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Dusty and Cam - 10.31.16 - Hour 2

Oct 31, 2016|

Ducks get a Pac-12 win, Beavs Coug it, and the Huskies stay undefeated. Also, worst plays of the weekend.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right things since 1952. This is dusty and cam in the morning mix. You. Well organized sports in this family has been violent. Organized sports we'll just era you know they would let me sign up for anything when I was a kid. Or you can always here's an NFL veteran jam Cleveland's Mo I don't know if you heard you just turnout. You can cake you can run move. Dusty and Cameron more million dollar and 1080 contestant turned. Our new Martinez beer cans flew into it nearly still got some World Series sock it to Ross Chapman and Omar are. That was David Ross throws hard. In their rosters. Are almost gotten a news for Dave Ross cannon down segment. David Ross did oriented hernia so was there all this Chatman for a long time to did you catch that. What did you catch Chapman not you don't think so not now and then that was food that was ridiculous part it was a contract contreras. When he picked out one oil is there are doubts this blind luck contreras primenews is still overall the little little luck there. But yeah that was incredible because where that ball. Balanced was not a traditional spot where he's Jimmy Jimmy went in the dirt and oil under. Our I started catching in my my first year college and I caught 95 I within each year there. Big bodies scrapped its discouraged down into that club being an athlete grand Griese. RA but 95 got 90959. In there and that's. Six month old five barely blink. Going to be cool this is on you my brother my brother pitched seventy. When I cup for him with a bull Yahoo! and we won't know little lake senior league. The preclude. May be present and he was knighted in the X sixty east of the gliders through that night it is where an eighth grade. So let's this is passes I ever got is a nephew is definitely not 1985. Miles or does it hurt. No I think I can he get used to it but it's it it's moving. It's very quick. Very good reaction time those guys that are are great athletes that at catcher you can't and it's sloppy idiot factor kicks his ball offs on Abbott and sloppy idiot made reminded the edges popping in my head is unique to live there Bartolo Cologne is in there like behind the plate not gonna happen ha no. Not gonna happen. Also we got to docs and Damian Willard later in the show. We have our wide right segment the blunders mishaps. In scripture in the weekend in football bowyer restarted is. How about the weekend that the northwest had ha I had the organ ducks do not. Slide once again and they avoid a six straight loss with a I what I thought was made it very dominant offense a boost performance and convincing 5435 win. Against an Arizona State team that has the worst quarterback situation I've ever see. Yeah I mean Arizona State is decimated I never seen so many other injuries. But that's a quality win that's when you're supposed to do when you dominated. Offensively that was a classic he was a classic game where not a lot of defense again. But you needed to put more points in you needed out play in Arizona state sun doubles team who by the way last week. Had a great events in game against Washington State beat him up physically you know in organs it organs went out just outrun this out from all over the place. It doesn't Herbert ascending or tying a school record 489 yards passing four touchdowns zero interceptions 3142 you have because I've been questioned for baker can you please. Everyone needs understand right now and a help me understand this Royce Freeman hurt right he's got to be hurt. That would probably be studying for thirty yards what's changed with Royce because. I mean the beginning of the year I'm his biggest fan of that that's a no on ducks fan. In a sense is that I ate I'd love everything about Royce Freeman and I love the its physical run style Tony betray us had a great game. But Royce just looks different to me I don't know what it is and he's asked to be heard from the Nebraska hit two machine into the sternum shot vs Washington. Something is something's going on it or or to. And then I think you can everybody that watches football can understand it that's watching the ducks offensive line the inside runs are just not their luckiest. Now and they you know it would be one thing in but. Cash in because he's a big factor Royce Freeman not having a hundred yards in the game yeah seems to me like not being able to throw a ball he is a few yards. He had his running ability is in and we saw this is that you know and taking away the inside is one thing. But he's always had the speed to get to the edge in the quickness to the edge in NBA and every down back in it all purpose back. You know and that's why I sit there and a look at he's yes he's absolutely he's got to be her because of the fact that. You do looking you see guys like Tony Burks James whose just stormed out of the scene he'll look great at the end of the game cannot when walking. Look very good carrying the football. In getting TD edge to kind of sealed those first downs to. You don't allow organs taken needed the victory Ford information. This isn't an issue with the offensive line not opening up holes this does appear to be a Royce Freeman injury in at that point as sit there and I go. Well. Why one. Why are you still put him through it if he's not a 100%. In his eleven DNA and I know it's probably him in years I can be a little pull the reins back and say in the brutal five game losing streak just take a break you know that's not his nature. We