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Dusty and Cam - 10.27.16 - Hour 2

Oct 27, 2016|

World Series Game 2, Russell Wilson is falling apart, and Mark Helfrich vs. Charlie Strong.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. The world's biggest stage. Good greatest teams of my greatest men. And jam on the World Series we've got here by NASA. I'm here locally owned an Apple Store visit Napa online to. Dustin and Kim until maybe. All right game to the World Series win beat the cubs way off 51 win. And how she Warburg. Skeptic on. 18 series this young man is happening. He is three for seven in the World Series. With a run scored a double to RBI in two walks. He is no lights out on the ears and on base percentage of 556 he's batting for 29. And has been huge. For the urged if for the Chicago Cubs even in the Los. You I really enjoyed his post. Game press conference when he says I'm living the dream here I mean I'm just living a dream I've. Spell assign every haven't and I'm back it's it's a World Series why wouldn't I do this if I have the opportunity why would nine and Joseph Mendes put him in that situation. And now they have a decision to me they have to figure out now. What's it worth how much of a liability. Is a guy that could potentially. Be immune let's state the obvious he's not the best outfielder in the world. But how much is that. Or how much are I his at bats worth for the rest of this World Series because. There's no games after this it's in this is it. You put him out there in my opinion you put him out there if I don't care what doctors say I mean whatever doctors and in this easy risking his career. Out there in the outfield I mean honestly think about it the man runs a first he legs out a double he slides. What can you do in the outfield other than that injuring his knee again which he got injured running into somebody he did the first time in play it safe to be careful keep the ball in front of uniting was Frank Thomas is that a specific user put your heels of the warning track. Keep everything in front of you you need that bat in the lineup right now if you take a battle line up I I completely disagree with enough. Yeah out what do you think about. Easy to hear and here's a problem that they have. He's a left fielder years over semi often you can have their revolving door and right. Hendrix I believe will be the pitcher for game theory. Tomorrow night he's a righty then. Seoul and then I guess you look at the lineup for the do you put him in left in the moves over sober right I don't know his vineyard yeah so Chris has been just as good you can't put in that first base and hide in there because Rizzo. Is come to life and he's been dynamite for them as well I did they have a big issue here. In that. If you do play him what do you do well there are you putting what do you. She was those Hayward is they had Hayward out there in in right. And they were happy he's awful right now he's struck here I believe he's got to hit this series and last users easy and he's always been terrible hitter he's awful but so he's endured the offensive player. You move Zobrist to write because if you're looking at that situation is he ever right hander coming up you're gonna eat have a right hander. Guys are getting it in just pitch him outside and if you wanna pitch around this you can do that. Throw outside young guys and make sure that your lefties are Poland throwing inside your lefties or yank him more. And throw to the outside your right handers are more efficient to hit up the middle to right you can pitch around this and defense. You've got to get Hayward out a lineup he's two for thirty in the post season atrocious. Yeah any shorter and there. He is too okay he got on by care. In one game as luckiest team for thirty he scored four runs and he's only got one no walks or. He got on by their regular and now he's back any that's kind of just always the way he's been defense a guy I get a and this is yours this is the issue they have if you are are the cubs and Joseph Maddon after the game. Man at it I love that he's deleted at his guys in but he's kind of all sell saying the right things like taking it out of his guys' hands as well. We're gonna go back we have a mandatory workout to Morris are going to be at the ballpark. If it's okay possibly might seem taken some fly balls if there's any chance at all but I don't know I honestly don't know that's up and waiting to hear from. From our guys are were medical cyclists. Obviously looks good. Looks good at the plate a run in the face as he looks pretty good so far. I talked to them there before is less that that hasn't begun on basically was good to go any suggests they said okay fine. I'm eager to go as far as running as it just make sure you stay Smart with it. And there's nothing about watching him that tells me that he's inhibitor right now. Bone Dow last sentence that he says oh yeah he's playing guys Jimmy he's plain. In this coming from beam me when I came back from my injuries it was one of those things you could feel little little bit you can understand it. But when you're out in the in the game and and you cross over those white lines. Your mind most the time honesty most the time specifically is not thinking about your injury your claiming game. And so I think this is one of those scenarios where he's tested it. He's had the situation he's been on the base paths which are quick stop and starts sliding has not looked did that in that what. He's he's not a leak