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Dusty and Cam - 2.1.16 - Hour 3

Feb 1, 2016|

Why the NBA is catching up with the NFL, Mike Martz is pissed, and Johnny Football is an idiot.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Base or listening to the dusty camp podcast brought you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning bit about how hard you. It's about how hard OK okay good. Was born. We dusty narrow. An NFL veteran can Cleveland revising its. Safe. On ten AB. And. And good morning it is February 1 of modern day. And it is Iowa is important day. In America. Every four years the Iowa football team in the state are relevant if you're Iowa and Iowa caucus day. I would become the important stage I still in my that. Clueless that I have no idea. What the caucuses really about let's hampered its premiere iron dead in election I I mean I am just. But it just makes no sense to me by it's what why our election system is so complicated I get that contest is open primaries closed primaries. I outline New Hampshire. Yeah. I mean yeah wire Iowa New Hampshire so valuable. Do we know I don't want to do this at all because it will just irritate the crap economy why. Quality irritate you were just trend we're not talking politics are just trying to figure out I Iowa and New Hampshire so important here whereas like California. Texas and Florida. Those are the ones are the most electoral votes come from right they are very important. Now will is back they're getting all political looking girls bodies that's my point we're not gonna get into the Iowa senior mark from Iowa is that we don't get a national holiday every four years on big Election Day. I'm starting. I mean I know I'm not the first but we got legs it is a big day yeah me knowing them and we get stupid Columbus Day and an election Aaron if you're not in form to get informed on the candidates please you know that. Our country and depends on. Okay that's been talked about you're. Men in black that team. And Will Smith she key down after yet hazing incident get in your New Orleans how that process go because you were mentioning. There are former FBI. Former CIA. Retired yes and they work for the NFL now in there and there. They are basically their intelligence guys. Other intelligence guys an investigation teams in those you don't mean no I mean it's that they hazing is that was well document but it really. It was one of those incidents that in a Sheldon really have a lot of and it just got a lot of club because ended up not being able to play blah blah blah and good so when that happens. The FO immediately asked investigate what's different now because night a major law firms as were public public but back then. You had each team had representatives of the FBI or CA locally that that worked with your team and they came right in there like what happened and just shoot me down through everything what happened. Brought in the general manager which was milking Erika at the time. And they're all sitting around and they're going. You're gonna have a problem with this right as there shaking their heads back and forth going. And have a problem with this. All these things like that then you're your general manager looks you goes well payback is a B. And I'm like what does that mean you know these are all interesting comments coming from. In law enforcement and upper officials in in at this. Franchise this is this is how things were run back in the day so. They ended up going and speaking of my parents. Knew there was all sorts of crazy stuff but when you look at it in the end. It is it it's a secret society if things get swept under the rug sometimes just like anything. There's always the underbelly. Of the NFL or any other I guess organization. That's neat. So did visualize it didn't used to deal hours in memory changer heiress sitting on election night Will Smith had. It days that certainly that's a true story yes and embarked on an eagle flashy thing pickled. The flashing my city has that they called. But the NFL inherently has like they're little demons that they try and seat under the rug like that in. They're not very good edit. You know and you can't you're too popular he can't hide anymore. We started talking about this because it was a which team is gonna have the off the field incident during Super Bowl week undoubtedly happens in a lot of the stuff we don't hear about in actually did to a pretty good job of not getting a lot of information out there. But there's other things that they. It it there's this perception issue that the NFL's fighting and it kind of we always talk about how bad franchises start from the top and it's trickle down ranked yes. Need ownership to general manager to team president to general manager to head coach to assisting coaches. To quarterback all the way down. Well the NFL is fighting that image in the perception image because there's a lot of flak heading the way of Roger Goodell the commissioner there are some that I heard of the week as Ike will. I wonder how the dollar to handle this I wonder how rob Manfred would have analysts. Because there is a big issue in the NBA right now at Blake Griffin punt team and equipment manager. In the face breaking his hand being sent home from main road trip. And Adam silver walking on the streets of New York gets cornered. By paparazzi. And he actually stopped any talk to TMC. Is it okay would come when Blake Griffin can't apologize is that enough right now. Not I don't know everything went down you. Together these off