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Dusty and Cam - 4.13.16 - Hour 1

Apr 13, 2016|

An NFL Draft preview with Phil Savage and the worst rules in sports.

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Base or listening to the dusty camp podcast brought you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right thing since 1952. Dusty and jam in the morning. Never about money for us it was about us against the system this system that kills the human. Stands for so we're just Sierra I've had the old bulls. An NFL veterans and Cleveland. And of good morning and the today. The beautiful data hump day. I said it's a beautiful day it's hump day camera and I might heads in the right spot on yours is. That's got worse as giggles over there and dig are you chuckled our producer. Is kind of looks like I'm Mike de known from fast and urged behind. When increases levels in the amount going to be slept in the is all I know Mike Simonyi is so we some tickets Fiat Def leopard doesn't he have like little Mike to moan about it now today as Terrell he now know what's on its Southern California library but you know it was a deal is slow. Well you can get this seedy little look here today yeah isn't it you gotta about their demands and the best of five out that a thousand women and it's. It. Again it's yet slates and dragons to get to the princess and a man evening and learn it and now. We can't waste any time today because we got a lot to get tunes gonna start very rarely. He and I remember was just like yesterday. Okay I'm not lying this could go down as one of the best today in sports history ever. After today Karen because we already have 1954. Hank Aaron debuting with the Milwaukee braves. That's good pretty significant day 1957. In Boston Celtics win their first ever NBA championship. They've won a lot since then refute the New York nets played the first their first game at the polo grounds in 1963. Also in 1963 Pete Rose gets his first career hit. That's pretty good also well. I'm not done yet today because Jack Nicholas I won the masters at 46 years old on this date in 1986. And neighbors. Eleven years later. Albert Tiger Woods won his first masters. Of his career do you sold me I'm in. Right good day and then after this year you could have. Kobe Bryant's final game ever. That will happen in the and you could have been Golden State Warriors winning 73 games. We don't remember April 13 now willow. I also forgot. The world's longest doubles ping pong match in the health. On this date in 1979 after I wouldn't mind to guess how long that match went world's longest on the go two hours. Two months and that that sort. Now. The 100 in one hours. X yeah you gotta be kidding me I wouldn't kid you. All right today we either easily into hurried through and hustle through right now still savage stick out in the executive director. For the senior ball he will be joining us in ten short minutes from now. Also 8 AM. Erica and Anderson of the Colombian will stop by our weekly. Blazers. Visit we don't know how many more organ now when they're Anderson threw debt as blazers season is regular season winding down at ending today the playoffs start this weekend folks we will finally find out over the blazers are seated after today. Time do we go. That former Oregon running back. Live Garrett Luntz. For those that don't speak French that is they Garret blunt. He has re up with a New England Patriots. They one year deal that is worth. One million dollars in days and and then he can make an additional eighteen million dollars with roster bonuses and incentives so a guy who's been troubled every tends to cut the lead he Santa. Heating up by New England he's Hussein's final stay here maybe you go to Pittsburgh and then decide also back up in the won't member he. He's argue Ben in Tennessee. Team today dark Pittsburgh in New England twice. Take journeyman to get paid him and browns receiver Josh Gordon's digit for reinstatement. Deep side. He will be eligible to re apply August 1 and this is something that is looks crew was expected because. He failed because the deluded sampled. Well there's more to it he has to go back in June a more extensive testing mini Ari does an extensive testing. And so he can re apply on August 1. You wake up ice and well he's just don't have the coaches are as a parent sort of money every opportunity to be seen in so to have them do. Go to their nearest satellite camp or go somewhere it. That there's a group of people being evaluated. And it kind of cutting short a little bit so. Again that this is not still a bit this you can't surely we got more sense in this. Tommy Deborah well that's the coach of Cincinnati talking about satellite camps Jim Harbaugh isn't happy got to know he came out in basically said you know I just think this do not Steen athlete blasted the NCAA. Covers the stoppages satellite camps in showcase events will talk to one of the people who. Voting against it and mountain west commissioner Greg Johnson will join us on Friday. Because diet and there's a lot of things that I wanna know about. And why did they feel is a good idea to block so I can't to showcase and very curious myself Michael Leach also had some very pointed comments towards the NCAA as well. Today everybody is ripping the NCAA are now and they're totally right on this satellite gives it showcase events essentially are. Make it so kids that don't have a lot of money can't get more eyes on him and that's not a good thing no. Cops and it does not test this is rock