runner you're not looking bad and mean what happening game one where he got caught up on the based Anthony you look like dead yet you don't know why speeding around and then last thing he had a late side where he kind of pocket so he looks like a good program or draft a little bit out the year at a pace so does that would lead but like a lot of people will always in a lot of great managers or anybody will be will be able to handle this is at YouTube you need offense right now don't you think offense is a little more important in defense. I think defense is there is a big priority. But how can you leave that bat out of the lineup when he is doing something that nobody expected him to do. He's on the run and you can't take momentum out the same depth press Scott and Tony Romo conversation. Do not take momentum out of your lineup but. This is different because are you risking. His injury any further. Right I mean for him to the side oak and that is a huge question Fastenal well. League's view what do you do if you he's not because he's gonna wanna say he's neglect how do you get the truth out of him. How much you are not true or not you what do you do to get him to be honest with you. In tell you whether he's good to go up because if he aid goes to play any he's running down a fly ball his knee goes on three run scoring you lose baseball game. Then you sit there and you're going to avoid not only did we lose him he's re injured. His bat is gone either we also are down three rounds that is a huge question what it's not or Joseph Maddon. It's not he's question it is it. It is it because every single person that steps out on the competitive field is one play away as one pitch away. For gosh sakes Rizzo could step on the bag wrong it's snapped an ankle. Bring Chris Bryant could swing the bat could flip up at him in the face. There's risks in sports the guy wouldn't be out their feet and manage risk you can't look at it that way I guarantee Joseph Mann is going. The payoff is worth the risk the payoff is a World Series championship. For the Chicago Cubs like guy and get there they'll likely it is far more then if three is no where to step on first to break his ankle says who. Says is that Syrians and how many how many guys that you can't see Greene injured neutrality Leary and players who -- themselves are talking about eight football. Know how many baseball players three have come back from an injury in immediately re injure themselves I don't know that it did not a lot of questions not loaded it is it is not realistic fashion and it's not realistic in baseball baseball is a slow moving sport that a lot of standing and can be managed it's not football where your. Quick bursts explosion plays you don't have you have to talk about managing risks and football is way different than managing risks in baseball. And he's he could go full game without being in the ball hit to him he could go and hopefully he can stand there in the middle of left field. In saunter to the ball if he had to and make the center fielder play in the gap and back him up you know costs whoever's taken up this whole segment I think we need to talk about Jake area that and we also need to get to you what makes the cubs so stinking good. Five factor a five detects I'm dusting cam on the fan. This is World Series week on dusty and jam in the morning brought to you by Napa auto part fund 1080 both. I 790 comes. Win games to the World Series. Five to one. And I. You get inspired efforts from Denzel risks obviously cost warmer both those guys going two for four scoring a run a piece knocking in. I'll let you heads Oberstar can once former knocked into last night. But wasn't that game. Really about Jake Gary had a going in but five innings without given up ahead and then when while it scores the only run of the game. And his ability to come out in he basically did exact though query clue overdid the night before it was more efficient. In the way that he went about his business because he did and fewer pitches than what clover is able to deal because the were striking out so many dudes. It's really amazing to as you watch these pictures are to settle in when it comes of the World Series you'd appreciate because you really watch Jimmy you to see them multiple times I think a lot of people out there that watch baseball. A really tuning into baseball. Come October and they don't realize how good these pictures are and they start to realize what wiser slider so get why these guys unhittable. How come they haven't seen this before where's this been all year. That's a good pitchers are able to do they elevate themselves and when I'm always impressed who would Jake area how we throws. It's how we hides the baseball how we throws across to itself how he strides closed but then throws back across his body. And you think about it hitters will always tell you sit up take a guy that lined straight up and throws a nice straight fastball cure we saw in 97 I can pick the ball up. Pitchers that hide the baseball and are unorthodox. Are always tune out to be or turn out to be really good pitchers and he. And that Fuji period it does he's got to grit about him but it is really his delivery makes him so give. Coulter hit dead pitching matchup was exactly the same as game one is just flip teams right I mean you had Lester who had a little bit of control issues didn't have his best out. Trevor Bauer alas I obviously didn't. What's funny though is that. It didn't seem in Jake areas in some calls off the