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Dusty and Cam - 12.30.15 - Hour 1

Dec 30, 2015|

Chip Kelly fired, where is he headed, and do you want a GM/Head Coach?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This news dusty and jam in the morning bit about how hard. About how hard. It's important. We know Steve Tara and NFL veteran champ Cleveland live plus injured. It's okay. On 1080. Good morning Portland that dusty here is out Keith the saint hill hanging out there that's a dusty now he's gone I'm. That their plan voice on today I'm gonna do what I can do to hang in there and look at she's wearing a little bit of somebody's throwing up some colors that they're right that's right. You know I know there's a lot going on the world sports but nothing bigger than Auburn and meant I'm noticing that CA and often this is the good part about it is what we we have a TV viewership of the gets I appreciate you know. The robber and tigers today I do what I can't educate and the Pacific northwest on the SEC. I notice that hacking and education so we are a little biased out here in the -- -- Mittal is a little corner pavement guy and am not Charles Edward Kelly could be headed potentially to the SEC after your thing resigning and really see him announce with every job possible in the world absolutely he's gonna be not only the he might be the director of all football. Worldwide I could that could happen president and our football. Football some that's an important distinction as part of the country we need to do a lot going on and I got Chip Kelly gets fired. Got a lot of talk the ducks are getting ready for big bowl game. Oh and by the way it's just college football playoff eve you know the deal there no not at all we it's a great college football games on everything. So sports sports sports and it is there is a holiday break but there's on the wrong with sports bulletin since gusties I really you know I need help to get through the show. Texas have five by after a fire tell me how terrible I am and how much I hate the SEC tell camp. Well a great NFL veteran cam who was on more how terrible smaller rosters I noticed that you did you mentioned that we have dessert first I'm doing a show together enough. Look I was actually on his fantasy football team well you know to a championship in dollars in his rookie year last yeah. Holds the distinction now on Yahoo! Sports fantasy football for being the starting tight end. On the all one hit wonder teams you know I think that's so unfair I mean that is that is typical sports media trying to make a story out of nothing. It is it is what it's kind of good to put your name that seem like 867 by turning jamming yelling no wonder so I can be in that same conversation. A a loved one it blunders and also you know I believe it is better to have loved and lost them never loved at all at all in Cleveland right there we got so bad back in the day here your rookie year in the league Tony Gonzales got hurt or they want thorn in the football and I needed to pick up a tight end and there's cam Cleveland on the waiver wire grab them up our made a run when my first fancy football championship. I've never gotten say thank you in person before that's what I hear four by you know back in the day that eighteen years later and I 120 dollars a big deal and he got so I really emerged in fairness it was huge and you know in college let me just. That paid you know. Six months of Rama noodles were so it really and truly fair idea. Will be a sports though so. Cam yesterday when the news broke what was your first reaction do you think when Chip Kelly is announced that he's being let go from the Eagles. Well number one I was surprised that I wasn't I wasn't quite prepared for the staff and not only you wouldn't expect it at this point the seas are still weak left and the season ended and you know this is this is one of those tumultuous situations where a coach and an owner and players. The owner had to look to everybody and say. Who might gonna pick right and eventually the hard thing is to do what you see in this world nowadays and it really is true that players really played a game. They control this game more than any other any other game especially in the NFL coaches are very important. Don't give me wrong but when it comes down to players and how they can unionize and how they can sail locker room is divided is very clear. That this locker room was torn up and Chip Kelly was going to be a fall guy. Well and is he the fall guy or is this even you building his own destruction kind of thing because mean he comes on to this organization. He wants to revolutionize the way they do everything the way they practice the way they arrest. He wants to revolutionize the way they run offense he wants to change everything he brings and one of my favorite stars he brings in the navy seal to help coordinate the way they train. So he he revolutionized everything they get to the playoffs the next year same record two and six. They lose three or four down the stretch they miss the playoffs. Then this year he has given complete control over the roster lots of questionable moves lots of things are said about him as a coach as a person. It it was clear that he's lost the locker room. Was it