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Dusty and Cam - 10.14.16 - Hour 2

Oct 14, 2016|

Big weekend of Pac-12 football, Notre Dame vs. Stanford, and Thursday Night Football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. The bulls Friday on the Israel and the this is a football Friday edition of dusty and jam in the morning when the dust era and NFL veteran Jim Leland grab an award winning hi I'm serious for your next football viewing party until dinner series Saturday and highs brass local until six balls Friday with the dusty and jam on Jay Nady. All right big week in the pac. I love it I love this time a year when things started the picture starts getting more and more clear we start learning about teams we know who's the contenders and who's the pretenders. Around college football in this weekend it's kind of that could be that separation leak in the pac twelve. Right now as you look at the standings. The north division is squarely in the hands of Washington. They are six and overall Reno conference in Washington State. Can't handle eastern Washington or Boise State that they are too and own conference client. So those two teams have a move but one game lead on order lowering instead eight. In the saga ledger and now. In Los loss column that is solidly in the fourth place position ride aid to the only because Stanford is to NT dad T conference wins because they've played four conference games bird beads and only if they do. On in this out though it's jumbled mess all it too and wanting conference play. To duke in one game now is USC. One into you in a show only weeks is UCLA. And then I think playing themselves out of the conference picture is airs on already own. On. This that's why this week means so much not as much for the north division with Washington on a buying. But in the south division. We may start to see how the sings gonna take shape. Because you have a banged up. You talk team Roland into you organ state. Any ties nine point favorites. But they're on their fourth string center in their fourth string running back Dave did to defense spends a head injury concerns defensive tackle was injury concerns they missing their setting starting tight end for the year. Mean they're banged up football team. On the day in all honesty to be riding a wave of momentum you touch it when that game. Right. I hate saying should it is one of those things where yes if you just log down on paper. Yes Paula Johnson won last week down. Should have. Well yeah if we're talking it that's it I'm saying is days before taking the same scenario. Cal should've won last week. If you look at. What Utah has done their five and one this year they have battled through injuries. They have done. Dairy very well coached team with a front seven that is good but. Conditions are gonna play a role in this game organ states in running the ball very well moment Ryan Hall is Ryan all's banged up you down to you of your outside linebackers who's gonna play nickel corner. If Williams's offer Oregon State again. It they don't even have a nickel corner right now if Williams can't go because you every two linebackers or villain in that spot all cell. Al for the game. So stay with me here Omega on this cougar train really quick Imus set up the scenario. Of what I think you might tin foil hat when we're around with the pac twelve and looking to route. The conference because there's not a lot of coaches right now Sonny dykes said that he doesn't like the nine game conference well. We're gonna run into an issue because this is what's gonna happen I feel it's what's gonna happen the south is very predictable for the unpredictability really predictable. Where it Arizona State notoriously. Will always be team. That plays with such. Lack of discipline because Todd Graham always has that high emotion look at him on the sideline Ohio high emotion. Hi craziness. They will do something there to fall on their face they will not end up first. You talk. Hathaway a figured it out but they will lose a big game there will always lose a big game somewhere some way somehow they'll find a way to lose a big game. Colorado has not done yet. They've not done yet although there really good and they've they're they're not there USC. Is gonna find a way to sneak into the south. Feel like something down there has clicked for them a little bit I don't know what it is. A couple wins there's a little bit more confidence so I feel like USC is gonna step right in now up in the north it's not as easy. But if the cougars if the cougars can get by UCLA this week and they can find a way to win it at all did you feel like coming up north. Notoriously. They played very well against the cougars you know they they do however. UCLA. Is not gonna be the team that I can ride my or definitely write my my ticket as the champ what ominous day. That Washington is he's gonna win that game and then they're gonna win out and it's gonna be the Huskies. And it's gonna be the cougars facing off for the north title. Now that may sound OK that just sounds perfect but if you think about what the cougars have left. You Sealy at home. Arizona on the road warm weather organ state on the road. The legal Arizona at home Khaled home Colorado on the road and in the Huskies in the apple