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Dusty and Cam - 10.5.16 - Hour 1

Oct 5, 2016|

Damian Lillard says he wouldn't join a super team and a breakdown of what the Oregon-Washington rivalry means.

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They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. This is Dustin gem in the morning with the dust and hair. An NFL veteran Sam Cleveland from the vet have a on the local. Cap and have never been good no 101080. He loves it and good morning everybody. How aria from. 55. Of October it's a Wednesday. And Wednesday when stated. Well. These. So our area this level is there that would puzzle only days. We're what did you just say we're saw that it what did you just say it's my double B singer yeah lots. Duffel Gainer. Thanks over Zeljko people who look like you via from another. Dimension hoosiers up a zinger if he can't trade deal over a way of corn except in the morning looks music. We do you double game here Beth Beth. I can assure my kids are really does show the flash. And they have this thing where you you can transport back and forth between. Two worlds like earth to Wear something nice. If you have double gainers that look like you and you can bring them in need an alternate universe as early day if you're your own double Gainer. What would you do in your other universe. What route blue would you do. Everything I wanna do it came down right now exactly and so then the last blessing is washing his do that now pretty well. There's other things the way he you know why do you don't have the bloodiest single guy I. I got heat last night three to be myself. Because every treated by the way you are retreating yourself. I read blood between the poll of people could vote V for days leading pole for the evening crowd. On because then we host a show on the morning opposed to the show would easily one hour left to vote. Act to dusty underscore Herat. In so I retreated to DeDe pulled some people in the nighttime could vote in by the way we got a hundred more votes on it. Just from. My aid reach we have myself it's not like every treating these groundbreaking thoughts that I have self promotion. Right. But it is came gloom says women do not like hot tubs I can I disagree completely so do women enjoy hot tubs. 75%. Say yes they did. Yeah 75% of guys think women. Like god it's a great poll that's an excellent targets of an idea total research do you think you have these men think that they know what women want but don't Roland do you think that just a budget deeds follow me on Twitter yes I think I I I go yeah I gotta tell us female followers broke hallowed female followers bro. No I was gonna say yeah Kindle follows me that says proud dad. Term Dave William Blake's got some anonymous juries are trying to do in new emails said females I spoke to you said the girl's. Oh yeah how women Pamela Pamela follows me and says it was rather. Go in the hot tub with another group of females there was a little man all. Seeing really so that means they date enjoy the last they're not just doing it to please the man. Now. They're going in the socialize it's like going to a coffee shop to have a donut doesn't mean they don't dry skin like a light beer with other girls. They like the social are saying the now you're saying to setting doesn't matter they just know he girls like did they do they liked him hang around groups guys were individuals. The we'd like to pretend. Not a lot of girls fires here I like I have something really simple philosophy it's really simple fly no I think you're lost in the campaign aired ox no I don't know I've surveyed this with multiple men and multiple women women and girls I I even talked about him that favors and god loves you sixteen year olds any formula wildly more fund people that I you know one. There may be essentially disarmed now on out there you Angeles. And we are realities not that is big fun there's other things do new reality show cam swap you and I swapped for early walked out a way to end to. Actually I would watch every blood murder trail. Let's talk apple will slowly piece in heads up heads up all right just trailed the swap. Blood and murder trail paper and you wanna hear this all hit something all right. There would be it would be good if I was in your house is a roommate everybody would be out of there in. Seven minutes it is as not chill. Actually I think you'd be surprised. As he lives with a bunch of colonials you know daily deal to be out there in seven we talk about netherland based what are you gonna do buddy. I told you would have ended and remain college when he slept in my bed with a girl. Well I was gone on a road trip where betting is it okay hold on he we now you're just going heading in assuming that Crawford Germans are disrespectful. Like year old Brunette was. And you do deserve to be served up on a platter like recycling pig charisma that you have a lot of time to get out of that house. Sheets. Aren't. I thought we get there and I'm happy to be followed by dateline how co workers ended in murder. He and I remember was just like yesterday. And there's not a lot of women fall into the there's joy it. And slightly slanted. He cares avail. The people are speaking. The blue blanket like you are the voice of women not the voice and I've never let a fair and balanced ever said that on the eighteenth 2001 the Seattle