don't hear from a meager armies the mark around lynch a foe of of college football now yeah I eating out every year I don't hear one comment from him and he's a worker. He's not making any excuses because we don't know. No. And yet he doesn't make an excuse toward either but the story that game in this is I don't wanna take an ounce on the nine email governor I mean that's the story this game the story of other of a guy. That I don't feel sorry for but I when you anoint somebody the savior which I see a lot of that out there I mean this kid is good. But I'm I'm hoping I I really am hoping that he can handle that kind of pressure in that. Label as a savior because right now he's supposed to save coach tell for its job when games like that in the future of this program because you look at a young man. He's a quality player in the and the question going into the break was why was he starting from the get go why was this would this season be different. If Justin Gerber was a starter from day one coming out of camp. Oh what if game is and isn't is not my favorite game in its. One dose irritating games only to play but it's a legitimate conversation. Because you would look at and you say where the wheels fell off was week three and by a week three he would've felt. Very comfortable in his skin as quarterback very true I 'cause couple wins early could have some really good things happen number Oden oppressing go to Ben. Those decision making is a villain out of game there could have been different a year out but yeah again it's the shooter could it would as we know why was he starting everybody. Would just kind of go. It beat it I'll tell you why I'll tell you why because you had an expectation of being in this year right. And when you have expectations like that in you don't live up to them. Then you have the ability to you. Put some pressure on a freshman and as of right now you remember. He wasn't in early in rowly. He's a guy or you just get a couple weeks on and wolf if you looks really good he can look really get a lot of guys that really did against your own team right. Well a lot of guys that really good against the organ defense adding we know that but maybe they didn't know just quite what they had with him. Until they got him into a game so I don't really. I I I don't think that that much on the coaches because. You can grow a lot in those first few weeks of just being in a regular season right yeah I did I do at some point. I will say though that Dee Dee your first question you raise. About I hope he can handle it between years in a move before. The fact that he puts up this performance after the way that cal game ended that's a pretty good sign in my mind. Yeah I mean he he threw he threw a lot of yards and your crowd to your he threw the ball for 42 times. Going into the game I didn't not expect Arizona State to give up those kind of yards on the ground organ is at its best when it runs the ball first ran for 245 yards. Tony burkes changed the reason why you had a good successful running game here offensive line in his good because their young but I didn't think I felt comfortable. Watching that game scene if you're gonna put it Justin Herbert sands that Arizona State would have a chance to win this football game and they didn't. Yet they don't feel it was there in the fourth or a little bit but it there was never a chance where that defense for the Arizona State and they had they were gonna win that game. No their quarterback playoff is dreadful and organizer all remember we're talking about last week they had organ hadn't. Forced to turn over in mud into a month. And they get three because they put his freshman quarterback in who you know that is a freshman quarterback and I don't sterling Cole who threw three picks and here's essays. Offense had their way with organ age should be concerning that base a rare look throw the ball for over 300 yards you're able to limit the run game Kellen Blige. Boys and how about a game that guy had on a he draws your 27 yards and a touchdown he runs for sixty tune in two touchdowns and has a 105 yards receiving. Reversal player. Have a day of young men but the dots in their side and then had the beavers to get. Go and up 21 that to zero. Your your from the moral victory chance in ready and be sand Channing moral victory anymore. You wanna hear you know in a game and DC don't win that game button. You dominated that game you really did. Mean everything and at first half that I watch because I was so tired I couldn't keep my eyes open to watch that the finish pride in that catching everything else later. You you should've won that football game you were the better team. And Ryan all when you out run an entire. Defense of group from Washington State let kids impressive. Mean front lines Beatty were more physical than they were. I will say I want our quick points are a no go go do it I am exhausted and here's here's my other point is that I do like coach Leach. But boy cougars fans when you watch the guy have to chew out a group of boys in the middle of the game again and column up insure amount. That neared its gonna run then a little bit because at this point when your coach has to get guys going the vs a team that you should handle Washington State. Wash its it is volatile they're good at their volatile. You shouldn't have to be yelled out like that in the middle of the game. In circle up and huddle up and have that kind of influence out there so I don't those are those are those are critical situations. Good on organ state to handle up front when they shouldn't be inning game. I would say yeah I'll still take moral victory because we saw some of them Morgan said that I