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Dusty and Cam - 7.27,16 - Hour 3

Jul 27, 2016|

More special teams in the NFL, running backs and WTF Wednesdays

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. I. It's PGA championship week on the fan and somebody stuck video right from. This is a PGA championship week edition of Dustin camp in the morning. Rusty I read till golf center's summer celebration sales. Friday August 5 through Sunday August 7 save up to percent off everything golf. Is it golf red tailed dot com dusty and jam in the morning on 1080 built okay. Both trim. They got three on your hump day dusty and camp. Roberts. Your hat is not on sleek. Won't do it this is. This is almost like you're era but this is an NFL pro lineup like I said. Some things seem to be left in the ninety's I love this cat man do that's of builds your shirt is on fleet though. Thank you media Drake former governor of my home state Arnold Schwarzenegger I think when you. Hello nasty I love Arnold Shoppach a lot of Arnold a man he's the the new Arnold. Rock right yeah new Arnold that's while the rocket missile brought to the rock will be our president. Before Arnold can never do comedy I know we did twins but he was so bad that kindergarten cop he was still. He would not do moon idol I love that though. There's something about him where he couldn't do it that it made it. Like I said yesterday in jingle all the way is my favorite Christmas movie that's who did you brands of the exit golf would you read on the Internet. What assists leading Americans into his kid's bedroom after Mitch missing all Ronnie met Paul and Eddie's do it might fake karate yeah he's tried really hard all know what his best movie is this is pretty grueling iron. That's his best movie it's not all zones grits is realist most that's my point is it's the most authentic it's him. The black team knew nothing that did I well there are drugs that week and everything about it Iraq when we get through and up real quick Willie get Christmas. Ollie will make my point to the masses of why. Jingle all the way is my favorite Chris and we don't I'm but we don't you talk about that right now we do you say is WTF. We got for us Willie Dee all right. So let's get really millennial with the first north project why not invested you broke among go in and I'm gonna assume Kansai really devote myself. And you know well I'm not into walking around staring at my phone at all times at all place. Well all right so last week. Big pat picked each day it he did today at the university of all hi while I was playing poker mongols. Outside when five police officer stopped him at gunpoint. It turns out that he fit the description of a suspect who actually robbed a bank earlier in the day but he was eventually set free. Can lick anymore dangerous place of Congo. Here's my thing about Pokemon now. I don't with what happened there are now maybe he was being racially profiled in Iowa. I don't know what I want to. Thought to be real clear here healthier. You in Iowa. Fighting racially profile but that's me on the point the point of this is we want to cut dangerous. Playing Pokemon go right like people people off on off clips of people many hit my callers we'll try to get in the cages of tiger's. But it's also help people found dead bodies. No no I'm not criticizing Pokemon go. I liked it as almost a Darwin estate tool. To weed out the week. Well you walking into traffic because your phone tells you there is an imaginary Pokemon in the middle of the street. You deserve what I come in going government conspiracy theory on this aren't you know I don't know there's no. This is like Ebola Virus leading competition Pokemon is gonna eliminate the stupid. I guess what there's about a billion stupid people right now doing that there's a lot of he'll play bogey mongo I just know I want. I watched the video of the mom talking about her daughter getting hit by the car he does not Pokemon took their into the straight. The day into current illustrate it I it's a dangerous game which we see from a trailer park somewhere in the south it and it was treated for sure trailer park cause it's always who do you know what. If you if you're not Smart enough to discern where you should and shouldn't be going. And do something just because your phone out. Tells you Q is it the same with Google Maps is a severe generate. Exactly man let's thin the herd and can we talked about this acting under despray when I noted. It's likely Michael Scott's GPS leads him into the lake in the opposite need as they just friends ran into the lake and and Philadelphia they're gonna RI it's. So hey have we talk about Michael Vick recently have we. I guess we have to this point Cheryl not whatever he aren't you losing a little that he was on Dan Patrick show recently and he said that during his time on the falcons. He may have dominated it's just a little bit too much but. More surprising than that