mariners'. One their record setting 115. Game. Of the season in a sixty G decision over the Rangers. They ended up beating Texas the following day as well finish in the regular season wins and 116. Wins that is a record that stands to this date. Let's not talk about happened in the postseason now okay. We don't. A side note I was last on the Mariners are the first season we don't. No they they haven't been moving under the pose no well I'm moving on. Oh I'm I'm moving on okay. All right. Today northwest that it's at 715. Where we dvds and downloads. As. The kids to sit down train round house kick Stanford in the face. Then Beason got California. It's not so good that is long ya got some not so good news I see stands. In a minute. And then you have the decks now we need more die loads. Does northwest 9715. KJ aren't Seattle's David softy Mahler halo. He will plea Steve buttons and ducks into 730 mile decades really didn't allow you the opportunity to talk smack right back to him if he is an an apologetic conch. Homer yeah. Of these wild deserves at least doesn't hide from it either they are gonna hide from. No and that's what makes it's a great own it that's it makes it an apologetic yes you know target he did ages he knows it. And then Devi TF Wednesday at eight Crawford will break down on the stories that we've not talked about. That are elude scare. And then this former Oregon linebacker now deemed in need dolphins. He's going to be joining us as he gets ready to hunker down ferns and hurricane I was gonna sabres are born of the windows on plywood means yeah Spencer pacing would join us at 830. He's been very critical of organs you know fortunately. Time to wake up. All right you. After he nearly four month investigation by Dallas police. They have concluded. That to be shooting involving Broncos corner keyed to leave over the summer. He shot himself folks. Aqib Talib shot himself. In the leg. Irons in through the thigh and out through the calf. We had our questions about how that would happen is somebody else were to shoot you. Even during defy any goes out through the calf. Because that seems like it's going straight down your leg right here while I'm not a forensic scientist yeah. Definitely don't have that label builds into you and I would just assume that may be something poignant. Now enhance. Those failed. Got a mini Jack I don't know all I'm saying is what he doing carrying a gun pointed down the I don't know whatever a bad news he did is down to T things he's a loaded gun. He shot himself or Dirk Nowitzki shot him. Seeing directly over the top or yummy do either one really taught us all got cameras and add him the idea Aqib Talib John self and now he's fine just fine. Recover and. And wake up ice up. There was a fantastic young man he's dealt with the the change you'll but I do not want to look over shoulder he's our quarterback and desertion your quarterback and he's the captain of the team and we'll we'll continue to grow this process as we go through it. But he will peel it first that's I expect them. Just like a that we can go to you know the political game but sort of go to a more just my guys in the bottle think it's the right moment current situation at home I'll react. That is Gary Anderson Oregon State head football coach yesterday talking about Darrell Garretson will be his quarterback. Guerra gears and has not played the second half the last two blowouts. Leading people do is speculate that maybe it's kind of blocked had. It's not it's not. Still Derrick Gibson yeah are still his team I I guess at this point he's got the best chance to win game that yep this is that's the good news. The bad news organizations. They're Big Bang down to heading into cal. Left guard Fred Lannan is questionable with an ankle injury. And with the bear raid of cal come in midtown the secondary is banged up and that's not good and and you've got freshman corner. Is questionable linebacker momma say. Honda got Lou is probable so serious injuries injuries that he's not good man. Do you need death something going on the water here and organ these injuries. They ES football man it's football. Hey this is not to ask you this is rock and roll away. Really keeping them out is to make those 600 bucks goes ten or oh my god it's early wake up. I can't believe that you think it was too intensely guide originally thought Lewis and well yeah I did. Okay. Everybody I'm. John John even those babies. As needy in Toronto Blue Jays beat the Baltimore Orioles five to tune in eleven innings in the AL wild card playing game. How great his playoff baseball. They thought I tweeted this last Imus in the energy if we could just bottle this it's so hard 162 games indeed just wait all year. That is one moment and hit it there was last night. There was it was his great it was great. I will say this I don't know whom injury for that Texas blue jays series Texas. No I can't I was on AstraZeneca what do you mean you can't tell you can't. I don't look for candidate get well okay here as Canadians deserve to be. Ridicule today and Walton and those stands in Toronto are able. We are everywhere big bear is a guy who used. Is it. Pain since can't eat right yes fielder yes he's gonna catch a fly ball in the bottom of the seventh inning two out threat. And some jerk throws as most and ice out on the field they. Mendelsohn the Raleigh three beer. Stands to tread distracted