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Dusty and Cam - 5.27.16 - Hour 2

May 27, 2016|

Western Conference Finals Game 5, is the Warriors' act wearing thin, and how to know when to hang up your cleats in the NFL.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Base or listening to the dusty camp podcast brought you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right thing since 1952. Live from the new American funding studios this is dusty and Kim in the morning you know until they leave open. Rain from using any collapsing in the presence of these people. Long before the draft with Dustin era and jam Cleveland pro death. New American funding your northwest mortgage pros. There are a problem receive dusty and camera in the morning. Even though should these. But the men are never seed Justine campaign for the first time. I think in the sticks program's history. The term debt seven is used in the proper context if you ask them what they're people's goatee who it is and a lot of people saying. You know we got Chilean a Dutch then we've guides. Through popular in the Dutch then. Grapefruit pound cake cooked in a grapefruit I don't know how that is done the interest did did you Brazil. A lot of people going with the Denton is. For those that don't know what that is maybe. Thanks cam. Why are you thought it was you know the urban dictionary version we had my vision of what I've I've seen what a Dutch oven is I just didn't put I put two and two together and yet. It is is basically a pot here with the cast iron shots he can use as not have another eight up. On the Al lot of good key of the feedback at by a factor of not my favorite it to him. You have a sick mind not doing our. So the Golden State Warriors win last night 120. Tool 111. And to keep their season alive and out three games to tease there. Deficit to the Oklahoma City Thunder as we head back to you. OKC for game six. Tomorrow night. Anything stick out to you last night besides the fact that dream on green and staff Currie. All the sudden found it necessary to celebrate every time they did something well that was disappeared the rest of the game that was going to be my question out of the gate is how come all of a sudden now. There is this there's this I don't wanna save. Irritating the perceived hatred towards stepped curry because he's over celebrating Emmett was the finish to the game were his were not going home. Mean it does feel like there's a double edged sword with stuff you are easier said we're not staying well I'm glad you were were not going well will give we got to go to Oklahoma City. I just I don't know what I've human expecting from my superstars nowadays when you see these guys all year. Act like this I'm not expecting anything different I'm not outraged by it. Can access is what it is and defend myself for at least two insult me why it's bothersome. I've been saying this for three months now. Remember after the blazers beat them and I said I is that is another act of America February is their acts gonna where's then. Is there is a gonna start wearing on people Kansas started wearing on me but isn't an act though that's my question yet is because it dead today after they had the blazers dumped them. They said all what they do and celebrate tonight that blah blah blah blah. Well. Did dare the biggest defenders of what they complain about all the time in what I thought was hilarious the last thing is that. Some of the exact same people that were blaming staff Curry's. Knee and elbow injuries. Insane that he was hurt are the ones saying he's back but he didn't go anywhere we knew was gonna have it doesn't happen that quickly note eight the injury wasn't. It what happened is he got better looks and by the way. Although goldmans say it was a war can for everything last night. They were worse they had date. Work to get that win in Oklahoma city's getting a lot of easier looks on the other end of the floor and they just were following last night. That should be alarming to go on state. But he would they were working to get them open looks dream on green and Seth Curry got better looks last night than they had gotten thus far this series because. Everybody is if for forty minutes they were working the whole time to get. Give they were working we guess what else happened shots went in and when that when shots go win you could see Golden State to gain their confidence. Became their speed everything changes but Oklahoma city's been doing it with. You got its yeah two guys are keeping this team. And it timid they're able to handle the entire. Golden State roster with two guys and obviously they have more than two guys but I've seen respectfully. The scorers are two guys were Oklahoma City and and again last night forty for Kevin Durant 31 for Russell Westbrook wasn't enough. Because golds they found a way to make their shots are they gonna be able to do that Oklahoma City I don't my aunts are I don't think south