and roll play. Really keeping them out as do meg. 600 what it was ten or oh my god it's early wake up. Veterans day Tuesday in the progresses we'll wells' letter reportedly got this whole program. Jeff Green clippers forward and he beat up on his old team last night 11084. The clippers dismantle the grizzlies. Which means that anger is these cannot. Finish. On fifth in the Western Conference. But. It does it is so that in cuts basically the blazers playoff. I'm possibilities in half for deny them so really its fifth or sixth at the blazers will finish they will not finish seventh. In the Western Conference. But they do need to be in the Denver Nuggets you control your own destiny. Dallas will not lose Gregg Popovich is resting everybody coli Leonard Tim Duncan Marcus Aldridge. And Tony Parker all expected to sit tonight pretty simple again in Dallas when you get five who's gets six. That's crazy right pretty easy though wouldn't be very top of its first thing to do is make bold and and you know Dini green end up going off Patty Mills scores like forty yeah and name that beating Dallas no primaries into exactly but if the blazers beat the Denver Nuggets into the bile accounts are motivated to tee you can win their final game of the season. They're just not a good team let's be honest. The blazers should win this game there's no excuse that they don't they are the better team they have better season they have got a roster. And it. Agreed that can't win the game and I'd be Denver's simple play to win that game. I NFL draft just over two weeks away NFL scout analyst in the executive director of the Reese's Senior Bowl. Savage he joins us next. On 1080 the fan. This is just didn't examine the morning's Sean Hannity good. I am. 6:14 any Wednesday morning desde Eric can clearly in this. Which do you think you for being with as. Being NFL draft is just. Just over two weeks away. So for a preview is the executive director of the Senior Bowl analyst and former scout in the NFL Phil savage joining us. Phil played on this weren't Big Dig a few minutes for us. Well good morning guys I hope you're doing well now in its early in Portland and knows. That's a big part of the job it is America. I'd as we get closer closer we start seeing some of the team's priorities starting to take shape based on who they bring in for the work outs. And in the Dallas Cowboys are one that are confusing to me and they're really interest in case she got Romo is getting older. Running back is in need but they are going forth very often anymore young boasts that and or Buckner still might be there with a roster that doesn't have a lot of holes. You don't quarterback and let golfer Wentz is sit and learn behind Roma or what do you think the cowboys go. Yeah I'm actually on my way up to ESPN today and regards draft. Simulations show I would say yeah at night and my achievement the Dallack cal you're right. They keep your a lot of different directions here I think that the fate. Internally will center around. Either of the two quarterbacks whichever one it's probably still available at pick number war I don't think it would make a move up for a quarterback but if either. Carson once or Jerryd golf it's fair number of war I have to weigh the options of taking more remote signal caller. Purses most likely the content player Jolie goes to the defense and Ohio State. Perhaps Jalen Ramsey if you were still available the cork from lord of state some people putting its initial Eliot and that there. Again it's the club that they drafted DeMarco Murray in the third round a number of years ago. I think they would more than likely taps on Elliott at number war and only taken that they were to move down but the bottom line reality. Is they went through night Jeanne quarterback between Detroit Aikman aero and the Tony Romo era. And with that being shattered and their belief that they are playoff contending team. And it Tony Romo is probably closer to the editor at the beginning I think the idea would be tradition dictate what each quarterback. Knowing. Now have coverage for the next decade or so if if the right here. Well with us said Phil do you think that any other team that has a veteran corner record I had ended his robe could it be a New Orleans could be even via San Diego what did just sighed resigning Philip Rivers is there anybody out there that. Looks like bringing in a Carson wind's in your golf if there there are moving up in the draft to get him. Well I think he's the main. Candidates Cooper moving up or temperatures go what should happen. People talk about the Philadelphia eagle particularly in the course LA Atlanta fifty. This sent. That NBA go would act on a quarterback because they feel like it. Yeah they're a bit of a win now mentality. Might buckle it and it Ted Thompson let's go to GM Ericsson pressured. They have a better season next year. But they may be playing that's close that's remember the last scope. Work with Dave Caldwell at the Indianapolis Colts those guys were all together under built all it and nobody. It at all the jaguars were going to take like Oracle's a couple of years ago and they get. So it it would be surprised. I don't think it will happen. But I do think it wanted to cancel blew out two water suit at least. I get a shot at one of these quarterbacks and and I suspect it is going to be the 49ers Eagles or order. Phil savage is our guest viewers a lot of hats Healy works for the Alabama radio networks using ESPN analyst and stay out. He also is the executive director of