I was probably twelve. Exchange rate sixteen dollars Gino how much change he says tech in the years and in Canada expects him. Soda thick twenty dollars and didn't. It's ridiculous fever health care someone right. So dude on the backs of hard working drinkers felt. I'd those fans Woertz. Jerks their racial slurs I guess we were raining down I didn't isn't really in yeah yet there's a reporter in cannon instead. Yeah yeah I call shenanigans. In I guess they were yelling at that Kim and Adam Jones shouldn't yeah IQ yes it is a horrible he's and they remember last year. In the rangers' series. They were thrown stuff on hilly Canadians happy he heavily rich tradition. Of throwing things on the field during playoff baseball games that is so true. This true self and I think if John Candy universal's happy Canadians why did so angered. I thought that they were nice people that it's easy young fun loving people Mike Myers she night Y eight and a when it was Justin Bieber when you Jim Carrey. He works. In the oath Alanis Morissette. And he's Canadian. Strange group. So I'd love strange fruit tree cigarette brands is you take a few rows there. But Toronto gone ahead and play the Rangers will more on this game later in including why in the heck you don't use the best closer in baseball. Buck Showalter. Goodness and side Damian motorists and strong comments they should get Blake did. Insert that overeat and the reset tests at the sort of assert that or pay Damien lowered with some strong comments that should give a blazer fans even more reason to like him. 55305. Is the tax on he's on fire already with deep Plaxico Burress tweets better tax dusty came on the fan. Jam in the morning on 1080 good. Investigative work. On how Damian Miller feels about joining secret team's done by Fletcher. Damian Miller coming out yesterday in saying. When asked if you know. He would be opposed to joining a super team offensively he gonna do is again no man. I don't wanna do that. That's not in his nature. He is more out of me he called it killing the monster. Or a giant killer mean if you will regular taking a line from the 1967. Oregon State Beavers football team. Just saying that he likes to compete he likes to grow and there's something that. Is inside of him that is I want a bill from within Edmonton in taking down. How do you feel about that I think that that is the one line that blazer fans should sit tango yes. That is what we want from our star. Yeah no I think it's but I'm not gonna give you anything that that tells me. Damian is ever felt. Any different than that comment right there I've never. Looked around and I never waited for David give this one comet like you felt. LaMarcus Aldridge did with our YouTube really wanna be here he was never endearing. This is what Damian is is who he is I could've told you this from the get go this elect why this doesn't surprise me. At all now do I I mean personally. After. A long career putting myself on the same shoes of a long career would I ever. Go chase a ringer wanna join a team to have the option to be part of a championship team I'm looking Denny I'd say I would actually do that. Know what and not only at selling myself as what it is is I I would always. Always love the opportunity to be part of a championship run now can you guarantee the run no. But would diving dame is saying is he's committed to the city this team and build it from the inside and that's what you wanna hear. From your leader without once and you ask in his would you be opposed to building a super team here that that's that was going to be my backup point is. What if a few players city got some really good going on their right I'd like to come join that. Now how do you look at that aspect you're not jumping ship to go your building something that people wanna be a part of and I don't that's what he's saying. And I think that is it ready there is that if people wanna come join me go ahead go but I'm not jumping and the leader not a follower. And that is something that I I I think is. Is a refreshing to hear from players that should be noted I Kevin Durant said the same thing about six years ago. Saying everybody wants journal lakers now. So when he's on the warriors he's he's not with the lakers got one of those super teams. Well he criticized the lakers then everybody wanted to in the lakers but now he's in their gun get a look like an all star team. Did but it that is his receives about score and I union that hey. Speaking of your real shots the clippers let's go 7735. Skew the people say that. Pre season's meaningful in the NBA now. No I believe actually yesterday on the show dusty said quote is the most meaningless free seasonal sport just yet it is so it is in I don't care about things they don't matter it's still your clippers sucked. And yet that they would title and it doesn't matter pre season you know or else doesn't matter what. Lot of things I don't worry about mentoring. Would you say to an extent. Your final stop in the NFL was was kind of chasing airing. No because at that point the team is falling apart of the quicker it's. Oh no that was my final stop it was what Saint Louis us via well then your second to last Oregon. In the last chase yeah that it I had two offers in the one offered me the best was. Here we'll give you an opportunity to be make our team built on was he can come in and try to make our team. And