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Dusty and Cam - 6.16.16 - Hour 3

Jun 16, 2016|

Urban Meyer talks about what he looks for in a recruit (besides football) and a discussion on Mike & Mike being ousted as the Blazers broadcasters.

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Base or listening to the dusty camp podcast brought you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right thing since 1952. It's. US open week where Dustin and Kim in the morning yeah. Call our. The fans US open which brought to you by modern life. Don't make a statement of what does to you in jail months and maybe he has a zero iron in his bag most and you have zero iron in your bag. The review yeah you do. I noticed zero iron is a driver it's pretty much know. Pretty much of putter. And apparently the flat stick it. And grouper river into the used to call wedges who did you say that a messy. And whom Nash senior aide there was an an iron name music man actually and give it into. There's lots of different words names for the Axel irons jubilant. Jim I've heard that about you know and I'm just announced that it doesn't but I Massey was that some sort of clubs are really. Well okay commitment. Be popular these presents fourth annual stand golf classic and laid there are no spots left on Monday sold out. And there are less. Than five we believe at last check there were three spots. Remaining. Trace. Four sons remaining on Tuesdays at 130. Shotgun start for the poverty. Papa Murphy's presents for Daniel Ben Ari classic toi. Out at aligned in our great golf club brought T by royal Marcy route it is June 27 and June 28. That is. About a week and a half away now. Week and a half from today. Can't it is Thursday. I'd Monday and Tuesday. June 27 June 28 the 27 is sold out you can still. Get in the the 130 shotgun start on June 28 there's very. Vary. Limited's. Days here I was going to give you little tease out there everybody so you know we're playing you get you get prizes for this which is amazing. But I snuck into Lisa's office on our way out yeah she does a great job with her crew they're getting ready for this tournament or crew. Unbelievable. There are some awesome prizes. But flatly. But via yet you need to think it I don't I don't know if I don't wanna get an early tee and Suzanne I know I do you feel like that but there are some awesome prizes. United entities like this isn't this unit tees this is like if you're a golfer you're gonna wanna win all of there's there's some awesome you are rising us. And are done. But yes so go to 1080 the fan dot com. And you can sign up we could do without our great sponsors teeter inversion tables surely buildings that are house Varner. Bradley L Berman motto line backwoods during company. TNT fireworks block in board butcher shop 1800 divorce in the rob Brothers Jewelers Wyndham vacation ownership buffalo walling did children's course. Drift freak out doors and people are still piling on on you get a goodie bag. On and also we got things out on the course like the Papa Murphy's love that 425 degrees all they gave basically your foursome is twenty dollars a Special Olympics organ he gets you to move up. 400 in 45 yards on a par five on hole eleven allaying did you better eagle at yet a shot at all albatross sing it. Get on an. It did call it albatross is that official term resident it denoting albatross is a bird yeah I know I don't hide it took me a lot of yeah now now I know I finally did I have an albatross. Have a whole caliber. I don't have a bird Ayman Al truck driver four iron 520 yard par five uphill. It's a jerk knew it was jerk move because I didn't get to see you go into we've looked around. Walked around the green everyone's league moves would overnight as when fine I'll just walking I went to pull the pin for a body was on the green went. Eight you know last sure enough there was and there. See that you moniker he says traffic and for our breaking news Iowa's McConnell first. Mo is like Moscow on land and then Akbar that property and mark that then I got to excuse the rough. This gradually is what's up did. And don't worry about it and we're also had the royal Morse I shot a lifetime the first eligible person making it properly witnessed hole in one. During the tournament on the royal more sabres shot a black temple which is the thirteenth part three. The UN aid 2016 Seaver out back limited with eyesight courtesy really a bowler Subaru automobiles were knowledgeable let's. Speak yourself. It's true. We've talked about you meaning you if you make a hole in one you're nine and his team you're not gonna quit quit your job tomorrow to be property cam and dusty is good drive often is not known and unknown. Dick Mahoney would land the Aaliyah the heavier the Dick Mahoney story. No I've not heard soul Walter Thurmond the third hole the incident that's a name from a movie. I only Mahoney Nikki had no luck police academies academy you have Mahoney. Walter Thurmond the third has retired from the NFL right after six seasons and it's hard to figure out what you're news to fill your time threat and wall. Apparently there is the legend of Dick Mahoney that is growing. In the slow pitch softball community. As there's a dude that shows up. Rakes. Drives up in his Porsche cry and nobody knows what his job is