cup app Morton stadium. I think right now those two losses for the cougars are so critical. Because you could see a nine into team going into the air and be atop like we said in in talking in the break you be a top fifteen or just outside the top ten. Talk about a matchup at the end. Yeah Washington as say writing in nine game win streak into you the apple cup would be interesting but. What does she say that of all of those scenes in that predictability is that Washington State also a team that'll dropping game nation that is now. Eight if you if we look historically at what Washington State has done. Like will it they probably will be UCLA this weekend. The one they like lose one of the games to organ state Arizona cal like somewhere in that stretch series history if history is an indication. I don't know because summit a look at how well they played last here if they can keep Luke fall in he stays healthy. That is the critical thing came he stay healthy. Now their defense is better they found a little bit of a run game. The cougars are who I expected them to be just not with those first two losses to be near you throughout the the Boise State lost because Boise State's now ranked team. And feels like a pretty good team that was a good game. The eastern Washington no excuse there but honestly Washington State is it is a very good football team all I'm not saying that they are not and I can see them getting by this week and in going. On a nine game win streak in the news now they're doing. Something that they didn't do last year which was run the football season and they're doing it quite well. The south is got a lot of I don't think that the south is as predictable as as you may think it is because of the fact that Colorado could. Had a big wrench in the saying because they have their loss last week and a tough one on the road. To USC but this seat they get Arizona Arizona State rather in Arizona State is on their fourth string quarterback. They've got the re injured quarterbacks not buying Arizona State on the sidelines in many Wilkins I think we'll give it ago. Even though they're saying. They're playing very coy about his status in you know saying oh he miss UCLA and he's still way out ways out. He's been seen can work out on the sidelines. And they may start a true freshman Dillon sterling call and then having another true freshman as his backup. They're only they'd like Billy have two healthy quarterbacks like on their roster right now. Because you're down to four years of throttling Karen five quarterbacks in the price of walk on guy right there. All in in your pride just going wildcat at that point the distance in Colorado in Folsom field aches mean you've been likely have a true freshman starting at quarterback or a very limited many Wilkens. Act quarterback. Hi Colorado enact games are absolutely and then you have you you have been taken gamely. And then the if you have did you talk I think he aid really will come down to you'd talk. In. Thank you said you have seen it and USC or use tiebreaker USC is that weird. Is that weird team in the pac twelve right I mean Deo well not every Utah. Over Colorado lament over Colorado yet are but I. Yeah I think Utah's gonna can take care of their business and I think is can committee Utah and USC. There's two things that always happen to in in football when you lose early. Everybody throws you to the wayside and you get this kind of mentality your locker room knew he's given us the chance you get the chip. When you lose late in the season can you get that man we busted our butt all year and then we had that hick up. If you if if it's ever true in all of college football and sports. Lose early. Lose early in the season wide because everybody forgets. Everybody and will not remember those games yes you can say eastern Washington for Washington State but think about it when you lose early. And then you can make a press at the end of the year everybody looks use all the teams are hot team they're playing really good in usually you're gonna get a lot of confidence ran into the into the year. Lose a big game late. What happens you turn into Stanford last year and you are rolling team what you lost organ and you go into the Rose Bowl and you don't get into the college football playoff when you should of and you get to become a champion today that this may be that question to you mentioned Stanford is a do or die week for Stanford. 553 or five dusting camel fan. This is a football Friday it is you know dusty and Jim in the morning brought you by Ceres cafe and high on 1080 I don't slam. Hotel and got myself another season. Play out. How we think you might play out the big separation weekend because you have the Washington State hosting UCLA and Southern California team that needs a big win. He kind of make sure that gap doesn't widened too much. Behind his Khamese 57 uranium in Pullman. I think easier to fan even though you're on the air raid you're going. Yes. Possibly no Josh president or are limited job frozen in that game contends that we and is cute yes. But that's a huge game for UCLA because yet the two teams ahead of you playing one another in Arizona State and Colorado right. So one team will get a game on you on if you if you lose. And then yet there we