don't know when the last time we saw was. I honestly and trying to remember this and trying to go back. When was the last time we saw organ stages jump on a team may not like it make a good team not and Idaho State or it would jump on the team early and start quickly. I I honestly I cannot. Remember the last time we I don't know makes a big difference folks all my goodness does is they are critical factor but I'll give you our offense and let offensively and then defensively I mean he did the first three drives of the game sources say we punt punt punt. And then they fumble moved right so you get you didn't care they were they were sleepwalking unit punt punt punt fumble and those those were your first half drives through Washington State. Cindy wasn't just your offense with Ryan all these kind of everybody feeding off each up there having that ability. To jump on the end in goal early and then Victor bull then. A kissing balls in traffic haven't said needs a nine yards eight in the first half alone. I mean he was lights out from Oregon State I thought that bag game I sat there now wait a minute take anything out of it eat like. Boy it's so discouraging to blow a 21 point lead. But. You know I don't I care remember the last time if I'm looking for silver lining I can ever the last time S honoring state team do that to a team in the first half. Yeah I just don't belong on. Good look at it that way but that's what good teams do as they close. They know how to close in the fourth quarter when you have those leads like that you can stop on a team organ say it's not there yet I adding all of this conceit but what they did see is that. When they needed when the line of scrimmage into certain situations they were able to play with supposedly now a top 25 team washing say top 25 team. That is on a big time winning streak in no no they were slid it just completely sleep walking but they just they came in. I'm trying to play down to a level one organ states have come on you are played or level we're gonna punch in the mouth. And did that and then penalties late just obliterated Oregon State you got to fourth and one. Opportunity where you're gonna go for and try and you know seize that momentum back in. You jump off sides make the fort down and six they don't get yet thirteen penalties for a 110 yards and mean weird side about this last hour about. I mean it's not just the NFL game or actual lawful to penalties late killed you in the game. In organs stayed ends up decadent in the you know BD signature win for. Gary Anderson lately. And but it gives some critics watching CT gave Marx's special player is about that that last touchdown. It was ridiculous it is an organ state in the right spot. In Alabama has made a play Luke Falk has put double right there and you worrying about something gets it it. And he didn't he didn't call anybody a deuce after the game so he has some new respect for you know organs in what these are doing and I think people should. I was so let's talk about the Huskies because they were able to escape rice tackles in Salt Lake City with win. Five factor fives excellent dusting him. This is toast and jam in the morning and 1080 though. My kids Crawford and his Halloween and Kenya ready for the gears. Isn't he still scares me all time. Like I can't even IE did it feels really dealer coming on the steered so yeah your boots you know what I thought cool. My house was. It was all dollar in rainy and windy this morning and I was leaving have a lot of stares out to go down. Boasting about that this morning you really leaves yeah. He's. You know it's our Spinner around that's in. Stopped. Yeah million BTVs. I got a physical risk here. And scare the kids have fun to have this gear. Is secret misty into it's yet known so I better just reading is the second time trying to put together couple scare tactics I'm thinking about. I'm wondered I might go too far. I think like well like no I'll go too far Bellwether that won't like what it's good to have ray is scary random kids know not cool Europe Asia I don't my own little random kids I think there's a final act that I don't give. And we the police called I think you just being around will scare. Brandon kids sped to scare your own kids very tight I don't think there's really any line you can cross the sort of checked to make sure so far not work tomorrow you know why do you need a high if you need a guy that hit that for me that is the do not take that advice of the movies member have you heard the stories like people trying to skiers night scared straight your kids yes where they like have their kid abducted. And CBS gets them should audition that's done but you can jump out of the bush is gear kids think there. Maybe state Dick a mugging where you can take your candy. And run seems to me it seems to me it's the clown outfit seems to be the way to go oh it's been this year in uranium risking your own line yeah the greens are not a year I was a cloud last year. I didn't want a jury get wound every day well that's an understatement. I Halloween. And fair enough Chrysler feel good about that Eric my scare tactic where we're. And how you go about it though. And we need to do and should. Woody GNU deal known well to do is listen and they've Texas by a factor of five that's what is a skater kids or you can and his Collison in Indianapolis they steer kids. You're Huskies won. In right circle stadium. That was one of the best college game they've seen a long time. If yes was on the good side of that win but that's how you got Tel two top teams in the fact over supposed to play can we not agree. Were you punch and counterpunch and you look at one team won the line of scrimmage