how he got his money. Or any big people on his team arson and he's a drug dealer there's one person that plays on the team that knows who he is. And he's like you're gonna have to ask him yourself in the it's a guy who goes by Dick Mahoney and he's been making like waves in the softball. This softball league does nobody knows who he is somebody take a picture of night pets Walters ten minutes. That's risky this goes talent yeah. Like what does he deal like that rumor in in the league days like a drug dealers they can't hit man herself because you know he'll disappear for elect a couple days at a time that I come back in those you start. Jack conditioners. And you know he's a retired professional athlete in its Walter Thurmond third in similar to the legend of Dick Mahoney I get is now. I guess he's outed as not but that he would that's it hit the hole in one divided it Dick Mahoney drive enough and it broke more Subaru. I'm out my new whip that's right isn't gonna go five wood off the tee. On a five wood on that can only armory and not do it minimum 165 I think that's what the insurance that's gone five cover your own five wood five wood from 165 teed up while killing when our goal with you had the moon shot you can drop that thing right on the green and it'll be perfect display TC that video and it. Oh man all right Urban Meyer head coach at Ohio State is making a satellite campgrounds. And he is talking about. The two all the recruits everybody has their own message very easily it's. Anything for common relieved cited as seen as work out real hard and getting your all of your best Irvin Meyers taking a different approach approach to you. The satellite camps and addressing the players and he's trying to get in the year of all the guys on what you do here really doesn't matter. Onassis to show all of a great deal of respect. They end up for some reason that I Hugo holder right yet the less the less I see a bit. It's almost speaks it is not because me just to show your eyes and chromosomal revert long. It's so vivid I've well contended it Tuesday. All the listened to a leadership speaker. I'll march right try to read will. Important book wrong. If I go president NFL yeah. Biden visited great college campus high school. Program and I sit Ellis is so once speak horrified I really wanna grab there it's at sooner or grab something wrong I listened really intently. There's like try to do I try to grab walk away from that person that can make myself. Quite a family or my team better. If there's what they've not been really good out over the years I'm a great a great guy. I can go grab something from somebody there today it's it would have been I got something that's going to be good for the Buckeyes. If 2006 feet. I know. Urban Meyer is that lost the they dusty in today's world are we making too much out of it because. We don't think young athletes appreciate the value of a good coach or being. Respectful of a coach or actually taking. Taking an opportunity when when someone is speaking in or anything like that and actually. Grab mean. A moment out of that I had a scenario one time. And we were sitting in the team is with Saint Louis and coach martz is we're gonna have a guest speaker. And full life for me I can't remember his name in big surprise because I had up teen contraction. In comes this guy. He's got glasses on egos they we're gonna have a guest speaker former. CEO. And marketing director for Kentucky fried chicken. That. Really. My what my gonna get out of this. All I don't know all here I am young. Inexperienced but at that time I listen to a few points. I grabbed. A couple points. And I went you know what even though this guy's not related it is having a good football. I don't know maybe reach out you're the ego to stick coal mine said do you think you know everything I actually appreciate what this person has achieved. And anyway it made us all stand up and sing this little light of mine ambulance which Israel or your seat of bunch of football players doing that. That was the weird part in the end but I did get some. Good stuff out of that so I ask this question is is Urban Meyer says. Is this lost in today's athlete with a young people are or we just making too much of it. He's he's seen it what a what a great leader and a great coach with a very storied franchise franchise university. This scene trying to convince kids actually be respectful. And try to appreciate that is. Is it is lost. Mom I don't think it's lost. Blah but it is amazing to me. Is that. Where are the kids getting it. Why is this why is this is turning into such an issue now again people that complain about it the most are the ones that are raising the kids to act like this right is it isn't that the truth. You want me to give you might might tend not to worry temple about file but go no no I don't I just gonna have my humorous thought I really went about my legitimate saved by the bell it's all saved by the bell fault. Elaborate wished he truly is an interest in this. I got a tin foil get a reality let's go come to start with saved by the bell an ominous start progressing who was the person. In charge and saved by the bell mister building dole. Zack Zack. That was the one that was an absolute buffoon. Screech. Well mr. bill. Nobody had any respect. I can't gas okay IC