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Dusty and Cam - 11.1.16 - Hour 2

Nov 1, 2016|

The Seahawks are in trouble, breaking down Ryan Nall's 89 yard TD run, Mason Plumlee's contract, and World Series Game 6.

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is Dustin jam in the morning and we've just Dinara. An NFL veteran Sam Cleveland from the vet have a on the local. Kevin had never been didn't know. And 1080. Rick finds wow. Whoa you're right through puberty. While. We moved to. And a and a welcome back here and even from. I Carner tee it does seem campaign. You know we I have made I wrote this down and I said. You said at the holidays are coming up a little bit earlier in the show they're on their way down now we have to look forward to Thanksgiving. My Christmas beat because Halloween. Was over there. She now thinks is acceptable to start watching Christmas music movies in listening to Christmas music now. Or you think you know thank you wife I I love ya know the you're dealing with the hollowing hanging over this morning in our kid is being. A rambunctious. Deterred. And so analysts Iran but yet. We can't did this right. Has been this is. This problem I've seen Christmas decorations out in September Ankiel in the stores so heinous shortfall. This is this is commercial world sell us a box of goods. Got to get by Thanksgiving dinky you have to get at least give me Friday to meet a Thanksgiving and then. When everyone a view that Friday and start your Christmas celebration it is far too early way way too early. To be going down the roads. It's holiday time. I got I don't watch holiday movies until. At least Thanksgiving right I still got to give my planes trains and automobiles and before it's Christmas did it at least a top thirty Thanksgiving movie of all time top thirty Keating he's where Hugh the only Thanksgiving movie number one yeah. So all of the bears Andrea hundred no. On my goodness Bernie chanting and I've had a coworker listening to Christa sees it for a month already where's that available and they have an honor I mean on pandora. Right. This then is ruining the world it is you know. Crawford seems eerily silent on this issue he's probably Keyes probably are all no not not what you like you got away you got a way you can start. Start putting up Thanksgiving type decorations now you can start China and you can start getting into the holiday spirit the let's hold off on the chris' music. Yeah let's ramped up our right is anybody else going through the hauling hanging over decades have they sugar up the night before today's terrible morning for them. You know it's called yeah they'll causes that I sharing over. Well as a regular people for no now kids don't drink for ten you text area adults that are really join adult beverages whether kids were triggered treating I heard that today is like the worst day to get your kids out of bed first school like ever make you believe that. We need to come up with like a creature. That if you're eight heard on November 1 it comes and steals your kid's Halloween candy that would be me. I do that I can be that that increase for me kind. I will get we'll get herb or digital department on the like Photoshop bodies into a monster yet I why wanna know what other parents you because you're just getting into this and I don't wanna know parents would how long before you. Take all the candy input it into one giant box or if you do you do that do you get rid of it. You let the kids devour it what do you do or do you just put it away in the fashion it like I ran Christian and I put it away and I put it up and a giant tub where a big big old plastic container and I let them. Slowly have one piece today I mean when every other day. And I separate. I'm very organized teach him a lesson you could let me as much as they all want in the sickened their life does doesn't he that doesn't really get does nothing Crawford's going to be the parent that he's found not allowed to be apparently finds kids smoking and buys a carton is accurate and you know welcome all you want Blu-ray hill. Assume that they've tried all a smoke again there's a case of beer figure this one out with a while there aren't that many but I just I'm very curious what you gonna do well like Indy. This commuter Reese's finalized and verify if I I can for offering it in tomorrow I mean I bought Abbas and king size gives the kids know originally by asking so I got two nice big Reese's cups. To be some of those Camelot about her finger review in mind dusty and like it like you're about hundred ran back in the back in my little stashing your mom since oh yeah he's Barbour Tim mrs. happy birthday mom. And have gripped imam croft. They Russell Wilson. Adam is hurt. We know this knee pads shoulder season says he's in does. He's got the ankle the knee and now a sprained pack. Partially torn pack strained pec. Don't know what it is but Pete Carroll admitted yesterday and you know for the first time this came out was honest with it. In that is here that pec injury. Is a reason why these Seattle Seahawks haven't been able throw vertically lately. And they haven't been able to you push the ball down the field. And I know that the last couple of weeks we've been sitting here in it is in blatantly obvious. That the offensive line is not up to par. But with Pete Carroll saying that coming out in openly admitting it. Is that. It does that have just as much to do you. With V I guess in efficiencies of these Seattle offense in making it look more pedestrian. With the fact that defense is our respecting their vertical passing game are