the investigation. Kind of veterans. And you know Blake's been great guy and I'm really got me. Stuff happens quite and he understands that there's consequences if Iraq. We really don't understand exactly what still hopes that him playing or sort thing you know and I think because of his injuries I am doing is saying. Is he has broken hand. At least a month so I think he doubts it will matter one little. My big criticism is back in Toronto two so. Why doesn't overflow. See he's so he doesn't he give off like this. This guy's pretty. Quote unquote is cool. Raggedy have to stop and do that Null he seems very today I mean he didn't even have to dance of late great he could've just said. No comment no comment totally done the David Stern thing and I'm bigger than you and had. Is that the suit surround him and ushered him into the car right. He is he to me is. He really is the most watchable commissioner right now all sports. OK mark that mark that please. You know what I mean like you could actually feel. He's personable yes he has any it's coming from the guy who looks like minorities commissioner that that is there and a lawyer to he looks like the farmer in American gothic campaigning with a guy at the page for powder next is like wow. I get power armies that he heat she so not yet on. But if you go to the point where he is approachable he stops on the sidewalk Roger Goodell is blowing right past the paparazzi. And it is the ware not get that would be the equivalent to you in this is why it's not taking off the way that Adrian Peterson. Wore this story should be far bigger right O should be way bigger and it's EDE you know. He beat up and equipment manager. This that was in the NFL I mean look we have Rick Pitino in NCAA basketball probably brothel on his school locker room done that gone NCA. Well that's not that's what basketball. What ideas but what that it's the popularity of the sport and understand to David Stern or not David Stern but he figures this out I mean that's that's exactly. How you deal with this type of stuff YouTube nip in the bud early you make a personable. But that he keeps answering he doesn't just he doesn't just keep hiding it like nothing's going on he's not defensive ranked heat if Roger Goodell is running this press conference it's just. It's arrogant it's it's it's in your face into word doing everything to fix this problem and it's just so authoritarian. That it becomes. Agitated that might be the reason why that if you look at trends projections. The popularity the NBA is growing. In a lot of people say it's an international sport and they market their stars better. Know Dave got there's a there's an image issue looming for the NFL right now it is the image about the dangers of the game. It's an image about the we are. Kind of paid back. Door society where we will elect GC what you want what we wanted to see it going guys lights on them and you'll he had a bit swinger parties that's an unknown it's now gone I'm gone with the fact that they will sit there in the unless you are the behind the velvet ropes that type of person you have no idea what's going on their people us are new to catch on about it and they know about. Five CN FL football of people out there what's the word he used his card. You think OK in and put in this in this context do you think of a guy with a judge of the gavel. That's what I think of when I think of him. Rule with a iron fist protective shield. You that's immediately what you think that's what their branding. Now say the same thing about the NBA showtime. Fun glitz and glam different uniforms guys in sleeved guys and in I don't know all over the place that's great shots. They changed the whole brand down a spirit the NBA and now the NFL is in to this we you have to protect units this. Batman movies it's an attack and it's so yes the MBA. Is gonna take advantage of the brandy right now yeah and they're doing a decent job and good job in this is you know T Alexander says you know who's a close friend talking about the Clinton energy putts doesn't matter. It doesn't matter when the stars in the league gotten to a fight at a restaurant. Punch a guy inside the restaurant I don't care that is friend or the just and equipment manager and it goes outside and hit yeah that's the example this guy Texas. Tickets his body that. That's a major star yeah that it did that. Huge star and that's a very big time player and he broke his hand. They're trying to make the playoffs they're doing all the things this is a major story this is anywhere in an NFL team at this is that. Second rate player in the NFL in this is a bigger story. Right. And we try to think of who the equivalent TU Blake Griffin would be in the NFL and I'm thinking it would be O'Dell Beckham. Who is a star player guy and a major market. But he is not necessarily the face of the franchise we could argue he would be. You know because people think he's a playmaker and a Eli Manning still to face the giants. But O'Dell Beckham is right there that's group Blake Griffin Chris Paul in Los Angeles. And if O'Dell back on punched the equipment manager who is his friend. We would be hearing about that I mean think about how we make more of a deal of Johnny men sell what is Johnny man's L done. Well he and immature little kid apparent. We see and. When did some other things domestic. Incident. That would but that's beside the point up until this point would potential rumors of that really. What has he done compared to like a bleaker for punt team and equipment and her