which is saying okay all right and then that what happened the next show came out on Disney. All these other shows. Absolutely make a mockery blaming TV and not parents. As the TV empowers the tea instant boost its the parents our not blaming anything that you ask Mike. Goofy opinion I'm just going off just having yet to agree that. I'm dead serious here and have a little fun. I do believe the television if you watch that crap. All the time in my opinion scrap that might be good don't know you wanna watch and what about the Bell's not only was good I like I like the new stuff scrap. But if what it does is it devalues anybody in power that's an adult. Every kid it thinks that any adult or annuity is an absolute joke in there they're old man get off my lawn we know and respect for. That's my tin foil hat off of what it how things have changed. The media the so did the two television Mallory Ted's kids sit down and watch we. I don't you let the Disney Channel on him and our house because I can't stand every little sideshow. That's one of those things are every kid is the star. Every kids the star. Every he's the actor. Angela thought so it's good for television is that's who you like for me I just it's might mini little theory yeah. Isles. To go back to. To my same question about this they'd be I contact in the respecting as I. Well then if he's that people in bowling music to. Remember like our mayor. It's Elvis to risk is it was elvis' hips or two to move to Marilyn Manson is the reason why we're pollen bind happened exactly and then it's tip off let's not forget it's all you bought the ball it's in my and its television and it's all these things like he has. Won't. Maybe maybe it's that it is the matter is again is now no would you talk it's ice cube maybe we should take responsibility for your children. Correctly. I am so there's a lot of factors that parents can't control some of them like these car. But what I think is important is that guys AA coaches have such a viable spot in kids' lives and this is why I believe. Is still firmly in playing multiple sports two is because you can get multiple leadership values are different coaches. You can get different points of view you can. EU may not have a cushion is big and respect. Region respecting the elders that if he's big on discipline and with your teammates right. Team bonding propping him being everybody at the end you disciplinarian than you had your guys that are. All about teaching the guys like and then you having the unicorn coaches that have everything kind of Barak and one ranked. And that's why I think the value in multiple sports is is sell the eight ball there's so much value in playing multiple sports. I completely agree and if it because we have so many. Kids that are playing one sport. And you get locked in on one voice in your head your entire life. And most the time nowadays it's not even the voice it's about locked into what you think is right in a pair pays four to think it's right Yahoo! you paid to meet cute. Think your kid's gonna be great to make sodomy minority go. Of great tax it is Jesse spam as well. All her fault or at least eternal and you know. But if you try to blame Kelly compounds ski don't you dare don't you dare don't you dare you don't you dare do that. Don't you dare you is enough evidence. He's the we do it knows where that is able putt a smirk was the leader might get might expect him. Like in my car out as surely as broadcasters your feedback has come and not have real morning dusting cam on the fan. Or. Yeah I. This is the fans US open with commission of dusty and Tim in the morning Roxio brand motto live on 1080 years old Sarah and look. Home in this. And getting. Phone calls and I hope my wife is OK. She's been calling she cut her handers that. And season I think you're there laughing I'm not laughing I'm just it's I'm no idea like cutter hand under the ball and the night with that. Obviously deny a and she can't get the kid into the car seats are trying to go to hospital and then thank. I don't know what to do right now due to he had to go as it sucks easier it is just awful gave you my friends are not working can you my house and check on my life please. His surroundings at all trying to figure things out during all the breaks here and I feel terrible for her she's pulling it together really well right. There's nothing I can do right now no. So I might have to leave. She's I don't I don't know I feel terrible. I'm not a loss I hate thinking cram it if you have to leave. Yeah all right Mike Baird in my grandson with Antonio Harvey you're let go yesterday by the Portland trailblazers. Altering them blind sided by the move. To go to different direction all of them under contract for another year and beaten blazer fans were just as surprised as anybody and T here this. Hear this news I mean. I can't tell you how many people. I had tonight. Tax or people that I saw yesterday like god how long did people really know about that but nobody knew that this is even a possibility. Mean for goodness sakes. Am Barrett in a race. Where in a awful announcing which is a is like that website and they did eight hole of the best broadcasting crews in the NBA. Baird and rights of the best in the Northwest Division. Might there are one of the best hands down in the Western