respecting the vertical play action game. Because Russell Wilson is kicking the ball down the field. And they see that. You're asking the question do you think Russell Wilson's injuries. Are significant enough to affect the entire offense no plans that with a very simple loud yes. Well I think it's prod the most effective part of their off everybody says the run game is sources finishes at the run get Russell Wilson has is been so deadly accurate. Off the play action. Deep ball. He's going deep. That. Without that the rat. You don't you can load the box and you can you can add more bodies to an offensive mind is still isn't as good a run in this still isn't as good as it is that has been captured in years past. But when you can't have that compounded with the fact that you don't have to have those those people over the top. Mean that makes it that explains a whole lot more of why this offense is it just. It's kind of slowing down but sputtering right now. Well the question is is can Russell Wilson holed up for the rest of the year plain and he's even admitted it he's not at full strength that's that's quite obvious he can't do the same things. That he's done in the past sold you have to decide as an offense specially as a scheme because I wonder what Darryl Darryl does half the time and I said this yesterday. He has two different complete schemes that I wonder. There'd the consistency evidence so strange to me sometimes because I want to team that is at Exel play action team. It's a move the pocket team right now it's not a move the pocket team because play action is set up with a what. Really good running game and boots and Akins and spread the pockets and Sprecher rights. Russell Wilson can't get outside the pocket right now you saw one of the one of the moves that he used is excellent out evenly analyst says our member who's doing the game specifically said. Russell Wilson in always spin out of of a tackle in a blitz situation his spin his ability to change direction is what creates plays. Can do it physically he can't do it with the same speed in the elusive this has gone. And that's what makes football also good when you have an elusive quarterback. And also he's never he's had the ability to remove himself from big hits he's gotten big hits this year and that's because as offensive line is not very good. He's been injured so what you do what do you do as a team when you have an injured quarterback about offensive line and our running game that's kind of limited. This is what you get the losses in the fourth quarter yes you change your offensive scheme if you're Seattle what is Pete Carroll same him. Don't know if you how to light changed my identity how do we do this you know I don't know we we talked about this just yesterday we Darrel bevel and kind of taking the reins off. When Pete Carroll's coming on saying because you've we've they've downplayed every single owner Russell Wilson's injuries and he's ever had right. In this one they're starting to you actually had in May didn't and played out as Iraq is asking the questions it's obvious in easy he. It is but you know. When you take that dimension of that freewheeling. Offense out and you can't. You can't protect your defense anymore no matter what you're doing as your quarterback physically can't do it. Do you have to go to trade envoy no. Now Russell Wilson had at 70% is better than a 100% true on the way it will Russell Wilson ever get back to a 100% know if you play nobody plays on the central ball OK it will NFL Cuba then he will he ever get back to 80%. If if you get if you keep playing him injured with an ankle a knee and a pack. In each and lower body still not moving well in obviously leave you keep going through that hits in. Keep throwing the ball the way he does. How's that second. When do you remember what Erin Rogers said with coach McCarthy it was two weeks ago we said. We lost our running game they're searching for running game when they want on Monday night. He says this is what we're going to be this is what you're gonna see you're gonna see sixty throws a game you're gonna see fifty because we have to adapt to or deficiencies now. Our inefficiencies. We're not gonna be a solid running team is we don't have the depth at running back to put them that Ty Montgomery is a running back we were all not bad right. Good offensive coordinator in a team that realizes their depth issues are gonna put their offense and the only situation they know how to be successful. What's successful for the Seahawks are now where your weapons. What is your talent Jimmy Graham Norton Doug Baldwin. And then you have Jermaine curse those your three top guys in you have Paul Richardson and you have a Tyler Lockett. Those are your other good players you're Christian Michael so what are you gonna do you're gonna spread teams out and get it to your players and you gotta get a quick game developed. He's got to get bought a Russell Wilson's hands fast. And he also got to have some sort of way to create screens. In his own right he can't run Reid's own in his own running scheme is gone because Russell Wilson's threat is gone with. All of that said. Keeping teams honest with AD ball. And indoor air running game is how teams succeed right. In you vertically can't do it with the deep ball because Brussels and physically can't do there. In we've seen at the running game just isn't that like the UK keep anybody honest with with the way that this offense is constructed right Alex you have a eight. And I are on save for you having not. As good of an offensive line is you have had in years past in