he also says that right now. At the ripe age of 36. He could be Cam Newton in a forty yard down. Arguably that do you really think that actually that. Until we believe that. You ever Darrell green. You have no idea I'm talking about you know. You heard a guy named Herschel Walker yes OK sweet and all these guys as they get older know what. Herschel Walker oh Walter cannot Walter Payton he will your fired from all all football knowledge he Gerald Green as the NFL's fastest man until he was 41 years old. He could lie. Absolute fly because of back for the Washington Redskins. Michael Lincoln clock speed does not change. And recovery. Recovery. Recovery so widely Michael yet Vick could easily. Compete with Cam Newton in forty. It easily beat him the news media absolutely. I guess Pam you have a take your word on a man. Has Herschel Walker fifty force still says he could play in fact he was trying to sign with teams he said he could still run a world. That's there's all that's what happens when you get old man. Don't mind is the same bigger bodies not so Vick ran a 43340. In his throat a Newt he ran a 459 cell. At their crimes Michael Vick was faster I guess the question is a veteran still run for five easily easily runs he's smaller than cam he's more compact quicker to sell those of gain more weight. This wheels there. Whatever pattern I believe and I'm missing your four camps on the media and he impressed me on the millennium trivia. Fair enough are well. So barely over the weekend a group of Washington State football players attended a party on campus in Pullman. And upon arriving at the party according to a witness for five of them started lighting fireworks off in the backyard. And throwing set firework desolate. At that party Gillers. And so this basically resulted in starting a brawl for the players were just getting involved. With the students you know the huge brawl. And liberal wood or railings on the deck when student broke his job all another suffered a concussion. Camp this is your rival school. Let's say you. I don't see anything because as Washington State now expect the same thing to happen on Flickr there's there's nothing. Momentum if I was gonna do it's bush lied it's washes in its fireworks come on the cougars. Who you would feel sorry if you woke up every day in Pullman to. Esther ever every morning you woke up and went. Wow I wouldn't feel sorry what I'm gonna be doing today I wouldn't feel sorry if I woke up every day in Pullman but I would get drunk and I would. Shows chart up at parties that I lighting fireworks in the backyard. And maybe out riven apart some railings maybe we're going crazy maybe I'm punch to do breaking his job maybe you're doing it and let me also. Think back to my days in college and how often they were fraternity fights. We've football players it was he was pretty much in weekly occurrence so this isn't I'm not surprised and I'm not slump and in Washington State is Evans everywhere. The fact is that we just maybe leave. I don't know who know it can get away with a no it's not just yazoo it's also summer. There's summer summer schools not party's summer schools not hard to know some of parties get. Lit OK so we've played we've played a millennial slang and Tom now Monica are you can't you can't stop yourself Kenyan all right. I'm really sad to say this but guess who died. I'll do you want to know and a mark on an average iron pyrite let's take a look at the miss Cleo DNA tests that. So they search and by the body or your baby. We'll call it the wind and that's very unpleasant okay. And then he's also the one that had another girlfriend while he was we've been with you. Yup that's it that's the body. I'm angry but you know that. She fashion I don't know how the baby looks just like him. Higher gas you're in denial forget about money liberal kid doesn't mean. Yeah I yeah and the baby app that's the name of the book spin I attacked. That card got to read real things that you will never achieve by York bound. I've been out for your preparer or read it. I don't miss Cleo that's the daddy RIP man. Poor little opera ms. Cleo she was one of my favorite late night info. Is that even an infomercial it has to be a notch and info Mosher in film school we go. Otherwise known as you worry Del Harris died yesterday at 53 man 53 it's too young and a man. I mean honestly courts relied on in a sense that them on television she's selling you terra card readings and telling you she can tell you the father of your baby is. That is free market capitals and out of line as the fact that she was able to survive and people she offered a service that people paid for I want to know there's anybody out there listening to it called miss Cleo Texas 55305. Did you ever call ms. Cleo and what she right. I don't know man still is asked for your birthday to say we're very boring need teller and should do like. Yeah I a year you're only going to make it and you're gonna strike