the recent Senior Bowl on all I know let's cue is continue with quarterbacks. Penn State's Christian hack and berg is is being labeled by some as un draft rumble from the right easy answer questions about how his production dipped after bill O'Brien left. You concern dozen legitimate concerns like his eyes in the pocket. What is it baby sandy seem concerning but they don't seem like deal breakers and a guy who was a projected number one pick that trounced on draft double. What else is going on here with increasing Hatteberg that can help explain why some people feel that he won't even be drafted at all. Ignore those poll likely prospect in the car draft I know during the fall. Well I would talk with some of my buddies in the league how we talked to wanted you to read and I take packet Bergen but first round. I talked to another nature I would take him until Thursday. I think their biggest concern on the field it is a lack of consistent accuracy here just too many for road. That you are just short short and so that should be an automatic yet. Eddie metric. And there's no question that there were some sort of overall pick just did not go well transition. After bill O'Brien James Franklin for Christian Hackett gorged itself it just could not flowed alternate did shed his skills that. So he looks like the pro quarterback when he walks in the room and side he kept playing on streaky athletic enough. But I do worry about accuracy integrity. That may be the number one trait that ball placement. The football you know I was at GM underground in 2007. We moved up to take Brady Quinn after we hit shellac it Joseph Thomas and Brady and everything. Except with pinpoint accuracy. And that would portray that ultimately. Let him not to being at least a legitimate starter. If so what should be given inside a little bit hinted the boards and where they're out right now especially draft order your two weeks out is there. Are you trying to talk yourself out of players or in the players is there anything a player can view or. How's a relationship with coach or or tin can do to change your mind at this point or do you feel like teams are leased jets general manager you're locked in to your board. Can't I would say the body into this week by trying to make most seemed to really have their awards. Locked in it's almost Ali strategy in Jordan where it should there you know in March. That by the try and get early April and go to that final meeting. Incorporated the coach geno that that's one thing in which kids are just pursue the player coach and input because. Typically they've been involved in the pro day to note sort of thing in the month of march and now they get a chance becoming and it. And and speak their piece on a player. But I would say that that I concrete and it's. Hardening up right now and it really becomes more. Hurried away. In these last couple weeks in play out some of the scenarios and really begin to put your own planes together. You know I know well that the ravens. For well nine years from 9604. In the Atlantic energy into the grounds. We really try to focus on what we're doing less worried so much about everyone now. I know there are certain organization that played a mock draft game. We have a cut into that so much weakest focused on what Arnold lips low life. In what our reaction would be depending on who is on the board what that we which item about a few spots. They were real hard picks somebody who. You ill with that said Phil you have relationships and dirty but it potential reports that are that are straining with you Jackson in Cleveland. I wanna get your thought on what is what do you have as a key factor with a relate to with a head coach or staff. When you're getting ready to draft because each Staten you have your valuation process coaches scouts how do you think. Teams come together now the situation with head coach in general manager what does that key factor. Yeah it's really important to try to integrated merge the two sides so that. Both sides ability vote scouting and coaching they shared vision of the potential prospects you're going. Excellent I think that's probably the biggest struggle that's all it then be. You get accomplished. It that they're scouting staff for example they may actually player. You know he 68 months of trees and could really develop and make forecast a minute short position. What the coaching staff doesn't have that same view of the player they're expecting player. Could be on the field this year or expect him play a little different role. And value haven't disjointed. The original picture of that player that's what call them rub whoever it into league play time or that actual. Role that the players want to have a special teams offered to defense and you know to me that's why you cannot spend enough time. Our Internet. Actual room discussing going through the players to make sure that everyone on the same page or return back called it. And that goes beyond first round talking about all the late draft you know there are a couple occasions. I can McCall where we would take players extra seven well with. What one. The expectation for the player. But the coaching is what we got in the air as sort of a different vision that the player and that creates frustration for everybody and ball. Phil savage ESPN analyst. Executive director of the Senior Bowl. A local guy that is one of those guys that could be dates you could be. Undrafted is organ quarterback Vernon Adams where do you see him projecting because on paper he won't blow