I'm going with the one that said I can have the opportunity to make the team who's who's said that. Oakland Oakland and in the patriots yes you know with the patriots and I most certainly Oakland. They were good then those two yet they just come off the suitable and a new single give me AT&T'S via. Well aren't so either way I wanna earn a spot but you're right I mean any time you have the opportunity get a job. At that level you take it but when your worst is that real old way different scenario when your journeyman or somebody that say. Role player compared to. A bonafide star and elite superstar and I think that's what Damian is clearly. Damon is in he's the leader this friend test here we go. Here comes the tax that's awesome for Damon I love that but come on you can't trust athletes five years down the road. He doesn't have a title he starts getting the well he is good but he can't get a rainy gets offered a contract of for the Golden State Warriors. For the time in five years I'd be a tough call back on succulent dusted. You know what is. And aid have we mentioned this on Monday. Damian Miller showed up at the Lincoln. Madison football game. On his out. Need you like cameras to be there he didn't want attention. He and Monday evening. He showed up at button PI LB de facto PIL championship football game on Friday night because. He enjoys the community he is embrace a community and he wanted to go much high school football. Like he is seen different bird we have not had a star in Portland ever like that it mean Clyde Drexler. Was the star of those early ninety's teams he was not doing that I was seven Jerome in Duckworth and those guys are doing. You know Brandon Roy would do that but up in Seattle and not hit not here in Portland. Damian Miller it is going out. In in doing these sorts of things in the community not because the blazers are telling into like Darius Miles east to deal. Are you in the jail blazers wears like community outreach and air force to be there. He does these things kind of on result and that's unique and he's a different kind of dude. Yeah I also don't like to think of things just like Durant said he would never do it about other teams every new idea. I like to embrace and and listen to somebody in the moment because you know why there's no human on the world that can commit to one thing and say they believe. What it is going to happen in the future will be different what they believe right now it's just not possible because it's human nature to shifting change no matter what circumstances are different. Right now in this situation I'm going to believe because I trust would Damian is saying. I buy into it he's he's convincing to me I don't look at Damon and go. I don't buy it with that guy saying I can tell that I have a pretty. I feel I've a good judge of when somebody selling me something and when somebody's actually telling me the truth. I deal. Very clear about games in his conviction to wanna be part of this franchise for long term. Would I ever be surprised if there was a change now because that's what humans are there and they're infallible infallible. Damien Moeller has killer instinct in lives for challenging others that Tex coming in factor of five it's the right thing to say that he'll did when he's older though for sure. Yeah it's called getting older than. Right all the time wins undefeated and defeated. And so's mother nature of father time another nature. Air force to be reckoned that picture. 55305. On is the Tex signs. It Zach Randolph showed up and has gone against him that was part of those community outreach games. And Zach Randolph. Is in the controversial. Because of some of these did not bad data we got. Not that bad woods. He was really dragged down by some of the people young Alison when they came to town may from his hometown when they came to town he got in trouble but when they left. And who fame was gone. Zach Randolph Zach Randolph is is a good dude and he's he's big he's the main of the year in the NBA a couple of years ago in Memphis school. But he also was. Whatever but you know please called multiple times well to his Muslim town 55 threes or five games boys playing nine basketball league in beaver and he comes on watches weekly and she says around with a bunch of the fans and thanks that's pretty unique. Right well enough with that Damian Miller not joining super team easy entry when here. Marketplace but maybe not. All right the interstate robberies it isn't the civil war it is the apple cup. It sees exists there isn't that mutual respect that you know the Huskies in the cougars have in the that's in the leaders had there is a mutual respect with those ones this one is. Not like that docs. In Huskies. What is rivalry mean mile double messing up for little's been a smack talk Keegan did we can extrapolate this bad boy out we had the red river she Dallas Texas and know you what makes these things so nasty. 55305. Here's Crawford a sports that are. Widespread text either. That's the message of what number. Two or. Niner five. Six I can't hear you drilling off the reason I'm here and there we have Colin Powell like packing. The most cordless techsters now it's 5530. Sly message and data rates may apply to just play my number. They'll you can go weird that. This is sexual relations on the show good likes to read. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that most of its. 55305. Day area visits Exxon did is Orr in Washington week it is a rivalry. That does not have a mutual respect between the tee schools. I think it is fair to say that the civil war in the apple cup there is a little bit of mutual respect because. You know you have the tee schools they're both from Morgan they have that common thread the tee schools from Washington have that common thread. Andy it is more of a friendly rivalry then this one between Oregon and Washington. We is that fair send friendly. Since the really tough words used in this Rory. At less than saying oh yeah that's what I'm saying is that I made there is not a there is not that mutual respect for each other in this game. Which can you Trace this back to one single event in one single aspect of why this rivalry has started yes do you notice this. I think it was in 1948. The original reason and that started it out in a finally correct me if I'm wrong and had to do with the option to to make the conference larger. With the expansion of the conference well it's something around any trick I don't know what exactly. It was actually just to Washington. Washington's president. Said the in this is led the what I think is most interesting part. Is that Oregon State really doesn't have a beef with it but the president of U Dowd said. You don't let. Screw the organs schools. Let's let's push them out. And let's just have this Pacific coast conference in Washington schools in the California schools ya and will move forward from there and we'll just. Get rid of Oregon and Oregon State we don't need Dan. And organs say it was like game and what about less but organ ticket personally. And that ducks kind of made it their own thing in the U dub by the way you don't was successful and infrared one believe it was a year a year to. And then they said now they're back in new cell. The kind of the starred fledgling. I don't know if there's any 1940 years around here. I am still kicking around you remember that back Kessel on long time ago not to say. He could be couldn't be could be eighty when you being admitted he's maiming and you're able to remember that but in managed. Became a series of stopping set of gone back and forth over the years for a Washington holding. A lot of those stop things. And then. For the last twelve years plus. It has been organ with a stranglehold on this series in it that is the thing about this is that there have been long runs. A bull T downing 78 years but nothing like what we've seen recently which is the twelve year run by the organ dot. I'm biased because I think that the decade that I it was a part of in the ninety's was the best. And thus far because there was so much bounce back between the two you know the ducks had a little bit of an edge I think if I'm correct I can't I don't have the numbers off topped my head I know I was. I was two and three fight if I'm correct because I count my richer your. You should and put it there was bounce back because the teams were. Where were were very equal and you'd have one time he'd win at husky standing you're able to win that. At Dotson and and there was so much rivalry and then after this this stretch. Where the Washington programs was decimated that deductions. Hammered. Sicily over and over again between close. You are looking that. So. You had more narrowly won 90919293. Lost 94 who. You lost 9495196. Lost I lost 27 lost 98199. Yes glossy thousands ordering the different decade but yet yeah I mean it is it what that was probably where this rivalry really picked up steam and was at. Probably that 1987. Where 8788 Loring got seals. In the end you Dublin on Iran than organ but you don't win the national championship during that time that they gonna run a strawberry. Minority gets couple back in that Oregon went in 94 obviously the pit Dick Cheney we can score ball sent to the Rose Bowl and takes a program to you a different stratosphere. And then kind of old and was a leveling of the playing field between both of these schools. And then. Rick Neuheisel happen right here. And then the U dub program has kind of gone down in the rivalry isn't going away but what does it mean to you as a fans I think that this is going to be. You have a unique perspective to this because you played in it and you were a guy that was a part of it what does it mean TU well he really didn't hit me. Personally because I didn't have that at that. Deep there wasn't a deep hatred and look I don't hate. Hate any program or when I say players in my talk about. Guys on the field have a tremendous amount of respect for the other guys I'm playing against. Because I know the work in the effort and the coaching staff and things they go through were all like kindred spirit because of the things that we do. And what we have to deal with. As athletes so I look at it that way when I'm playing now that I'm on a fan on the outside. And you know it were cured Portland we could talk about sports I've always respected athletes and what they have to do especially coaches. No matter what my respect good football for the last twelve years organ has put a throttle down. On Washington and they have played. Hi in football and I respect that. Dwight like seeing the program that got me in gave me the opportunity to play football the collegiate level decimated no of course not why would. But I'm looking forward to this rivalry and both