that's he's got dismantled. In the second quarter. The line of scrimmage. Joseph Williams does that does that furious some questions were you not a valued no not at all because every team and that's one of those things were everybody was gonna use that. Narrative throughout the entire college football. And you look at all taught in team should not be pushed around you should. That is a really good offense and defensive front and in Utah. But if you're not gonna how physical Utah that's one of the things that coach Willingham is not gonna allow you to do so going into that game. You do realize that even when they play tough physical teams. Utah's gonna be right there toe to toe with them you're not gonna get that you've got to get them. In some of the special place you've got to win it on special teams and what did I say going to the game we talked about it on on Saturday show. On college game this is gonna come down to a special teams play or couple turnovers what gave the momentum to Utah. Three illegal blocks in the back on the no final. Mental plays on the goal line when you get up. Personal foul and you know sportsman like Connie gives you extra place or they take advantage of that now and in the final play. Which was the dagger which was the one where you talk dropped the ball over the middle would've kept the game going. And then they punt and you get apart return for a touchdown daddy that is how good teams are supposed to play to call the football team officials to play game like that. Yeah you need games like that yes yet to be tough because you have to be tested at some point and but it was the first time that we sat there and we look to you don't we said. Hey Mandel was an Arizona is one of those do well but know what I'm saying is you're getting pushed around like aids I did the Arizona game year like. They look flat they kind of look like in there and they're looking ahead at what is on the horizon for them. This one was in day this was the physics cal Adidas was AD just a good. Hard fought football game in by the way it should be noted two coaches that know each other. Very well and respect each other tremendously very very well and in so that plays a big role into it but UW needs a game like that and look I know that in these scenes happened all of the time in football but this is one of those things that great teams this kind of thing haven't happened. That punt return for the touchdown. There was so many things where when Petit site reverses fielding goes ten yards backwards you and what are you doing. Like what and then he makes big misses that one tackle makes out one guy miss. And then they did get. I would save one. Really questionable block. But she network kind of questionable blocks in the back on. At those things happen and good teams get away with that stuff whether you like it or not you know I know organs is going the real legal blocks in the back. Dude yeah that does happen all the time and that's what kind of good teams make your fortune that way. And you don't gets calls like that for whatever reason it's just. The games I play themselves out like that. You talk a one night game clearly immunity get a couple plays here couple plays there the couple throws that. Williams may be Joseph Williams is a legitimate runner that man is physical and I thought there were some mistakes made by Utah by not running him more maybe he was ran out of gas. But look at every top ten team is gonna go through that you look what Clemson had to do was Florida State they had the grind to the ballot should Knight game been handled more. Mobile barely beat Virginia the same Virginia team that came out to organ. Can organ made look stupid so here I mean this this is not Ohio State sneaks by northwestern. Texas beats a top ten team in Baylor. Mean these are not these are not jammies and in Oklahoma State goes on walks up on. Not woke sub and pretty much dominates West Virginia. So these games if you're going to be a team that is gonna fight to the end and other than Alabama I don't know who's going to be the Alabama Oklahoma and you look at these games right indeed in my domain in Boise State. Michigan State and Michigan should have been a one score again you right where is that game pled. East Lansing and right Michigan State ends a winning 3230 or 23. Clemson ends up getting a very. Good game from Florida State. In Tallahassee on the road you'd it's a very tough game from. You taught in Utah there. Virginia at home against global Ohio State squeaks by northwestern. At home get to benefit being at home Wisconsin up bans undefeated Nebraska grant home Texas at home Oklahoma State at home Wyoming at home. Right this is the importance of playing at home at this point in the year. Because this is mid terms for a lot of schools in that plays in big role in it it's the middle of the season where he starred injuries start to pile up guys start to get worn out. In this is when these teams have massive targets on your back or you don't think it's real bad guys can get up for game a little bit more because it is. Yell but that number next to the room the dead eighteen. Absolutely but check out now in real integrate seems to and teams that have to win and wanna be in the conversation the end of the year have to win in my opinion. From X fears of playing games and seen those you have to win a big game on the road for him not only mental strength but for the strength. But how your schedules matching up against other teams because when he can win a top 25 game on the road which a lot of these teams did. In the in the territory for they had to win those big games like Clemson. How to win that began I have to win that