this is why. He spins it as is great teachable moment. Like he's not sitting there going dish it take Jeff Garcia's should have this is insane. It away that's that's safe and comfortable with the right and a rate. What would you ever let would you ever let your coach now tell you how to earn your own revenue. As a person and individual if you were professional athlete would you ever interact with your coach and let him if he's not your agent. Ortiz and I'm completely tied into how you run your business. Which your Politico to dictate what you do off the field. Now financially. Well I mean there's certain. Lines or you don't cross I don't think that. You know AT&T does one day commercial issue for a million dollars was going to be something that would. In barest the patriots or the NFL. Right in what is the power of the brand. But if it is something that is gonna embarrass the and I think that they should have a you know business sense not to do that. I'm dumb idea. In this guesses Tebow did make ten million dollars in Denver I get that but this is an extra million dollars right there's an extra million dollars and like now. There's always this discussion that well he made ten million. There's what's another million what are we what are you talking about. The bill to tell people that make money you make money to make more you don't make money to Sam Nunn and you make more to make more. Right if you build a business to make more money nobody wakes up everyday to urge the same paycheck. Yeah how to lie make more right they were dead. I'm going to start I don't hear another really that's dowdy IBA stop push that back I you know what here's man I don't mean make a million dollars. Connections and the know what you want me to endorse all do it. Tax 5305. Hey guys could question today's my birthday and I'm an identical twins too I wish my twin and happy birthday. We've never done in years past and never thought about it until this morning. I think yes yeah I don't know why you have and I don't know what to say there and I don't I thought I don't you have. You like to have that inner feelings they keep in Kohler is I mean they damp awaited that is just like. Extensive and without wonder twin power is there were you in the bathroom Lombard about what is it like and didn't like it ESP like sending a brain wave. It sounds like your pit early I don't know how the radio. As I was doing it for the theater of the mind that people listening Karen know. Pick yet to say different amber picked up who's older let's question this is going yes Tebow is genuine. Busy stretch out her over decent things that and yes he probably does overall though he seems real -- coming from Andy so Andy wish your identical twin and happy birthday. Please come near twin brother's name is Randy. Indian Andy or maybe it's female male thing mania I don't think Randy I don't think you have identical twin that's an opposite gender. I don't know man Tony sixteens many crazy hearing things possible. And I don't think that is possible I'm a doctor would never get. The college football play every piece come out today conference champions do matter but did the conference championship games matter dusting cam on the fan.