teams being good back and forth with the each other so we can get. That conversation so that is what I'm looking forward to text. I five Dubai this zeros. Are the worst of all the losers in college football every single stand is pathetic go Huskies will off there we go. As a beaver fan and jumping on the Washington bandwagon just despite organs. I hope they went achieved Egypt in the next year's L his organ fanned off. In beget for the conference that coming from Q1 Dustan. Well I can see the mutual respect but as the beavers fans and SP Crawford text into our own shell. I am not a lick of respect for organ football on their fair weather fans ever since Chip Kelly they got there now this you see them all and crutches for springing their ankles. Jumping off the bandwagon you know it's going Bieber fan you know it's funny about that is that. You dubbed in has been very quiet over the past Ole I don't know twelve years probably. No reason to be ranked. In an ad I love ironies saying fair weather fan fair weather fan. But now husky fans piping up when they've been quiet third with what he's sleeping Jun twelve years right lot of and to thoughts. So does that Big Dig them fair weather fans now that they're back because they're good. Earlier there aren't. Eat a five wins right now but be hurt bogey consistent. Area beaver fan who did the same thing when they start winning that they were. It's natural progression that is stand oh that is what I love about hand and is that a blank sand will do that yet in search Chaney here who need your team gets good. You're gonna piped back up in yer gonna wanna talk about it right in. By the way duck fan. If you want don't wanna be called fair weather fan you surprise start talking some smack right. Our good friend RJ I had to rile him up either starting in RJ daddy did you get your confidence up young man he says. Five ski fans. We're absolutely insufferable in the ninety's and they deserved every bit of snacks are talked they got thrown in their face of the last ten years. There's no better misery then trustee misery. And hopefully we see our thirteenth straight year that this weekend. Terrico are jam waiting for that RJ. No then I will call out a certain. Organ person that we have that we're on our staff is I was tapping the listening to our afternoon show yesterday go figure out that guys. Since you know what. Was very downtrodden. He was very early segment there yeah anti with a guy he was. Very he just said I'd this it doesn't feel the same this year and I'm quoting and it just doesn't fuel. The same and I'm just you know I'm just really disappointed and I just I can't get into the game I don't wanna go down to the came and a this is what you say you know I went isn't that is not just what it is when you know when there's a little bit of turmoil. Little bit of difficulty. Have a few losses. Is this ship seemed Tina what happens. Well done. They're two and three guys and I'm just might everything like you're making my point my point in that car when you lose and things look bad it's hard to keep that yeah positive and your excitement for game. I get it. I get it. Again it had been living in for awhile yeah I'd miss a detail gates in wartime and I just. Cross pac twelve or constable of the tailgating Corvallis remain as blind a lot of fun. Lot of people lot of good vibes before the Boise State game and after the air but as the season progresses at the bees keep losing. I hope that the old Lisa tailgate terrorist fun and the and you know I mean up. Right to the game experience there or mutual respect though. Of each other do you think out their two will go be that down it ought to with a fans weep when husky fan comes Hulu won't do you got phantom will be like the guy that told my nine year old to have. F off because he's spilled his beer. Do with a B that. Well as a nine year old still in Beers he was and either playing catch the football how the ball goes over to America body right that's what I said they had risen you can runners were cure so now my nine year old myself. You know welcome Dotson. And I dad Ted Bundy was Huskies. Ted Bundy. As a husky run out of there with a problem right there are some of the hi Angela right there and he. India in do you think you leave today. Google notable alumni Washington do you think because you guys are pretty close often medically. On Wikipedia I don't see Ted Bundy team Cleveland. Right next in notable alumni is yeah like amber we'd down on the noble analysis and I'll I'll about a medical been dominant and why there shouldn't be. Well I know there's other c.s that are probably more popular than me you arrive by Monday I think yeah right and not even in the top one billion. But if it's an alphabetical order being you. And then this DL. Are going to be there dale Choo Choo Choo who leaked. Dale Chu who leak. Now nom. Well I'm gonna see this this is give me get investigate them journalism here if you are next in the famed murder serial killer Ted Bundy. On the eve Wikipedia notables knowledge and like you guys are next to each other now they break it up in between night sports in serial killers are different categories on hearsay your okay. Good. Europe economics in the I wouldn't call that putt well there's only one way guys get on the same lesson that's on used so yeah bankrupt make good choices will and yeah me. Yeah make good choices you're in the