it rich you think you're going to be a millionaire they're gonna. I don't want disk that stuff too hard because I don't know I believe in a little bit of the mystical amen I've had personal experiences I believe and and but I also know that people who believed to strong girls mainly. Believing in horoscopes. Yes oh your cap who own euros per quarter you're gonna meet your dream vote in 03 years yeah. Boats. It's called the post cold reading. I mean you basically just asked people. Pointed questions to get information from them and make them is tied up girls I know were to endorse content on time and out of uncertainty that's right. A little trusted that's a red flag to me I don't trust it red flag on your two and worst of Seattle and our team is glioma. That's too bad news is good daddy let's go back still don't really get that as drama back to full blown. The ticked off they wanna get rid of it what do you think what would you change about that as times are changing the winds are blowing. Some is gonna change with kick offs in the NFL on special teams what would you change. Would you be OK to take off going away 55305. Texas close now dusty camp today to the fan. This is a PGA championship week edition of dusty in champ in the morning brought to buy red snow golf center's summer celebration sales on ten maybe both fans. The kicked off. This might be the next thing to go in the NFL is still. Changes in the league well not only of the last twenty years but. Football football's constantly evolving as a sport that's what I love I think that's. I think that's what we all love about it is that it's always changing it's always updating its sick look role. It's bad it didn't you know it's a copycat league is you always say cameras immoral in any summing everyone else will do it that they will change it's really guides. It steal its most American sport to me in the way that it's changing innovating and doing different things trying to be. You know all of the board to take off now people. NFL. Are seriously discussing either getting rid of the Dick golf or fundamentally changing how we know and I mean they've already changed it. Quite a bit they moved touch backs or got them you know bring it out to the 25 yard line they take off now from the 35 that nearly tripled the amount a touchback smiley when they did that. From 16%. At 47. Percent so the fact is they've already changed the kickoff. And now are on the verge of big going away. And I don't like that at all. No are not a fan of it talk about it earlier in the show. If you get chance go back to lift our podcasts and I wanted to ask the question how would you change. Just for everybody how how unit changed the kick off what are you gonna do to make it better. And I think the game has evolved to where it's a lot say can't we not agree that the game is safer well it hasn't it has to be deceived as has ever been right now right but what what. Constitutes a safe nest in football. You watch football what do you say well that's safe. Let's not risky to me it seems like the emphasis is on a head trauma in Anaheim the stayed away from the head right that's that's that's number one good. Like everything else it is it really considered safety necessarily. Because we're seeing just as many torn ACLs and just as many Tory do you he's in every other injury. We're seeing just that that's not gonna change at the dynamics of the explosiveness. And football absolutely change of directions. Just go look at the number one reason for white guys get hurt or torn Achilles guys are ready to forty played basketball. Change of direction so that's not gonna change that in the dynamics of the speed of the game. He's not gonna change. So what would you do wishers out there please do not give us go lobs call. Or that's it bye bye through five please tell me what you would do to change kick off because there are lots of different philosophies no more shots ahead. I came up with the idea my idea. During earlier in the show was I think guys it should only be defensive backs that are on kickoff return to leadership be anybody over the weight of 220 pounds. Well I'm gonna put him to drop it down I mean I'm gonna go back you more than 215. I think because you have that type size of a man that big. So we have a way to fifty have a weight limit of camp of guys give a position limit my also thing was given 53 man roster stop having. 46 guys only eligible during game to stop the active eating. Those guys it doesn't make any sense to me you have those you pay them a full rosters salary let them play. That also eliminates the worry of it because you're gonna have those major impact see the wedges gone. I got injured during the wet so there's a point to have that anymore. 