your score wrecked his weekly can't do it what do it's all you're seeing right now is what. Alex Smith in the Kansas City Chiefs deal with all the time the inability to get to push the ball down the field and this is what you get. This is what happens. When he of the inability to push all of them defense is still good enough to win you a a lot of gain of being in games now we don't have the ability to threaten deep to create the underneath route. That's a great point that's a great comparison right there. Eric RTs it cannot heads down the Corvallis Ryan dog gets loose someplace looks very similar to a big run popped earlier this year for the b.'s testing cam on the fence. When it was all on the line. Winning drive with the game on the line. Bit. That's why. This is good Tuesday timeouts a deep dive on the big play another clutch drive ripped from the headlines this week. Dusty narrow and NFL veteran Jim Cleveland on 1080. Love. Second intend. From their old an eleven yard line snap back to make Marriott he heads off to an all bubbles up. Mad jazz now on the call you heard right here. On the fan thing city of Washington State to BC radio network and 89. New yard touchdown scamper. By Ryan all as the focus of our t.'s daytime now let's break down my man. How what happens valid this was dude that's scary efficiently folks if you really watch it on film and see the set up. From the get go you're seeing on your own Nevada eleven yard line you're looking at the simple inside zone two by two formation. And I look would do what Washington State's do and on defense they got seven in the box right awake in the have a four hides. Which is in a quarters look I would say it's probably quarters look as you see the two corners they're an off coverage in the you have two high safeties. Wonderful design because as I wanna see is Victor bald Eagles in motion. It's it's a shift in you start to see what the strong safety does. Is critical to this play in wide so successful Morgan State is that he walks down in the box and now you have eight in the box for the six blockers. It's outnumbered right you're looking at this immediately it's outnumbered will guess what the off safety does. He stays to the left and falls Bolden because it it's obvious that they shifted their coverage swing negate essentially like you open it up it's just like replace a guy out there replacing guys actually stay in your gaps now they're disciplined there was Washington State is because now guess what your second level defender which is your strong safety usually adjust back. What does he do he walks up on the outside on the line of scrimmage and he comes in a blitz. Which removes your second level defender. Now that may have to do with a lot of personnel because you say you see it looks like two by two but they get it out of what's called when he personnel to back zero tight end their tight ends this off Rick Ricky you're tease your age back is a converted fullback Sears says they do now to fall back there and they're saying. This is these same alignment. Same formation. That Victor Bolden had in 92 yard touchdown run a couple weeks ago remembered us in so same formations same alignment same action. All essentially did your same part of the fetal. And guess what it is now it is the it's the fake off of the fly sweep. The good thing about oil Oregon State does is it they run a lot of this fly sweep fake and so what they're trying to do is get adjustments from safeties and linebackers well guess what. Washington State linebackers didn't bite on the sweep and they didn't buy nomads own faith at all with this week. So doesn't really matter because this play comes down to the center. And the left guard have the best combo block you seen in a long time a great offensive line play when you're running in inside zone. The number one team can be USA it across the board profits alignment shoulders square because the guy's one of coming into your zone. It's a great block and because there's no second level defender Ryan all makes one guy miss. And it's 88 out the gate yeah because he is explosive he's an excellent straight line runner he's Castro received in Korea he is so quick and so good downhill. On a straight line he's not a side to side you're on senior run and angles you wanna see him running. Downhill Medigap and this was an excellent block play with a bad adjustment. To me when you have eight in the box vs six blockers this should never happened that's on the linebackers but great job with that inside run right there and he just outrun everybody got to me was the most embarrassing thing. For Washington State is that you thought you had team speed on defense no rhyme nor outrage and you. Fred between day and Gavin handers double teaming need tackle as you said and that when that linebacker came out. Louie and was able to just sly hand off the defensive tackle glancing blow that's all you need and then move ride over. TUT the linebacker and take him out also because Sean Harlow day at the left tackle. Did a great job disk taken out speed defense and had taken the defense then wherever you wanted to go. And they seem like there's is big gallery lift that linebacker to Philly replace the lean and just went. Right over and then as you said a foot race meant Brian knowledge sneaky fast. He is really sneaky fast and in with the more you watch this play really good to see how it developed this is defense of discipline. This is being in your gaps in understanding protecting your gaps this came down to a really good offensive line blocked play. But Ryan all runs this line and he hits the