publicly. In a restaurant and then taking it outside on the sidewalk in continuing. And it's it's but no one else did that who else did that this year is the second time we've seen a big time star didn't fight on the street and show up. A young rookie. Let. In my forgetting all Julio local best Sophia yes. Holy so let's see that's the thing is if that happens million in the NFL. The guys suspended for well the whole season and finds it every once eighties or kids or give him off the team. Think about the difference between the two. In you know if that is the NBA went through this and win they had their image issue where you know it was in death quote unquote thug mentality that we're talking about the NFL players now. And it was David Stern. He introducing a dress code is wrong and as you know having. Guys bringing guns into the arena. Was an issue and they have and they did a great job of changing the perception of the league. It is things like this were happening was Blake Griffin or Julie local four. Win they were having their big image crisis. If we would be talking about it in different light but they have. They have had a the appearance of transparency. It's not by the way. There isn't this open book and they have a commissioner who is agreeing to be. How that appearance of transparency like Adam silverware he stopping. In just talking anyway he can't about Blake Griffin's incident with knocking out a manager. What do you think is the number one reason why we care so much when guys are our dysfunctional in the NFL week letting go in the NB. Popularity of the sport probably. You know that's the England actually people that watched the NFL is everybody down and that's the difference is that. I don't know there's just there's a bit and it's up and it's a more. Viewed sport so there's more opinions and there's more emotions via built into that sport yet. This balances the Adele Norman sent got talked about for two weeks remember a Dell Beckham's swing and on Josh Norman and a during a game in the NFL. And the Blake anger and stuff got talked about for OT days coming on the mammoth HR tax on 553 of if you if you make seventy year old grandma. Who's watching NFL French or NFL fantasy and you stripper fantasy team again in a fight and spears she's gonna be matched they'll let you know yeah doesn't happen when you're in the MBA yeah. He's not playing MBA in Cannes lease saver coach. Has. In that you do least favorite that you ever played for. You is hot and bothered right now soups but I think you would hammer gonna agree. And. Dusting cam on the fence. This is dusty and jam in the morning and on 1080 Sam the. A year BS sense. Mike Martz is all hot and bothered me you know within a night Archie and in pretty open I'm sure well look I'm I'm definitely. I'd give him credit for being at an absolute genius when it comes to understanding office and putting them that the and he does not understand people there is not very good with people. He he had a tough childhood drugs to the family law. And never had a data around and so yeah I give a little bit of a given some leeway and that's that's a hard lifestyle but he's terrible. Terrible with people. Every new people on. Interesting weird weird individual. Yes it's huge in a -- -- hit you in single family homes so he doesn't handle people know he always made it very point in all our own that's a the only says he used that as his excuse on why he was always a problem and he had problems with people. It was his number one lead it would be every single time. I'm not generalize that all people that are singled but I'm talking about him. Specifically. Used that on a daily basis about his directive that every meal I decided I didn't grow up with a debt Amy started every meeting I didn't have a dad and I'm like. There's a lot of people that don't have dads that are really good people have hit an op so anyway that let me preface that very Nolan gets all upset not bothered Sergio hit him like it. And hire them elitist. And very good people skills to appear but use have not agreed with. Him on several things. But I think that. You may agree with this in Mike Martz has been making the rounds because he's been coaching in these college All Star Games and one thing that he said is that. He is upset because Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt are not finalists. For the Pro Football Hall of Fame voting and the in the class of 2016 will be announced on Saturday. And Terrell Owens is one that is on the list a first ballot guy in martz is saying well. My guys hold amber is. Has been on the ballot in they're not aimed at TO gets on a first timer. And I heard you rave about I don't know Bruce Isaac Bruce's amazing not as much about Torry Holt. But I'd like still like very yeah you are very complimentary of Torry Holt as well but not. Liking it sounds to me it didn't we haven't had this discussion this sounds to me that I think Brees may have been one of the best. Players that you ever played it he was one of the most influential guys too we never had a big voice but I mean his nickname is like peace Iowa's called it might be. And key. Median I would talk basketball we would we would do he loved basketball Memphis and you go down in India so many things and with the community and Torre wasn't very outspoken a great leader always pot I'd never sought Torre upset. Ever it was amazing really he was one of the best guys the best leaders. Those two guys did it word we're just I mean they they root. Just their their attitudes and how they