game. Yeah you know I'm really looking forward to you. This. Washington USC game now beaten with the US keep putting it together the way that they have lately. Because you wanna talk about you mean you safe is Kalla the upfront you're does very physical up front. It USC. When they dig games like these there just is physical but they have more playmakers they have more talent and they have a quarterback yeah and when they have a quarterback now. In a couple of weeks what the twelfth. Willie Utley cal also don't really wash his uncle Mike Talbott all of this is our fans are certainly looking forward to that USC game and that game is going. Gonna have a ton writing on Latin. Just like laws do is all looking forward that Colorado game. As their signature game who that's can be had isn't the same weekend it is I think it's the same weekend because the following week is the apple cup in my view the week before. Colorado matches up with laws do record for the album cover not sure what we can that is. And learn honesty here there's some good to be some big game just to finish it especially for the north. Ted so. That Washington State Colorado against the following week. Washington has Arizona State right before the apple cup and that weekend is when was it plays Colorado. So there's one week in between amber yeah I had to your point though that's going to be good on T read for the apple cup. This pac twelve embrace man it's it sure is started Clapton and be very fun. All right still to come on the show we have got to us and Damian Miller talked and we need to get into because he's been playing lights out lately the big twelve. We're just Ginn getting this thing don't folks the next is the blunders mishaps as troops of the college football weekend it's wide right in its next. One play it is not a game minute Mark Sanchez not expecting. The backside of random. The knock the ball Bruce says he can't lose on a single toilet. My god that's right this is. A look back to them plays that made the weekend. The memorable. Okay. Right right we. Dusty and 1080 I. Okay. I made the car didn't learn. This text that. He said my three year old has been up since 530 constantly pointing out that it's Halloween he's also point out that it's dark outside so we should be trick or treating. Now that I low rent that is an American way of thinking that's that's revolutionary panicking right there. Mark candy this path. Yeah city dad's in the mean goodness gracious Sawyer who what an animal could go get that can't be done that every sport 30 in the morning and us. All right the blunders mishaps screw ups in the week ending foot. All are here all right where we start. About this Gus Johnson on the call you down you just. You didn't plus. What X had to guess yes and in full effect there is pettis with Richard for the test and dual class but it's doing a good job of highlighting the three illegal block in the back just how many of them are truly illegal campaign. But not really corny I had no I'm not I'm according to me I'm not the one taken off look at what my prayer say because he came in and said there's no those blocks were illegal blocks. That's again that's an official I didn't make that call. I'm Tony a look at it if and when I first saw it I went oh my gosh my first reaction is I'm watch on the twelfth there's one block in the back well there's another. Tom Watson and at full speed but he came around to look at those bills were not illegal block in the back. Five based on. Where the player was the proximity and how he did not influence the walk this is not me saying it that's my official on the fox sports network K okay I'm giving giving you Beirut perspective I thought there was one. But again we're at I don't Arial one I know there is one other and that. You gotta be yeah be better special teams and that's wages the rugby kick is to gay cover to announce a great honor he's a really good runner yeah. An excellent. Very speaking of officiating. The it's not job it was not it was a lot you'll coaches ago I did. This fact is golf. And it caught the popular salad if you want them. Cowardly and gutless. Wrong I would take it finally do what it would do that in fact look if it. Did ridiculous that you. She called it. Do you have a chance to win the game I definitely did it out of position make what was being harmed her in the community and are familiar enough laughter. And as far off well he got hit. Went yeah all right Jack when he gets you'll find we don't talk if you hear. We'll my room. OK yeah well maybe it would you know that you go through all our. Bob. All right there's disease drugs. Credibility there's been a bit when Elian energies remark. Ridiculous Cingular as I know we wanted to rub Russian Basra do musician buff it out okay. He was signed 20000 dollars. Coleman's health that help. Your tax deductions that you go and you do it every vote yet they did they why you're you're not allowed to call out officials and coaches I don't give me the main reason why. Because David thankless job anyways. I guess I don't know I I honestly don't know if my old thing is that okay if you don't want there to be called out. Forcing them to chase the media it's like every yeah I was just. Why is that why is it taboo and call out somebody. Who's officiating in game would be in me and it's a subjective thing. Two are we gonna they're really had a boy we're no good to go any more he said well even if you sensitive. Is that hockey league too sensitive here's the thing though is that like she said it we had played opportunities when they came after reasons anyway I think you know. And I think that maybe that's why I'm. I don't get it I don't understand why many