hole he doesn't hesitate his feet and Eagles right downhill that's and are wanting to when you talk about good downhill running backs they don't hesitate they don't wait. They picked a spot. And it in the accelerate in second level there's a settled tacklers at all. Eight in the box should always win vs six but unfortunately your workers fanned you didn't win here. No no no we didn't and good play called by the needs excellent. Going against kind of where they've beaten all of the that tendencies that you've shown is. Get that flight seat go in early and natives hates you right on the backside of that with the belly you know ability you know a great offenses do especially a college level. Is that every answer they have a one run scored touchdowns well that too and nobody every answer they have on a run play they have a play action they have a move. They make everything look similar because as a defense the hardest thing to do instinct is to try to key emotion. Kia formation and then watch and then you get to see all I know what's common at all secure comes an answer right back out you don't need to be complicated he Justine to be efficient. Yes you do efficiency is key and you know what organ state. Having balance also. You know is is huge in that regard as well. Because they have that day this offense has struggled. Had they had no bounce last year's. Run run run that's all they could do even decently and then when the defense is prepares toward Iran led game looks terrible because you have any past go to. This year having a semblance of balance and keeping it defense honest. Has been and did the biggest growth that I've seen that often does need held because. Hate they eat watch this even had numbers but still having to respects in need any sort of receive a play on the outside. Is huge for organs say you're the one thing I look at two and wanna look at improvement in the offensive line you wanna look at some of those things too for organ state you'll look at how unhappy you know look at a little bit of leverage even at the college player and I've said it did for the high schools probably about two yards down the field is an offensive line and is the collegiate level it's the art in the NFL with six inches will UC hats on hats EC movement down. The older guys winning the line of scrimmage organ that's a positive. Eating used to see that you didn't you some penetration. You saw all the scenes that you you don't wanna see slashes guys get in the backfield tackling angles or pauses to build on. He can most improved in the faculty of overall for team oh Colorado Colorado and Oregon sikar aren't really close last year they turn in a minute wins this year now. There's a lot of really improved teens though when you look at. Colorado mean organ state win loss wise won't tell you that army see Washington going from C and average team to you. Eight known the 43 team in the country. I mean. I would say that that's a pretty improved team. You know. Washington State if you take one season. They're they're the most improved from the second week of this year to get there where there are right now looters can figure out how to win how to start seasons. Then they'd be they'd be a top fifteen team will or gains they felon tutorial enough and old the needs. You know there's a lot of improve very improved teams this year and pactel and then there's like machines that have fallen squarely on their faces organ. Stanford UCLA are ranked woman calls football. And guests. Born general football in general but no college football specifically because. You know you couldn't see what team was really good last year in the NFL that sucks this year. Carolina airliner. Yet there's multiple Carolinas in college football though every single year you know. 1% of 1% in the NFL could college it's still one per senators but it's really art room. There is honored you are right. By factor of five that is the tax on. Blazers in Mason glumly did not reach a contract extension yesterday a couple of years ago people would be concerned about this. But I think the Brooke blueprints there in it's a different way of thinking then especially one rival for the Portland trailblazers this is dusting came on finish Alex Crawford. But the sports interrupted. This is. And Jim in the morning on 1080. You have been to see whether LeBron being the theme of LeBron James Halloween party was. Stevens and in all it. Crawford did you see that FEMA LeBron James Halloween party. Yes a Zahn. It was pretty good. He is brutal heat cold blooded LeBron James is. Well at least the people that LeBron James hires it to you decorate his Halloween party. As these theme of his Halloween party was beat Golden State Warriors blowing 831 series lead no yeah there was this there is a band of skeletons. In on the edge rom. Vidro uncover way it is said the name of the band is 31 lead. And they were all like dead people. All of the cookies that we're grave stones. Were decorated with. Clay Tom Slade condoms every warrior. Players' names on them. On tombstones and instills in mid to date. Of their life was 201516. What a wonderful troll. Isn't that great era I heard saw something launch what are sank all adult LeBron James always want to take the high road side you know all. Whatever like let him beat it let him do this how does villain. Villain hood do you think anybody cares really though that LeBron James is doing Dre mongering maybe he's. He's kicking myself so many people on the handset that that are that Jerry Jerry mongering. More hated than LeBron James. Mean. To remind green or Cam Newton. And the question