553 or five as the tax line 50325. Vote 108532501080. Is the phone number lob us a call. The take off the changes is to kick off goes away how do you wanna see changes attacks. Can someone explain how onside kicks who work they do way to take off that is an integral part of attempting comebacks you get is making go in as Brian in Beaverton I was reading. Great Xian on the former Rutgers coaching when he what he wanted to deal. Was swore I DNA he proposed was instead of the onside kick. Pounds. And the team get one attempt with their offense to get a first down at fourth and fifteen. From the same spot the onside kick would be attempted to have the ball. What is that 35 yard line the and and it's fourth and fifteen. Can I guess the data the numbers show that the seem percentage of converting a fourth and fifteen is almost exactly the same is. Recovering an onside kick yeah so that to they would that's a proposed idea. How does this soundly he raking it really really strategically complicated doesn't it seem like you're playing pickup football the park with your friends and coming up with rules on the fly yet. And you because we are going to go to the park with your friends are when applying an elementary school or junior hire whatever. And you're not doing necessarily onside kicks and stuff you're kind of like you know you're kind of doing more gimmicky stuff that's at this seems like to be it seems like a gimmick. And I guess in ten years we're a look back and this is going to be fundamentally changed it is not gonna seem like a gimmick. Sure this is what's been said about a million other things and replay moving the goal clothes at Sadr out. I just. I don't wanna say this feels like a last stand but I feel like I wanna stick a flag in the ground and save save the tick off that's how I feel. I I do believe that we've had such a shift with because of the NFL concussion lawsuit in now we have the movie concussion we have all that I believe were at the pinnacle right now. Of the fear of safety in football I believe we've reached that that heat and we're gonna go start going all the way down I think that. You're gonna now see. That we will all understand your head trauma we have new evolution of helmets we've seen. Changes in the game the hitting area during a football game is actually between armpits. And the thighs that's the only safe area you can into doing it. All these rules are gonna evolve to where it's good but I now feel like the fear in the outrage are now gonna start to swing down to the side of your taking away the risk in the fun of the game. Out of fear is so good that that that is where I'm hoping football is I believe that were at the safest point. Now he's the optimizing start optimizing game with little tweaks little changes but the game is still great don't mess with the core of the game. Kickoffs been around since the start you wanna take in. The field goal polls I could care less less games decided by kicker I'm so I'm so ecstatic about that I don't wanna see games. Decided by kickers that these drives me crazy daddy said no I mean I don't mind him in games decided by T agree I don't mind if I don't wanna see it as as some of us watching it. Because it's it's one of those things were guy can be a 52 yard line have a tail wind of forty and just. Games over. I guess not as saying. Not necessarily gain the Sabbath fueled when I don't mind game decided by a kick return or upon all absolutely not a lot though that's fantastic mean special teams. If you want to read goes. You just you giver that you just dumbing down the games so much thank you just simplifying it. Entering in an essentially can glorified offensive passing league. Title of the show. Meter ready is a show them will you said early Rodham the theatrics of the kick off right you start the game the crowds on its fees start the second half these school. That is like part of football especially what we love about culpable is the pageantry ranks they take off is a time for that. I feel. I know it's the most exciting thing has as as a Washington fanned 21 of our traditions that watches everyone. Does their cap and other places have different traditions they do to start the game with the emotions of that twelfth man flag twelfth man flag those things they won't go away. Will we deal with it if it does go way sure but it just doesn't. Change is is definitely hard especially to something that's been around since the start of the game yet not I mean of course full adapt to it it's it's what all you know it's an adaptable spore or humans will adapt is just. He walked able circle back mean always does. I don't see you I just keeping in the same resident I mean that's how I feel that it works now I mean they've moved to decay is the declines so it's pretty much a touchback almost every time I mean just pleaded as it is. I just don't wanna hear people be outraged if you wanna take it away from the Peewee level in you do all that signs that he would do whatever you want I mean keep those. Those kids 99.9. 