Utah also with the one of those one loss teams in the south had no Oregon State and they're gonna have their hands on a monsoon. The one in the nobody's really talking about in the north. Is Stanford on Saturday. How much does this game mean to bolt these pro. I really don't really don't know I think that. Both these coaches are arguably two of the best coaches in all of cultural ball. Really realistically frank Kelly David Cha absolutely both these guys have done taken their teams. To higher standards and Notre Dame not too far removed from a national championship appearance well leading get thumped. Stanford has constantly. Been in the conversation in should've been playing for national titles I got slighted. Should have been should have had multiple things but it's just Stanford is this never. Guarded the same respect nationally as you would hope because they just seemed as bunch of the Smart guys and then all and that's fine. But both programs are one of those crossroads word really do we have to get the conversation of these coaches are coaching for their job that's ridiculous. Oh I don't David Shaw isn't it OS coach in this conference right now. Yet these are people saying. I've heard I heard conversations this yet about David shock think about it. When you have expectations going into the season you become a top five team outcome in the country and then you fall off the map. Those ridiculous those people on those people are morons whoever's saying that that is even Brian Kelly mean throughout throughout all of all of notre Dame's. Biggest in your real notoriety. How can you tell me that you're gonna get a better coach than their than rank. Yet EO Brian Kelly is an interest in England division to you Grand Valley State is where he started. Built that thing into a power a national power. Then he uses central Michigan right. And and central Michigan. In that building a power quickly you know Dan must fever right finger as the Cincinnati. And quickly wins there and then boom. Which isn't there very long before he's that. Notre day. Mean the guy's won everywhere at every level is a phenomenal coach these people have probably bragged Cali in this is where I think it's. He rubs people the wrong way because. His tendency to to put it on his players kind of point the finger literally you know there but. We'll try some people call it can't holding them accountable to in my at least has the same thing to right you'd let it that doesn't sit well with some of the Notre Dame. We need to ladies right. I don't like people pleaser as head coaches that's one thing I don't like. Because your job is not to make everybody happy your job is to win football games and if you feel your style. Is what will win then own it because if you don't if you are trying to adapt and change just for what an outrage says. Brian Kelly doesn't care RT eliminated rubbing raw. And this this past week was done I think he said in the post game press conference. Or to a reporter post game that edged if they get the damn sat back. From the senator then they'd do to one against North Carolina State there. They play you don't hurricane here. Stop throwing the ball to take dude you return five he would empty. In our hurricanes a go under center and run it run it up the middle well I mean if if you knew going into senator isn't something that's in your playbook if you don't they are rally behind you guys know how to go under so but that that is on you and like putting it on a kid that. In hurricane conditions like. Dude mistakes are gonna happen when you're in a hurricane that's football that's life you know you know in acting that is aches are gonna happen and also ball games that's gonna things but also. Thank you sit there and you go on. Hey Brian Kelly. He doesn't deserve a lot of the criticism that he gets because the guy has proven he is done and every level in these two programs this game is huge because per. Sticker. This could be their first three game losing streak since 2000. Eight I believe I looked it up yesterday I think it's 2008. On they have not had a three game losing streak and that's that they could hit if dailies. In South Bend. This weekend which would be. Think about that you grew we're talking Stanford football and they haven't had a losing streak like that in eight years and that is that is the case in the last three game losing streak was in 2000. Hey Jesse I'm just not surprise with these big time teams struggling like this I just you've seen shifts we've talked about it throughout the entire year the shifts of how. Much college football will move recruiting classes changes. Big time players come in graduate leave expectations are elevated I think that we have a such expectations now out of teams they're almost unattainable. You almost almost to the point where. You get you get the argument that we wish for something else because we don't have what we want right now Viet do we. Visit and Brendan in this and make organ fans feel better that these NASA should that these natural slides are coming. Think about it organ. Notre Dame is down Stanford is down Texas is down Oklahoma is down. Yeah big time teams are down Auburn. All these national championship groups Florida. I think way Miami. We Dorgan Finn will say is that it's