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Dusty and Cam - 6.6.16 - Hour 2

Jun 6, 2016|

NBA Finals Game 2, Aqib Talib shot in the leg, Cam is a golf champion, and a great home run call.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Base or listening to the dusty camp podcast brought you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right thing since 1952. Live from the new American funding studios this is dusty and Kim in the morning you know until they leave open. Rain from using any collapsing in the presence of these people. Long before the draft we're dusting era and champ Cleveland to prop up. New American funding your northwest mortgage pros. There are a problem receive dusty and cam in the morning. How did you vote for these. All right hey hey you know there are slipping your time of the squires stores when I was at the squire shop yeah yeah. When I was at the casinos. Casinos in Tahoe this weekend there is something that I sign an abundance. That you don't easily see. All the time. Well little eyes that couple things that I haven't seen in years I saw in the have been an inside joke between the three of us big Johnson shirt. I saw three of them. In a casino Reno casinos right now Tahoe O'Donnell that. We're in which big Johnson was. I don't remember every you know we all know I mean it I've won was the was the classic the Leland hear the car car in one was. When was on I didn't recognize and acting the other when was the classic tent on there it's in the tennis and present after going to dampen and then. So those were season like every single coast every commuted to be trade in this story has a waffled on the other one was. Shots that you never see anymore big dot I saw a ton of big Dodgers. Are out at the casino I'm seeing big doctor to forever. Mean either so big Johnson and big dogs shirts yeah. And losing doesn't allow only and only in only in the casinos man. And so here we go the NBA finals are wildly disappointing. So part two games in two blowouts 48 combined points deal largest margin. Of victory in NBA finals history the the first two games. We've got were again and events tech's early in the show about how. This we're getting the hey this is just how weak eastern conference's. This is shows LeBron James can't do it on his own and all of those things are are true. But doesn't it also show how did the gold stay words are and how did just the top three teams in the Western Conference where. I think it was it was more clear now it's never been more clear now that the Western Conference still is head and shoulders above overall. Not only did everywhere he salie so I I kind of felt that the Western Conference finals was the real. NBA finals I mean I would've loved to have said going into this series. We're gonna see something we've never seen before to battle tested teams getting after each other but after two games in a 48 point. Loss which is that the highest total in NBA history for two games of the finals. An absolute deflated watching. Yeah and I mean this is a bit I caution. This is I have little a little apprehension with this series is that. I want to pump the brakes a little bit because of the fact that remember when Golden State was down three games to one. And everybody was writing off the warriors you know staff Curry's heard he's not an egg ease up playing in the same. Golden State is is done their overrated in what happened I mean they turned that series on their head on on its head. And ended up winning the final three bang bang bank and Darryl blowouts. In in those those first four games in the warriors were on the bad side of them. You know remember how much we're writing them off. Cleveland can't play this that. Every single night in and. You're asking the wrong guy because I don't go far I'm with you I'd. I have not seen anything. In these two games eat at some point in game one. I will all backtrack a little bit in game one heading into about three minutes before the end of the third quarter. You saw game plan. Of Cleveland saying we're taking out step Korea were taken Oakley tops in the Dow was working. But the the bench and Shaun Livingston. Absolutely took over they can't guard everybody on their roster they can't somebody they're gonna have to leave open. And that's the issue with with Golden State is that they have too much depth. Being evidence again as Olympic they've checked out to you and mean for long stretches like. JR Smith had been playing very good defense that he'd been praised and commended for his defense and effort. Throughout the playoffs he has been better. He's not even trying at times is in I think a lot of it has to do in his shots not falling and he checks elements Leah. I mean that. I think the entire cavs roster has checked out mentally the but how can you do that. How in the league gave up in the third quarter I don't know how good that happened in the NBA finals it's not the third quarter second quarter hee-seop man. Now I have no idea I had no conscious mark if you're that confident that you can do is bail on the game me in the second quarter. You're you mean you got outshot the third quarter thirty points eighteen. You've just given up I don't know how else to say it didn't give up factor of