9% of those kids and everything to make it out ice. T know what that's fine you would every need or talking about the high level games collegiate league. Professionally. You're great yeah you there's risk involved when your and you should know that. He and I I I agree with you I think it's it's it's a professional thing it's no longer something where and I think one example I go back to. Is in college with advisors the seems kind of weird bit in college you can only have clear visors because if you do get a concussion trader needs to see if your eyes are open or not there than they will be able to remove your helmet in pro. You can have tinted visors 'cause they're like you're an adult if you wanted to risk could be an adult right. That's fine man I didn't want me to use a millennial slang term or use yo lo you only live once if you wanna go play football and you wanna go wrist injury. Which we risk every day doing different things. Obviously. I mean made. Maybe statistically lies like you said me driving on the freeway is as dangerous is playing football ten to ten times orange and there's inherent risk when you play football and that's fine I sometimes I feel bad sitting back here saying let these guys smashed their heads in it's for my entertainment. But their court matching their heads in Concord being entertained and we all agree on this why did we duet. We can't it's America dammit. Exactly. It's I say I do feel we're at the top Britain pinnacle at the top of the mountain with fear in football we're going down. We're going to under the good site go back to base camp is worry don't. Talk about games that is what all. Eddie lacy. Dude loves. It's been a big topic his own head coach. Call them out at the end of last season apparently he was doing. It's still a topic packers' training camp Eddie lacy. Apparently do we dare Texas firefighter apply let us know do you care if you're running back or your quarterback is apparently. By aid society's standards the first will darken sports and update. This is a PGA championship week edition of dusty and jam in the morning. Writes and directs our call centers summer celebration sales on ten navy both friends Matt. Football players. That are offensive lineman or key offensive linemen we're talking about any Lacey. That's been the big talk Green Bay Packers camp so far. Here is the head of my front ESPN. And he's ready Packers tired of talking about Leahy sees wait it will recall. At the end of last season Packers and go to Mike McCarthy said yeah. Eddie was a little fat. This season and it affected his performance now Eddie lacy even taken a social media post his. Always training camp getting under way the media it's. When I see them I feel like it's not the media to its knowledge ESPN it's more like the TMZ types and the more social media Twitter based people that are all. Just like all Eddie lacy fat again. Still that Eddie lacy. Do we care. I don't know we should care but I guarantee you Eddie lacy cares to remember what I told you guys about what it costs mean to be find every time I was government plane wait. And you Lacey is motivated because it is coaches and his team is given no plane late. Well I finished it was 300 dollars per pound per day I think it's well over I think it's closer to 600 doubts so they still do that. Oh yeah absolutely because they don't want you getting overweight they're paying you millions of dollars you have to be to wait that your it's usually. Your strength coach in sometimes they hire nutritionists and most teams do doubt he's of your Chip Kelly you're really on top of guys. Hydration levels their fitness levels it's rest either wait levels because your body is you depend on it it's your temple. Yeah to put good fuel in your rice a lot of these guys it would sit around and eat mcdonalds all the time and in Bruges he donuts yet. Wonder why we're getting fat because they think they can just run it off no you can't do anymore is really disciplined. But being fat. Is not being out of shape or not being unhealthy especially the football player you looked at Vince Wilfork. Mika over time refrigerator Perry overtime. Iron head Hayward do you remember iron in here already was that running back. Rome Bettis was not the most so we shaped man also on asthma. You caught up in that. We that's just the fact is it's some guys you know that he lacy didn't really is Al Democrat yeah yeah he wasn't that big Alabama is a things changed. The EU eagle so coach's days it affect your performance with your coach says that eat you need to change it. I have no problem with Mike McCarthy going public with it I have no problem and saying yeah any team ending Campbell little out of shape one is that motivates Eddie lacy. Right to get out in April when it public. The day and then number due yeah maybe he was it out. Out of shape but I don't think the two go hand in hand remember the jima as Wednesday and number all the buzz when that picture of him working out. Last year they shirt off and he had kind of gotten student who cares man like seriously who cares I like