plate. That we saw a goal Corey cougars led again no problems with the no problems but having GC in the in the complaining has simmered down quite a bit just because there's fewer Indians fans in the world than there are cubs fan community comes are outraged are they were getting the calls more courses. Norris. Yes and human element of sports and I love every second I do TO but one thing that. Also goes into this Chicago Cubs and human Jake Gary is on the mound he's doing he's stolen like that this team is. Impossible to be right. Because they're so good at the play. And I went back and looked at through the first two games of the World Series. VP chief of the pitchers for the Cleveland Indians have their own 347. Pitches. The final games in three games of the ALCS against Toronto. Victory total 401. In three games they played two games. And they've thrown what 54 pitches the last donate through in three games against the blue jays. That to me is the toughest part about beating. Dish Chicago Cubs team. In a in a seven game series is that they make you work for every single outlet. What do you equate that to do you think they make them work or is that also that these pictures that face him because you could say Toronto Toronto's lineup. The as the masters right they do they're everywhere that a very dangerous off it you can't tell me that Texas is not a skier team to our knowing things in play Texas. But if you think they'll look up and downed American League's got some really good hitting teams. What about Chicago. That makes you go we have bonds. Boston has most potent offense and that I do exactly down yeah what about those cubs make you have to feel I have to be perfect with these pitches because that Timmy is what I'm watching I'm watching guys trying to paint corners. A what you guys trying to elevate the baseball trying to get Chicago to chase. I will say that is the discipline hitting in the ability to stretch it out back is what makes Chicago so good. A lot of teams have really aggressive hitters are they have a different approach. And that's one of the biggest things too is that when Joseph Maddon says what's your approach. Well and you heard cows were looking into the game say wire the cubs so good right now wire we so good is because our Roche is making these pitchers work. After game one and you know you don't won't hear very many managers losing game six to zero. Step up to the podium like Joseph Maddon didn't say I've really liked our ad that is. And you strike out in a World Series record eight times in the first three innings. But you're seeing there you're gonna hate I thought we had some really good at bats out there like Perez I never panic I think that is but. What the cubs do best sell. They were very patient and a lot of got rung up a backwards k's against. Corey clue her because they thought their balls. I think their a lot of it is up that is co trouble. Which is just being display at the plate right in in in knowing a scouting report in knowing where guy likes to go. In buying into that but a lot of it too is stepping you can't teach which is. Picking up a pitch mothers can be abolish strike early and then just. Having the ability to put the bat on the ball foul it off eat even if you know. That it may be a little bit outside you wanna just keep that thing lighting in keep the at bat going they do such a great job of that. Yeah could you agree that you think that Chicago the way they hit there are very disciplined team that you could see that they are coached very well yeah with how. What they wanna do every about every about feels to me like there's a strategy. And there's a game plan going into it it does it feels like it's very thought out when you watch result gold nine foul balls and then hit a double in a single. You can just see something about that they eat you call a bat control whatever you want but there are great hitters second foul off a ball till they find one that they really love Edgar Martinez was one of the greatest I've ever seen him. He would irritate a picture to be where you go costing an arm's gonna trauma BP fast walker I can't handle the sky anymore. And that's exactly what they're trying to do Bauer was struggling he is trying to elevate he was trying to drop guys were chase scene. And you can just see it used as a matter of time in the the pitcher gets frustrated he makes a mistake and that's when they make him pay. And they do with the need to their line up man you look at there at third fourth fifth sixth and seventh hitters in their line up. Also up over twenty pitches. Every single one of those guys don't work over when he pitches. In their at bats and then you have your free year of your guys aegis trust you know ended Dexter Fowler a guy that the he's it leadoff hitter. When every sees just put battle bongo right front Chris Bryant he's only sixteen vigils outside but even a one for five. With a run scored you have guys that you know will you can roll the dice at that the very top the order but everybody else will make you work for everything and that is. So impressive in one of those guys that has been kind of a key TU. Everything that they've been doing in not just. He in the World Series but the came up huge in the NLCS two is Zell breasts you know Ben's so Burris. He says quietly having a really good playoffs this this is the third World Series and that he's played in and he's been terrible. In the first TO. On the offensive side and I think he would be heading into you'd this for a