the quick. Well we can't keep up these guys will just wait till we get a better start you're always waiting for a good start. Never gonna win any member schools where you're just not. And is hoping they don't shoot good that's all that the only way to beat Eagles they were for now as the whole. They don't shoot good that's what it feels like Cleveland's game plan is to stop and all they don't shoot eight. Tyrant Lou is getting out coached office series to use and it's it is that a surprise anybody it's not shouldn't be moon. These days is happening right now and I don't get an amazing to see is this series finishes like Al what a lot of people feel it will. Which is out of another cavaliers Lawson of their lost over Bruntlett finals they'll split and then. Is that what were main. They'll split that Cleveland and Alina 31 hole heading Ambac yet and that goes as innovative oracle lot of five I mean I have no idea what's gonna happen I wouldn't be surprised if the Cleveland won both the games that we go back I write agent I would I act I wouldn't just because of how well every team has played at home in the class speaks especially. The Cleveland Cavaliers remember Golden State how well they played on the road when they needed to. Well take it few. Oklahoma City and won that game when he was game six on the road that was a huge win they also got their doors blown nothing games and injury but like you said it's a marathon not a sprint Korea right ending in I look at. The warriors losses. In the playoffs. They. Our. Although one that home are all but one up on the road so I wouldn't be surprised if they ago in Cleveland. Something clicks the effort is there. They win both those games in and we're heading back but at the same time will. Cleveland anti Lil. When he's calling timeouts in the brown is kind of shaken him off. Or he. He'd be he's not trying to impose his well why you are we not seeing two and a few miles scoff at and I have no idea when you are when the wheels are starting to fall off. In you need you need to change Unita spark. In you don't go to the to the line at that was the most affected last year in the in the finals against the same team. I I'm not surprised they haven't looked at tape. What worked last June I'm sure they have but I have been this is probably. Tyra loose and I'm not gonna be David blatt I'm not gonna try to lean on what you learned but this this one the stature Bay Area homer says. Checking in these games are prime examples of bell hardened warriors team. The cavs team that was and is prepared. Not prepared are you due to a weak conference. That to mean is very clear only Cleveland had any challenge at all. I know they lost a couple of Toronto but that was a sleep walk they were head and shoulders above Toronto. It and they they are ready bigots they got absolutely obliterated during the year by Golden State Warriors what are you leaning on as a way to beat this team because you haven't done it. In five straight games now seven sorry. I don't know seven in a row they've lost. Is this saying. More about the Western Conference or less about the Cleveland Cavaliers. Because I mean are that. Is Cleveland not very good. No they're obviously very good are really good bright Golden State is just the head and shoulders above everybody I and that's why go back to. And they airplane the worst bass on it possibly could against this warriors seem right now and they've taken away Seth Curry intake and likely Thompson as good as you well with those two guys. Relatively speaking I mean. There's so again there's right I mean it's not like there are double those guys disappeared last night. Mean curry goes for eighteen pounds and as for seventeen you're gonna and a lot of basketball games when you have somebody going for 28 NT guys known for eighteen and seventeen year going to be okay right. But in defected since Shaun Livingston one game. Dream under in the next dead girls go off like those one of those two guys are deal and that will happen at some point this series. But you also have to look at the fact that. Hi every Irving is. Being grossly out coached right now is that. Steve Kerr is finding ways to get his guys open looks right. Kyra your thing. Is shooting lights out. When he gets them when he's moving away from the ball and he gets off the past he's dreadful when he's trying to create his own shot they're not doing anything to get tiger being going. Away from the ball at all. Figure what you're saying is the stats are proving that carries a terrible iso ball player. I again right now with percentage is just based on the percentages of it against the in Golden State Warriors and yet it's safe to say yes it doesn't mean it doesn't just yelled Ali with Tyree at a time. And it feels like it feels the same way. Last night's game ball the same way that they game one did in the sense of died just every tab trying to play iso ball in emerald kind of staying around waiting to see LeBron is gonna do. And then LeBron will go on a little rhyme like at the end of the first half last night we saw LeBron. Take over and try to bring them back and then also you say okay maybe the cavs team pick up some momentum based on what LeBron doing and then they just stops and just. Ops