of the track record how the NBA playoffs are going to the road team absolutely falls in their face. If we see that tonight again in Cleveland. Don't you know I do I will be absolutely. Bored about how bad road teams are just far. The thing about. With a Golden State is there is a blowout in Oklahoma City for game six. That is done one of the most inexcusable things to happen where the how can you do that yes elimination game. I did it like in games three and four. I think if this falls flat tomorrow on Golden State gets. Mopped by the thunder. I I'll be flattered I can't see there is ma it's it's in excellent people adapt well I agree with you on in their two bit of a team. To go to to go out like that I would it not but. It's happened twice already in the series while I think there's obviously it's gonna be a sense of urgency. This guy that he yet I would think so because your backs against the wall the elimination game and according to Seth Curry were not ready to go home yet. On dream on dream picked a technical foul he's not a two way from getting suspended acting keys prices gotten three other ones. Outside of the one that a guy I think he's getting his antics and who he is is this war to the Porter everybody sees it it's like all right all right needles shot he made he dunked the ball and flexed on somebody's think. Good to have you realized I started laughing and you have gotten flexed on this entire series anyhow bigger biceps you can be flexing you make it dumped in year gonna flex on somebody's at my dollar arms holy smokes man like all the people like what his reaction. If somebody were to be having a series like he's having an reflects on an end date reflects on him. Why hasn't shown up for the past two games and in this game he gives the that's the home crowd flags why the way. He did a great game even more of ten from the field. Eleven points like her. Dude yeah what you are crap load rebounds I mean you guys they did he had assists he had he royals he had bled for blocks he was all over the course Andrew Bogut. Andrew Bogut. Had a heck of a night that guy deserves it he should be flex and on people. Because that guy was everybody was the difference maker in the game for the Golden State Warriors on. This is this is going to be thunder did you think that that was a good game last night because that we are we had people Texan and a bye bye after a five like. We can we talk about the officiating a lot of people are saying in officiating issue. I sat there now watching game as I hate this is closer. Than what this series bent. But I don't know if I'm watching a good game or not because at times I said guys this is just ugly can I appreciate you liking making good luck I appreciated the game. As I'm so desensitized with a thirty point blowout that when he five point blowout all wanted to see was something on the line the last three minutes and you know what. With 55 seconds left. When Russell Westbrook gets fouled for three Porter and then Kevin Durant and then a couple going and I went. How it's it's it's 113 1010 wait there's something on the line in the last minute of course it didn't happen. But that is what I give me that just give me some type of semblance of a game. In the fourth quarter the and I agree I the fact that wasn't worried what dude in what is battling knows what is bad when two injured down. May ninth sat there and I AA. Take everything in after the game he's had thought about as like. That's Kyle clap fast velocity should be ugly and it's got to be ugly at this point 888 should begged these guys are banged up they've been playing each other. You know for what four games in around know every offensive play it out you know everybody would everybody special move at this point you can't. There's nothing new you're gonna bring into the series that you haven't seen that yet no you're not gonna get it so now it's his man on man year heavyweights in the twelfth round up now. Zero and hay makers used to playing in your swing in your swing in. And you're just hoping you're gonna land and last night Golden State landed. 55305 here are the text message curry was hitting his chest while dribbling at the end of the game he almost got it stolen away or sold from their I did see that and by cam meaning Cam Newton night in Cleveland. They can't dads after attacks in people is that it's wearing on its warranted olina from Cody. 55305. Is that. Yeah that's a that was money that these text tired Golden State there against Oklahoma City Thunder on my laughter I heard gold states against handing you see you Monday. Gold is not win an OTC Saturday Oklahoma City places strong at home it'll end tomorrow for Google and stay do you like the difference between the way. Oklahoma City carries themselves as the leadership of of Kevin Durant because his humble list. How we place I see Durant he gets he he'll give you an occasional three. With a three finger but the way he plays basketball compared