series. I ate his career average in the World Series was under 200 heavily I think he's like one ED immediately hit like 185 in the World Series some like that. He's he has been lights out and he's come up huge time after time after time and the that is something to that both of these teams have. Is you've got your young guys and everybody talks about the youth of the cubs' lineup the use of in this some of the young guys that the Indians have as a likely indoor. Right. But you have veterans in there that are the stabilizing forces that can kind of stem the tide Stew where. You know this is a big stage and having somebody that's been there several times force you chipped. Makes it comfortable for young guy especially. This series gonna get fun I think it's is gonna get better I loved that they eat the pitching matchup setter. Are coming down the pipeline. Is specially what's gonna happen. In a game three years heads back to to Wrigley we got top Tomlin opposite Hendrix I think that this one may have the opportunity to be a little bit more high scoring on both sides and so we may have been Hendricks has been lights out now. Yeah both these both these teams feel very evenly match I don't think in the Indians get enough credit for their lineup and their pitching. They do not when I wanna say the cubs won a face and Indians team without bullpen coming out with a lead. They don't both teams you can see you can feel the balance between. Whoever scores first an electorate that stature there that. Last night that team that scores the first in both the NLCS and the World Series thus far. Is thirteen and no that's far crazy. Thirteen and also everybody realizes that we gotta get out on the board quickly and get to our bull pens and both these teams have quality. Quality bullpen it's coming in rehab misuse India accurately on how to get enough to be electric. Or Friday night rather the whole city's any you know what it also it's going to be sixty degrees you're kidding Maine ball's going to be flying everywhere. If they named wow had a sixty degrees in Chicago in November. Candace and I it's on a memory but it's close enough should we play good one of these injured in the day. And know everything known though we can't all I need to want giggling on and on and on prime time prime time people go to work. And senator Sunday game Sunday game during the day yes Sunday day game Riley did you ever I and its own. Why you'll it's great in everyone says it and I courtesy these narratives about you're supposed to be our traditional and there's an -- Underwood says all we need baseball warm climates we need to move them the games back Serb baseball. Cut twenty games offs were playing in October and over I don't like seeing these cool games. I absolutely love looking at fans bundled up. Baseball players with their analysts what do we call those head to head garments on what he would that they ear flap the bodies like on like that. I absolutely. Love it I love watching that didn't get its nostalgic it's something about. The winter and of baseball DC everybody's cold in their standing up in the baseball players costs still strong 9796. Out there. I want to see these guys and elements and a need to see perfect. Baseball elements I wanna see be a grind enough for the world series' most recent beat cold it you know is yard colors late they'll. In the year you know literally just keep its about a week and we can maybe two weeks later these play a lot more double headers that's what they need to bring back here. And now John Cusack was that the game news bundled up last night I loved watching him in the all of the dugout seats of the Indian experience and the great seats whether it be cheap and now I think he can afford it. Well how much you thing John Q six earth now is really didn't see anything he is in drive hard not to be confused as die hard. John Q six bit hot as the heat isn't everything with his best movie. It say anything. It's got all my stereo up my boombox. On air. Small rural corner. Now that was and what is it was at age stand by me owes him I mean. He was believe he has been in a lot of movies better off dead or better off dead sixteen candles overdue voters. I don't think I can be more in different about an actor than John Cusack buck Weaver inane and now Joan Cusack better sister. Now John's better than John I mean c'mon I'm so different about John Cusack and final fluent in. M yeah he's whom he's not bad on my way of text in its annual equities is this movie really. Serie do we agree with that remembers earned it could mean either a second one about the ice cream shop in New York. All right Dave Russell Wilson this is like getting married does Tia dusting cam on the fan. Yeah. This is a World Series we've gone dusty and stamina morning brought you by NAPA Auto Parts on TN AV software. Lee how did I forget this John Q so expensive the thought of times. On the scene that I've seen valued like he NM Xena had not seen out of jams would like it. I don't know if you buy equity. We can't quite tough to time yesterday it takes place in the eighties like there's and a ski resort. Wouldn't care what they I'm sorry I have seen it and I don't remember what title this LT. Yes I probably seen it I'm not heeding on John he sacked by the way to Saddam indifferent about eight and he's cool I he's he's always all right. A lot of people texting Grosse Pointe blank in high fidelity. As BTU. Gross gross Pointe blank doesn't Hillary your movie gas has give them a high