who is more disliked dream on greener Cam Newton. That is the question. Usually two similar personalities. Just say. Great front runner very slow this year there hope he had very self assured I don't move. Yeah I he I would say so when things don't go their way they tend to complain a little bit. In. Tofu you know me neither seems a bad karma for Cleveland considering their baseball team I'd be watching a 31 lead slip away. Could be if you see that they move the NBA moved the game tonight just for the World Series consolidated that you did tell about. Baseball in the World Series taken a priority in the city of Cleveland because the time was the exact same time so when they move it to you don't know them by their border a lunch game that adjustment in the Q. Maybe they'll have to go back to backer something for the Portland trailblazers. Played tonight they host the Golden State Warriors. Is a BA 7 o'clock tip. On CSN. You can you can cloud broke the Mark Hurd and BO on the call. Of now so that's her nickname now. Brooke has always been BL I don't know she's gonna like that she's that's Ngo that is been Brooke goals and ends nickname through the years has really it's it's BL lol yeah. Think yourself and I think and you can't in buddies India should. Yet in it lingers stinks were India is building and Andrea Gail lingers the old BL. That linger hurting clever on the on the ninth. Singles. To be an NB ATV if that's your thing. But Mason glumly will be the starting center RNC is usually for the Portland trailblazers and he will do is sell it. Officially in the final year of his contract as the blazers and Mason glumly were unable. To you reach a contract extension before yesterday's deadline where they had the exclusive negotiating rights as every player. Does entering the final here his rookie deal. And he will likely hit the restricted free agent market. Is on as the blazers. Makes Indy qualifying offer which they are expected to do you. Two Mason pummeling. This offseason so. This is a move that was expected. Is he shouldn't be surprised because this is actually become the blueprint of what the blazers do now which is. Let that guy that we have young talent were building a culture will let them hit that restricted creates a market where the market came beset by somebody else not that. Yet they don't have to react first right to get to see what the market is going to garner for him right what will be worth the mean if you look at some of the contracts that were offered this year for going rate for good senator starting centers it what's it going to be now we don't know. And you know what this is say this is a good move for Portland because of the fact that. You have it afraid a small market team. The NBA has. And we says small market team compared to the rest of the NBA. It is small market team you go with. This is why the NBA is set up the way it is where you have the bird rights you have the ability to match any salary that comes inning keep guys. That you have these. Do for their players. Like. Mason glumly into where your records doesn't leave to go to a bigger city. And it in a better place just because they elected the town they hear it. That's exactly why the CB is set up the way it is that's exactly why the is salary cap is is this like. CU can overpaid to keep a guy and go over your salary cap for Mason club. Do you think the blazers are used scene NM and having would deem is established and there's SARS with the culture attitude saying that. With Mason formally implying that he likes it here. Likes the Coulter likes his teammates like that their building they think they're using that as part of their strategy should. They eat then you'll see is is using that strategy until what Oklahoma City did yesterday. Yet Oklahoma City loses their biggest star in Kevin Durant and EA yesterday I didn't have the same. Negotiation negotiating rights to Victor early deep bone Stephen not. Humana Adams and one assist Stephen Alexander for some reason concern I don't know why. And that Stephen Adams in they locked both of those guys at two extensions. Without even in because it day it's a reactionary move nobody wants to be here anymore and this is Portland a couple years ago handling their business like Oklahoma City was. Because right now OKC's kind of in this identity crisis of what is our identity what is our culture what do we wanted to beat Portland. Has developed that in Roland that with their core of young players. In now you feel more comfortable that guys will leave and if they do. You can bring somebody else in because you have a culture established here that is attractive to some people in will be attractive for guys to stick around my guys and bluntly. Especially he enjoys it here Ernie likes what his teammates are as a good point Oklahoma City gives the about the money they now have wrapped up winning this cantor. Olivo and now Stephen Adams that they had all sorts of money to spend a Kevin Durant you can get it done on any given all Russell Westbrook with a little immediately 83 million for earth for three years some ungodly I don't know or was it was there was no evidence. It's a lot of money. But yet data they locked up a 184 million dollars to. Adams and on the Liddy column. Adams got a four year 100 million dollar deal. And agility though a four year 84 million dollar deal. So EU look at that you go what do we rate bolt with the marketed Baird if they hit free agency. We ever know you'll never know but with Portland you have the right to match hit and two perfect examples of last year or two who were the two guys it would. Hit