to the whole group of Golden State. What is more appealing TU is a fan. Com. And because how many times we said Russell Westbrook has a possible face and what he does but. I will tell you and I like mean for me the way I watch basketball the what I appreciate is the guy gets it done without the without the notoriety. Ya I thought earlier really like Kevin Durant if you're asking me as a fan what do you appreciate. I will but. That's different than like as a fan I like Golden State because it's high flying its its three involved entertain no it is more entertaining but. As somebody that appreciates basketball. I'll like Kevin Durant and I think given drain is in Kevin Durant and LeBron James are the most complete players in the NBA now anything I only disclose. Idea I really don't and I only get has been the last couple years. Because you're seeing woods because of their size and what they can do with their size is that really why did they bring them they've played both ends of the floor and Dade that's what it does does that mean they're built completely differently they're they're two different styles but there are so good on both ends of the floor. It's incredible the lot and it's fun to watch in away from the ball defensively how good bull those guys are. You know you kidney goodness gracious those guys are amazing. So yeah I think I. I never I ask you what I'm asking what more I appreciate I appreciate Oklahoma City more. I knew inner joy in watching the Wednesday. I'm on that team also. In. Mortgages were really don't like Russell aspirin but she's good in it he is really. Stinky and good a lot of attacks coming in on this at 55 the of but we'll get yours which when do you appreciate more. I factor if I'm dusting kennel. American fun things to. And M in the morning you know. 55305. Times those states and the Oklahoma City Thunder match and last night. Get there. And they get their win and they have backed out Casey for game six tomorrow night in a three entities series hole. 55305. Is the text line Bible three to five a 1080 is the phone number. Are we gonna get sick Golden State. On this conversation is starting to Bruin we have a conversation just yesterday about how blaming injuries. Is amazing how many people were blaming Stecker his knees after his elbow last night he drops 31 in some of those same people sitting there is saying he's back. Oh really they view and got the magic held out of Steve occur after the game. Said I did say is first come on let's say staff curry was about 91%. Tonight because there report that he is 70% heading in cities to that game. It's Oklahoma City. Oklahoma City has been the problem did shut down very among Green Bay shut down under the good job this is shutting down step green last handful of games last night they popped. And we saw them have a big game and they want to mandate they won that game. They feed off the energy at home in every home team seems to realize that. Plain and homes comfortable and I don't I don't know why so many road teams are are playing so well I wish I could put a finger on but I have to ask this is that is fans you know. Seen the way Golden State celebrates and play you say it's a fan as if and you enjoy to watch them but you may be. Appreciate what Oklahoma City their style basketball little bit better site. I like the fact a dreamer green's character I think that we need that style of basketball I think we need that and entertainment. I don't go to a movie. I watch a movie I don't go to a movie and analyze the characters and say I want all the characters. Act the same. Because I want to be entertained I like the fact that a certain character. Gives me this hatred there's a care during game at their own right now I absolutely. Can't stand I can't wait till he's got it on now I don't want I don't what I've seen is that with a username. It's Ramsey bold. And I want absolutely grams slot at slaughter him. But it's a character. So when I'm watching sports drink mongering. Seth Curry their celebrations and who they are what they do you. Is part of the entertainment factor so I don't wanna take them away and say what is bad and what isn't. I like that there is that freedom when you're an athlete especially the NBA playoffs to give me that entertainment value. And these staff curry pounding his chest after yet to see I don't mind that that's the motions that is rock I guess that's its injury mongering dunking and finally doing something in the series and flexing on Kevin Durant he's dominated him. The entire series that to me is I did come on brought. Big that's the honest you have played like a dumpster he's so far in this series. Wait do wait to be present in this game and during mongering had a great game and don't we have guys like down overall overtime and in in NBA history that have been that guy that's Dennis Rodman if it's. If it's Rasheed Wallace for God's sakes. I mean come on how many guys that we seem like that that are