carry themselves were so opposite. But they worked so well. There that's that's what works so well those two. But when it came down to the question is is do they deserve to get and it's not me to sit here and analyze and do I think they deserve to get him will they get in eventually. This is more about Mike Martz coming to the tone of there really them he's worried about. Ali see you think that it was slow you came up to this theory and added I don't think it's a theory I think it's a legitimate issue with him and his entire career as a coach. Yeah I'm not gonna lie I was reading a lot of the what his comments were. Was Nike's going it's out not ridiculous that they get him before. That Terrell Owens is a finalist before them. He'll also said surprises in the word. I and you can print how I felt about TO leapfrogging those tears just plain out and now ridiculous. He also added it if they'd big time to do all that dumb stuff they'd probably get in earlier speaking of Bruce and holt. I think they'll eventually get in I don't think that's an issue but it's tragic that people think of them like that if Margaret piercing gets in there how could they not get in. And that's one thing that is also an isn't Marvin Harrison is one of those guys. It just seems like he brought up also is viewed gay yards per catch a few that get targets if you look at all this. Kind of had the feeling that Mike Martz and knowing. From what US said what other people that I know of that has had interactions with him. Have said it seems like Mike Martz wants this more for him and he does for those two guys but he's this kind of and leave bailing it as they deserve it over Marvin Harrison and Terrell. No this is about it's it's no question about him. This is about his legacy that he created the greatest show on turf when he he's got no offense without one guy Marshall Faulk yeah. Will without Marshall Faulk there's nothing he'd he'd changed everything Mike Martz created an offense. This to get a guy. To rest for thirteen hundred yards and have a thousand yards receiving as a back. That doesn't come around ever that is the reason why the greatest show on turf was so great is Marshall Faulk and that's the only reason they have some great pieces around them. But think about it so this this is really this is this is Mike come announcing things and he made a lot of promises he's a guy they'll tell you right to the face. Boy you're doing great I'm looking forward to having can't wait to Indian and then he'll go into the meeting room knew that guy sucks he's awful. He's a tell you what you wanna hear guy in fact he did in my third year walk right up to means that you'd have the best training camp you've ever had your life and island. And since your so mean you're so important to our team. Your I mean that you were gonna give you a three year contract extension aegis you just sit tight it'll happen. Some time. I ask them oh yes you know it's his. That's me in week fourteen I eating get the your contract extension in the mail put this is the business I'm not heard about it might this bill. No coach ever did that interaction all those other all real coaches. You dare not tell you what you wanna hear guys so this is the scenario of you does TO deserve it over Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt. Yes because he did that multiple teams. Multiple avenues different offenses all over he's the most athletic wide receiver we've probably seen it in in in have ever seen at this time. Out so yes he does deserve it over them right now. In my humble opinion. Oh well I don't think I think that Mike Martz is choosing to Diana mountain that he shouldn't eat you should try live defied another battle when you're talking about TO. Who is second all time interceding yards third in touchdown receptions and as well and formally held day in NFL record for receptions and game with twenty now I mean big guy had a career that is he said. Three different teams ended with three different quarterbacks and he was damn good with all of. Yeah and everywhere Mike is gone after you left Saint Louis is left the week of debauchery. Behind him and trying to input his offense and trying to figured out he tried to do it Detroit how'd that work I did work Alberto Mike Furrey was leading receiver. Who Mike Furrey wide receiver the play I played with went to Marshall is Athens for I'm sorry played in northern Iowa. I got coaches that Marshall now that's only point you even know yet he easily your receiver in Detroit why you have to Mike Furrey mean it was his buddy. In Saint Louis and Mike is a great I loved my Mike and his family awesome. Actually receiver prior to the kid Calvin Darden are you don't know yeah I do every idea he was a waiver wire pick up and fantasy for me to big time yet no one know look what he did when he went to Chicago left a wake of an offense got rid of all everybody else. Look what he did in San Francisco Greg Olsen would be one of those guys that he never he never was able to find what. Marshall Faulk was the reason why that offense was successful. It was never ever ever able to be duplicated. Get client and in now with rising numbers in Tory home sitting on the outside looking in. Of the hall of fame they're gonna have to wait another aid those guys who get in and that's that's or it's also ridiculous about it is that. Don't be a sad because steals getting in on the first ballot will likely. Because he's one of the greatest that ever played the game I mean ever ever ever there any did it over a long period