restricted free agency but didn't get taken across the board didn't get the numbers they wanna number one Myers letter written. We don't know what was thrown out there what was offered to more heartless. Restart this came back for forty bulk of this comeback for forty million dollar is that cheap for them the they got my car. You let. You know two for one is is good in anything get that in that is a lot to do with the fact though that the culture has a big reason it is. Meyers Leonard had that ability to probably get that money elsewhere also market value to write market value for an in the injured big man in never now. And that you know let's roll the dice to four Oklahoma City is what happens a Stephen Adams gets her tomorrow. Right near where that where they had that point. Man and it's T you teams that are in dramatically different. The points right now with them with a weighted they're constructing their rosters because. Just couple years ago this was reversed the attractive place to be be more attractive place to be was Oklahoma City. And now Kevin drink goes to Golden State. And you see a different EC different views on how your roster is being assembled. And I think it it it's just this is a time where. I love the way that Neil O'Shea handles his business that would building a roster because he's been such a good job. Having those fit guys and I mean it all starts and stops with the your stars and he Mueller and sees chemical in the year two cornerstones. But you have a coach that totally buys in in what's the culture develop itself and kind of run itself. But has a good handle of the locker room. Dave got a good thing going right now and will see kind of where it takes them. Right 55305. We've got they said don't freak out folks don't freak out. About Mason glumly not hitting me her going to hit the free agent market in some capacity next year it's all part of a plan. May backfire but it's all part of a plan. We got a game six tonight in the World Series folks history not on the cup side public Christmas still optimistic testing came on the fan. This is does steal and jam in the morning on ten navy loves sand. Failure goods in the game six tonight big game six here we go. World Series action man. Big night for baseball. Days but have been very bedding to demean. We could have the ugly is trophy in sports handed out I disagree. Or we could it easy a game seven. If we can have this series and up get knotted up at three season peace are you feel about this game going and who I don't know man. I I really do this is so weird to say that. I think that the cubs are the better American League team then the Indians are. Because of the couch Wilbur factor I don't know I think that I think the Cleveland Indians are off mark. They did I do I think that the Cleveland Indians are are better baseball team from top to bottom. You deal if you and it's hard to say that too because the cubs are very good people team and it led the but the leak into the but does feel like the Indians have. Kind not not isn't. It's not so much is the momentum side I just feel like their bullpen their mid bullpen is better at the Keating is a little bit better they haven't been shot out. Now we think about the cubs games they lose there's a shot out that shut down immediately. It happens and how has the guts. You get Jake Gary had on the hill tonight whom he was nasty. When we sum game TO Oreo game three in three entry ranked yes this game sixers three irritation you know. Yup it's a game three when we saw him. He was really stink and get no it was game to you heated pitch game two because as in Cleveland dating use and as DA eating get to hit remember it was game two. Games are interesting yeah into you. And and then you have the causes Leicester area that's then Hendrix knack India to Chicago. They he'll go opposite of Tomlin. You know and in Josh Tomlin. They're going on three man rotation where the cubs are on their four man rotation so it's not same pitching that is sub before. This is going to be a big game for him because he is what last star. Was there of one net didn't win right where you get a no decision at Ford two thirds and then in us Terry Collins going. This we're gonna hit the bullpen we're gonna go early often in late wit with our bullpen and that's goes back to what you were saying with. You know when you have a shorter rotation like this can you. Excuse me. In the you're going through these your relief pitchers can they hold up for Earl is long time middle relief becomes more important. In that is where the Indians had been strong this as the Nittany eight innings. In game five did something that we and senior because Cleveland scored first in the second inning now and they came down to Chicago avenue a huge fourth inning with a three rounds. And that's all they need because usually the team that scores first in this series thus far. Has has won the game heading your way it's been a trend over the must the playoff guy and I really asked. Question is is if I think I read somewhere that in 22 games. In the post season this year. You've seen it thirteen out of 22 you have gone with the earth thirteen last twenty games. Have been made the team is scoring first round when these. Does baseball need this to have a game seven. In general known. To the cubs need a well obviously the cubs and everybody loves and Chicago fans they do mean this buzz. This. Did baseball do something different this year to make them supposedly. Quote unquote back. Besides have. Like teams it's ridiculously long. World Series droughts in the in the world teasing him he's an analyst Irina is having one of the most iconic brands in in baseball. In the World Series is in the biggest lovable loser. In all of sports the Chicago Cubs because I've heard this question thrown out there are a lot of effort everybody say this that. Baseball's done something that they've never done before is at their back in the they've they've captured. The country they out drew. The senate Ab broadcast the official numbers are not the overnight ratings. I did it 23 point six million people watched the game five of the cubs and Indians and from Wrigley. While eighteen million watched the Eagles cowboys the actual highest rated. NFL game was he Packers falcons trying 22 point seven million viewers. 