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Dusty & Cam - Friday, October 7th - HR2

Oct 7, 2016|

Some breakdown of the Ducks-Huskies, preview some of the games across the CFB schedule, and a look at AL Divisional Series.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right things since 1952. It's the balls Friday on the Israel and the this is a football Friday addition of dusty and jam in the morning when the dust era and NFL veteran Jim Cleveland grabbed an award winning highs from serious for your next football viewing party or tailgate or series Saturday and high breast level until six balls Friday with the dusty and jam on Jay Nady. Already as duds in dogs where it lets every seventies smack talk it's coming through on the tech senate 55305 soya we're gonna break down the entire. We were only up offense and defense of this it you'll not know we've still that's enough. Let's have some fun. RA that's enough no more breakdowns this text at 55 TO five so that's he played one did team at Helen now they think they on the mound. Mountains that a mole hill it's no pac twelve north. And now I go play your space. In the out any guy on on Twitter. Ryan has said. Nice bar this barked first stark shirt camp park firsts are you dubbed yup this is bark for Sar tread on me you got. You love season to season hit a thumbs down on that one you love an easy and so I was savior of your program is to get my son at school yesterday and I told him I said look around but he. And Eagles what we mean I was just look around where are you seeing anything till. Soft five husky shirts pick up. This is what you pick up your kids and everyone sick. Usually on average it's about ten to twelve duck shirts and the you know I'm an and I will make this I would just be careful to watch but because. Suddenly. Everybody feels a little bit comfortable putting on their purple. And wants to step out in town with a and I went duchess just don't worry about it this this isn't the real fan but in this is true this is the best part about. The last twelve years there. Husky fan has been criticizing got fined for what you just said eggs all my gosh. Exactly they have been criticizing. Ya in in criticizing and that was the only guy that husky fan had to stand on. Look at where you're out right now and and weigh in now what is husky has a reaction to those fans can you are one of these guys you're all its I clear my shirt every day because you know that bandwagon phantom is. Most fans of this of eighteen hop on the banned rat always of course if you did you were June Mota center considerably golds they worry your dirty rat. How do you handle this one. Husky fans feel has a OneCare it well I don't even single one that you how many times have we seen on the Texan how many telephone calls have we do and they drag event you turn those people away now. Our our our house is the University of Washington fans got to turn those people as they hit. They each take that sure to know because I've accepted the fact that I think all of us have is that there are a lot of people out there that does love to follow things that are winners. That's right. People that are winners teams that are winners anything he that's what people want attached to end. I don't problems without RJ just realize I can clean out the crowd really quickly RJ text indexing it's gonna be great this year can't wait. Now RJ it's not passed a season and earned yet backs little's is finish of his webbed foot so far up your husky Aaron. Yeah yeah I really gone our stock in those whose puddles. Other doc I thought he was this the duck well that's the dot puddles is is puddles though was the lives. Real life done is he's still around. I think he died half a century ago he just came from another one in there. Anybody would know no. Ducks hoopla then I don't mean they've really may keep Medicaid's during game lie at the heritage. Orgy I don't think you're like as cute to keep around as we talk about dogs are cool we have but I mean like. Would you rather like Keaton like take care of a few bold blogger have to take care Modano and arm and that means something anyway. The last time the Huskies beat the ducks I was still in my twenties so was cam. We did the math on this you were 29 and it was talking. Hi Sheila 63 now I was twelve you were twelfth. You're kidding me down Irish half a year or life path. That's that's pretty good half after Cray run joked that it's it's. What can happen tomorrow something I really can't remember ever happening troupe and a puddles that in 1938 or visit that would have been a really old duck rest in peace. Did tease him that. Did tease him. These kids here now your bandwagon fans could launch the Gaza Strip this is like crap. I graduate from high school in Vancouver 1997. It was all Huskies and cougars geared. Shows my point exactly people follow the W and it's not I W it's the win column know in that is so true. Never go back to this weekend there's going to be lots of debt gear available I did well Libya sale rack really expensive stuff acted well that's and then be really cheap. Are right 55305 is Texan let's let's dive into an aspect of this game that we haven't discussed yet. We don't really hear about all that much this is rivalry game rivalry games are are usually pretty close right. And for the most part yeah. And this is the first year since I. 2000 price since 2003 the last time you don't one. That. U dub is