of time and yes uses it yet but that is something that if you put those things aside when you're talking about he is a hall of fame he's not. Committing crimes he's just and idiot. I hate. A lot of people like that out there are exactly what a lot of people listen right now saying the same thing about me but in the end. It is it's how you tell you hold yourself I would say man if you're gonna if you're tell you what you wanna hear guy. Well you have series so that in the mirror and look at Baghdad every single day yeah I don't know it's 55305 is the man Mitt HR. Tech's final Johnny football he had a rough weekend plus. If you were to go the route of Elizabeth Bowman 78 of Northbrook Illinois who called out Jay Cutler and I'll beat her obituary. Or you call an out in Euro bid. 55305. Dusty Candice Crawford a sports and. This is dusty and jam in the morning and on 1080 I love. Text Crawford T 55305. It's the name at the HR Tex signing if you text Crawford. He'll let him get away with a Alex will be jumping into the ground here honestly can't handle it point seven please don't tax my name. Text dusty I anybody's guess doesn't like to be cold it's that your I even care. I mean all like you've acclimated to the northwest you're fine now we've California boy I don't go swimming in the Columbia every day. We did go to Oxford I went to the Hot Springs yesterday as bag be Hot Springs under the same thing you should know they're hot the water comes out I think you'll at a 130 degrees you out of the spring it cools off by the time you get anybody you know that is this is neck and neck. 53% of the votes coming in for you proffered. Now does he proffer to 55 through extra push here the people speak because they know why I mean literally can't handle. Could that a parts of me or does shrink up until I don't always far into the throat. It's really it's. It's not that that. Is that that you've done little plunge in war yet so cold though but it's not. It's not like we're gonna last tickled no. No but we're going to be isn't very a year something EA sees ones like people go like off the ski jump downhill into the law now did not like that bothers other IC now it's not I see what happens in February was with every toy list and it. Rules around and we get a little bit of a freeze. A little bit cold this come through like we did win the teens hit I would feel so happy that Crawford lose. If that's the case here see diamonds now gotten a little trouble drugs wooden the Poe pal again this weekend scenario. In Dade police were called it to you. Aid domestic disturbance. In Dallas. Where they found Johnny foods balls. And ex girlfriend doesn't mean. But really Vegas sorry Billy it's bill bill and bill Vegas William. Hill William Vegas and Billy he's grown out and now they found joining in those girlfriend he looked like she'd. And it'll scuffle but she's not cooperative with police according to the report who is from. Some some logic I don't know one. There moment I don't know. I don't know Mario this but when she was she was worried about his wellbeing. And soul. That cops. End up like go and trying to look for Johnny. This chopper. Why isn't a chopper to find Johnny Mann Zell is there was it like art in the air. Or is this something that is gonna make it that much easier to find Johnny man's driving on the streets of Dallas forward. Because they use that they sent a helicopter was used to try and find him to no avail you've got to be kidding me right anyway I tried to OJ thing it wasn't my god there is a high speed chase going on. It's you know white bronco no big did meet were even pulling an all you think white. Are you pay bill. Leak and fire at the chopper lets go look for Johnny put the waste of tax dollars are you kidding media they took tax money and flew around at shopper to look for an NFL. Degenerate. Yeah I don't know instead he's ease being cleared went about this that this is just kind of the final nail in the coffin that is. Johnny men's issued this easy because of his own reality show despite his problems started. Really gee he's a data card actually in dispute over them Disco. Yeah I feel baton in this is the honest truth. I feel bad for Johnny man's now because of the fact that. I don't know where his life is going to go after football's gone them. I know that he is wealthier noun not and there will be very many people that feel bad for Johnny man's cell. I will be worried about is what happens in his life after and I know that a lot of people say he made he made his bed now I got sleep and it. But that president. Kind of removed is the fact that this guy is. Can't get out of his own way and that's a scary deal and that's an addiction issue and got mental health issue that that he's Golan. Down the roads and that's why his ex girlfriend is worried about his well being. Yeah he's in a defensive stage right now reminds these could be that falling down point. But coming I would I mean I don't wanna see anybody get to that point I really don't. Hopefully this isn't more than what it what it is if he's hit in there and he's doing things than nominee he really. We're gonna get really upset everybody yeah and that's that's not gonna be good in this is the second instance where the cops have been. The constant and called him remember back in October he had a Covert intervention in the area had an intervention or Madonna rehab just what was his reach out. Well he went for thirty days to a facility that where he said it wasn't for abuse. So. I don't know but Johnny who's ball is one