Conference yeah this is voted on by the fans. And I think they were like fourth in the in the entire NBA. So I was surprised everybody people love them and the reaction has been. Incredible. To see what is happening right now. And their reaction by fans. Is is coming out in in droves and you know there's people that feel. Tremendously about their guys Baird and rights especially. Indio people on it to have there have their voices heard on it Tony's call then Tony you are on the same good morning Tony. More insert yeah yeah all prominent sign served on the arm and took I don't like blade it but. They're trying to make the best six marker for the season start. It back out on our programming these guys and then ultimately go to talked a bit like Britney and all going on Dakota talked parent army and and rice and Annika at a news conference to explain their reasoning and I have been guys in Norway opera written as collateral. He's got such a nice national gave what would become better known it just happened to Ole Ole guy alone you know. I don't I don't understand why they did a bad move just can't be any worse and that's yeah thank you. Banks are called Sony Ericsson hasn't let out a lot of people feel sure you know is there ever good way to have a break up though I mean that's this one of these these situations and and and yeah I just. I think I feel awful too because you know look at families in situations and changing it but there was never a good way to have a break up when I know Mike invoke these guys are gonna all three rumor gonna bounce back on their feet. I don't they are via and they're too good what they do and so I look to to the future what the blazers are trying to do and I try to figure out. How are they going to go what what is going to be the transition for the blaze. And Tony Mench is clever on Kevin cloud rose again his name is in thrown out there as a potential. Possibility is from the northwest Fisichella smile for a blazers coach is those who went to another we don't know what nobody knows anything nobody knows that this move was coming and we know they're where they're gonna go like it's it's been. Kind of thrown out and their names that makes sense. Lott makes sense but we don't know what's gonna happen right now. We played the audio clips earlier in the show from christening gala and president Portland TrailBlazer when I'm entered spray yesterday if you miss that. Every you can check it out on the audio vault at the less about tires audio vault antennae to defend dot com. Bus truck tires podcast of their show. He did answer really any questions. Though is supposed to do seen here. They've got a lot of balls in the air right now and a day half tune. In to date belt that it is a right decision. They have the broadcast threats and negotiating with Comcast sports net and unveils a have. Believe route and fox sports are involved in in those talks as well from. You know things that you hear around. And dare and uninteresting time. Where there's a lot of cord cutting. And there's. Obviously the issue DirecTV that they'd people of been talking about three years with Comcast sports and they wanna be on on on that. But the numbers of people in the area that have direct here actually pretty small when you when you look at it the true numbers of do they don't agree that they digital platform. I don't know do they go into route pattern on this day with compass I don't know Christmas gallant said creativity though they needed change for. There and they're in the business to make some money and they wanna generate more revenue to of course that's exactly what you're doing as a business and so what's gonna benefit the blazers. Locally but what's gonna benefit them nationally they want the brand to become bigger to they want it more readily available for the local market I mean at. I don't know I mean it's difficult to sit there and say you told me this in and I I do believe it that it's not just our market. That is singular you know I'll says one option there are multiple markets where it's difficult to find your local. Team you know and aim with 30% of Los Angeles can get the Dodgers because of Time Warner. The Astros and rockets cannot be seen Biden I think is eighty times in 90% the Houston market. At Atlanta had this problem with the hawks I mean this is not unique. To Portland. It's not unique it's is something that happens. All the time yeah. And it's that this is a business decision decision and christening gallon. Is saying that he more months ago and a different direction. From ignite their specifically. And Oregon Ian from Albany went to organ state and worker. The university Morgan. He's pretty tight end he is Portland Indian rice for the last eleven years have been rich city. And I don't understand the minutes and go at I really. Don't. Understand the move and this is this section says you know with the Kevin comers would help them open the market for Seattle. I don't know I I don't know I have no idea in this is not a hate him people are like this is. It's not a cut this is a blazers move in the blazes are unique in their set up and made way that's different than almost any other. NBA team there's very few Portland might be beyond only one. Where. The blazers. Higher there're TV guys their crew everybody. Sold though it's