favored. To win this football game. In the pressure. Is on dare back because like people go back to let 20042005. Win. At the Jackson 5 and 7001. In ten year freed up. In Seoul. This might be the first time since the last husky win that they are favored. What is pressure do for for this program in the pressure bullseye being off of organs back well. I don't know if it is pressure because I'm not in that locker room so I don't know what coach Petersen Hussein I do you know when he shut down a locker room. And he doesn't want the players talking and coaches talking and issues it's been very very quiet. I don't know what is being said but I can tell you that a lot of those guys that are in there. How of like what they're having the same conversation in the Joerg locker room. This game means a lot just because it it's it looks like its future Jeff Reese for two programs right now one is saying we need this game. Because this is part of who we are we beat the Huskies and that is what we do. That is this this game is important we don't lose for an oracle it's not gonna happen and then you have another team on the other side suitor saying it's our time now. K this is how we win games this is our our north we're gonna take this pactel by storm. It's our opportunity now seem to narratives in both of them are realistic and both those groups of players know exactly how important this game is. There's pressure in my point of view there's pressure on both sides I don't look to one and say one's a favorite and one isn't. I'm thrown out records because I realize how much this game means for both programs he had. This is a big this is a big moment for. Or again to kind of either save. In that some wanting to use a unit team that's. They're backs against the wall you know right in if they don't react and they don't put up their best effort of the season. Then you start looking at or gaining going. Where's the floor because I don't know where gonna see where that is until maybe the end of the year right into you hit. The bottom. Dad is got to be the scary part for. For the for the organ fan base in the da ducks in mrs. If the fight isn't there in this game. Where does the rest of the season look like what does dresses season do you and for husky fan it is. King and they string it. Together can they keep the momentum just rolling right now because they are just beating teams they are hounding them into submission. The strength on strength is going into this game the intimidation in the speed. Of how organ plays football the fear that they can score on any play at any time. Is what makes organs football. So good. Washington on defense the intimidation of those front four. Their secondary they're linebacker play the physical malady of what they wanna do on defense. Is the identity of how that program up north is building this is strength on strength. And we're gonna see in this game very early very quickly. Who will be willing to fold. Who will they battle will they take punches at each other obsolete is gonna be a knockout fight mean this is exactly you're gonna see blow after blow big play. Potential turn overs fumbles there's going to be penalties in there they're there could be some targeting shots we don't know all noses. I'm expecting an absolute war and I really hope it's gonna be that 55305. Is detect signs. Let's take a look at the health heading in this weekend as well because there's a ton of injuries piling up for again. There's not much being said out of Washington. Dusting cam on the fence. This is a football Friday edition of dusty and Tim in the morning brought to you by series cafe and high on Jan navy both trim. Several Dexter said. Requested GO picked up the drop of Keyon sitting ducks are cool from last segment so we can Chinese effort drops that could cut that out. Multiple textures. Loaning them when they need to feel good about themselves that's I'd I do like. The animal. And you're cool you. Not but I'm just taken out of context and we just heard all about that taken out of context. On the on the C aired did you did you did too that the dogs who only had half a good season so far the amount of people wearing purple is crazy right now he's he's dead arming you've only played five games. You know that they went off five so I got that's what vandalism and as a fan I gonna do that within that there's only about fans here. Pop officer potter Chiming in ninety Witten still get a score at least that Z coming back out of retirement stills that he's still you are gonna score that's gonna get there. Our rights five factor if I were talking about this game a delisted injuries for the organ docs. Is absolutely. Insane. Some of what's going on Downey Jeanne. We know about the ones Beatty and of Tyrell Crosby we remember those injuries right. Let air in centrists have CSN. And you could find it at CSN NW dot com he. Kind of put it all and no long and big article here. Of the injuries and I would say one small little place and one small article but no this is a big injury back a big injury report for the organ docs and kind of what they've been dealing with. As you have Tyrell Crosby. He's. Out of the season we know about one you have Johnny Reagan who went down with. The injury against Al Washington State this past weekend he is also. Done for the season you've guide to doing Stanford he got injured. On what was it. Was it that. Third. Quarter was that the fourth quarter on Betty third