you away by any stretch of the imagination by his and on what you can measure and write down but you watch him play and if he's some special. Yeah we have Carter on one of our very sick and children a week or two ago here's. You know excellent interview settle right saying good competitive. And I had my question Hamlet you know that's basically a repeat of what happened. Like school because I used to these small. I had virtually no offers from big schools he goes eastern Washington. Ultimately proved himself at Oregon and he says it was almost this exact replication that. You know people are selling him short. He probably would be a third date pit if at all. But I do think that he will absolutely get shot and you know sometimes a pure undrafted free agent. It can be better baker you get a chance to sort kicked that team which you think that your skill that works for might present the best opportunity so. I think he's got a chance to get into the league you know president of the third quarterback initially and maybe he can move up from the air. The problem for him equities under six feet and Bob Cain just are not going to take a picture quarterback. Phil savage EE SPN draft analysts doubt former league executive. And then now these active director of the Senior Bowl thank you very much they clearly created it. Hi guys I have a good say it will get jetlag. UT's safe travels. Good stuff from her in the you know be in the interesting thing that you sit there and you think about width. With the quarterback position is is one that is the most viable position all sports you mean you cannot replicate it in any you can't say in basketball this is the equivalent in. Baseball is the equivalent because there is no equivalent to the quarterback position and on and there's so many interesting. Cases this year meaning guy that we do needing gets heated talk about him is Connor cut who he has the measure bulls you watch on tape. You've played in a system that you can't say these are the throws that can translate to the NFL was a winner. But some people are going he's not a first rounder he may not emea second rounder. Yeah I think you have to be comfortable with who you have a quarterback to start but if you do. Take a quarterback in this scenario you can never you know he can't honestly sit there and tell me. That in when it's time to pick in that first round if you have a quarterback situation and you feel comfortable with that. Why should you take record reckon all time gee you can't have enough it even if even if you pass that up like he said would San Diego do win now does it matter if he's sitting there. How did you not at least consider the fact to draft court Greg knowing how important it is at one play away at all times. Both are in are we in a weird spot in in the NFL right now where. We've got a lot of aging indoor injured quarterbacks in the league where you look at the Brady in New England. Roethlisberger. Who is he he's been put through way more than what his 33 years or 34 years how roll look. Old he is on the rivers is getting old. In San Diego so as Eli Manning Tony Romo. Let's see you go into use the NFC. Got Carson Palmer Drew Brees all these guys are getting very old in these are the guys that. Have have been the winners the long story guys it's kind of this transition phase or a lot of those teams are in a situation where. Do we pull the trigger and in maybe move up in intake a flyer on a quarterback to let them learn under these Experian. You know it's a financial choice right now it's also a respect thing because you look at those guys you're saying Eli Manning does sign him to a massive extension line up here are you willing to say wait a minute. We should take a quarterback but also to not the first round treatment some. Those teams but you sit there and windy you do and you have to do what they're second rounder for. Years you're always evaluating quarterbacks are always doing and policy you just need you need to know that there's going to be somebody there if you think you're just gonna have a guy that you pick up in free agency is gonna come in and actually. The oldest. He said one play away and make a difference case there's an injury it's gonna happen your quarterback's gonna get hurt. It will happen. Let everybody talks about it it eat Eli Manning is is the interest England because there really talks about led Romo. It is getting out US 35. You know he'll be 36 by the end of next season when these guys play long nose when I get sick yeah no that's not new but it river he doesn't play the game. That's extremely physical meaning you know I mean he's his game is very pocket oriented just like his brother Big Brother. Big Brenda turn out to get her. Yeah. Try not to get her is that it goes back to keep along prayer oh that's cute quarterback places down the pocket and Galloway. Mesa teen bait may then bent bent and were you you know making baseball and again is harder than it sounds. Bryce Harper is in trouble for the most ridiculous thing ever and nobody can side anymore. That is there to actually isn't 553 or five dumb rules in sports his preference Fortson. Widespread text easy. That's a message of what number did you call. Two or. Niner five. Six I can't hear you trailing off and I think I learned there we have all of my life popping. Or is cordless techsters now it's 5530. Slot messaging data rates may apply to just play my number. They'll you can go we're desperate. This is sexual relations on the show good likes to leave. Overtaxed. A steal and jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually see them all today. But five through five is an imitator Texan or type in dumb rules in sports. Because there are some pretty dumb ones in baseball is at the center of two of them right now it's actually leading the pack of really dumb rules. Unit's leader in the clubhouse as I say a dumb rules. Bryce Harper is trying to make baseball fun again and he's wearing it could need hats to you. Prove his point of making baseball and again side note do you like this Erica. No you don't know you don't like that it would we call what do we call that here we are trimming up to the sides in the news slicked it back. It's not but it's but it's not us aid it's at height but it grows over and the need to slicked it back. What does that. You don't on target about the hipster haircut and nurture it and that's a hipster haircut. Right that's like got yeah that's a 100% as a sister Erica yeah kind of Michael Moore a shot of us medical more I would give it more of it is it kind of soccer cookie sheet I Euro soccer guy haircut is just see Buehrle and the Euro do you share. That's what I'm going I'm kind of go with the Euro soccer guy in Canada the high fade soccer has the okay they have a great expansion question for you. RA. EU could grow hair back but he could only have that here I'd Wear tomorrow. You do absolutely you can't see you look like a forties mobs I don't care not like I hear him. That's cool that's Libya was good though as an actor you know we hear red haired dad being announced in line. Eads he'd use duke like year here's like literally on fire and be like a flame paint job on a car but on yet. I didn't mean to be real it's no longer that's fine we're talking that is here. What just I am and Jimenez rules he wants to make baseball fun you want to do things. The change a game make it better walk slow I'd now this is getting me down the roads of white hair cut would you not have. If if you were in that scenario is that you could have hair again but you getting there and his like a rat tail that wind and your diet old. Not go look at the red corn not always the crystal Gayle long long locks corn rows dog on that or as we did you corner of your seemed. Or or. See Kenny powers that coroner has ruled it did me the I'd I don't know I'm not on the beach in Jamaica. And say you know those evil idea wanna get they're rated on Jamaica and the guys cameraman yeah manipulator hair care roads and yes I'm bitterly puts. It is funny red cabbage rose. Would you who do you corner as if you could grow hair but as you yeah I just like I said kitty that epic evening I'm submitting. Any problems with any styles. Anyways Bryce Harper. Is in trouble. Because he has a he's the differs 100. NFL are NFL. And I'm running and MLB rate since he's gotten the bigs. And so he has a the little note G1 hundred has a three underlines out of the can neo pop and your iPhone eaten. He's got that as the sticker on the bottom of hated the knob of his back. In baseball's like illegal. You can't do that Bryant's while you can have is thank your team logo with your number on it or just your number there since his as 100 it's against the rules he's. Government. Post you made it is that role quoting Neil you remember at least in my era in the NFL they were so many rules. To get a uniform policy the uniform policy as he walked out was on a board and you had to have. Six interest Howell Europe had to have your socks at this level you have to have this everything has to be. Complete that is off the rails there's you look at everything everybody does their own thing. While I agree if you let one thing slide mixing you know. Is Barack's gonna have I don't know. To promote g.s on it forgot six at what point do you draw the line. I'm okay Ricky rocket fuel on hand yes oh yes there were a lot of there's been a lot worse or egregious things that have happened. When you're talking about marketing yourself but you know it. If you want to put a sticker on the bottom of the bat but it's his Major League Baseball going in no dear you mess with our game. How dare you try to make yourself relevant well. He hears these stupid thing in you can stop having need to promote G on the bottom of the bat or do Americans FT you on the knob on your back or high pine tar like Brett. Medea by just saying. It cannot. Be offensive in nature. That's in the one who interpret that is the 100 offensive. I think it's it's no it's baseball trying to do the looking me think yet is -- a Mo G could be interpreted as good defensive line worker put a parameter I hear you if you put parameters that he you're to have to sing knowed everything because everybody's gonna push now it's gonna push it now. Make an offensive like that's the only like you can just have that in just be like. That's that if you wanna have a picture of your mom on injured in this sticker on the W baton more power to you brother. Just don't make sure that it's not your mom naked I'd consider it. Honestly I consider no different than that then then having a tattoo. Think about it. OK if you gonna start regulating what's on equipment I mean you could start beginning guys have certain tattoos that could be offensive they can beat they can be very graphic they could be anything and they can Wear sleeves and they do anything like that. How come that's not a problem yet and this sticker on a on a piece of equipment is wrong so good the hypocrisy of it drive me crazy. Yeah and that is very good point likening Amare Stoudemire