on. Comcast sports net. It's blazers broadcasting. Owned by the blazers that. Could on every single game right and then the pregame in the post game show wit and the arson and Michael Holm. And in so this is a move by christening gown in the blazers. So that was their decision. And he's owned it he's owned it. So. Your techs coming in 55305. Will agreed all of your tax because there's a lot of people on. Better actually. Onboard with this. Weighing in on board with the with the minister in a new voicing kind of agree with. Christening gala which is. In the minority albeit not so there are people that are green by five to your fighters Crawford a sports center. This is the fans US open which edition of dusty and jam in the mornings Roxio my motto live on 1080 Sosa and. A lot of upset Texas class 5305. For those few that are wondering now life is and wrote the house right now you know shifted to the holder good hand. She tried Ellis. No I think she's had other priorities losses got size Sony wants is driving. Yeah apparently make kid is in the back of the car upset that she does ever sung last decision puffy T think it by apple and everywhere. Duque really yes now I demand but I issue and turning it on I think she said that she was cutting watermelon. And you know sometimes IKEA. When you cut watermelon especially. There's angles and there's slippery news yeah and apparently just like yet to push down pretty artists slipped out well. Got on hand she says down to bones when usher rules she's covered up immediately though she is she says she hasn't lost the blood because she covered it. Is that they supply pressure took a quick look at it as a big flap as scandalous. So not dead. I was worried that's gonna happen to me. Cutting him. And now and the best angles I don't know sometimes you can think you'll knocks his students toward oh yeah yeah. Arizona today or desire to listen in this Evelyn be good for your mom and a nice tomorrow please. Here we go Mike Barrett Mike rice Antonio Harvey out as pledged broadcasters. And tax them you know 55305. But sex in May be good changed plus seconds or was he buried going someplace local like organ state and work on Centre Mike Parker. That comes from rich. I don't I could see that happening I mean I don't know where these guys and they don't know where there had nobody you know I could see it but don't see them leaving the area. Will bear an NLC leaving the area. And visiting they get paid their births here now you know when it first. Wiz in turning with the fan there is this weird Jill Przybilla. Resigning celebration at they had down on the waterfront. And they sent me down there about myself to go and I get the audio and they had GN and they had eyes temperature at time. And they had Przybilla down there ending to people for like a jet boat rides well. Really weird but Joel Przybilla. He wanted to clarify again yeah Heyman times change its date. But and this old guy comes right up on his bite Indies where Mike is spandex and everything. Never took his helmet off. It was my Bryce. I guess we should be brought the bike all the way down there's just like us we don't hear. Any use talking with everybody and he could have been nicer guy and is this like everywhere you from. And nineties this man of the people men in the community right battered that was his role here Berry is the Oregonian. Roots down year the level had the voice of reason at times for that broadcast and if they built a connection with the audience that was special and that's why you hear terms like hubris. With and you know like not is shortsighted lighten Nero scope and not connecting with the fan base when you hear about this front office move to do it because it doesn't make sense when you if you think about it from the community's standpoint that's. Such an important part. Of your local broadcasters. A lot of a lot of opinions out there like the fact the the blazers or it could go after. Kevin Glover or PJ Carlos tomorrow and try to use the connection. To a Kevin Durant. What do you find that. Somewhat bizarre beard and thought process that's a tin foil sleeping bag you're sleeping in him with a ten closely by I really do. Think that's extreme things Mazar drama of a thought process. You you know let any any way you can try to. Woman. Wrap my head around the thought cross a look at that it is a market to you said this to in the break of Paula who controls. Quite a bit when it comes the NBA in the Pacific northwest. Well yeah because of the fact that they have the then the Seattle territory now as part of the Portland territories. And inferred that television markets and is that is significant because. In LP boosting aid to use do you wanna get in in the CM no. Here's a thing. Dare focus on their market right now which is Portland. Seattle come if the basketball fans want to. In today's starter neglecting. The Portland fan base to train get cancer Seattle. That's not paying these guys are businessmen right that's not a good note there are guys at all. On and they're not doing that in it T think that is pretty crazy. On. And then there is also the television network thing as well with that with there those opening up. On tech's coming in a 553 or five they had to make the mover someone else it with someone else in mind. Junior agreement or you