but that is that is the India day. And I think that when you watch when you watch here at the top teams in the west right the top three that we always sit here and tout. Golden State San Antonio Oklahoma City right. They played team oriented basketball. Everybody else in the NBA. Plays that in and that's old school way that he old like Arab island wants to yield schooling. I say mid ninety's did the post Jordan and of Jordan era after all those guys some Michael Jordan volleys you know Kobe did so I sold ball Iverson right. Drew now that's it everybody in the NBA does. But it looks so dramatically different compared to the top three teams in the Western Conference. Who play team oriented. Offensive basketball. In what was the downfall of Oklahoma City Thunder in the gulf states here recently went iso on when they went away from everything that made that they did well to get that 31 why do you think they went away from there because of their own. The avalanche comes yes you sit there and you mantle you have to do ago I gotta put the moment that that's the toughest thing about lingle stay. It's also the toughest thing to tell a superstar like he Kevin Durant or LeBron James. You sit back and create under pressure because immediately when you go to that pressure situation you sick. I miss superstar I am supposed to win this basketball game I'm close to leave my team to a championship. When Golden State is sitting there going. We got four guys that can do it we got three we go here we go there and we can seek and we can see Klay Thompson do but then EC staff Corey doing gets the blazers in gold nineteen and a quarter. Those times you're just going to wait a minute. How to we copy that you can't copy that guys in India he can't be the same it's. Gotta be in demoralizing. Because at the time when the avalanche is happening year thinking. They're never gonna miss it today they will not miss how do we how do we go to on the floor in changed the tides. It's the billion dollar question. That is the mental side of with the Golden State worse has over everybody right now is they know their shots are going. Rock outs while there won't be the only bronco miss that trip to the White House today some people should just avoid their hometowns like the place. I factory a five is the decks and nesting jam on the ban. A key to leave the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos is in a Dallas area hospital. Of the weekend after getting an argument at needs. Strip club. And they fight broke out which led to gunshots. Where. To leave if I'm reading this correctly. It sounds like three people were shot. And he was one of them. In so the suspect remains at large and Talib was shot in the lower leg apparently in. According to Adams after it was a through and through. Did not hit any bone she's ligaments or arteries so just like winters calf muscle on listening. I don't know whatever it is that's amazing. And and to be thanking your lucky starts ye out right now in utility and he is though OK ish. Mean it is bidders are even shot you're not okay. Yeah I'm not okay the Broncos are expecting in day have a full recovery shin affect any of his. Offseason training or whatever. And that your that it will affect this offseason training you'll be going to the White House today along with Brock Oslo there because they're going to need President Obama and get there are pictures taken. And down now though the most recent development here. The suspect is still unknown. Amongst players in the NFL. There is a rumor that he shot himself. When he in the muted the starting this oral now is that he Klesko burst himself. Morrow and that would not be good for. No there's not enough information you were gonna get all that I'm so I'm assuming the NFL's been on it right away I mean remember. Invited that's according to you. Pro football talk dot com right in river how many people were shot in this creek they were three so there might have been exchanged somehow some way. Speculate I don't wanna get into that. Fact is the NFL's full up their security ops at full of FB IC IA former retired people they're gonna get after this right away so in 2001 I had a rookie. He was. For the New Orleans Saints did the exact same thing was cleaning his gun. And shot himself in the way. Shot himself in the leg and and they put him on IR he was on the practice squad. Absolute stupidity so we've seen Plaxico Burress I I've tried to find his name I care remembers them I knew what school he went to our he went to Vanderbilt. And so. Toll for getting it who he was I remember sitting there are kind of getting tree are gonna find it I didn't searching for. We were city we sit on the train table every day training they were and and get treatment injuries this guy cleaning gunshot wound is I'm re having my Achilles tournament. You re doing as it rose disclaimer gun. Maybe it's. I don't know I'm not a huge gun guy don't have I don't having it's it's not like I dole a lot about it. Number one to shoot yourself in the leg you don't you have to be kind of an idiot I mean I'm just going all out on a limb here. Just the chamber and make sure there's no bullets in the chamber. Yeah I mean are we giving don't know I that guide again you're talking