show up 11 in every that's why he's not a goat he's. Dream on green is very good idea what he's not a go to goats show up all the time and integrated civil times. Akron and those guys so when a when we say drama green is doing not because that's what will make him them one of the best role players in the NBA but not. An absolute franchise builder rounder guy. But I think if I'd like to smile celebrations on state does no way it's over the top sands dream on from time to time to rant is stoic and almost emotionless which is. Find it doesn't fire me up and I love again. If you're worried about celebrations in sports you bigger issues. That's there's something there's something to that and in this Dexter says. Addressed personalities like Tim Duncan's Purcell in bass well I appreciate. So there's I mean both sides of it in. Allstate Kevin Durant is. Tim Duncan with a personality. He's he's got a little more motion. And Tim Nelson and mark little bit more flair a little more is as bad but he's not over the top he's not egregious he's not doesn't let the moment get to him via either way. Either way and it the wrong way of the reason I say this is like Kevin Durant we'll do things like he's more marketable. I write he'd Eagles Hogan Oklahoma State in play and it in a mural football game. In the fall or whatever you know he does things like baton interacts with people more than. Tim Duncan as so I'll say yes he is a bigger personality hell laughing juggle the more. In the more open but yeah I can see what people. You think that as well now people are Centex not game throughout thought no I won only had one you gotta starting damn well know eggs save your mcdaniels agreed example. Great Saudi expand sonic in this is it this is the text right here where I think what. This is why dream on green once he says I'm entertainer I'm not ashamed to say that I loved to hate dream on green. And there is a spot for that guy yes in every generation of basketball can be on my team any day in any sport isn't. I don't know if I want a mom eyes are we dig drink what. You to dream on not tomorrow indeed he was on the words are now has the personality because sometimes it doesn't matchup with the player himself you know what yeah but I bought into I've I remind your item would I appreciate dream mongering. I really do I think that what he does what he brings to his team is needed. The very much. Yeah why are people I hitting on the lawyers is not like they've brought in a bunch of superstars and try to win like Miami. There are super ball villain ask LeBron are have been on this run for years now this birds. Because they're on top and everybody wants the knock down the guy that's on top of the mound that's everybody's job to make himself feel better so and when you're on top that's what you do but they are homegrown mandated by any championship I enjoy a lot group from the. From the bottom up yeah I'd now like that and I appreciate that a lot the only issue that I have is that they sit there and they could anytime anybody beat some. And they have a little fun doing it. They'll criticize them they were dance and a little too much out there yeah they were down or get a hockey it's not just Portland in injury Ahman Green saying like. Half of the winds that teams had in the regular season had an asterisk next to them. Really. You lost like except like that doesn't sit well at me like if you're gonna dance you're gonna celebrate your gonna flex some people. Cool but if you should know it's coming back your way because you're doing it to everybody else and when they get a chance to they're gonna do a back TO and they they have like thin skinned when it comes. OK so it's a thin skin issues what everybody thinks that they haven't followed the fact that there wanna be considered one of the greatest teams ever position right now. Should be they've won a championship may be the respect thing is that is that when teams do to us. They don't respect us enough how dare they show up Oscars we are the Golden State were they buying into their own medicine a little bit. They drinking too much of the Ku laid of of golds they were in Kuwait we act as everybody's ever ready stroking them. Pummeled by the needy deal yet and you know what I think they're getting and it zero net I don't know after. Some guys are anything but. I do think that overall the likable bunch and should be likable bunch I Klay Thompson. This process click on those generic. Player in terms of just is Demetrius emotionally he's like really good yeah but I just you always looks like keys is really dirty. Ranks yeah clay Thompson always looks like keys. At eleven he just does this not. Ambulance guys who can connect with them drunken NCs are you saying that because he's cute I'm not kidding I think. The reactor for a lot of sweetie maybe distill smiles a lot of yap knees kind of sedentary. It's what I've heard but the biggest issue I have with plays he's got reverse side