my quarterback. To have a little bit of a guy. A little bit of a gut look big about the vanity. Think about I like. Quarterback's gotta take some hits man. This sticky does have a gut the K okay so maybe I got was the wrong term you north. Russell Wilson is stick do you like guys that have big muscle structure you know why RG three gets hurt you doesn't have enough muscle structure around is Laura Moore brought this guy before the show Brady Quinn. He was on the cover of what men's health of these jacked out of his mind he was a what was the what was the big. And supplement company and everybody was part of back then the muscle local home. TNC ma mile plex oh yeah yeah was it was my 88 some GA ASEA. While blacks yeah. There were all part part of that which I understand there's nothing wrong with being in the fitness. But fitness in looking really good does that translate to good football exactly you were such a I don't feel like because it is to Graham and social oh my god and looking toned and fit I mean and a young your good athlete no it doesn't you'll get Napoli just because your body looks good. All but I think it why people are making such a big deal out of any of the EC being overweight is that most of the time in his career when he was aura overweight it correlated in him performing poorly done and people you're mentioning like Villa Vince Wilfork. And Ben Roethlisberger yet they can be overweight but they're still incredible players so I mean JaMarcus Russell just beat 300 pounds or really crappy B but again I think there's a there we had nothing to do that but there is a point to making a big deal about any laces weight because they think it when he was overweight in his career he performed badly and I think people are gonna quarreling that saying does he care enough about his. Position pitcher alligator okay so the stats. There before last season he had two consecutive 11100 yard years and last season 758 yards rushing people wanna say oh it's 'cause he was that. Who knows man you can have a down year. For a lot of reasons I guess I'm just cheating on we gotta Tex coming in 55 TO five is the tech side tech says don't say it's only TMZ talking about his weight. They go on to talk about his weight I guess what I'm saying it's it is the TMZ effort to Asian. All of the media. To be. Posting pictures of Jim is winced in and saying look it he's back looking now he's ripped any race he's back now he's in shape. So Hollywood mentality all that matters is how they perform on the field I don't care how they look what they're sure off. What distinct to use that to be that size a lot of the guys there profits alignment or defensive lineman or even those linebackers about a calories you have to consume. All you have to do I mean I remember eaten almost 8000 calories a day. You're just resting during training camp give you can't in anybody that's been training or anything anyway I'm sure people work out there that are runners. You were runner to immediacy. Allies really are much as I hate when I was in my peak guys is a possible. I wouldn't I'd be a little yet I G and that's the big thing too is it the amount of what you have to eat to maintain especially to maintain your size. But then there's Haiti lacy who just maybe he'd like to few other things. Did you beat KGB. Fat and be in sheep like him you you went all Marshall Faulk is one of the greatest athletes I've ever seen it Tim Marshall Faulk. If you saw Marshall fall without his shirt off for anything you'd go will. Didn't matter he was unbelievably gifted Marshall was that I mean he's he was toned it in a sense but he wasn't fat he just wasn't. You look at the look at Tom Brady's picture Tom Brady. Maybe you dislike rule. Greatest dad bottom all oh my god why congress and it looks awful but he bust his butt in the weight room the dude is bit. Fantastically fit so we get wrapped up into what is fit what looks good and these guys have ten tabs and I gotta be shredded that's not fit with it is is what works for your body and we perform your best. Another issue place emails of the alcohol too because they talked about that new Lotta sugar we have Tina India that the maniacs interview they had they are theirs they mentioned fast and number one problem and they said he'd just drinks human imploded that agreement empty calories you do when you when you drink. You are yet know I know I remember to use sugar on and on throughout the amounts of I was in high school and I was training with someone who is in their twenties. And airline mad I think is above is in high school and also before they drank. They were like man you are so lucky to you don't have to deal with you know blues like in terms of your diet and your health you know 'cause like. And whatever like you know that's not a thing and then now I'm in my twenties and advice if I take a weekend off from going out get after it in didn't turn dot. My take a weekend off. Not only how much