about is. Sunday at least he was cleaning his guy and yes he should be more responsible. And not have won the chamber while you're cleaning right this is a difference and Erin says that in nightclub why you keep to lead if possible Carrington. That is this that same question people ask about Plaxico Burress like what are you doing at what do you do with the net. In to sit there and say no we're having this conversation. Those stocks never go through their head so it is a lot easier for me deceit yes that's that makes sense that you she's up this is not picky too Lee's first run and Hezbollah. Last just last offseason. He's investigated though no charges were filed. Four and assault with his brother in Dallas the year before that it was reported he was that rested but he was with his rather. In Dallas in his brother was arrested. On for assault. He has been. Accused the charges were not filed in beating up in shooting at his sister's boyfriend. On the years before that here's where there's smoke there's fire he is too of course along well here's thing. Sometimes. Some people edition doll. I like he just. Your hometown kid and can dragging down ways and I'd tell you because everybody thinks that you're there equal pay I. Knew you when you were you you're not too cool how they get jealous to collapse. And there's a target on your back gosh can I speak to them miss and can he's yeah I will tell you that my immediate is. There is a there's a there's a humbling when you go to your home to certain towns are really embrace who you are others are just full a lot of people that wanna bring you down. Tell you every bad thing you who you are you're not that good and all they do is their life's work is to make sure your miserable. And and I can speak to that. In some with some people it is verbally and with others they on a committee physically and you know that is something that I. Everybody says you know lama's no real rough like must be hard being a fresh athlete that is something I would Ike I can't imagine. How awful are or how hard that is to where. Like you can't go home but he into Turkey to leave he should not mean Beagle and do his own town because. It is then it. Issue after issue when he goes there. And it's like will he ever get the message I don't know but it's home for him. End it ET if you that Denver Broncos get he's telling you year corner and you can't go home he would tell him ordered Miller or how to live his life. And all he wants to go there but. Reality is price shouldn't probably shouldn't. Well let's be honest it's not like we. I don't know I think to leave it seems like he might be investigators some of these situations too and Alec ominous sit back and say you did why but if you are in the Super Bowl. All the do you grabbing the face masks talk dude talks so much trashed a elements easily be entertaining members suitable close game slipped and fell and ran up so I say. Not like he's just going back to Dallas to get illegal culminating him. I don't think he's keeping a low profile when he's back in doubt if he's looking for a fire always call what it is gonna talk trash can down the street and have a gun on him. Don't we have I can say from personal experiences that bullet take out a sizable chunk of muscle in the LA he'll never read the same middle eight Indy week for awhile. In the that's why should I mean he said he does make a full recovery he's you've been shot sector this guy he's been shot. On the idea as a key to lead not go to the White House today other NFL now. Can we get too early quick. Member last week we talked about the gene Munro Baltimore Ravens tackle. Who wrote the article player should Meehan. It had a big Washington Post article about them. And he is actually funded 80000 dollars of his own money towards medical marijuana research. The NFL's top doctors are meeting with leading researchers in medicinal. Marijuana research. And they wanna see what kind of where the research is heading and wanna become more informed there may be a changing of the tides and how the NFL addresses marijuana. Roger Goodell said I would trust my team my league doctors that is his official stance on and one thing that we discuss the last week is that by the end of this year. It appears. That every state either will have that or be making strides to have and medicinal marijuana legal. In their stay. So with all of this out in a lot of the states they're expediting the process I think I had a written down on managed notes the last week that. It was. It's currently. One knee of the 32 states. And by the end it should be heard twenty to 32 teams. By the end of the year they're expecting every state that info team plays and have medical marijuana legal so. Not surprised. I am minutes you are you really. I receive the tax dollars that these they all. Although little about hello. No I'm are you guys don't and I'm not surprised by the NFL starting to take a stance because they wanna get ahead of the game. Is NFL were set the precedent of all professional sports that it that that does surprise me because they never do anything first they're being progressive. About that that is shocking to me and that is what PR will be four and from a lot of bad PR about the Leo aids. OP