call an official yeah I didn't I didn't see anything wrong with that because I think in the same thing I am no Florida State fan. By any source imagination but I was in their my wife was even my whole game was me we're a dinner and we're gone. That's ridiculous irregulars who do not being triggered those there so. Referees too since it really do agree to since. I. I for one I just love this call us. From from the game. I don't know who play by play guy is that this is West Virginia Oklahoma State on FS one. This is Brady Quinn. Brady Quinn on. A measurement and on a third insured. Barely enough to keep this drive movie that's a big play for West Virginia just the tip of the football. Up at three breeding. And metrics guy. The builder slightly quarterback. You could tell they feed you full unity lo boy and need to throw this one in there at the end barely enough. They keep this driver over that's a big play for West Virginia just the tip of the football. Joseph David yeah good judge Dave Brady Quinn on the call. Or fox it's just the tip and we'll leave that one. The cool it'd be easy and we need to go anymore do you feel eleventh. The death had guns people texted and ended by tides Leo. There ridiculous if you don't love Jimoh Fisher Rebecca you've got our our processes boom I don't process and about Limbaugh ever have direct. She really relieved and I distilled and merger on. Which keeps the LSU job and then named a double double game. And you have like a pregame press conference that farmer friend and old gym though let me just tell you very quick story I think that very fast of those two but you're the worst thing is is trying to listen to a southern rim like that. In an echo chamber like I had to listen to Willie Roaf try to talk to me in the hot will all the tile around youth I've just nod my head I had no idea because that's really what it would sound like your farmer friends. Willie would get not the only guy doing out there it won't really do that I mean like. In a picture with. No idea what things mean no clue in the area off. And I love that. I've seen as I look at all of love all of this seems to be evident Bergeron cat. We know it is disease it'll backers of it and everybody's tires size 220 Monday morning quarterbacks will go out there. You know here's our heels love chips and now Ottawa talk about the quest or talk about the future results as a compliment for six you know over amicable fools we were a lot of energy. Six of this'll make. Please put that debate on televisions on we'll Fisher. An overdrawn activate any have them yet met a bowl game where maybe of I guess I GE hopefully be like the home. I don't know of the Louisiana bull where they have like a crawfish free feed before the game and seeing your stereo divert. Scat and New York. On the second they give them on the buy where they're getting a little loose in May be there. There you have William few Beers I would pay and an air watch that they have did they have to feed so they're in their element. More so than if it's like a stuffy. Did you know Orange Bowl did their gala things you know I mean generally and with that are not there element profits for you lay out the door. Given don't put all out there it was dirty and some beer and have these guys get chilled in riled up and made a law you see real gym though in real hotel and that's what we want and so I wanna see those guys just. Go all sorts of southern hill that was wrong here in the American press writes I we keep this. We keep wide Greg going restart penned the pros because we got bill O'Brien Derek Karr was on fire group Franck. Giving props to his mom. Yeah is he did something really good and Earl Thomas. As well dusting came on Finn. In the gym in the morning on ten maybe well. 55305. This takes time. And is this a Halloween song Crawford the app pet cemetery by the Ramones. It's easy to music video there I can graveyard. This classic Mercury moving to you scared the crap out of you need to. Deeds. Part where he cuts Aaliyah. All right and you know let's get back to that it is wide right the necessity blunders in skirts and made our weekend. Football. This courtesy the red zone channel. Know Brian moments ago upsets number they had to use a timeout they only had ten men on the field and almost have to be restrained. From getting on his. Special teams staff for coach in that area you. He's the man these guys very did you. The operation of his team what she wanted to work a specific way in. Maybe he was let him have it there again it is news assistants have a calm them down you don't see that. Very often are those are guys. Myers in barber who fox guys staffed Fox's. And broadcasters on the call of the Texans. And the in this series Obama blink and their plan messed things or yesterday afternoon. These Texans played the colts know lions and Texans lions game yesterday. And still Brian almost thought Larry Izzo are here are actually paid a seat at five longtime special team where there is else. Larry you know this was a Pro Bowl special team I play with Larry they're great guys gave me they want or a year ago you had several BitTorrent Texan then of winning twenty to thirteen. But they had these timeout because they'd ten men on the field for special teams plan that's against the rules of all football is that like cardinal sin no role in the NFL. You lose your job faster than ever if you make him not only a substitution penalty. On and it's a special teams but if you cause the offense and a defense. Hero overall team to lose the timeout when it comes at a special teams play. Especially for not having somebody on the field. That's bills that's grounds for firing. I kid you not that's