better I feel how much like my eight. My your poisoning your body your point yet all of obviously you feel battery or drink but I guess I'm just I might turn them overall general health and I'm training for the hood to coast right now right some running a lot I'm trying to get in the gym a lot. And last this last weekend I drank less than the weekend I did before completion noticeable difference. In when I'm out running when I'm in the gym and that's just from one weekend off so yeah just imagine if your professional athlete. The other take care herself on temptations that I didn't like clubs going out. I couldn't imagine going on the weekend being in the NFL. Liked it just the constant strain on your body and then having to recovery even more over a week. Really when you drink and get drunk and you black outer ear hung over your body's attempt leader cover itself from dehydration the so not only that you just. At the crappy daddy that week but I patty do that. I remember waking up on a Monday. And could you barely get out of bed bruises physically and then by Wednesday your full pads ready to go you'd just it's a life stuff. You have to do it's a mindset not to mention the dangerous. Physiological aspect of painkillers and alcohol together Daryn I'm pretty sure I don't know percentage but most NFL players have to deal with. Mean it's a hard game to guess you have got to do to get through. But if we get rid of the kick off an all know that that'll change you know what yeah let's do that it's. I mean yeah that's were most fear most scared of is the kick off that none not the lifestyle dad's yes that lead then we you Jay Don we're about those two things. She's I. We played pretty darn awful holiday we've played some millennial trivia and can you did surprisingly. Well. We will fitted a bonus question or two we wrap up the show gets you ready for what's coming up. Today on 1080 the fan nexis is dusty camp cropping jam cam in the kids. Onto anything and I. This is of PGA championship week edition of dusty and Tim in the mornings Roxy and I read tell golf senator summer celebration sales on ten maybe both France and. Cross and the curmudgeon that's the name that's come across the tax Simon liked the most for our. The four day long. Revamped and usually it has long four day long not extraordinary opportunity. All known well I think it's long for you for me I love it I. ROTC tell me every day when I showed up for practice. TJ you have an opportunity to another day you can choose to have. A bad day. You can choose to have a good day. But every day's an opportunity I agree 100% you know and every day one of my favorite NBA players and not just can be sure the same last name Jamal Crawford every month every day every morning tweets out another day. Another opportunity that deeds 36 he just got paid. So he's doing some random and it's all about your attitude about your attitude. You gotta use that I didn't get to be part of a sports show all about sports today is using the long and I know determined I. Trying to determine the time a four day. Four day stint. Your ego will 'cause obviously the shows dusting cam yeah we can be boring Amy call crossing Campbell we ask you 5505 on the tax line. Give us your feedback to what you thought the best name for the show was some of our favorites were my fear was crop in the curmudgeon more than hipster in the dog. Ali cam in the diverting Andy's. You know yeah we actually made out one something we never addressed is what we had that brief. Tom Houghton diaper talk at 7 AM communicating like a dozen or more tax coming in of people I use cloth diaper does will give me crap and said that. Graham used no pun intended there. You use cloth diapers to secure a man cloth diapers and people still using cloth diapers you crap in a cloth clean it then put the same cry don't crack your child does will you know like. Yes I was a child. Wilson will I would like a fresh diaper on a button on the kid you know you care when your kid. Apparently according to this Dexter yet you don't know me I know you'll tell us stuff I do and housing kid and I'm glad I don't remember him. I'm talking about anyway we moved back as cloth is is safer for this person in 1990 Cendant. They use cloth diapers and check me out. Gas ran as an example of the tech says house like this named for the show rotary dial and the Smartphones. Film you're Smart you're married I didn't have a rotary dial you know latter magic in the thirty foot record Tutsi can walk around and I couldn't walk down that I love that or go into the living room. And you jump rope with it while you're talking cannot tell you aren't happy if you pleased it's that it's. The Smartphone. Hasn't ruined. Like movies and television for me. I like old movies I like pay phones in my eight like thriller my action Blake yeah I like having to get to a flown liked not being able to beat. That adds a whole other level to the movie Europe film or