aides problem they have lawsuits. Lawsuits. You know pillars in now they're sitting there going okay. There is a different way to go about it why we need to look into it they need to be proactive in it debt because the NFL does the first. Everybody else is gonna follow your Dodgers also with the NFL's period of in a state that it could be legal and a player does use it and it doesn't medically benefit them in the league doesn't allow it. That could be another lawsuit that a player could say Europe stopping me from actually taking care of my medical issue. You're right away he'd this this texas' two veteran Josh Gordon. What if you are guy like Josh Gordon who just missed the vote. Well he's been suspended for over a year now and apparently he got. Suspended and you're out of bill test a couple of months ago. And then who's the other guy have Blackmun just them loudly apprehended the Jacksonville Jaguars wins you mean to you about on and friendly firemen can do any about it. Yeah but their prime pretty at that Yahoo! Yahoo! and I would be. All right we have a champion in her presence did you know. And he will deservedly stand atop his none next. Testing came on the seniors Crawford sports and. Live from the new American funding studios this is just in camp in the morning. We have a champion on this program. That cam clearly end. It's is this the big news where there is big news this is big news not just score this just for those ancillary he is offensive. But this Saturday evening news or this station. In dare I say it's a big win for the Portland media in general. It is of Portland I guess you could look at it that way because. They had. Well we have had the opportunity over the weekend play in the caddie for cure tournament and I wanted to thank righty Shane and all his crew caddies for cure. What a great event. I had so much fun I met so many guys I got the chance to hang out with. My icon Bo Jackson I sat let me just tell you. Both in front of us the entire round and by the way I was playing with mr. eyes a drop Obama. And Joseph O'Donnell. Did you enjoy O'Donnell co KG WK GW yup that's occasional and there's k.s and it amateur radio rock and exhibit yes. And by the way. Two lefties and then a third lefty kept locked arms in our group also was part of a group. All these lefties were out there and we ended up winning the entire tournament on Sunday. Scored seventeen under would know Mo Williams by the way is somebody called me out on Twitter and said well how many Mulligan did we use known we'd and so we 1755. But it was a blast we've Bo Jackson in front of us in ahead guys you and Andy was amazing I can't sit down. Sunny morning and talk Bo Jackson for about. An hour and listened to stories in the mean just say I was probably the finest hour I've ever had with a former player or anything like that when you get this shake Bo Jackson. And it just sit there and listen to him tell stories ideas I can you put into words how cool was. And toggle Mason globally and and and who else was terrible Anderson back comets and these young basketball players seeing guys that Randy Myers was there and Andy were just so many great. Former athletes and and current athletes and it was when an event champion's. Champion but we're gonna be able to have you see I Tweety got a picture or trophies. But but it won't ruin. But the big thing you do get which is this is how we roll at the caddie for cure now. I get my own red champions. To. More objective time. The red. Jacket and then the the previous winners because he skipped year last year. And because that they had other things in the and they brought it back issue the other guys for sport at all Saturday night at the ninety chip in all yeah which is a huge event you know. In the next chip in aid next year eating when this event comes back around EU they're open to the tickets are open to the public to buy. Right and you can. One yes was there wearing his red jacket absolutely winning team right. And my wife we during the auction portion of it I've had to go to the bathroom. And sewed she got stopped at the door in the entryway. And she's coming in coming back up and ends at what two keys to launch the goal lead. These two guys stunning down and they're asking me they want that Jersey it but figures and they want it. And I go what who is because of the red jacket and then the guy in the white shirt standing next and was Jerome Bettis into anger Fijians here. Stuck to my wife and had like a conversation in their they were looking undergoing should we keep betting she's Jimmy TV she's a gaggle aboard. And then she'd once the months that oxygen atom is done they letter passed and she went right back on up. That's very cool you'll I was most amazed with and I had Bo Jackson behind me I was quite. Exactly exactly. Head. Cliff Robinson was behind. Yeah it's could what are. He's wearing pants it's a hundred degrees out it was him and coach Zorn Jim Zorn is wearing pants also doubled afterwards a big kicker reed junior was wearing pants. There's those jeans or pants no matter one bush junior was wearing pants and he got so hot that it the key late under the shade and skipped a few holes. As it was so stinking hot. But you know we kept grinding policy in my