different. Is it different I don't know gold moved to those states and asked the same question. Yeah because it's not different. In Oklahoma in I think it may be different no qualms cases they've lost two games but there's bitter thing about firing Bob Steve's defense. Soul. In because they've lost two games this year. In eBay your point is. So valid in so well taken about Texas. Being down in nobody being immune to it. But hey you know organs and will say and I think it is different. Because it seems like. There did that help purchase losing control and losing your grip but you'll always actually what they're saying it in South Bend, Indiana right now and that's exactly what they're saying. In Texas right now. You know always go through doldrums always. Dual doubled it's it's impossible to state the top of the mountain does it take in new coach. TT bring you out of them. How many times. Have that everybody's answer now will yet yeah I know in that the dot seeing it that's the thing I don't know this because I haven't researches. How many times have we seen one coach. And go through the down cycle and then bring his program back up. While I was part of the coast but that was a different that was different time. I was part of that I saw that went inside while I saw coach James what he had to be spent eighteen years. And just have to discuss debacle in the seventies. And the decided to make arise meter rise up and hit it down. Early eighties and then right back up again so it's okay so heinous is it that's different so all done what I wanna make the point is is that that is gone that's not realistic anymore. It's not it's not possible to say that a lot of coaches not just him there's been a lot of coaches overtime. Them that it had down years right. So that to me is not attainable in today's style of football in today's world of football coaches make way too much money the expectations are way too high. There in the limelight to the livelihood and the lifeblood of universities they don't have time. To lose you don't have the patience to lose so coaches are gonna be allowed to ever. Go through that up in downswing and said there's a lot of coaches that will leave before. Yeah hit brought you hit the bottom there's any need to leave on their own Urban Meyer right there's been coaches that have gone through. The ebb and flows and been fired and then been removed and then gone to a new new new regime and then one again now. So you can you can say immediately but I don't know if we were gonna see it coaches who the longest tendered coaches Bob Simon Steve's anchor these parents are dead TCU now oh Iowa in any clearance period matters courier Paterson curtain yet carriers and yet. Paterson those guys have have all been the longest thing about that think about all the other coaches that you're looking at your goal and they just they're just not allowed to hang around anymore. From. Yeah Virginia attack in Frank Beamer here it down. Up up down. Up and then down before and he laughed and went just to cover I don't know that's in. So a year Don James and that's a different era. And is never gonna see that again pac twelve I mean you had the about. Who's that who's you silly coach Donahue who had that also. To stay there forever. Michael body count hadn't and he did a little bit of that absolutely over at a high. Went down third. My obviously that 2004 season in had a big time resurgent and then came back up batters. Hiring couple coordinators going through. You know UN. Rapid fire through your coordinators in Gary Crowe and before finally. Is settling on Chip Kelly and then use force to give it up to Chip Kelly. In that that's it that's an interest he went in and this is where that's why this is such a big game for both Notre Dame and Stanford came we make yarder that none of these coaches here are battling for their jobs all too cute show. You know Kelly is but he you really think Kelly is he should not be but he Elliott he has to do for Notre Dame is not gonna fly it in if you go to a five if they lose this game. Oh watch out because eaten the dots of grander. And Ed. Notre Dame are in Dave ridiculous expectation yes do you think you got extra cases of organ what do you think it's like itself meant what you write in which are. Far less warranted right now like historically there they are warranted. Right now they are less warranted them what they have at Oregon when was the national championship therein therein for years ago 2012 was out of there before that. June 09 a 8990. And before that they'd just been getting killed in the US gains by organ and organ stay right like that's that they were now they're known for getting killed in big games. Basically. BCS championship game PS the bulls. Whatever it may be in Davey Davey Colorado one year and a few assembled and that. It is. Kerschner aren't in university Colorado region has seen on television producers he had a goatee you would he cause UNC North Carolina no. No north Colorado and northern Colorado I know you can't imagine what you can only imagine that's right Philip Rivers that's from earlier in the show. But a yet here's why it's speakers Notre Dame tipped. Is viewed as Stanford this week you know we yeah he's looming the next two weeks. Miami his sixteen during team in the country games and then triple option navy. June. Right in your telling me that if they lose to NC state Stanford Miami acted that the triple watching game of navy they're good that's going to be that big comeback game. Now that's one of those ones where you just sit there and you throw up your hands you like do you hold on. Eight out there in that's why it is a big game for notre Dame's he gave Stanford as well because if you have it as setback like this. On T stand for you lose a game it's not Guinea's here is Colorado the very next week. Our rights 55 after a five that is the tax and you can also give skull 503250. 