fidelity also good movie. He say anything goes leader in the clubhouse. Say. Say anything in its new leader grow well I don't know man that's the most one of the most iconic scenes slacks and Matthews so I don't know if your day. If you change your court after you go at these experts say in his head that's unfair. I'm one hot tub time machine has been as many I loved that movie. Are right Russell Wilson this is what marriage does to you man. This is a marriage of the Tia. CNBC its happening with them we're gonna that we're we're who's gonna go out here and we're gonna say it right away from this sucks women are the double. Donkey until we can and I'm joking. I'm I'm I'm joking. I believe my life goes to school at 740 so for the next minute on that we don't think about it that that question Robin raised. Russell Wilson's game I have got a minute 152 Ethier Russell Wilson's game has been elevated to a point where we've never seen it before that's a marriage of and and now in my skin out of her car and pay. This is what it'll Digi key has an injured ankle and injured knee distraction and now he has a torn path toward impacts the Russell Wilson is is not gonna make it the rest of the snow by the way congratulations. On IE your new baby or child. Gradually since that's a big time he is I think now it in on CO. And she is falling apart. And this has nothing to do a marriage has nothing to do with the women at all on tape back Cuban take a deep breath and I'm sick Elena go that far yet. Well there might be more distractions I will say I will tell you this. Having a family and having other things in priorities in your life other than just football. Can be distracting when your professional athlete during the season. Because there's a lot of things that will pull you in different directions can be here can do this I need you this those things when you're single or when your I guess available. Your only focus is just football. Eagle some guys can balance that some guys are excellent. At being multi versatile as family men and also agreed athletes and good businessman because that's really what you're doing your run in a business you're taking care of your body right dad he's your individual business. Others can't. Would Russell Wilson and this is the this is a very simple. Reason why he's hurt he is offensive line is terrible he's been trying to extend plays when he's not physically ready every time he's extended to play. He's got hurt he got hurt but blew his knee out. That the line that created a sieve and Ndamukong two stepped on his ankle. So he's been a little bit unlucky now he has that partially torn pack in there's there's a lot of concerns right now because trim on Boykin is your back up. And as easily we'll go do this again tone it down and down. This is gonna sound weird but telling Johnny Cash is in his sixth in the burning ring of fire. It's what all happened. Down down down a burning and we within a year after you with me it against you or hello again it's all right fine I had my question. Yeah. You're ready covered mussina is it is it is no I just I was almost out. And played. That's you wouldn't like her son down by Jay Sean no no old and I went and I didn't rain and they can now planning yet. Here you have the course. We value guys are used to being in the get. Is it his thrilling pat. Well I don't know if this is writers left. Did a nonstop. Vernon wring out fires and she's you know. And the Russell ACC I'm tired. CR. The parade of I love your father. All right. But that's see that's it that's a huge injury not just because he's a quarterback could mean a pack injury is strained pack. If you push at being too far he we have these injuries real like oh like both of his injuries that he has. Is there going to be further damage. And no right I can raise my hand to somebody that's completely tore their trek off their shoulder this is not one of those injured Israel like you know he would do anything else old Dick get. Far worse so I had a complete ruptured ruptured pec where moved all the way over to the middle might test your Q do you need is completely gone. So it would be ripped off my shoulder completely gone mad have it all prepared. So yeah you don't mess around with a torn package but it was the most are right there with a one the most painful injuries ever had so yes you look at those and you go okay. If he's gonna keep playing and Russell Wilson is excellent. That masking an injury and deflect deemed insane I'm fine I'm fine I'm fine. Was also a human being he can't in here do the same things he's been able to do. In the past you can see it I notice it. Everybody sees it and suddenly the Seahawks have tried to go to a spread team because they don't have the depth at running back you're watching Christine Michael you don't have Thomas Rawls. The teams at its best when they can run power on the inside and they can play action. Russell Wilson can get outside the pocket to run play action even so things are going to be very concerning for the C auction for yeah after the military won Boykin. I guess. Win moved to the middle of your chest. Did you for a minute think about total recall. Where gazelle will look like. Now. Maybe it's more bunker. Shots this. You really small and legitimate question. That is scary because it takes yet another and another aspect of him away. Rank it in that's that that is our aspect that's what makes him so good but this date I mean this injury you know a little bit more Wii doesn't have his feet. He's a bad