has black Jesus tattooed on one side is now exactly and AM mean it that you eager to have somebody on some Christian. Person exactly I'm offended by that right yet this year with a hundred is is just absolutely terrific man. I'll bet is that ruled dumber than the new Utley Roland they've implemented on its. You really you'd rather have that he'd have rather than. And that knob rule I'd rather mean. I would rather have you ruled I would rather have the bat bat now rule the knob of the bat and a lot of knobs making rules meets league baseball ice huge did Nancy. Then this early this point yeah I think it's a joke about what's going on with Major League Baseball audience rule in if you don't know it the only rule is. It is. Animated after the Chase Utley slide last year was at the end of DS yes Curtis I mean the nets at the Mets Dodgers series. Where his ankles are you ready yet you fear that that going into you Utley a strategy Ed turn a double play. And snapped his laid. And is pretty gross there are Utley went into you. Each year. Utley with the side where he went in took out second baseman boom bust and not shortstop and ribbon to higher ranked tejada yeah on and broke his way. And it was a dirty side is really little late slot guys Utley tried hers ladies yet I was like six feet outside the base via. And he he went in hard and low and late and it was. Egregious and so they're like. Oh my now three games have been decided by the new only rule which is. You can't yet to be citing into the basin has the cannot be taking anybody out yes and it is they have all these parameters as to what the rule is in these are the these aired the primers that it rule six point 01. Is able Ed net part two if he is able and attempts to reach the base with his hand or foot. Number three is able and intends to remain on the base except home plate after completion of the side. And part four is slides have been reach at the base without changing its pathway with a purpose of initiating contact with the field. He just all of that sounds great on paper doesn't it. Right sure well now try that at full speed when you're trying to run out out running you're trying to get in the bag because I'm six there's plenty guys are 65 out there. Giancarlo Stanton. His wingspan he's in reach of a he he can go almost 67 feet outside the base path and still be able to reach. The bank account yet they're saying you cannot do that. Based on that rule I icann into their rule eight different ways. Yes she can and there have been three games that have been decided by this rule and all three of them have come into question as to. Well there and they are actually within the best nature of the rule because you had dead the blue jays by T stat of the blue jays. Against. They raise them. My instinct like the first receiver was nearly a year sec team the year used congress errors he when he sit in the second base and he was going past the base. But he was trying to reach for the mag any hit the foot. Of sun men I don't the second baseman trying to turn the double play and they called the game tying run out. And they called the double play both guys does those like donned game over. Sorry runs don't count double play games overs see you later and the blue jays end up losing that baseball game the reading too. Then need Houston Astros in a 64 game against the Milwaukee Brewers Colby Rasmus. We're even trying to turn a double flag and he just slid into second base didn't even touch. The shortstop. And they called amount in in because the game over boom double play ends of trying to turn a double play they're just trying to get Rasmus out of second. And then. And did the third one was like just yesterday there. Same thing bang bang play didn't even tried it affected the throw and we're having three games decided by this one rule quotes. Gonna get worse it's too this is the same as moving the the the PAT Barack. The thirty yard line with NFL I mean it's just one of those things you're gonna have to be used to NC and I know I don't like it that's one of the rules that I think as dumb as the but. It's this play's been going on for years hundreds of years in baseball Major League Baseball and again this is a knee jerk reaction to one injury to a very expensive player. That was getting paid and now everybody has to worry because it's a shock factor you got to see guys get hurt in baseball wall you know what. If this was a shot like this was an NFL player this was a shot to the head I can understand I mean very very scary thought these are grown men playing baseball at some point. There's gonna be physical contact baseball does that have any physical contact. Yet alone a little slide into second and and I understand safety I'm all about safety but these guys are paid. Professionals. And yeah I don't know and there's really did tech straight here about what baseball could've done instead of bringing in new rule. But that Janie you your dumbest rules in sports on the main theater attacks on five factor a five dusting camels and. This is dusty and jam in the morning on ten maybe. 553 a five dumb rules in sports Steve Utley role is growing on me as one of the dumber rules it's new and it's stupid. In this texture that brings a really good point on and imitates art Tex signed 55. 