media section nine united in football section anymore and crossed over after that I'm kidding. All right we will have on the Hough of the hawks the biggest homer for the Huskies also on day softy Mahler of KG are up in Seattle Genesis 730. And we say that in the end here recently yeah about softy he owns apologetic he owns it. Love sought to sell the smack talk is starting. But if you and any question barbs are jazzy ninety fueled the fire with. We're not sucking on a 730 Texas at 55 DO five. Dusting him on the fan side. This is. No 11080. Thought god needs that fifteen to 55305. Little. Villa is and cumin and high net. ID F fifty on the quacks a Mike the puppies. I'll always been on my team not a big bets for twelve years. Gosh. That's a lead eight point spread. You know only by a Saudi and a half now it's down to eight Yale moving down well now. It's kind of fluctuated depending on where you go between eight inane half yeah I've heard I don't know why that is that's crazy rivalry game. You have to keep it. Well. I think what we had one close game analyst twelfth. Yeah last year was a really good game by the way I was at that game when he sixth when he was an excellent game big time pass river albums. The end of the game you know this huge. None may feel a similar chime in but I thought Washington voted organ out of the Rose Bowl way back when Newman that's what started all the hatred toward Washington and that heaven after. Evade the university Washington voted them out of the conference altogether. In. Goodness gracious there's something endearing about softy unless you are a husky. And even then I'd be a little embarrassed that if he rooted for the same team as me. What why's that shots fired what does that what does that mean like gitmo. And I know that when media with here's the other rescue we didn't blitz once against Stanford. With a true freshman quarterback. We're going to bring the house. Must be. Is it it is that peek he recounts he Texan I think so maybe in the corner. If Washington meets organ as expected they can feel great about finally winning after twelve years going up against teacher freshman quarterback and all mindful of freshman and a defense of the coordinator in his first year clearly isn't right for the job Bruce says in do you think Brady looks clearly not ready for the job. And I'm never gonna see that. Now. The so it's no SE but he changes but these twelve years that skiing down their legs is that forgotten. That's currently. Give it what you have you we're gonna have Dave on the show 730 we'd like to have. This is supposed to be funny the end you know competition when you're competing against your rivals or people you don't like her needing. You have mutual respect there's a little bit of that there. But what do you wanna say now what kind of questions do you have do you have anything for days. Because I really Illinois a little bit Xavier just you know sit there and let it let it happen and take it wonder what he's gonna like. Where would you what are you gonna say I don't know about this we're not breaking down x.s and those drinks they're feeling that that organ that's in two and three watching newness five an hour right now. And it is been twelve long years since the Huskies Warren. And danced on the go back in 2003. Right they do them. Was that Rick decided to do. Old Ricky do you slick. And that is the last time you dubbed one. Dancing on the out there so here we are now. In 2016. And it looks like there's another opportunity for Washington to dance. On the L is that won't be a problem it's. Well and be a problem. There's no way that happened Chris Peterson is not that soccer so let's just call that well yesterday not gonna happen. Yesterday. Dedrick. None. Two years ago Steve Braylon had this to say the offensive line coach. Coach Roy knows what replaces all of the best that she wrote Washington it's it's a big big game too big rivalry. We've got the upper hand. So. About gas fired by the coaches. Love the golf let's have. Little bit bill poster board material never hurt right what is seen AM what is he supposed to say don't you go IK is streak and end. This is Steve good to say yes. I don't know there's lots of giveaways and ways to answer that mean you just you mean that's the there you can answer whatever way you want. And sure enough he said that street suck it and if they don't believe that in that locker room or they don't believe that in that position group and one of the coaching forward to playing for right. And there was the question wizard Breeden ass back TD. You mercy Russian defense line coach and his comment was. No comment yeah. On great woods out different philosophy I guess that's a way that you can answer it sure but when you're losing him for twelve years and around that question you don't say anything framed differently. Yeah and the players aren't saying anything either well they don't mean to our rights we got a lot of these we have male lots. Of these tax Rolen and at 55. 305. We have days something Mueller coming up next hour 730 in northwest now get to 715. While Spencer pacing your former duck now to Miami Dolphins he'll join us at 8:30. And 8 o'clock it's Debbie ATF Wednesday but coming up next. It looks like it reports said the ducks go one. To be true freshman behind sinner against the Huskies if panicked remove or the right move. Dusting came on the fan.