1080 Thursday night football dig in to us. We rise on the football game or the baseball game is Crawford sports and. This is a football Friday edition you know Dustin. You by seeing happen. Call intended. Wins. We thank you Friday morning beach going you know who doesn't know about wings. Who DeMarcus Cousins. See the thing we see now who's I don't know who that is when they asked if he iron he was joking about her analysts here. They Martin Marcus Cousin says he didn't know who Paul McCartney was. But he said he was joking yet they need tweeting out a bunch of like it old school music well because in the ends at the end of that he said. My understanding of it is that he says hoop. Indies can plated out in the end. Like some like a couple people just like freaked out in this stopped listening you know Honda just like walked away or where did people stop listening to what you're saying because he doesn't bill. All he had the guy who did the song with Kanye West because they're actually remember when that song with Kanye achy out chair people that was the whole thing on social media and soul. I heard it was actually a joke actually then I heard it was his joke was making fun of the people who actually did it now. But I'm unsure of this is easy surprise though if you didn't know Paul McCartney oh yeah yes. I would be yes I'm on our guys that I kind of be bomb what aides and his aides is they're cut off aid you need to know to market did you always know the greats. It's not like you music. When he doesn't like music. And everybody likes music recently listened to music enjoy it you should try it 26 years old he's born in 1990s. I would respect. It would be tracks. I grew up with a lot of Beatles. Being played OK I think they're really does depend on what your family yeah. Plays when you're younger the cure on subjects you Willie Nelson and crystal Gayle every day like my mom did path that. A surprising turn out more like Willie Kane well. I'm between do you smoke and they're very much to thank they're harder than ever credit. EA I don't know. I think you should 1990 Ed being you should I think every generation should know who Paul McCartney in his. Because that Paul McCartney or The Beatles are we talking just Paul McCartney are The Beatles you probably know him man John Lannan right yeah have they yet genuinely put a Ringo and George how are we don't use those guys are pretty good my favorite idol and the Golan he nobody can name and find your there was like George here's Paul Ringo. Kate trivia. Can you name the fifth beatle but you don't know the mysterious there's beatle Yoko. As it Peter best it was a that is named Gary dropped out of the band really early on. When that was like China student. We think that is doing now Isaak issues he's Al Bundy good he's I think he's a women's shoe salesman in London how off how many times of the told that story probably know a lot I know I was almost Eagles right. And either way though there should be there there's a point time where you just get off. The I guess I would say history thus. You just need to shut down if you ever have an opportunity that you'd missed out on in your like Wyden and not that. Yeah but I do what's your biggest a lot of things you do you do it every with a school's called regrets. Well yes not one person that doesn't have a regret. That. Not me I go yellow. No regrets. No regrets. Through that attack tear gas. IA. Nike investment though like something big like a business or like you'd like Peter best is going. Why do I have relieve The Beatles and I'm a moron right sure. But what it's like everybody else in The Beatles is like tune that he did the net anchors gone yeah puritan surreal in order to reason they haven't so that he wanted to change their tune yeah and and but like other way us old is I would call it now maybe is a contributing to the old and that we look at generations of Leo these generations they don't have any respect the they don't have any knowledge right they don't have a work ethic yes. They don't appreciate everyone's always said that they don't appreciate. The out like past there is Dave thank mark Cuban's whole thing is. He passed on uber. If somebody's at not doing two bedrooms and Obi and Anderson I wish to thank those are area does that's something that he could invest in he missed out on. I had a friend that was like dude you should really get in these bitcoin things vol they're really cheap now is like. Personal don't run money news that second well the other thing yet now is like this for six years ago and he he didn't now now. In now he has a lot of money and in I'm night. Newton initiated