305 and they would just brought the hammer down that league as to think twice about doing what they did missing game checks his words that. And I am I agree with that in because those dirty it was uncalled for and it injures somebody. You need a new rule. You need to just suspend the guy. And hitting the pocket book yeah it's it's within year. You'll or prior year and it's within the rules by the commissioner to suspend somebody purple you know a baseball short stops in second baseman used to do to guys that sleep in late. Back in the day to between their no absolutely you put it right between their foreheads in and they said that guy will not be slightly late again. I mean sometimes you have to be a little bit you know it fight fire with fire. Teach people lessons sometimes I'm up I'm afraid that that no more. Anybody is is really does make sure everybody's safe and everything's okay. Yet that's I mean I don't let's come on research and wanna put a ball between someone's head but that that's how far we've gone we've got to the point where. Now you can even you don't wanna touching. Well the at this rolls down and there is I mean self policing is is always been a part of sports you know I mean in in people the unwritten rules I don't I've never liked Padilla fastball. Hi on a guy. You and him hitting him low and that's that's an area because in the league and all the time given the guys crowding the plate so guys you're gonna get right you're gonna get one. But the guys on a dish in your trying to protect the plate as you own the plate as a pitcher just as much as anybody in your on the dish is a hitter in you need to own that space. He's gonna know that he hey man I'm here that's my spot to our marriages because I'm sixty feet six inches away from you. Doesn't mean I'm not gonna throw inside and you're gonna put some in. You don't have to throw his melon. You can definitely do Russian backed around the waits in the chest and stuff like that let him know that you're not afraid I got Stanton in there I get that that's what baseball's about. Yeah and hitting him in the pocket but that would definitely help this more dumb rules that people believer in sports the NFL's doctoral coming in at 55305. Am. That is pretty stupid if Sox have to be you know the suck or what colleagues xmas. I don't know what the exact specifications are anymore but I have to be there has to be. Two colors showing and the white has to be mid calf or. Somewhere around where your cap startled some guys don't have any counts he hits that measurement and some guys cavs start right below their ankle. And so it really is very but you see a lot of guys don't even do it now and they are willing you know what some guys do it's a 5000 dollar sock fine. Police was I think it's moved up to 7500. Guys just hate that. The entire year part of their contracts sixteen times 7500. And use that as a tax deduction because every NFL fine is a tax deduction. And a lot of guys do it while I guess we can afford to be 500 dollars a week you don't really care. Our Jane worn golf as somebody obscure rules that teen years are actually allowed to call in and questioned petty little things once in those on the telecast now that is down yes it is. Yes yes it is that may be the dumbest those might be the dumbest rules and all sports which won the golf for all we IEA area. No I was reading this Texas about one was was a number one in mind. My my list of really stupid rules where in the world. She we allow some guy sitting on his couch and you'll call in we've seen it done in majors we've seen it done a lot of situations I decide done to Zach Johnson at the masters. He agrees to. The water and made a slight ripple. On thirteen trying to get up and down out of the water and he bought two strokes he missed the cut. Missed the cut could even feet I feel your club going back in the water he had somebody decided to sit in their couch and calling the CBS. To make sure that happened all good for you. Wasn't the Dustin Johnson rule or did Dustin Johnson had. Whistling Straits didn't name was that a viewer that called don't add into question whether or not that was a hazard like Yahoo! or not just call it a violation but. It was a bunker but it just wasn't labeled as a bunker and it was their job in the county's job but I think it might have been a viewer that called in because suggests that he had he had a rules that he did any culinary rules official there generals officials there and denouncing anything up to him cabinet tigers haven't a multiple guys that have done that. Man on then yeah viewers TO of golf is a weird one because I think that. It's just is much on the rules of golf as it is the did people that watch golf. And are willing to call and India that because remember and then people called in about defeat piping in of birds chirping yeah and how does this birds weren't indigenous to either. An area. That. I don't know if there's some odd ducks that that watch golf all the there's weird people in this world yes that's a goof balls. And not very many and on the heard compelled to call a network or to call. The governing body of they sport in saying that is the rules violations there integrity of the game and I'll come to a Little League Baseball game and Lynn but lets you know how many people are rules experts at all times. Strike zone experts do to trek ahead of what the hell are making baseball touched baseball Onassis yeah they are. You know it's gonna be tuned into its baseball now. Yes zig and video right. Damien next thing you know they'll outlawed. The the brawls or don't come out of the dugout anymore she much contact and hitting the baseball. That's next to contact. Eric Anderson the Colombian he'll join us at 8 AM but next its bid. Then it's on the fan.