like drama diehard member videophone all the time this ruins their Smartphone ruins it I the second life here from the seventies. I didn't I didn't pirate I know I'm Norma millennial and I wrapped it. But. Growing up cam I made I bought at a garage sale gave rotary dial phone. And I had it in my room and it worked on and I used it to the ground assault on it for you sell you know what yeah in high school I was the seventy's Kidd. John I don't other guys familiarized to anyone. Now in literally two Lou we were born in the seventy after Rihanna seventy center run as the Sunnis Kendra yeah. Makes sense right. I don't seventy's Kidd would be the one that actually lived in the decade of the seven don't know or in the seven hate to tell you this there's no kids at my high school there are teenagers or. You don't get held back that long were not real brave college football we talked a lot of pro football and a college football Bruce Feldman. Fox sports data is top 24 reeks of college football like freaks of nature freak athletes. And I ducks DeVon Allen coming in at number two on the list that dude well deserved a freak yes. What are you ran last 110 meter hurdles in thirteen point 03. Day at a at Hayward field the call five for the Summer Olympics. He met favored for the Olympic Medal is easy favorite to medal he's got to be he wins the Olympic trials he got so he got that was the second fastest time. Did in the world this year episodes so he's definitely got so he's yeah he's in the mix in the middle metal arc. So it's always for me like whenever I got my team a receipt especially a receiver or got any running and cutting a lot and they get injured and they're trying to come back. I'm always wondering if it takes me awhile even when they're applying to wonder if they're on a percent. You don't always worried about that re injury to meet. We data Allen there is no better way to come back to prove to meeting your needs to dig a hole. Then you're running a thirteen point three in the one day I mean girls and on the ducks I'm sitting there and they say he's gonna be rating go for deciding game of the season. Like you said early you can't teach speed and speed does in Steve's that's not just speed that seeks Los of this while metric senate's. I guess there's a guy right there that would not be a fan of if you if you could develop into. Fan of removal of the kick off all his he would it's just having him stand with a seals on the goal lining your kicking that guy you're going. Oh my gosh these please be touchback. Exactly every time he touches the ball to electric exactly exactly I mean it's only dudes have got a chance in the NFL because of taken top dearly Thomas. What do you get a shot me uneasy as good running back but when the chief use and asked if he returns on that term kicks. Nominated for president chief Paul yet on dale Dante Hall. Brilliant unbelievable. Return kick returner or take it away. Old curmudgeon Soledad good voting board there is Devin Hester Bruno a job right no doubt no way no longer break his record now specialist top of the kick off we talked. He heard committed being linked other than that I mean. He can run pretty good receiver make it run routes. Is fast you know he's a hundred speed and mad and fast not a not an accident not the that's a real thing but to benchmarking need to achieve in the hundreds whenever she did. Anyway let's just to mark list. Blazers pretty much locked up their roster he got paid for years forty million dollars so their core. Alan crab a half million dollars have now been spent in one year half a billion dollars. And now been spent in one year. The blazers along with now because they're keeping their court on our money so my money there I have bulldogs love it as a spend it. If you're a fan of the blazers you have to be happy that they kept the kept their core they can they are in. House homegrown deal more loses not homegrown but they traded at a ham sandwich to get him and they developed in his best year as. It has an NBA player was in Portland and it came at the end of the season so career arc he's in primaries trending upwards. They've got mow our coolest. Allen Crabbe. Meyers Leonard dame CJ all those dudes are locked up now not to mention pest is is really and Evan Turner I love that man I really like this young core. Herman you're in my expectations. Going through the roof right yeah they tell us now they're did have to be Damian Miller to handle those thank you for listening today as you crop in cam. We back tomorrow got a great rest of the day played feline. Tea fanning out the herd with Colin powered up next. Did it dirt and spray adding them the Jacksonville Jaguars play by play guy on today yes they deal. They continued their preview and then we got prime Tel plus it gives you after that hot corner with terrorism links from seven or not a full day. Stay tuned day and don't change that dial even was a dusting chance on 1080 the fan.