grounds for firing you could see Larry is hill really good special teams player coach show you went after him. You read lips men that that's that is one of those and you could see the better part is watching coach O'Brien in his. Post game press cover zero Milledge started both guys who view themselves as older. Bill brands. He's got big bunch and youngest cleft political Clinton on the go double double chin but June but in both of them but she's. He's got to like a world class that she and distinct yeah. The little thing like there's a whole facet of women that decides that like that's their deal is they love the legend and her going. And you know that was a fetish alien that's the thing that I don't know that no I understand there's a hole in people in their old. Class of Salmonella of the questions. The. I. Well. That Concord C a fox sports but no Glenn. In Derek cargoes of 4059513. Yards and four touchdowns. Including that big game winner in overtime. But this is lights and wide right. And the worst our leaders seem to be worse in how we know in the world I know. Do you keep to Geist. Shoulder Jacqueline man that's the NFL know that this is the problem the NFL if you got a free rent a guy in open space. Defensive backs are now told. That they can't hit high and they can't targets. They have to be more careful they have to be tactical yet to be able to do your shoulder I agree with you for. This is what you're getting now you're getting bad tackling because nobody knows how to tackle that's not an excuse it's reality. This watch tackling their own open space and we discussed this earlier bed twenty penalties hurt NFL record 23 penalties for a few hundred yards at deserves some consideration for a wide race certain. And Rob Gronkowski is monsters crowd gives us. Some amount to preside the first thing yesterday we should we sat down I Cyrus came my whole time however he shut downs throughout. I'm so proud of you when you sort of six not to sound if you saw I was like I got your wish I don't know for sure we're letting me know. But then. That even he was wonderful B 67270. Pound child that is the crimes taos ski. My mom giggling my mom. Give them giggling over the word 69. Is mom being proud of them for it can I tell you though a bit in that game that wasn't the most funniest thing happened in the game. And downs. No no. We find people of buffalo through a sex toil in the field that Rob Gronkowski. If you could say that it's okay and it's got all the way down on the the fields. I mean now the and I'm guessing on this is a front row person does a good shot is. The triple fitness again it was better watching the refereed minded guy he did you didn't. New money I mean do they disseminated off the field slept enough of this but there's no other stadium in America that we do that is the stadium stadium and a six year old flip you off easy driving and that's not shocking at all. Well RA. I love this because Rex Ryan when it was you know the wow. And junior didn't look like a foot though we moved. Yeah. We had another tie it which is a bad omen for the Cleveland Indians because the last ten million of Valenti ties in the season was 1997 when the Indians lost in game seven of the World Series will guess what folks kickers. We had back to back weeks and with the times kickers. Andy kickers indeed come down into the lake of kickers in overtime. The Redskins in dangles. Played Judy it it drama as they call on this. In London in John Leyland didn't know footballers understand lemonade daylight. Do. So here's the guy guys that are kind of football when there's a German T your reporter who tried to you. Tim Pawlenty and dusk and Dustin Hopkins after this. Well the kid on the way. It's good. Twilight we know new. Hello we have no Miller okay. Romo who voted. Yeah. Eve and that the call from the Redskins. Network as is any sport in the world doesn't mean ties its football. You know. That there's this everything about it. Means you should never have no. No god these ties aren't nearly as bad as the other as the last Sunday's. You know people aren't like in people are dogs in his upsets us he's 2727. Time happen. Because there was actual offense. Still the time I don't care anyway and as ugly wait until you have a tiebreaker. I have no pun intended we to these division matchup start this. Even out you see of those tiebreaker because of problems hey wait a good man and that my favorite part Liz. So this German TV reporter was trying to get in your view it Hoskins after the game to on the field because that's Clinton most sports leagues do some nasty NFL. The PR guy for the Redskins just started screaming no no no in shifts the reporter read the labels kicker off fields in big trouble for that. Is that assaulting. Perkins this'll I don't know if they want factory the funny part was that the German TV for his Taylor. In Athens. Yes we're unity and we don't interviewed kicker fair if they're worse then. We'll keep shaking Cape Wind left to winning game in overtime. Is what I guess Earl Thomas. Peanut plant for work colleague peanut Tillman. Earl Thomas and that's the building right there Obama's pocket. I didn't know what he was where he's going with the old Pina Palin has that wait a minute where. When I think of looking at times is definitely now you'd think Earl Thomas getting a flag. For hugging an official. Did that set the table for the flag that's that I think he offended everybody is also saying you can't tell him if he did was very offensive. Did you 1000001 affection you know that's a hard part for the official has done him smiling and you can see he had like a smile I where his mouth. Yeah I knew he was smiling at it but