of those guys that I think that. I'm wondering how bears fans and how they're taking this in Cleveland because he wasn't their first. First round pick of that draft. But he's the one that convinced them and convince Johnny AGB Haslem. To take him in the first round after his freefall number let's wreck this league yeah. And I'm wondering how bills are browns fans are handling Johnny man's soul. Being the way that he has 'cause he knew that this was him ready to have these issues and he's at Texas NN. You think you are racist chants in this league now not ever. He'll end up somewhere on a team just had to get a shot. But it wall and we'll have any staying power until he cleans himself up and will he be able to do that you think your question I don't you think your skill set even if he cleans itself up will be able to garner a starting job consistently. In the NFL ever. With a skill set they're starting job. Yeah because it because the biggest thing we have to have we knew that stature mental. In rats interiors. That is obviously been a huge issue for him you know it in this is this is totally on the grounds for taking him in the first round. Is because you. You go down the road. How hard was it to find out these problems existed. It's not hard at all because his coaches at Texas sane and would speak openly today and different media do well not openly to the media they go behind closed doors and say this is off the record. But just so you know our motto here is get him to Saturday. It in the Saturday. That's in doubt they're number one job wasn't. Fixing his footwork it wasn't how he reads the defense getting him to be there on Saturday he's the Lawrence Taylor call it. Yeah you just get this Saturday give him the Sunday. Out of we get him out there on the field I'm an entertainer death that doesn't work anymore in your telling me that if they were telling members of the media that. And their like cold on this until he's gone he's the toast of the town when you win and Heisman winning games but. Reality sets in very quickly when you get the league. They so desperately wanted to mention that he and Heisman Trophy as a redshirt freshman he's selling tickets and he's making money you just can't do that. He Salinger's. In the Branson had Coolio Mac in deer car instead has since they traded down after watching that of adjusting Gilbert in Johnny. Football. There. That's indeed. But. Hopefully gag it's a staff together to this is not looking good for him. 55305. Is a man at HR Tex sign your case of the Monday it's in what's to come as Super Bowl fifty. Is this week we get to covered wire to wire right here on 1080 the fan. This is dust in December in the morning on 1080 love sale and. Hey yeah three years and the evil dictator that is Smart camera. On the NCAA apparently unanimously to duck president mark here. Hand you're really doing great things that the incidents play well apparently he's getting six million dollars per year well yeah because what an extension and and and and enough C. Two million dollars total all sorry. Told my dad so what does he get into year two million a year area. Wow it's doling nearly while Indianapolis. Two million dollars a year is like getting paid six million years and Costello is a little bit different yeah eight unanimously voted for a three year contract extension we live and under his. And I would say iron fist but it's more of AA guidelines. Occasionally guidelines gum beef this. Is something that is malleable and can be flax distorted. On stretched but it always seems to be there. So now what pride be the best way to describe it what his job entails and a fall guy he is tree he is that's create Carter said every Beverley the fall guy. Mark emirate is the fall guy for every university president. And it is for every university president that gets. Pissed off by somebody. He'll go ahead and send a message when he needs to you. How many times that we see in the NCAA let things skate the to sit Neil how are you letting this happen bullet yet they just did Ole miss. Well they serve them with an allegation. But again what are they gonna do with them every so all the assassin he's gonna end at nothing exactly where I'm gonna do anything. Or dale thinks the recruits away. Bill absolutely bomb their program like BD USC. And then do nothing to North Carolina whom I made up a major. They made it up what about move. Cried a brothel nobody cares about little hole right at. I mean come on basketball school very subject. Mark ever getting it three years stays getting yet this year at global B you should be happy if you're in North Carolina he should be happy here USC you're probably still upset they'll. Bigger. But in three more years. Our poll question activity the fan on Twitter is where he can vote. It's very simple and today. It is which. Team will have an off field incident. The Super Bowl which is more likely will it be they Carolina Panthers. The Denver broncos'. Lore. Leave Vegas in the he shows up to the super Alia it's a party. Bill we will be there he's there Johnny Denzel press row. And market them not impressed. No he's got better press are absolutely will I don't I think it there's a higher chance of that happening both more what happened this weekend. God you know whether as a good point his agent is rest of his Yorker you're going to be a give away from the well then again as he ever listen to those people beaten. Now he'll have his moon right in Maine that he's had since college so and no detainee did rectify your image right now we're