and even though I haven't heard anything about that coins debasement and you know do these ghosts I don't know of the European thing they're still going up and valued no room. It coins are you don't have anything like that is big claims will haunt me now. You don't have anything like that no I got regrets I get all I got slapped in the face in the 2008. Now that's from the part of real estate fund. Slapped and then. That's like I missed out on him on the grounds of the regrets ego how what an ideal that's what we're talking about don't you talk about regrets and things you probably wish you should have done that somebody told you walk away like. So we told you hey let's do this in not a big deal in your life. On the island on the other side I like thing I like I look at things is things I should have walked away from instead of going into. That's how I now okay. I I is not a business venture but. When I was a junior high school during a track race but diet there's nothing you can have none now he made you successful know a guy Alan odd guy shot in high school a gay guy showed me how is this your I lied to again bing and I wish I would punish him and I try to take the higher a ninety. And again not on topic a a wanted to punch him in the face and I didn't this has nothing to do with. But go ahead and finish all the times I feel proud I still feel I get a little worked up. No one punch that guy and the face it's obviously too late now. And as they'll find this guy get his name I mean yeah I have his name. Let's find him but it Ko punch him for you Robert do you have a criteria. Of how many times it takes a four pushes your button. You have to give a set number. I mean if I get shoved to the ground let's say you're number one guy lied that now on a fulfills the criteria. Are you a starter finisher. Like in a fight yet you know I think they have a right to fight on to say most people have a criteria like a look mean and all I don't like to start a physical in and a violent act I'm with you in Arizona really need to. A Mormon on the defending yourself that's on saint yeah I'm more of a pass at this unless I have to okay. Why are we talking about his pacifism and on the it's your fault what's the guy's name might brought up regret name is Russell Westphal. Russell Westbrook. Russell local expert. This all starts of the old people being mad that nobody could remember the DeMarcus Cousins could not remember. Paul McCartney. I mean I'm mad about that I think he should know better and then that. I hate there's good football where you let's get back on topic this sort of this'll segments Bosnian understand football I'm sorry. And then wings happened DeMarcus Cousins regrets none. It's Friday you know what at this point were located off the rails case it was to stay with us folks are Kurds. Are falling dollar going back to sports okay. Thursday night football the Broncos struggle. Another question that I asked you previously did you win where you eyes more on their sense football. A Major League Baseball because this is it prime time game again deferred the NFL them. I'm gonna need to deceit did it lose to baseball. Will do many people dusty came on the fan. This is a football Friday addition of dusty and Jim in the morning rob steal by series pat vampire on 1080 I don't trend. I know you do it right and you can be emailed this signal to Crawford still doing principled not. Email this segment. Thanks for the prince rejoinder I knew that little artist I got again lifers don't issue I really do your son is gonna be prince well I really wants to he was Michael Jackson last year. Here we go way. In word deciding. He's like how to how to we would we do do we do the full purple blue earth jumpsuit. Yeah crushed velvet two with that ruffles. Yeah yeah got you you dairy is a great. Prints cover band. In Portland in I cannot remember and again the whole game I would to a bar and they were playing one time Alice like. Jude is that you bring its key. Is. The dead ringer. Who. Cited. He's he's he's very good tribute I'll like it is a perfect. Any makes his own clothes moralist story if he makes his own prince costumes to. So. It is I ache. Perfect tailored prince married outfits because of the game the crushed velvet suit is not gonna need a hard part. Having it painted on. Is the hard part because they're confronted him. Very yeah very tight fitting clothes. Wonder what that guy's name is Texas a 553 or five Nino like dad's name is I want. It's worth like going and watching that cover band anyways where you are more focused on Thursday night football. Or re more focused on to game five the NLV. I'll be honest yes OK good so I'll be honest with you. The Thursday football games for me all year thus far all year other than the opener which begins season with seems league was you months ago. With the Carolina Panthers in Denver Broncos again the Denver Broncos the second Thursday night game. You've been awful in Seoul last night I found myself more interested in. Major League Baseball and this is also due to the fact that it's Major League baseball's month this is their month. This is what we wait for is October it's aren't expecting to see something I don't wanna miss. You don't mean like what the way it was that in 99 inning