crew man we grind it like there's no tomorrow made putts and I drove one of the par fours it was 305 carried it we missed missed the eagle putt still made birdie it was a it was a blast. Out there this is days is a big feather in the cap to the Portland media because a win year again V. When you're beating the likes of Ken Griffey junior Bo Jackson Bruce Bowen. And it's Isaac Brock can Cleveland and in Joseph dominant and who is your fourth. We had we had to we we had two guys that were there they're not hot celebrities we had five total via I've. Now considering considering yourself celeb celeb he's deep that they were disciplined and they don't like. No because the real celebrity in our group was Joseph dog Joseph dogma we were just did. The ten media right so we need to we are keeping that thank those of you guys hammering you here tonight. These guys and canning and of these guys are a separate gentleman who arrived as team on the news every night well. Well we get our two other guys for Camelot court Adam crown which her Adams actually remembers there and he's a stick. And he was it doesn't hit it out of the shadow buddies are really good player and Kevin is a buddy of mine in that we've got to note too that lives over an anchor remember. At a royal so these guys can play so she is definitely look at me like into. Another guy's a celebrity putting get a whole scam and Isaak yeah this should. How movies are looking dude no. If you're gonna be in that in the same categories of lead though Jackson's and to anger PG news of the world if there is signing up and they are like these are celebrities is get them a dang trophy. And a red jacket that's what you guys did yes that's why this is so big for it is per I think prop can't clear and in Joseph domino Isaak. Ire gonna sport are trophies were gonna have them here and actually you know Simi put them out of my desk I Watson put my death travel. Put something that might deaths awfully Valencia yeah also a year and a guy doesn't put any need is Dessens empress trophy. Right because that that's a number ones do I guess what. He earned it in Frankfurt I didn't have I didn't know no you did second sock you Wear your once lawyer jacket in today that does that defeat evil you know that's of both city cedar you can take this eighth place crap and using I got nothing for participation trophies. Tennessee even Bo verified its crap that sucks that it. No he didn't elections are good they finish at fourteen under a route he carried their team though that make you hit the ball. Pretty impressive he has a zero iron. In his bag looked at this ago level what's that's what's that but it is there to driving iron to sit at zero on I said he egos scam. Only John Daly and I have this iron was given to me in 1994. And I've just rejected it muses I need that when I need like 270. The bird who brokered a terrible rules if he says. Bonus golf apparently Moshood. The best home run call of the year. Might have come over this weekend testing cam on the. Live from the new American men studios. This is dusty and M in the morning on Canadian fans. I love and did home run ball and I have been surprised we have not had any really quality audio over. Mike home runs this year or dislike guys gone over the top it. We had to wonder that we had clock carols and when he said Janet Clark. And it's guy and his gun again like he screwed up cameras and Michael. Yeah his his native editing and we needed this is no I speak Spanish callers have been made in her native tongue in his own union doesn't say route that was a great call this year oddity or get a Havoc but we have not once so we do what is it. It doesn't I just thought this day I really want in Korean. This isn't you have announcing where is it there and spray again I'm doing okay but this is the best English. And we want amber and we are now in T the time where we're in the NCAA regionals for baseball. And we're gonna surrogate of some good ones. In this one comes into as a courtesy of the two lane that green wave radio network on the screens as Nina. Their claim that they've man is Todd. Graphic in Jeannie. And the green labor trailing. By four. Top of the ninth inning against Ole miss in the regional. In Oxford Mississippi. To eliminate the rebels since keep their hopes alive of making it to the super regional. And Jake Rogers steps of the play. We're going. It's the load and food. I dictate how we. State they Oxford after doomed. Don't say they don't. Six plot way. Hang them. Saying them saying hello kitty thrown a curveball off not most to the script and Olympic and all isn't it. Switched up. It is and because I've heard bang and hang on because you hit the home run. And then you hang the number on the more on the scoreboard could have been had to I've heard ball or EA agony and her at all. Dana that's old school throwing a limb hanging in number and and other team is literally at that point greeted now. Look at civilian I don't waited two lane wave at their baseball teams always been solid need. Name the way if he said it had gone waves seven times in a row. Seven times that are on his soccer Google Google. He sounded like Sam Kennison is hear his voice elevated hate do we have any seem Kennison in the system