quarter. And he's likely out this week against Washington after he got hurt and fumbled. Meet god Drake and at Carl berg Richard freshman defensive tackle who is a starter. And he got hurt and he's just the last two games Ferrell brown missed day Colorado game with a leg injury AJ hodgkin's has been hurt deepest are chick. A back up to offensive lineman gets a lot of playing time missed the first four games due to injury. Johnny months hasn't played since 00 accordingly query looked really good Jalen jokes. I'd Troy die I mean these injuries don't forgive them and Alec DeVon Allen. Don for the year as well Royce Freeman is is out with injury and then can I didn't wanna. He got her with a shoulder and it doesn't look like he's going to be playing against Washington as well. This is a massive. There none none of the injuries for so early in the season and it's. Also a telltale sign of why when this is stupid narrative. Of firing coach Al fridge. When you hear that list. Of guys and you look at that. How can you honestly tell yourself that. When you have what 85 guys on scholarship cracked in the time to develop talent you look at all these young players that he has. And you mean to tell me that that is the way to stay competitive. By blaming a head coach that had all these injuries because you know he's responsible for multiple injuries. Does that. That he can't he can't coach guys from two not being injured right is there is there a talent is there ability to stop guys from injuries because that's available please give me that bill. I'll take it. You hit it then the funny part is that people will that was then it is the dumbest thing because well people often. Say bit s.'s strength and conditioning. And that is your training staff frank bill aren't those people they get blamed for sure there's a lot of people that do zero okay right you've heard that before. I've worked with the best strength coach in the world his name is Mike what he's the only man walking on the planet was six Super Bowl rings he's a Dallas. Cowboys' strength coach he is was with the patriots for three years I worked through them in New Orleans and New England. I don't care what you do and how you do it there's a lot of great strength conditioning coaches out there you can't stop injuries and when they do flood they come in bunches. And end this is one of those years were you're seeing guys guys that are major contributors both offensive and the offensively you can't fix that with freshmen. You can't fix it it's it's not possible to do so that's why can't stand this this narrative of fire coach Belfort. Can't stand it. Does this texture says you know rich Brooks started that Mike Bellotti too good to step up Chip Kelly taken another step up what is mark comforts done. In. To demean what have you done they were in the national championship game two years ago. At the argument is that's the chip Kelly's guy who cares if he still had to run the ship in I don't care. And I am with Kia because. There's a lot of people that have a lot of talent you know on their rosters and they still can't win with them rank. Like was it was the year after. You know. Pete Carroll left was that an empty covered a USC. Well they weren't national title contending team ranked exactly and doing nine games they were ranked number 10 pretty good Lane Kiffin wrecked. So. Ego there's ups and his downs in this is is is harassment is those are a lot of injuries I don't think anybody out there listening to realize how many injuries how many catastrophic injuries as have affected both sides of the football thirteenth on this Texas says Evelyn in 96 drink defense and FBS and that is the big issue and that is such a big issue so. You know that's the. That's the whole issue that this thing is you have defense man. Defense defense defense that is the big issue with this team and you can't blame Brady coach. Yet there in transition with in he doesn't have a lot of talent there now that's reality they're just not talented defense of they're not. Do you think there are no I don't think they're. I don't think they're talented defense I don't think you're ever gonna get hyper. Number super the multiple words at canyons talented guys to complete defense of organ. They realize that if you're gonna play defense of organ you're not going to be that style. Okay you're the you're not you're not built that way you're built with the speed of offense the intensity in the intimidation. How often do you realize that we talked with Spencer Basinger you know what'd he say when he was here when he had that ability some man guys. To be great if you had a thirteen play drive he said they'd be three times we go three plays he'd be right back in. Not that it's demoralizing. It's work in you have to temper. Temper that yet to be able to understand that throughout a game. You can't just going there go listed beat these guys have physically on defense now is you know your office is gonna throw you right back out there soon so just have a good enough defense. Keep viewing game. I knew how you build defense and organ I will say this though. I can putt that hasn't been that was not true in the years that they've gone to a national championship game. They still gave points in games dared to do offense their defense was. They're defenses were good in had NFL talent in what are you talking about this are you talking about when they made their runs all the past years all