don't make this news and that is hard fight. Totally believe that even said as much ease that we did admit christening gowns like hey we have somebody. In mind. And we're making strides at them we're just don't have it being finalized yet which I think is also. Mean. Rice worked for the organization for Tony six years and bear it worked for seventeen years. This better be a pretty huge name rank. Men mean it because those guys went so much of the communities so much of the organization are done so much for that team protests. I think in this city try to figure out what what name will give view. If you X I guess excitement at this point I mean it's gonna have like anything or have time worry got to let it heal and any feel. This is part of your family it's that you young Milos Amir family he's got used to seeing it for so long so what name and what person out there is gonna replace that. Are ones looked set it up and Juliet set for awhile certainly but you know let people will get over it. People get over and you will look we all move on and in five years. In hell there will be this. Man Baird writes for awesome. Erin writes Rossum. Fans will adjust now. We have to do it just like you have to member Danish ons is the end all be all. Right nobody is ever he had better than than the sounds. Barrett writes. Work their way into the fabric of the community they were doing to our homes and became every single day in it it sucks that the way that they were show on the door. But ultimately fans will move on. It not right now. This the sectors as I sure over the Bill Walton. Rule that's cool. Paul is old. And I life. I'm glad Zell was not. And I can I can make it through maybe a week how many you know I may be a week I feel bad for the the replacement app for it or not like oh I feel so bad like they're gonna have. It's hard to win fans over especially blazes fans who were fiercely loyal and had a real connection when Mike and Mike. That dude is gonna have his work cut out for him whoever comes in as the new play by play voice the blazers so. It beat top flight and I feel bad almost an am not a date shows today you re a Mike and Mike in chose to coming here but obviously whoever gets its gonna be stoked on the opportunities cell. Right SA well yes they will Mae and Bill Walton. Like we said he's good if you don't care if you care about the game now. It's here you know honestly once you start hearing it is it turns into something they go line and a and it won't be him. You have the eighty think it's gonna be young. You might believe it's going to be I am right I do I believe they're gonna go after a target. Of youth I think there's a lot of influx of new people moving to Portland like this Dexter says there's a lot of people come in north. From California there's a lot of youth here would this is and this is a city of diversity when it comes as thinkers it's it's a lot of things here that are that are different another NBA. Ideally young to jam I can't especially with the cord cutting going on I do maybe like it potentially like a move to. Some kind of an online platform as well the main means available I think ultimately try to go little more. Cutting edge got him by people who go at the Heyman thirteen homer for me. My own money neighbor paid by the Portland trailblazers. And pay their salary. UN DT exactly and I love the homer ism right and and there actually they do homer inking an awful announcing does the Helmer rankings. There's a lot worse out there oh my goodness. And ninety. Ralph Lawler. The clippers. Old man right. He's homer rhetoric a key loves him some clippers out yet duty and their for a he's been there since they came from San Diego and that is something that. Elevate I love her and he seems. Any team bring it. Absolutely all of that I want Nassau listen the national notify one homer one homer on a boring Vanilla Wafer a lot you exactly a year and ilsley for. Regardless truly don't wait for you or or or you mean the guys that there are rumored to be bringing in good I think the nationals can I even saw got a program I'd elaborate I I always watch a local broadcast or listen global local broadcast on any radio station anywhere in the country over the national. I love local flavor. Yeah. Got a two year old man. That love the homers and it will be this they will be missed. I it's. It's amazing to see kind of but it is hoping is it is gone and affected so many people lot of really. Strong reactions to it had even gone Brandon Roy Medina Brandon was in broadcasting. Well easy and I don't know who he's not tennis so why are prices and broadcast. It's business trying to move right. And I don't PSI love Hillary casting until you Serwer with me right that's a great points doesn't happen I don't know why this guy is here. There's showed up in front of my doorstep now is guys and broadcast it does the order this guy ya he's broadcast via CB there you go belly up. Game six tonight we got is injured bogey it. A big factor is Drake got during mongering coming back even lower dusting camel fan. Just and M in the morning. Broxton you find my life volunteer navy. NBA. Finals he's got tonight can I. But we had back to game seven and so on Sunday to the question mark yes and we had back to oracle and that's when the those cities those those little young a