burns. He and Livingston oh they're cutting their ups and mandates is to fade the highest paid he had since been deleted their fate their sideburns but it looks. It's weird win. And it doesn't go all the way Iran what what what is it about clay Thompson I'm trying to figure out looks like unfinished create a player he looks like. Guitars he looks like something right to create a player in the UK before you customize and make him look like anything else that shows among screeners but even when he tries to smile looks like I don't know if he's smiling or visas even. He looks like kind of a robot product is on I wrote cute but I do I is it likable orgy unlikable I don't know what he is. He's Vanilla ice cream. I love the united state are equal to play the same video I schemes I'm not written. But very and it turned down that I like little congress. I've got to beat I'd be able to save denies him as an out labor and has a flavor is there now okay. Here's what I like about the eggs well liked about the warriors is acting to the perfect team that represents like days era of athlete and this time in our. Tiger it's because think about. And the Panthers are the same in the NFL they're cocky they're dancing in their post itsy grams to do in the dabble whatever when they win when they lose their blotter there. There are complaining about the other team of the opening master next to it that. Is how. This generation of app. Athletes this generation of people outside sports. That's all they don't know how to losing don't know ought to do is what they know how to have a good time out mice again disappointed as what social media you're showing everybody how much funnier having never puzzling data on there that's not always my goal is what exactly that's so these teams that's a warriors are not aggregate time they let you know when they have a bad time. They're seeing an excuse and that's fine with me because there really damn fun to watch it and they're historic because they're run they went on was incredible. At Bay Area homers is and and when I saw this text come through as they. We it should be only for one person in his remedies that we won 7573. Games this year we served humble pie Thompson as well liked him and it. Man you can own that right now absolutely you can own that and a bonus after tomorrow you might not on that and more two day. True dat. Hit Kevin Durant went for twelve and 31 there's nothing to celebrate about that Burma's annual north Portland. You can deceive my dream my dream reflects on them. And yet he had eleven points and 413 rebounds. Air last night c'mon this generation celebrates everything they celebrate. Everything in. Everything is celebration. I'll bet you he had actually 147. Last night. And drink on a good way to police written for the thirty online do you get any poetry and and I he gets an 871. Points from Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. And they're shooting but they weren't great -- I wonder I wonder patient. And a lot of points to be an efficient on the train these research on this I wonder how many times. You have had to you guys go over the thirty point mark. And year team loses in the NBA playoffs. Is that imagine that does not happen very often. At all. You know him. Lot of hate text coming in about the Golden State Warriors. But also how this when you know you're done Larry FitzGerald he's trying to figure that out we've been trying to get to this story for like inane and a half now. Windy you know you're done. You've covered sports. Live from the new American funding studios. Jim in the morning. The RA it's. Larry FitzGerald. It is making some headlines week after. He said he doesn't know this is going to be his last year. In the NFL he is 32 years old he'll turn 33. August 31. And he says he has no idea is going to be his last year he has had a panel. He's long career. But it doesn't really seem like Larry FitzGerald has been in the NFL now on as it. He is heading into his fourteenth season I remember playing against him so yes it is it's a long time ago yeah. And so I when you are 32 of you played thirteen years in the league. Will when he sixteen be his last season. Com last year he had. 109 catches for twelve under in fifteen URS. Whom many counties thirteen green eyes and I'm good he was it thirteen thousand yards receiving for his career. Windy you know they you heard just done Mike you are gonna play anymore. For me it was meant to lead it just I didn't enjoy a what my body was going through anymore and I think. 