we'll get a bad mean. Doesn't have his upper body and his arm. But all the other things learning if he does so I'm still work even if he has like he's strong army can get it out there right they did the issue that. What Russell Wilson does so well. Is how many times you see him kind of extended out probably further than he should be you know kind of flailing. If you will little bit when he's running out of pocket in we seen him do this a lot more now that he's out. Well that's all I mean part of his upper body strength is why he can get the ball the places they sit there you go low. Yeah although I don't know Russell Wilson for his size is one of the strongest guys on the Seahawks he's frighteningly strong. There is no arena Yotam Tebow with him with the pound for pound strongest overall and pound for pound but Russell Wilson is very strong and that's what makes him so good at being able to extend plays. And leg strength upper body strength. Arms for everything he is not one of those. He's not a frail individual. Aren't 553 or five that is the text them to play let's play some audio for you here very quickly. And this is. Joseph clapped a fox sports and I want you people that access. Why it football program is jolt clot talking about 55305. I don't like this. The Greek very good. Mary good. No one gifted him this out and he's a part of the coaching fraternity. And brotherhood. I don't like another cold anonymously taken a plot sounded like this. I I agree with you I I don't like the anonymous caught I don't like anonymous sources in in any round. Now that the actual statement is pretty true. Maybe it Sandra day so what you want about. I watched the film a pan and scan medically and fundamentally. They are bad. They are very bad right now on defense they were in the wrong spot there shoulder placement their hand placement their foot placement. They're not doing the right things in the front seven they don't tackle well. Technique wise that they're not doing the right things I think a bigger issue is not that. Doesn't know how to coach the defense but rather that only one guy on his staff is in the same position that he was when he took the job. He's demoted so many guys at the turn over remember the head coach coaches the team but the assistants develop that talent. And that's with a double lights program is still clad talking about. 55 to your five gusting cam on the. This is World Series we've done dusty and jam in the morning rusty. You by NAPA Auto Parts on 1080. Yeah. Along with the Jason with lip lock. Yesterday. Talking about they aid program. In we asked you. Which program he was talking about. Let's play quick little snippet of it here. I I agree with you I'd I don't like the anonymous quote I don't like anonymous sources in in any round. Now that the actual statement is pretty true. Maybe it's hundred so that you want about. I watched the film a pan and scan medically and fundamentally. They are bad. They are very bad right now on defense they were in the wrong spot there shoulder placement their hand placement their foot placement. They're not doing the right things in the front seven they don't tackle well. Technique wise that they're not doing the right things I think a bigger issue is not that. Doesn't know how to coach to defense but rather that only one guy and his staff is in the same position that he was when he took the job at. He's demoted so many guys at the turn over remember the head coach coaches the team but the assistants develop that talent. And that's with a development is not happening in because he's had so much turnover in the assistant coaching ranks that's hurting the play on the field. Whether that. Which program is still clad talking about. Defense is terrible. DeDe daily disjointed. The assistant coaches been moving around and had zero stability there. Which college football program was still clad talking about. Which ones. Detects machine has lighting up with the University of Oregon. And the lot of you UCLA coming through. Cal coming through at least once Notre Dame has come up attack a couple of times. But. If this is come up three times on the tech senate 553 of five. The correct answer is Texas. Only three people. Said Texas a majority of people said. Organ from. It is amazing. How you can boil down the struggling programs really everywhere. In it comes down T doubt point right stability and coaching era and what Joseph Biden saying is like anti defense of awareness thing is. When he signed as Charlie Strong Texas is that Charlie Strong forgot how to coach no defense at all. It's sometimes you just don't have dudes and sometimes you don't have continuity in coaching up those dudes. Because of the fact few movies staffer on so much there's a lot of guys on every staff there's a lot of coaches on every staff and everybody has their own coaching style. But there's only one head coach and when you take over a big program like a Texas were a power five conference team. You have to do a lot more than his coaching as a head coach he. You're a diplomat. For gosh sakes Europe Europe public speaker. Your Yury recruiter. Your fund raiser. Coaching is like the twentieth thing down the priority of actual coaching when you get to be to head coach and at a major university generally anybody really realizes that. Is that there's so many distractions so would you put a lot of bonus. On who you hire is a staff because the staff is who coaches the staff is who developed you as a head coach set your parameters. You set