millennial northern they're just really good that's when those polled say words when it back home. I don't need to see him win it I fans are all techies is the name. In the not all Aggies are today. At this point oh clip there and saw a -- of the day when the imminent with it's it all you've got to say India to do it and in the year industry Jackie Brown sees some of the prices they're paying him to get in there exactly ridiculous exactly. I side gray tweed after on game five there is a fan now as I. I hate to grant for this. Poll taxes. That hit it can fit that opens up as the only had to say and then need to get deep breath and said. Isn't way my grandma and comes back in game six so. You grant for a ticket that yes that's a lot of case a former. Did you see UN Richard Jefferson had to say I thought that I was really he's speaking up. He has been a highlight for me in the media during the these smooth NBA finals. So Klay Thompson is upset about the illegal screens at the caps are sending specifically through FEMA scoff. And this coming from the same person that gets open from illegal screens. It's well yeah but he's the same person as the head it's a man's league to LeBron below the media of all Klay Thompson in. So Richard Jefferson he of the perfect response to you complaining about illegal screens said. If this is a man's game then he should shut up about who hits experience. Or don't say anything about LeBron again and that he said Claes like my brother but we can't be contradicting ourselves here. So the same guy who is complaining about it being a man's game in a man's league is complaining. About screens being set. I don't get it I don't get I don't aim and understand it do you think he lives and okay winner and we hear on the team of Golden State Warriors. Can we agree that the fact that they believe that they play a brand of basketball that nobody else should be allowed to play. Was it what the west but you never know when that win. Portland trailblazers after the all star game after actually shoved it down their throat and got upset that they are doing antics that Golden State Warriors to. Klay Thompson and stepped Currie. Constantly get open with a legal picks from everybody dream on green. Justices really obviously Bogut but he won't be in the years to Disney now has his knees obliterated. Yet when it comes down to these comments like that I believe that the gold say words believe that they play brand of basketball that no one else should be allowed to play. Only them they've daylight owned this right to act. Play. NB a certain way but when somebody else does it heaven forbid did. You call announcing that's not the way basketball should be played we onus is hat if they have a brand on a severe patent. Hasn't every NBA champion kind of felt that way though. Like Michael Jordan in the bulls lack of the day what was errors errors even the spurs even have like this. Every time that they keep that are within the content and my point is that they kept it within the confines of the game Michael journal was. Ridiculously aggressive. And coming off the dribble knocking hands away. Defensively his hand Jack he Gary Payton got away with like no more than a hand Chad bugging like it was it was. And that by the dozen brand that Putin played. Rodman got away with that sort of these candidates there is suited the Detroit Pistons and they'll but he did it when they played Chicago there. They did it when they played Chicago Chicago was different. This murders. Are and DL I'm races fundamentally sound team. Those guys they're just as cheap as anybody in the league man. Mean and wind when they get called for a foul all you mean Tony Parker and Ginobili flop Tim Duncan looks like I didn't. Kevin McCallister from home alone and I he he's I've John's strong immediately. I do I remember is Boeing is it on a trip in state Disney out in the guests LeBron James travels more than. Anybody in the world besides Corey Maggette. But if you call him for Indians are pretty easy call number travel. You and I would say it be like if he suffered his mom that he even handle it is bad win win Delonte West at that. I figured that I know the cavs need to bring off the bench they need it they need to hire me to call big shot Bob Hope that they need big shot Bob is still do it yes. I'd tonight prediction prediction prediction predictions let's hear cavs win by four who. Cavs went. Using got close in Alia cavs win tonight. My remain hooking up with a fifty. She he's my feeling the final. Who. I'm Golan. I'm Golan don't wanna Korea's test by eight. No definitely I think it would buy twice as many points you felt all right I'm going to I was like six the meat we got to cover you possibly yes OK with the with the even numbers. If I'm. Jazz 99 to have my three. That was my six of sticking with it can't avoid the reason magic number and Woodruff aren't. We'll see tomorrow six and 9 AM. It's Friday. You know we can would you rather that we gotta get two US opens hot somebody's about to meltdown today. As can be Ulsan adjourns beast is not going down from like forum is not enough like a mile away. All right says knighted in the herd. Noon to three years' break three to six primetime sixth until the game's over the NBA finals in six dusting camels. Good good good. Very good very very.