11 of the best things that was told to me was told to me by Billy Joseph Tolliver. Billy Joseph played for Texas Tech and then he was really known for his first days when you strapped to a San Diego chargers and then went on to play for Atlanta and then came to us. He let me NIC a son and rookies he played his game long enough they'll kick you out. So what does that mean is that you know you keep trying you keep going they will kick you out the legal kick you out they will tell you when it's time ago. Informing me it just it just happened to you just get to that point where I knew it I was thirty years old. I was in my ninth year and I just said it's time I just didn't have that that that desire because physically wasn't. Was about I'd love to compete he was this time it was time to walk away. And I and I still can't. We'll gather were tied to walk away. There was an Indy was and that enjoyment of getting up going to work because no matter what you do you were what you're paid to eventually when it turns into work is when. You're not happy about it and that's that's the miserable side of the do you miss the competition sure but a lot of guys when you're in the league is short enough. Some guys don't know when Philly. That's a problem they can't stop because they don't know anything else we forgot six we saw one of the greatest ever this year number eighteen. At forty still got to see it via a million and we know. Bad but he went to super baloney right off to the sunset but yeah I mean it's it's definitely hard to know. But I think you'll notice when your game decline declines if you can contribute any how you do it in the NFL working out it works out very simple. So do you think that the NFL will work Tony Romo out before his. Five years he says he wants to keep line you know it's a good question because the longevity of a quarterbacks have been able to do the league is protecting quarterbacks like they never have before. And I think that a quarterback at age 34. Nowadays are 35 is like it what do quarterback was 1015 years ago at 2829. I think the average extension of a career for quarterbacks. Has been extended I'd really do I think that you can add. On a solid quarterback an extra four to five years on your career now because of the rules. And how the game has changed and how what you're doing for them I think that you can't beat. What RG three is in his style of game but you can adapt and be a pocket thrower and be consistent mean c'mon look Philip Rivers still having success. Tony Romo Drew Brees these guys are aging quarterbacks the third at their numbers are decline but what's funny is that we sit there and we we go with guys like Brees or Brady relate out. You can see that Matt Egan plenty of 45 sure but drama you've got. You are right because he's always hurt he's always heard there's a difference between the style of yes and yeah you gotta look at the track record of a guy that's been hurt. Mean gosh sakes he's been a glass slipper out there and porcelain doll unless he gets some sort of and a man TM put into his bones system for a bubble yeah and pixels collar bones I mean he that's the thing is he's had fractured back he said vertebrae issues he's had shots. He's at knee issues he's shoulder. Caller I mean at some point you gotta go man what do you heard from Tom Brady. One release he Alter and that's not little. But other than that one little ACL to come on honestly don't think about he's been playing. Since 1999 he was drafted 2000 and he's had an ACL it SATA now for a year and Matt Cassel took over. Other than that that's called longevity and that's called taking care of your body. It's also a little bit luck. A little bit like a lot of bid assistants you integrate offensive line they've always certainly did commitment to surround him with. The aroma has gone form now at the services exceptional last these injuries that he's got a great offensive line. If he is he Elliott is who they think he'll be. Our run game that will protect him along and hopefully send him out because lord knows they needed. I mean this Alan Moore stepped in and Republicans is okay last year. I think my question is this fans are rated yourself to us or anybody or Crawford or they're sometimes you watch a guy in the NFL and you you just need to leave the league. Yeah they're certain players that you just say. It's time to go like a Wes Welker is deciding this year. Ali well root who should I continue my my run isn't it time ago I see more and is that hard for you to watch when a player. At the end of their career can't let go or do you want him to keep going. I see more in the NBA I feel like the NFL. Weeds itself out better Dan the NBA guys are guide with the NFL injuries and just guys not annual Abbott they just stop getting chances. Yeah that is true because in the NBA you guys here like what are you yelling holocaust that guy in the league in war he sucks. But in the NFL there are guys like Wes Welker one I think Danny Amendola is a one hit away from being that guy. There's a lot of guys at eighty if you were to look down their an NFL roster. You'd be stunned that some of these guys are still even on teams. And they hide them out there during games they just don't make catches it don't make plays now like the NBA where it in five on the four year gonna notice and yet that's true it is but then there's guys there's guys. In the NFL