of their national championship game appearance and how many times have we made the discussion and made that made the talk about. How about the conference was because they really only had to get it for probably two game season. Out of that in that stretch belt it's different now I because the offense that they created and revolutionized. Has now. Ben what everybody else is running and so you can't play that style of defense anymore she years ago a bad I'm what I'm saying is that the talent has been there I mean. Back to back years they've had a top ten pick up their defensive line sure you know and to force Buckner Sierra army and you have great talent but it's scheme is what I'm talk. And but that is the thing is A you can bring guys in now. That in when Malia you have when they do recruit that talent yeah to go and play in this system plate in who in aid in that defense is scheme. Their defense is our good enough to carry them to national championship games if you get the right talent in here absolutely. Bright blue league and that's been and that's just stating the obvious in my opinion if you're able to recruit the right talent. Of course no matter what scheme you're gonna do you'll be successful we still have to develop the talent. We still have to figure out what's your identity on defense I'm saying the identity on defense will always be. Keep us in the game. We can't handle the mount intensity that your putting us through we can't handle 7580 plays a gay unions and their defense and that in that is that that's exactly that a high they have level they have been able to do it. So eight became be done has been and they just haven't. Well they have been able to do. Is what your points reverses a really crappy conference. At the time one they did to Florida State in the Rose Bowl yeah I don't know what you don't wanna gain now pounding that team when I'm talking about god overall strength to be able to handle a nine conference. Game schedule you'll handle the speed air raids bear raids. The the way out wash impounded we stand for pals that they have to be over the PA chameleon on defense and be able to adjust that's what I'm talking about. Them don't talk about the marathon not a sprint a one game yeah 55 after a five is the text sign here. And there's a lot and there's a lot of people that are Texan and on this game in have their thoughts on it will get to your feedback the defense he's dead. Have a bend but don't bring style give a lot of yards but force turnovers here and that was tough and the reds on that would your biggest thing they do you know not not nearly as good a red zone turnovers. Our aid is now I mean that is a huge. Factor because. Look at went to go to fruit cup and right in the first few games of the year. Kiely is first interceptions against Colorado. Right person reception against Colorado. But they're games are still typing in a blues and in Nebraska in that game because they're not creating the amount of turnovers at the east in those crucial situations why do you get those turn opportunistic -- because what you've done on offense has put so much pressure on the opposing team's offense that they feel. The they're nervous man if we turn the ball over we don't press. We're Dennis we don't score keep up. Now the pressure is there on out opposing team's office and now we your defense can do but hold on your defense can attack it can feel free that they know they make mistakes. Their offense the duck offense can capitalize they had go ahead and shoot your gun because we know we have our offense in our back pollster they had dudes I mean they did TJ ward Patrick Chung. You know they'd dispenser pace singer. An Indian chief opera all moved Hanson. Who's that would just got off the fear is though if a duck offense goes three and out three and out now the defense is going home cockroach. Oh please no please we can't make a mistake crawled out bass that is that wash I didn't say Ernie had at Washington State they had three straight. Three else did it did defense know the defense held a watch on State Street and in the office and do exactly. Anything. And that is bad isn't the problem. I did great slate of college football not just the Tennessee Miami games but there's a lot of really good. Football being played around this a country in college football cussing him on the finish Joe's sports and. This is a football Friday addition of dusty and jam in the morning brought to you by Ceres pat vampire on Jay Nady drove trail and. Really get these same games are unconscionable. This weekend yet again college football not disappointing thing. As you look at the likes of then ninety's being back in in vogue in college football. Fred causes not just store owners who bulb clothing. And and tangent there a lot of flannel while flannel. Childers to them yeah we show Lindsey Vonn learned choker in the other night on guys we announced a listener and a you imagination. But you've got ninth ranked Tennessee taking visit to Kyle field for number eight Texas chain them visitor ninety's feel about it. Doubt when verses Peyton Manning anybody and who for you there that we wanna do that that wasn't pleased that he's the guy is seek it got really good. And no matter cowboys fan I love launch and that when did your cowboys fans and us and that he was enjoyable to watch when the count was sucked in the early 2000 I'm judging you but none Barry tablets and Jeff Fisher everybody. Again