there. They clearest will Liz that you cannot make contact with an official like that is lacking plays they did. You have to throw that flag right no you don't know that they're winning flag here's the thing is that the immediate perception is I have to do this. Well as junior hug. Why did Terrell Thomas have to hug him and you're oh I think he said it so I was just caught up in the emotions this statement that the bill would give give does. I'd seen it all now know honestly though I see you all here that's so weird called perfection. Beat you could honestly see it I I was sitting there watching the official going beavers like I don't wanna call like. So next time I help open opponent my game a bro hug in your flag thing that totally different is he content T opponents. I've seen referees give bro hugs during the game I gave a broad new referee act right knocked him down my helped him up today big guys it is it helps my dear little bro -- there hugging and lifted him off the ground is different it's a big difference. Love spread the love in football. You know seahawk fan has been very fired up on the Internet. Over their flags that have been called on them. I love flags. They've been getting away with Ed note and a lot of no flags for a half a decade now and we Terrill about and that's and that their defense is always prided themselves on his being more physical in getting away with things that other teams get called for every team does this. Stop witness not a lawyer to hold on site with a Seahawks and we've had this discussion now. You're military can really got it we've had this discussion on on the shell about. How they push the envelope and go over the edge with the way that date played defense. And they dare officials the throw the flag. You'll pick we've had this discussion before widen much too in the date comparison is always New England. And then new englanders and New England the comparison with everybody know that's that's aggressive. Every defense that's aggressive gets like a lot of tees not at justice they are trying do the same thing. Get flags thrown on them a lot. In I'm not defending the Seahawks Seattle I think you know Seattle it again on a ton of the defense is definitely just like this. And all mom play. To the edge in a need but they've gotten away with not a lot of flags being called all the sent for whatever reason you're right away with not being called fly because you you do you get away with. They don't throw the flag the flag but does not getting away that's called playing the game just like doesn't get drawn but he did yesterday. Every ever vacate it. This that this is the narrative not its review output from a lot of people they don't watch football and just look at flags I'm not a fan of flags every single play in the NFL you can throw. Probably ten blacks were saying the same thing you know you're saying they're getting away with something. And did their style of defense is always getting away would that every defense gets away with it. Every defense well. And did they finally got them and I'm saying that if the flags were thrown yesterday we you're saying that they and edit the Seahawks played defense that they get away will it work what they're far more aggressive than most teams are that's what makes him a good defense will yet but in with a hand fighting on the outside got a lot of teams get the fly those like are called on them are you you know but a lot of teams are because. Dade do you get more penalties. Not the Seahawks in most other teams get more penalties in the CI Stevens. I know I'm just on you from from my perspective. I would rather want eight defensive team to be over aggressive and under aggressive I don't know why I could jock. I know I agree with you so but I think the question is are my notes I know there's got sick you know it just sounds like you're saying is that the Seahawks are doing something that is. Above the norm that is doing something now that things they shouldn't be doing now it's what makes them so good. Is something they have not gotten a lot of talk and expect more penalties from a team like the Seahawks because they're doing things that they should be doing. Like pushing on Campbell bright is that we are trying to say yes and I is that bad or good thing no I think it's a good and her I think it's what makes them great and it's what's new boots made them so good led. But yesterday all of the flags that have been neat old they could be did they could be getting that I should be there it was a fight and that's all I'm saying I I tell you saying that they are doing things to push the envelope and they were cheating and absolutely do try to do that I mean they don't gamble I think they go over the heads a lot. But it's what great defense is due. It is what. NFL well there's a difference to visit him in my perspective is there's a difference between a team that goes up to the envelope and pushes and pushes the M below right. It was a gamble and then there's teams that are completely and disciplined and are badly so be sure there and disciplined and they don't understand technique. Totally with the LA gets plenty of those styles of rats Rex Ryan I don't watch this Seahawks defense a look good team that's about it technique the I look at a team that plays. Aggressive and and Mardy pushes the gamble that all of those flags that people have boys have been saying could've been called where called her yesterday. Yeah and as that oh we're way over property issues he'll let us a little bit more. Our discussion Pfeiffer history a five that is the text line. The plastics again a little bit more clear and it was a bad week to be unbeaten dusting cam on the fan.