elect old guys not on the team more so I feel here's a perfect example aunt fumbled. And ankle Kumble and wants our president Anquan Boldin. Who probably runs a 49 if he's lucky this this point in his career. Does should he be on a roster should he be still playing should he continue to keep the only guy I mean he's productive here. What did he deal last year mean you know the 49 and a team news and terrible team. Yeah I think he still play though he's 35. Meaning and four touchdowns. About 800 yards. Yes and you take that on that team 800 yards OK and he catches Steve Smith senior blue was Achilles out was gonna retire he was killed before he got hurt but he says I'm not going out that way. Can he be productive and went out with an injury is not going out with an Achilles commenting he's known now that he's honest he's gotten here he's not gonna letting go hey here's the difference though between and grumbled in and Steve says it's kind of like how how you've I did Bill -- like Steve Smith has been it precision route runner whose has got a lot of explosiveness right. In him in grumble and is slower than leader in noise has been he's just been a big is pretty physical wide receiver so it isn't that I would say yes Steve Smith I'd say no despite the fact able been productive. You let that Achilles injury in the east it all the time explosion athletes at the worsening happened. And that's where Steve Smith right. Yeah I would I would certainly say so I can't be that guy that's ever gonna tell someone to stop with your team with your NFL team franchise can still give you a job you and you better on a mid life. Why would you stop. There's no reason to until someone kicks you out. They will kick you out of the league that it will tell you this next last year watching Matt Hasselbeck was a trip I had no ID Youth League in in the NFL so true like he's that guy last year were. You wouldn't know he's that he is injury looks back up until Angela gets hurt and the new gold what in the world is he do instantly. I you know one right remember everybody I mean we are gonna go through this athletes go through more than anybody because you depend on your body gets what does that change your mind. I still told myself I can block this guy or I can run by this guy you know what's said no. Your body. That doesn't change in this this Dexter says the 49ers fan it was brutal to watch what happened to Jerry Rice. Bouncing around. Different teams at the end I don't make the cut and in Seattle Denver series mine hasn't changed me to put as far as he's concerned he's run a post route. By everybody because what his legs are. The body's changing so that's that's the hardest thing to come to grips with as an athlete. Your bodies out there for him a multi young read it and you're nineteen years old. The new hot this in Major League baseball's making his debut. And I that Bill Ayers. Testing can't on the. Live from the new American funding studios this is dusty and Kim in the morning no one's NAV program. You know who Julio. Your biases. Here. You know who that who via your IS. Is Dina that is mute for a pause in there yeah I'm learning who he has in this kid is the best prospect in need the leaders. Of Los Angeles. Farm system and he is gonna make his major Lee. Do you zero tonight. He's nineteen. Years old. 1919. The kid can throw he's number one he's he's a lefty so he was given the gift of being a lefty in his picture which then helped anybody out there that has a left handed son just put a baseball man. This just knew that because immediately should be in. I have something else you and I don't wanna beat you think so yes go there's a little bit of interest in history OK and you probably know this summing. The Dodgers. 36 years ago. Called up in nineteen year old that's right does anybody know who this nineteen year old lefty would have been 36 years ago it and I. No. Yes. Fernando mania started. Almost like looked to the gods every time I make a pitch the love that about a mile as it looked up the batteries are indeed I mean I didn't want to line those bold idea yes 35 years ago they bride apple Fernando. And they're saying that. Hello there they don't get sent but they're career arcs. Mirror some very similar this guy is got interplay. Bull Julio here. He is a 110. ERA. And AAA and Nate Anderson they're gone home in how we do this he is the second youngest dodger. Pitcher T debuts on only second to you seem become facts. Not bad company yet he joins a list of these of the young dodger pitchers bat. Cynical facts in 195519. Years 176 days. Fernando then as well Valenzuela. Nineteen years 319 days and then Clayton Kershaw twenty years. 