your criteria. Your job as coach or coaches because you can't manage every position every player. Everything down to the utmost degree because you don't have time it's just not possible that's why they're so high paid we talked about that earlier. You're seeing disjointed this at Texas you're seeing disjointed coaches at organ your CNET style. That is not translate into good football. It's hard it's hard folks instability is the number one thing. To gain strength at a major university especially in football you need to have consistency. Need to buy in from the coaches he'd have been the players buying in in in there everybody everybody gets on board when you have a little bit of dissension. And a coach start saying that it wouldn't do it this way. Know if I was the guy wouldn't do this way and then the player hears that is not understand were doing this is what I wanna coach but I'm told head coach wants is that what. This is what you're seeing. Right. So in a nutshell it's very easy to figure out why it's wrong it's just harder to get it. Writes in there's several programs across the country that are going through this at the same rate that that the organ docs are you look at Texas is great example. Michigan State is one now they're defense a drop off hasn't been as dramatic they're offense task but they hearings 54 in total defense in the country. In that is aid now organs drop off has been steady catastrophic. But. Michigan State east we did cranial top ten top fifteen defense in the country and 54. Is quite the fall off right. That is a that is aid she massive step back in from where we know Texas. To be especially when you look back on and years like. The last handful of years where they have been a top fifteen top when he defense top ten defense I think in 2000 was it to doesn't fourteen. Dandy yet 2014 they had been number eight defense in the country here we are two days later their act 54. Ranked him. This is what happens when you turn over in your staff that continuity is you were saying leads that program. How do you rebound though do you have to clean wipe the slate clean now. We're here and oh did you here's the inside pointer Whiting defense is so bad on what Texas is dealing with and why you're seeing new organ in the pac twelve and senior league teams are able to separate that. Is that Charlie Strong is a defense of coach Wright Marco for is an offensive coach but they're both having the same problems they're both dealing with the same issues is that. When you were a big time program that was built on attitude and defense is an attitude folks it's not something you can. Scheme you can scheme that a little bit but it has to be culture started number one we believe in defense we have to teach it this way. Here's the problem Charlie Strong is in the big twelve. Does anybody play defense in the big twelve what is the big twelve known for. Move the ball up and down the field and fifty point games. Points nobody cares about defense and that comforts of Charlie Strong has had to go. Wilcox male and I made my hate in in being a great defense of coach. I got to figure out offense all the sudden now I gotta be great offensive coach. And you look at what coach Belfort is doing now your seem like our organ changed the game they changed how pac twelve football was played everybody can score now. Everybody can score. Everybody can runner Rudy is fast everybody has those type of guys Nelson you're looking at defense gone. We knew we would never really cared about these two because our offense has been so good we scared teams and having to score and they couldn't score but now teams are scoring with us. On my had to go back to coaching defense and we haven't coached defense in years I don't know how to train defense of guys it's not our identity I have to re learn the culture. See your seemed to similar attitudes were everybody's caught up one coach is going I don't know what to do the other coaches going. Well maybe we should do this. Well. Well. A organs they do they don't cost turnovers and more either you know. That's an identity got away with they got away with not having great yardage and points are all good points for game was actually is pretty get. But big got away with a with a because it forced turnovers from. And indeed that anymore let's part of my sodium deeply you're saying is that organ easy join the big twelve. Certainly they be great team in the big twelve. I'm kidding come on honestly don't be easy you have to play defense. You know and I'm really good at football you got to play a semblance of defense so there's a 120 teams in at the FBS right. I will go and I'll start that way we'll start at 110. You have. Air zone that won fourteen in total defense. Airs on the state won twenty. Cal won 21. In organ very bottom at 128 there's fourteens in the bottom eighteen in the country defense. Big twelve light. AK the pac twelve there you go because the big twelve has Oklahoma Texas Tech is second to last that's like giving full absorbed. Well pac twelve worse at defense Iowa State is in their 112 your. Yeah the conference problem. Oh Arizona's 114 we did but we all do realize that you build your calm you build your team are on how to win your conference as your number one goal to read about it yeah. May continue to drop John Q sex facts his net worth is twenty million dollars. Up next it's. NFL challenge you can play along I need to do is go to 1080 the fan dot com and sign up it's treat the students dusting came on the fence.