at 1230. On if there that on CBS's the game of the week I don't know how much in judge when you weren't patriots hate easy to everybody who done. Five bolt those teams fighting now. At this juncture in the city area this juncture in the season but. You look at either of those teams are one of those seems a poser closer because 8 AM no. Eight and is being UCLA to open up the year they've crushed. Preview Ain and they beat job Vernon at Taiwan crushed Arkansas which I don't know like why does he SEC. Like what is Arkansas. What is the allure of Arkansas this year what. Has Arkansas done to you garner there. Ranking in holding on TV sixteenth ranking in the country I don't know home you're asking me to bring down the thoughts of wine SEC team is is supposedly going to be better than every everybody else but I think a man is getting credit. Four and in this is the same thing that they deserve their credit. If they're fighting now via their five to now be a barrier UCLA's top ten team in the country right. But. Arkansas beat Louisiana Tech when he won twenty. K lots and rust and Skip Holtz. Is the head coach there Lou Holtz this kid can. May be a TCU team. Pretty good. At the time TC was right I think TC was ranked way in the top fifteen right they were fifteen. At that time so that's credit but a whole bunch they yep that's the thing is that. This is where Adair now three in TO. And they got in TCU TCU is in not ranked anymore then right Arkansas. Is sitting there is an act act fifteenth or sixteenth. Don't play number one Alabama in it Alabama beats them right they nearly get Arkansas team that before until then then. And net. Alabama we'll get all the credit in the world for beating B sixteenth ranked team in the country. Right then instead of like every other conference it'll be looked at as. Well. You know if is say Oregon right dead Nebraska went over organ. People downplay that win against Oregon because we have well organism in the top 1025 your leader im praying your totally back in and proving my point of why these rankings mean are meaningless. Well yet has even I heard the I've never fought your point about it and I'm just saying that. It's still a little bit DS you can't nor used it as part of your example of why people are looking at a going. It should mean more to the SEC is going day people will say and what this weekend means a whole lot more courses the SEC. Courts but why. Is CSC we are really great at Camden. It is only daughter it's not good outside of the top they have had. National championships after national champions they have the best team in the country right now the defending national champions in their conference. So they can say whatever they want. Yet in day well. That's kind of how it works so. Why he's had multiple championships but the Big Ten didn't get that win you had Ohio State win the national championship after that I rush stored in your right and they beat that Alabama team the Big Ten was like it's Ohio State and everybody else a one off though you think about when the last time prior to that that Ohio State anybody wanna championship in the Big Ten you know it'd been tooth it was and it 2000. For the Ohio State. Right I was the last time O'Leary your book candidate when was the last senate Tina said the state of Alabama won a national championship after the SEC LSU. Right the deck all right now we are definitely I know she 200878. LR 888. Florida Florida Florida back to back. Would be 2008. Yeah so that you conference just dominates is because they have that many. Championship rings and it. We know what we're not surprised by know what he has but I I sit there and Arkansas I agree with you don't want why Arkansas if you throw Arkansas into the pac twelve. They're middle of the road team what's the big chant. That piece do we yeah and their middle of the road team in the pac twelve. Would you compare them to. Well they've cal. Well I thought I'd say give more credit and try to compare them to Stanford. But I don't think they'd do it as well because they're just a power running team you know we're gonna controlled the clock parental control line of scrimmage but. I would put that I've put them right yeah with the talent level of cal while they're beat dull surprise yep yep no beat some teams. But Kris and they're go write home about cal now know we write home about cal. You know it's not good morning and hang our hat on them being a top fifteen team but. The SE CT parent or top twenty team and and power the SEC power once again he is right now man on but Tennessee in aid and those two teams are bull five and now they square off this weekend. We also have Florida State Miami I'm. Add a lot of people believe Miami is a big poser from and they are undefeated. They have beaten Florida a and M university. In their mascot. Florida a and M yeah are there a snake of some sort of believe her then yeah yeah reptiles some sort they're they're snake there and he radler says. Well you're right round thanks they would they have beaten SAU. I don't list the owls now formerly Howard snell and Burger's team over who yeah Appalachian State they eat. And it George attack they've beaten this year. Some people leads and they may be oppose or meanwhile Florida State kind of limps into this game. And Florida State is three NT UN ON two in conference play with losses to little hole in North Carolina and they've beaten Ole miss. One of those SEC teams