67 days doesn't need only eight pitchers twenties and younger. Is starters he debut for the Los Angeles suds like. This kid is coming in with a mound of expectation. You what's amazing about this. Is that they went down the Dodgers to try to get this cute kid they'd had no idea who we was they were getting there are going after scouting gossip queen. Here's this fifteen year old kid 1415 throw in ninety something and they went while we in a minute. Yeah outlook that we just found their bolts and yes they got it they found him on on that trip there but. Here's the things that he throws in the ninety's think when he is I get in his diapers. The kid has this is vicious slider that people are saying I've that. Unhittable that's gonna be as bitch you know that's gonna be is that he Diaz gas but his slider is the line. That is makes him a big leaguer at nineteen years old. And I just hope that they don't. They don't overthrow him which I don't think that you're gonna do you because they've got they got a solid enough staff but he's probably like Felix Hernandez who's right debuted at nineteen has a capsule rubber arm. He could throw 9697. When he came up now he throws 1991 because he's got such great control that's what these kids can do. But he's left hand you know what's funny about this though is that blade human you mentioned Fernando. Right both of them are lefties is also in debuting in nineteen years old. Both of them six seater yet under. And then both discovered by the exact same scout done that's even more amazing. 35 years this guy might breed has been with the Dodgers organization. The exact same scalp found both of them that's great and this kid is supposed to be the biggest star in makes me feel really bad about what I was doing and as nineteen years old because I'm thinking about that Golan. I could I could not imagine being ready. With the expectation. Of did biggest comparison. Is to a guy who is a legend in that area and the reason you grew up and both of them from northern Mexico. Like. Fernando Valenzuela is massive. In Mexico a heck he's masses in the dodger organization everybody has been saying you are. The best pitching prospect well since clinker shock but. From your country since Fernando and you play for the same team the saints got found you. And I cannot imagine having those expectations at nineteen years old. Well you look at the frightening part about this as if he turns out to be anything what he's been done so far. What his ability to strike guys out and really it's gonna be a big jump going to do the show as they say in the hated. That part of understanding that they will have when icy day. The Dodgers have arguably two of the best throwing left handers in their starting rotation with Kershaw can you imagine having to face two lefties know. Like that if he can throw everyone is saint even even if even if he struggles it doesn't matter at this point kid's gonna get his opportunity. He's going to be a really good baseball team. Yeah. And we're gonna see how long this is how long this kid sticks out because. They're saying that they may just bring offers short time move and backed down gimmick try because major shower shoes don't have any fungus. Ha ha yes yes nature are I got your older I'll give my vote and today era and a guaranteed years went past me yesterday I got this today no lolly gag or and the window hello Ali gags but he becomes the first. Teenager. Used deviant bigs since Bryce Harper that is another one TU. The first teenager since the 2012. Season. He'd debut in Major League Baseball like this is a rarefied air like think of lead teenagers that debut. There aren't a lot of guys he is in night flame out Plano Plano usually the year if you're coming up in nineteen years old. EU have some staying power Tia if there's enough scouts out there that are realize this kid has it whatever it is he's got. Yup you've got and it's though on some to watch out for baseball is. You know it's now. Started coming in the forefront of our minds in basketball winding down and there's actually some critical stories despite the fact that I think one thing that would have helped is that Jackie Bradley junior would have kept his hitting streak alive and ended at willow ended last night Jay Leno for for last night that's another record I don't think you ever you don't think anybody will get fifty says no. Joey diss record is safe well maybe it won't if this new rule with the strike zone. On days short of that strikes down because they want more action true but that walks don't help he sought with the ball in play and now. And I'm hoping that I know what you mean you can get more more legitimate sources is what you're saying organizes keep on slowing and you see they finally they finally threw a pitch to Bryce Harper. Yeah I need him absolutely obliterated it hit a mountain. Cut executive powers also nineteen years old when he made his Major League debut beat you lefties. He was usery. Incarcerate him and go and stays up. Health conversation better. I think that next hour we have got to our weekend would you rather where Alex Crawford tries T get himself idea. But more of your tax evident by 53 easier fight we get would you rather date fifteen nesting cam on the fan.