fall guy let's go. Bro. It's a great party in San Fran do yourself a fall guy. Do you think we need that drop from Cris Carter. Cris Carter is probably pretty upset at the fact that he hasn't had loaned to this point in his fog may exceed he has had since college. Where's he been. It's not a good for a sixth nothing not a good fall guy if Berkshire. We had a lot on today's show including which person you would certain likely. Putting your obituary. BK is Elizabeth Bowman of Illinois she died over the in the last month in January her obituary surfaced over the weekend. Where should you was what is being able woman of loyalty integrity opinion curiosity it's curiosity and intelligence. In aloft lifelong. Pain of the cubs Blackhawks and bears. Except Jay Cutler. She'd despised Jay Cutler so much her family and loved ones LT needed that that be placed in her obituary. We get some great responses. From. Jonathan. BCS national championship game however Oregon down to yours which is I think every Seattle sports fans Clay Bennett. The minute a minute definitely is the top my list. I didn't ever really hated anybody more than somebody like. That's one of those things that everybody has there's property you never gave us your dad crop. He's too busy. Like keep your ear phones and a on the clock to get an extender court and again extends for my headphones because it's issues they're not long enough to Jimmie Johnson can help Leo yeah that's who she said that's a she said that's as you said. I think that it's petty curse anyone on your way to the grains and I hope to go out all in my country artist getting on the market. They may be no I go to Donald Sterling. As good as a lifetime achievement Kirsten. Not just for being clippers fan of for the way he treated human beings we see so have your team though that at one that's a good one though. Good bit at least she still have your team you have your team so for two billion dollars because the race's biggest. Owner the only redeeming quality about Donald Sterling is that he was. Dumb enough to continue. He is racist tirades despite living in an era where you have a camera and recording device on every person. And dad his own stupidity to invite him that he was that was the come from being old bank blood dodges. Him for being old. In the big get him down he's a horrible person but that's it he's it that's the only person okay normal I still root for the Sonics. If they were there but Donald Sterling was the owner. How can that. That's tonight you know done a massive hypothetical. If I what I know now Bill Clinton voted to do we lives there all the time Bolivia preface this if I know I don't tell her to run now hold a counter preface it and I guarantee you probably we knew majority of people outside of clipper world did not know how bad Donald Sterling was pretty well not when you didn't know that in so you don't know inside and out like you do now. It will I would say yes I would still cheer if but if you target McDonald's having now publicly now and Neal the two bit. Men and moved I can't hold the players responsible for an absolute deep Betsy Datsyuk I was so I just I can't do that. But in bank in this situation like in LA the clippers fans. They knew for so long his transgressions because it was in the LA I don't know if he's in their salaries we want to. We're not fans that's an insult no I haven't seen players sorry it was known for so long that his racial profiling again in here is what a partly in management that he had. And you know seeking minorities out in saying that at day eat in one and living in his complexes. Mean it was well documented down in Los Angeles. And they were still people like Crawford who were fans of the team. Which is the testing when that if Donald Sterling word and move a team tees Seattle. Would people still root for the Sonics. Yes or if they moved into Portland. Me down like it the blazers accuse the blazers are gonna leave town. My Buehrle is hypothetical I've ever worry you have Donald Sterling as your owner why that's the worst it could actually make your makes you wonder if you're gonna be a standard you're making me feel like a bad person no because I'm a fan of of the of the game I'm not a fan of ownership of Crawford you are bad person yet but that. You BofA in a bad team I would I probably wouldn't I probably wouldn't buy a ticket actually go to the game and ex Soviet. And watch them it's not tough road to home and hit the hit a lot of what he's I don't know what is in there. At a cloud LSU they made us and I start a blog susser a sports blog. And one of my columns which I got a bad grade on was called. The case for assassinating Donald Sterling. And my teacher said you shouldn't put this on the Internet and but now am I want you know that I was their first. Google leans bush right goodness. All the final hill is still sells got to be an eye on varied yeah I'll find it all tweeted out it's somewhere on the Internet. You probably shouldn't tweeted out buddy you don't want dash. Since you don't want that bill paying and I don't want someone to assassinate Donald Sterling this afternoon in the FBI's knock on my door and I know well if your party being watched anyway so doesn't really matter. They're probably going to be investigating me because I was on this we're computer. Cooling yes that. Are treated out Corey Crawford. Grade will be back tomorrow 69 AM got rednecks did not heard of the calling Gary this is dusty came in the mornings on 108 a fan have a great day. Very large Swedish woman.