that. In May be in Charleston southern and such as South Florida and bad game I'm looking forward to also because that's in hurricane conditions the front and again. It got him in Miami. And meet 89 degrees thunderstorms probably some wind. Hurricane conditions you find there is Miami there ladies are wins you think there'll be some winners in my hair and RT hurricanes it OK ammunition. Fluff type you go maybe some wind. Venus in a little bit facetious just 5 o'clock kick on ABC. And outside of Oregon and Washington what game were you looking forward to the most this week I actually really looking forward to the. Red River Rivalry. Because I I do I I'm looking forward to Texas and Oklahoma I wanna see if it Charlie Strong can battle because. He got. What is called the kiss of death if I called the kiss of death that might not be that important but most people do. When your president or anybody tweets and think about that tweet something about your support. You heard the old. We support you no matter what we got that from the president Charlie stronger from Texas president was a tweet we support everything that Charlie Strong is doing. Oh gosh. Oh gosh that would be the vote of confidence that is the kiss of death well Heidi and the kiss of death because both these coaches right now they're it was going both these coaches can be fired really. Now sponsors. Zug hockey teams are Charlie Strong on the other hand. Boyd does feel like asses you know it feels like he's done. The AL DS start with a bang in Arlington ending Cleveland quite the opposite of the mad done in the war game that we had a couple nights ago. The sink him on the same. This is a football Friday addition of dusty and jam in the morning brought to you by series pass their eyes on ten navy both program. At 55. 305. That is the decks. Who now fans are saying hey. He's not a Guinea Gaudin about an undated gods of organ in this circle of life called Watson dogs are getting deep guards. To eat never heard. My. We commend Greek mythology yeah yeah we are we are we hear this news. OK here we go have a DL DS yesterday USO circle baseball. Blue jays ten on dumping. How about this little nugget Korea wild card winners. Are four and one. In game one all time in the yield the depth. You brought up what momentum. Means in and catching hot and scary teams. Game one's are they don't go on to win those series there one in three all time in the series we talk about touching a team that's hot or best record in the American League. In the Rangers you Scott stunned by the Toronto Blue Jays yesterday. And that was a beat down of epic proportions how much do you think is just hot bats getting ready. With his hot bath this is a five game series correct yes. It's always gonna come down to first of all who's going into the series. Who gets that first momentum bump right do you think about home runs or geyser didn't hit the ball that that was a huge win. The way Toronto one against the Orioles Eagles a little momentum things you can't you can't make up its real and it honestly Israel because confidence coming in. The Rangers have all the confidence in the world. How much is it that we sit there and really gay guys say they were saying Cole Hamels who got lit up her six earned seven in three and a third innings I believe. He. In that extra couple of days of rest so he got eight days off or extra few days and set a five. How much do you think that affects a pitcher eight days off instead of five. Between starts hey I never really throw you off that much on. That's that's that be great question for somebody that actually is a pitcher but they are if you're just asking me to I think guys get a rhythm sure. Shirley interim. Yeah and if you get in that rotation timer you have your days off yeah absolutely could affect you. If you're nodding your same routine. Are you meaning to tell me that you think baseball players might be superstitious. Creatures of habit. My wife and their routine. Gosh I mean I'm a routine guy figure comes off. Were big goes. Off the rails just a little bit yeah I'm I'm get out of town I'm slightly. Out of my element which is every day amount of violent anyway that's kind of my daily route but. That is that to me that's an amazing number 41 and then we've only had five years of this obviously with deemed to build one game wild card playing game. In that number right there will it scare me if I may Chicago Cubs fan today. ET cubs fan Eric cub fan nervous about take on the giants now even year now we'll go to these. Now now they're onerous. I would be terrified no you wouldn't be nervous than a 108 years since your last World Series you should be the best team in baseball. When you're talking about the confidence that they half pound you should be. But it's the curse stupid ideas that goes on and we're we're talking about the danger senate baseball superstitions and superstitions or not they have the best team in baseball they should be. Very very very very. Confident I'm suddenly it came on this because on on Wednesday on a hot corner shameless plugs there Yahoo! we are talking out and I we are talking about the game but now seeing. I think this might be 31 at the most cubs are the best team in the way that the giants finished the season and it was pretty atrocious and are you said momentum by. The momentum has been in the 'cause here the whole season because or that damn good and date if they're gonna make this. Like 32%. That it shouldn't happen we've seen good teams should all their face before joining and that's Spezza is gonna happen we've seen good teams. I don't get that same funeral this coaster I don't either and I don't wanna refer to something that just happened a really good team that had a great regular season that choked in the playoffs. Look no further and Golden State. So if you want. Have a history lesson they don't have to go too far back they'll end up like them. You know and I sit there like get though yak eat when was the last time the cubs had a meaningful game. Every playoff game last year and hand. Every race every single playoff game right you know what the last meaningful game that the giants played in months. Every single game since. September. 