right Elliot giants. Losing that way. Or you could look at it and say was the cubs that won it that way I don't wanna miss that so that's why look for. These games to mean these Thursday games in football right now are ruining the NFL. They're they're watering the product down to the point where everybody has a bad taste in their mouth you're still gonna watch it. But man it just it's new it's not interesting. The color rescued he's making good to San Diego. Eight plus those on a plus in Denver beautiful good on you with the old. Classic. News to do in there but it's never going to BC's. Bob Murray. I put my. Arm and I agree but but the game. Awful terrible game. Feel goats doesn't make when we're always worried about his job you were waiting for San Diego to implode you know and lose again at Philip Rivers was gonna put on his bolo tie in certain. Texas drawl is that how about this. Five days ago Denver. Was the defending Super Bowl champion undefeated in. They're now two losses but they're left tackles taken to a hospital in Naimi Russell OK there. Their head coach is hospitalized after last week's game carry cute and now they're in disarray he they've played two games in five days in eagle and it seems like a completely different franchise can you ask yourself this question what it would feel like to be the head coach. And to be sitting with your son who was live tweeting during the game watching the game of your team sitting there watching it. And going costs because I personally felt my sock double tweets do. The Denver's completely different was Gary Kubiak calling place. I doubt there offense looked stagnant. He didn't have any consistency. It looked like it was a re team it was not the same continuity the conceive because Kubiak knows how to protect Simien at quarterback and find ways to be creative with play calls. If you'd think play calls are all about this this nice big colorful. Laminated it is sheet in front of the guy and he just flips into who's who's good note and there's a rhythm and continuity to it there without Gary Kubiak almost plays just didn't look at it. You know indie would've protected Trevor Symbian a little bit more zap shoulder injury punitive you would've called a game go five steps. It's really interesting that you say that in you mention Gary Kubiak in that because there's reading and really good article on Monday Morning Quarterback about Kyle Shanahan. The offensive coordinator for the falcons from. And they are so drastically different offensively and they were all a year ago same coordinator. In it is because he reverted back to. Be kind of freewheeling. And loose play calling that he had when he is in Houston. And he is matured. To the point just like in the last year he is that why am I banging my head against the door in its kind that are hall moment that great coordinator great play callers have. In Gary Kubiak has always been in Kubiak was that guy we have Kyle Shanahan. And he'd. Very true. Here's my other thought of the game. Two and I don't think there are Malone in this I think we're watching San Diego which is it which is who week we've talked about the franchise and how. It just doesn't seem like it's it's one that you wanna be a part of worst one on the rise. I watched Philip Rivers I consider him a modern day Dan Marino I really do I think he is really good. I think that he makes throws he is a competitor he is a fighter he's a guy that I would love to see when it. But I just know he's gonna be stuck there in San Diego his entire career. And at the age of 34 creeping up on 35 we're gonna watch this man right off into the sunset without a championship and have ungodly numbers. And you look at him go man did we miss the boat I know you can't imagine that you can only imagine. Turn that I mean who is anyone else feel that way not. Is great is Dan Marino I think modern day Dan Marino and I know I'm not only great Phil rivers is is really good dial in I didn't I didn't like I didn't. Think that you're saying no better than Dan Marino but yet he is he is that guy that is really. Stink in dead. And when it's all said and done people look back it and his creative guy he drinks one all time in the NFL in what no way. Any normal you won't believe it no EU really won't be and people will forget how good some of those teams and work that were his fault. And you know what Joey both is playing good he's a rookie with a guy that sit out to me too and I think then and nobody surprised by this you found your Antonio gates' replacement. Hunter Henry is legitimate. Hunter Henry in India that Terrell lanes pretty good to know. There's some decent guess and these are your some good things there I really don't like going gets his chance I think it's unfortunate when you see what he's had to deal with them losing games that way. You'd just in San Diego or in social problems and he did in the NFL don't this this year's will reduce his fourth year I know that's what I'm saying and so that's why you get three years in your four tiers here. 00. Your are a moment as coach hand. You're a Holler oh S moment you look at any heroics. Kind of one and then on. I it's always awkward it's often offensive it's exceedingly entertaining it's Crawford is Crawford weekend would you rather its next.