Crawford do quick search deceit we have. Many cheap reviews to be Kassim Kennison is. Slightly older and seen what Axl Rose looks like lately about the way he looks like same Kansas that really informed me it was near but he. This gasoline guy kind of sounded reminded me users pathogen like ticket like army no excuse me I'll grant. Graphic demeaning autograph to give meaning is in gap again I told you I was gonna script is name and Flickr so there and a Todd Graff for Guinean on the call for an Tulane green wave radio network. I out there's an art to calling plan I've played. In baseball is still hard because. It's a long game there's not a lot of action and usually you're by yourself to. Eat out usually done a lot of college guys out there I saw smoke especially liked you idea. Triple A double A or small ball guys are usually just by themselves own stories. T get that excited and just turn it on like that and then they did to sound like he is a ape creature. Ninety million. He lived like you. Good Ole southern Baptist on me it was very good then. Yeah I appreciate a great home run call and thank you for giving us woman knows now I don't even know like I. This could've come back and won that game. I don't care they didn't. By the way set out to buy it to the Washington. And Huskies who knocked off Vanderbilt 98 did you hear about what happened that game no home known known known to Vanderbilt. Before that series started knowing didn't. So one there another tragedy right Alia home in one of their pitchers was swimming. And oh why did you hear this this is an artful I saw that he had his calls for gosh they thought it was a joke man any ended Ian have drowning before awful I mean that is up all. Or awful tragedy. Where we will let down my shout out but yeah I mean that's all we know I know I nobody knew it was a great game in that series in the end but they're a really good baseball team in the title. Last two years ago. Years ago here are any. Or six years ago. Are going to be Swanson here as there. But yet they are a year detonated room. And then did. Arizona. Get through is law and I don't know but beyond and it. Idol if you don't care right here out of it isn't that amazing how we can just get dated asset you know as an ancillary CLU is forcing Gary Miller not invested. You're out. Which tennis sex because I was like this time of year knowing that. Oregon State would be in it or again in their program and you really since they've Bryant back it was something that you can kind of cannot mean since 2010 point five years and rubble of those teams wreck. In in the regional and Adam but last two years organ was hosting. You know organization as easy as she went to host not just regional but super regional as well. And attended neither of those scenes in this year and it can. You guys wanna hear this. Korean walk off yet de LA yes. While that's the wrong I know Dave since who's not career a well. What I would drive I don't know I did not know eyes spoke Koreans look I I was quite clear to me I understood it would have these single word of that. The funeral. Will pick thinks Crawford. Good preview growth you mean yeah did you not listen to it before no. Now he's sitting there trying to say he listened to before. Truly distracted now doesn't matter though and as you say is this I don't know real one yes he shared promise. And. Like a bull who were like yeah June. Also he said yeah I'd be essar if he asked bombs and energy. I heard nobody that I know it wasn't that. Here is it the Japanese are you committed baseball again Chris Farley in that anxious to. OK I didn't see him again I don't know GM Jim man who I don't know he's he's out. Sit down and I don't meet Jack liberties. Mary. C. It. Boom boy beat if you make baseball fun again. Have home play by play guys exe piped through the loudspeakers. During games because of that be slightly distracting who chairs the negatives by vigil Aussie guys get a sat there and have that happen that be fun. Is even my give your team's dreadful. In you have Beckett Cleveland indians' Bob you eager to I think we proved it strictly about what guys back seeing them all one of the involvement ball late. Tried to corner and missed. I think that's how we can make based off and again. Or just have you know. Win it when the balls actually implanted just type Iran on it begins as the teacher is winding up that would be low distracting it would be and hand it to one and current Pope wasn't curveball slider no wasn't slider. Normally we were captains leaves of this and this levels on I had in your tennis news that I needed to bounce off that you guys that we're gonna have to hold that over until next hour. Have you seen eager to as yet I have not this might be a good time. Those you that are in your vehicles don't Google it right now we T get safely to a safe location. D.s. Two people I'm working with it if you're at home moraine network. Do yourself a favor and Google finger toes because Lou we talking about those. At some point in the next hour but it's the biggest hole that the cavaliers have is probably probably the most symbol problem anyone could days. But I doubt that'll still be enough teams face tells me that he is seen eager to those testing cam on the.