just a bad idea to give him control over that Rossi. Now it's it's such a fine line I mean if if his mentors Bill Belichick and at that and a lot of truth comes to how he expects to be. Is exactly like Belichick to military would not be him with out. Hit it to drew blood so I mean let's let's call what it is that. That change what Tom Brady those two are synonymous with each other in their there's a belief that you know one hit can change your entire life. It did for Bill Belichick because he was Chip Kelly prior to this time of great defense are corner with a giant spent some time in Cleveland had his time with the jets and and took over job. And hit the mother looked rank to Kelly's not hit that mother load yet because yes and found number one the quarterback to partner. But when your innovative like that in your different and you're going to roll these changes you're doing out in your creating. So much uncomfortable list with the what he's doing he's making guys he consistently. Check hydration he's checking them daily. This is somebody who really comfortable as an adult professional football player and pee in this cup for no it's awkward in its own right but. The only thing is is to Kelly I don't know if he got his full fair share of shot. But he did make his bed in this scenario he asked for complete in all control. And power power when you're really into power control and you don't want anybody to answer to eventually when there's a problem when your employees are fallen on yet. That's that's the big issue and there's what two other guys. NFL who have the same deal you know Bill Belichick his hero being one of them it seems to me that that's and also a problem in and of itself I mean you take a look at the court you mention the quarterback situation. I mean he had nick pulls. And he coached nick pulls to a career. Year. 27 touchdowns two picks are I mean nick polls looked like the second coming Drew Brees just was whose incredible. And then he makes a trade the first chance he gets in picks up Sam Bradford. Eric I I never understood if you wanna run a Chip Kelly offense. If you wanna go fast you wanna score points why you bring and a quarterback who has had multiple knee surgeries and can't move out of pocket. All this is always gonna fall on the fact that I think chip wanted Mario and I think there are ways to try to to try to get him but. Honestly what what he's trying to do in the NFL in handled personalities and veterans and high paid talent. There are a lot of guys on that team to make more money than him there a lot of guys that have a lot of egos are a lot of guys that actually fall in line. Oh what they want to do and it's hard to rally a bunch of guys and tell you have the credibility of being the leader in winning the Super Bowl. And unfortunately the NFL you want credibility. You win a Super Bowl or your on Super Bowl staff. And you show how to win that you have to get into the playoffs you have to win until you do that. Chip Kelly's just like any other average football coach in the eyes of players and it will be. That way until he gets a shot he knows if you want to stay in the NFL or to go to the NCA. Let's first in the recent coming out of of being let go he was on fox sports and you mentioned real quickly so hey I wanna stay in the NF culture I don't wanna cause job that may not be his choice we'll see if you're in gets an offer in the NFL. A lot of attention right away points to Tennessee you mentioned how badly he won on Marcus Mario and if you may have found a very creative way to get them. Wealth they think there's any way that something can work out with Tennessee that that's amazing I don't know how that that couldn't happen it possibly could demeanor so many options. There's a lot of theories that chip hates college and that could be true also he doesn't like to view the recruiting is a view with parrots. He doesn't have a handle all the stress in the absolutely the anxiety of of what it is they have to recruit all the time. That might be the main issue but however if you go to the NFL you really have to handle. Eat right. You're talking the best of the best of the best. And they're they're just in and you wanna talk about when Jiri goes a number one you're gonna try to tell but other guys what they have to do consistently day in day out. If they have agreed now. Well you talk about the great coaches of all time and that's the one thing they can do better than anybody else they managed those egos absolutely their piece of talk about in Philadelphia. We're I think I mean you're looking at the Philadelphia Eagles into mean. Forgive me for the compare some of the Philadelphia Eagles are the girl the bar was a six and think she's intent yeah. You know it take a look what do you what do you expect with that roster with this team it seems like it's gonna take years in major overhaul. So your part ways with Chip Kelly your season's not over. Your rosters a disaster your front office is in disarray. I mean if you're in Philadelphia this has got to be as dark days you've had along. Well it looks bad but you know what you can you can he really does take its certain type of player orchards have a coach is gonna handle the Littlefield now. You can look to a Jim Harbaugh did when