20. About baton. Where you look at how they did there of their how they close out the season four game winning streak. With three of those coming against the Dodgers can't they win it. Five of their last six games. Right. And six of their last. Eight to close out the season. We year playing in May finally turned the corner or their bats came to life right because now's the one thing since he also are right they can hit them. Broadside of a barn. But people say god save them worst record since the all star break will bass figured it out because guess how good they were before the all star break. Add the ulcer every day were 57 and 33. Then in a rash of injuries and then they just couldn't figure out how to get back will be got it back at the perfect time and the bat the last part of the regular season. And that Timmy would scare me on the cubs seem because the cubs have been in cruise control mode. For so long. That. Have they what they had to do. DeVon editing to play for Eric. So bad that is why I'd be a little bit. Worried if on the cubs fan because you catching a team that's peaking at the right time that we know how good they can be because they were able to be the worst team in the second half of the season. In still make the playoffs and still win the wild card game are you that confident though in looking at. John equate Joseph Madison bomb garnered singles or two that's good enough to denies he achieved through a five game series it's. That would be the concern if I MA is found the giants fan. Because blood they have some are densely guess margin Matt Moore Matt Cain and right. But that lineup that the cubs through acts you. The cubbies the bears and Jon Baird Jon Lester GQ area at. Hendrix. Or and Hendrik how Kyle Hendrix. Lackey. That's pretty solid. If the court. You're getting more than what I'm hoping for an overall this Chapman as your clothes are correct me if I'm wrong are we gonna see area at a verses Metzenbaum guards. Can we see that is it set up for that right now I haven't looked. And that is area out of Tom Gardner. His government can't thank that ha that's gained three. Area had a bomb garner in its in San Francisco boy. That is then you know what that'll be the decider to you you're gonna get a sweep in this series but I die game and are excited just for that game you. This is tech's gonna hear lifelong cubs San nervous just look at that 116 when Mariner's. Evidence the Mariner's cubs haven't had a meaningful games because they wind giants have because they couldn't win. That's good wins than it cubs fan here watched every game this year I'm friend of the giants. We're all nervous. I think they should be nervous because. Hey. It's cubbies I want them to win the World Series you think they do you think they did. We have as a World Series winner please haven't discussed this you know I you know I haven't had dug down deep in the mines have what I'd like to see the cubbies win it absolutely. Your chief focused on Washington and Oregon. No I'm just tonight I just you know what I get really excited now are easily wait for the first series be over I want to ALCS NLCS. That happened so those serve those are the two are really get excited about ten or not these divisional ones are good but I just wait for that that time did you get to really see the two teams. Just the way the royals are able to step up and watch those guys at me and they're just so intimidating last year I'm gonna I'm. On with the cavs just because someone Indo I want to win this series and need to get past this series and they will be stopped him in I want him to win this series because not a shut dirt up. Well now there's one thing go for Palestinians the Red Sox had a long long time before they won a world suit Trulia sell through that and it happened for them. So it's your time I think cubs news media have I I'm taking the cubs and redo your who's your baseball team. I don't really want to revisit the rules and all this is slash random show that's right he went we got it Astro he was on NF. An aunt and patriot and we got a cowboy in our real. With hate welcome to Portland you'd know we're not from Seattle post so I understand it's amazing and a it dead it's a bake you proud you pry who fell lovable those teams and you're a kid. Camden yards is the first field ever went to me I don't you follow takes you followed these teams near a kid out here and you just have these weird connections to them. You know new. So when we roll too great part about beer Oregonian Portland weird. It's always awkward often offensive exceedingly entertaining it's Crawford's weekend would you rather aide Joseph Fisher edition next dusting cam on the fan.