22 point seven million viewers for a game that is a regular season game in wasn't available in every single market they're. There's a difference between. Taking the perspective of baseball is big because you have a huge brand with day. A drought that's longer than I knew news if it's long. It's 100 years man it's long and says that be a long time to really long time. Without the cubs in this World Series or we'll tell you that you're targeting to get close to touching football and so that's where the narrative is. Is that a baseball's done something in you look at the excitement of it and everybody's watch him because they're looking for a story like this is about a story that the that Major League Baseball has this year losing everything about being football and baseball is back I'd love baseball I think baseball needs to continue to grow. It's just not it's not in the same conversation right now with football. No. No not the year following a story. He was a middle of the regular season. Packers falcons game and a against the World Series in less than a million more people watch the World Series I will say that I think. What has is what will help baseball in the long run. Is that how many of these names that we see the World Series will be around for years to come yes how many of the names that we've seen this post season. That people are starting to familiarize themselves left and have been around for a year or two you. And and will continue to be in the league. For. Many years to come. And I think that that is huge for the game and there's a lot of then that are. American indoor. Fluid English speakers and which helps with a Newton being honest and great baseball. If you if your baseball your she watched gaming you you said I don't care if the guy can speaking listens only products that doesn't matter to me onto a watching and but. Marketability. Getting to every home connecting with kids. Hearing them speak in hearing then pitched products have been in watching them do interviews is NASA for the game of baseball. And they haven't had that you're telling me mark green is something the Major League Baseball needs a work on what they've done it you know they're actually doing it now in that Tim knee is a big step forward for from Major League Baseball is something that they can grow from. But to say that baseball is back or football is being lining. Football is declining but if football is in dire straits that's the pump the brakes and watch some playoff numbers before we sit there and say base our footballs that okay. Yeah we're not worry if this was the same series if it was the Baltimore Orioles and I don't know. Arizona Diamondbacks. If these numbers be catastrophically different. Catastrophic drastically they would be differing yes I don't. I don't think there's any doubt about that so we are we got that we. We got to realize that too that the NFL can have crappy crappy teams. Once you hit the Super Bowl where you get into the playoffs if you think of this it is this a not a traditional branded as I cowboys have it's not a patriots. Your still as a country watching that football game but yeah. Overall over baseball team and that's that's kind of a bad thing in a sense if your baseball purist in your fan but that's where around the cubs are great story who can't state that enough the Indians. Cleveland the city Cleveland is a great story they can have two championships within the same year yeah and then you have the only grounds which is story in its own right. Mean think about that is what makes it's so great and glorious about baseball. Let me tell you see this to you we can just go back a decade. In need to take to the biggest markets in the United States of America. One of them being the V market that is in this World Series you take Chicago Houston World Series. This White Sox in Yasser here who wanna. The zoo mauled the White Sox stayed in nobody even given them credit you know nobody would care like in that it in that as it did this is a total brand to brand is everything it's not a baseball thing but for baseball it is good that we that is that your made your major brands that Dodgers and the cubs the Yankees outperformed their expectations this year and Napier did that they will be good. For years to come. In the Mets appeared TS their pitchers arms stay attached to their bodies. Unlike this year. Conveyed will be good for years to come. The game is in a very good spot because you're big market teams the teams that people love the are better than they've been together in a very long time good young talent also built. Yes. Good quality young talent you know in the Red Sox Euro early. Early get in that's a good thing for baseball baseball. I beat the give back to football half chow oh in game six. And attacked us into it here. Right go to the actual gets a loved that college football playoff rankings testing camel thing.