he took over San Francisco 49ers. And in that same scenario that roster was an absolute joke according to a lot of people but mysteriously turned it over very quickly. Certain mentality will be able to do that Philly it's very it's very iffy because what he did bring in there he brought in DeMarco Murray and that's it. And that's it I mean at this point you have one of the best backs in all of football and he can't find a way to run the run so you know what. Whatever is one man straps and a demonstrator right just think about the tightness sense that they understood. That hey guys we got to take this back we can't let this guy when I say this guy to Kelly control everything in here so. This can be big turn over there's going to be a lot of guys are remember also here's the other fact when a new coach does come in there and a new GM and all that it's gonna start looking like Cleveland there's. Every massive turn us to be huge it's going to be huge so. Who would you even start to look at your Philadelphia and that would get the call try to guess the first question I look at a guy like Sean McDermott got. He's defensive coach right now Carolina. Had the position before with Philadelphia you bring any guy who already understands the city. Understand the players the locker room the culture is that the best move or do you just say you know what forget it. Burn it down start. Yeah I don't know I think at this point you're gonna try to get somebody. That's completely on the outside almost a complete new face and you trust and it is guns are there general manager situation and their front office and that will start to be how turtles now. It'll gonna be an identity starting from their hiding be learned their lesson that when you do give control over to a coach that early and not much power. That somehow. It never works out. Are we definitely wanna continue this conversation with Chip Kelly talking about where does he go what does he do and we want your opinions 55 through a five going to give us a text. On the key contempt tax on fire after a five when we come back we're gonna dig deeper who wears Chip Kelly gonna go and what does this mean for the rest of the league stay with us and anything. Yeah. But. This is dusty and jam in the morning on 1080 sale and that is a dirty. Dirty lies dusty warehouse fill in today. With the amazing gambling laws -- tag team. Do little preview for gun ducks TCU coming on. I don't know for me personally if there's a more exciting bowl game to watch I think the over under was like 77 and a half points to take the over over yes going to be amazing. I and the Seahawks if you are a Seahawks ran coach GM. Do you play the guys at some reps back or do you let them rest the rest is and all of that still to come to hang with us. Back to Chip Kelly the the question that I really wanna get too. Where did this go wrong because Chip Kelly comes in and he has had a successful program organ. He's got this dynamic offense he is known as being that innovator you mentioned it earlier. He's got this close relationship with Bill Belichick. He coaches execution execution execution. He overhauls everything about the Philadelphia Eagles the roster the practices the rest the why did it all go wrong. While there's this there's so many things you can you point a finger to but it just comes down to Winnie I mean it really does it's it's sounds so cliche. Winning cures everything now. It really does it's it's not it it's never anything that super power or how you figured out you have to find somebody to bed buys into your system. I think that. When you've got a roster is to it is he inherited. And you start to remove guys and Chip Kelly and and I don't I don't have as much. Knowledge of chip is because there was a down here during those organ times what I what I do Rick realizes that chip is very strict and who he wants on his roster in the type of player he won. On the guys that he got the most out of me to Greg Darren Thomas. God bless them great guy and thunder thunder. But you know this is a guy that took them the national championship. Current and kept making enough all roster today are so clearly chip is an expert at getting the most out of guys. So I couldn't get the most out of these. Particularly here's the difference though the hard part about the NFL compared to a college game. Is I I said it earlier dealing with men men are different at that at that age veteran men. When your deal with college players there varies there that you you can leave them very easily. There. They're willing to listen more because you know your youth you haven't made it to the pinnacle yet wrecked. So you're just more you're more patient more tolerant when you're at your college or just sold much more directed you could tell guys eat sleep. Chill out go to school it's different you're talking about men with families. Businesses on the side they have rights they have onto rocks is that follow them this is. Their tape John Malone got to be awful timed exactly an honor to understand how to teach men the same way. The NFL you can't do that you can't manage men that's what Nick Saban. Went into Miami and failed in Miami because it was different for him now a lot of guys going come back Pete Carroll has done it. Pete Carroll is an absolute unbelievable innovator when it comes to how to coach people. Now to understand that he didn't have the super success in the beginning with with football when the NFL but then went to college and and came back and the rise happened. You have to learn you have to do that now. This is no say that that that tip can't do this again. But I think when you learn and understand the differences of college and how to coach man vs boys sure it's him. Big big jump and I think that's exactly what he ran into. Is when you try to bring those guys in their no matter if they're your guys are the men. Well and this is this is the question. Where if anywhere. It's Chip Kelly good fit and I know he has this aura of being. So great that so many things and I wanna give the man credit because he did make the playoffs this first year he did get. Org and on the map absolutely BCS championship game. Where has he won it ball. And where does he fit next because they're the big critiques of him are too much control. To begin ego. Doesn't like the media doesn't love recruit. Doesn't wanna meet with the booster club until you're watching me where my Auburn Jersey now. That's a full time job just managing the football clubs at a college like that yes so where then. Outside of potentially the Tennessee Titans where is he even offended. We've already heard Texas a and M that does not seem like a good fit you are managing boosters and expectations and recruiting all time there. You hear Texas Charlie Strong moves out. He moves and that seems like a disaster goes anywhere in the SEC you spend more time really managing the media and the clubs ask Nick Saban and you managing your football club. So where would Chip Kelly be good. I don't know I don't know of colleges his that I think fit your college coach your CEO that has to like you said. There's so many it's more moving parts you have to manage we call it there is there's so many more others parents there's coaches there's. People there's there's so many different booster situations there's median situations and you know as as friendly as organ is right now they're the worst when it comes to being. Personable Alia with media. Who started out who brought that was a Chip Kelly it was a coach bawdy and Dolly was what two when Kelly has and while a little bit of both but you get to see the changeover. Is that he can't bear we can get in your view would org right. But now why is that but you can get certain coaches and certain people and certain organizations are certain university love the fact that you're having median interaction. That's what you wanna hold it. That's fine but here's we have to do yet to win organ wins consistently so they can pull that off chair. You get that you're the Philadelphia you take that into the NFL if you take that same mentality new closed doors and you become. Aggressive and you don't don't participate in you don't interact with guys. Doesn't work it will carry over you works in the NBA you know. Now it works in the NBA especially works would Gregg Popovich in San Antonio gruff angry but you know what. Work she win five championships yeah but he. That's what the hell the NBA you're talking about thirteen guys via these difference in now a roster of 53 right you're talking about San Antonio which is still a smaller market rate is talking about Philadelphia. And again as this to your point winning teachers everything personality and good coaches you can get away with a lot but when you're not. The least definitely gets a lot tighter a lot shorter. Bye bye after a five Texas what do you think where we Chip Kelly be a good fit we're talking about the future of the former now Philadelphia Eagles head coach. Take a look at all of these scenarios that are open if you camp we're still in the NFL today would you wanna play. Richard Kelley a code I don't know I think. I'm not gonna say no absolutely not because I think that what he's done is is is revolutionize when it comes to the speed of the game and change everything now what. Two I think what he did his translates the NFL it's yet to be seen I think some of the things he's brought. His is NFL adaptable if that makes sense that your I think it is I think especially with the reads on and how that's become but that doesn't work overall. Consistently. Guys are too big too fast let me you'll have a pregnant man rosters yes. You know in the of the read option was really successful horror for Russell Wilson the Seahawks Federer lose the last couple of years this year you have to change center. Did you can't run that they read option because Russell Wilson's been killed. You have to be able to adapt in the NFL and I think you have to be much more flexible which you believe will work very Pete Carroll is amazing that. He says you know let. We are running play action far too options are our part too often were running the option far too often. We just need to get the ball out of Russell Wilson's hands suddenly they're winning football games. Yeah and here also to its you can kind of compare what chip is Donna's. Is that you take impressionable young men and you put the minute in the rights and are you simplify things you make things easier. And it can be successful you can actually related to a wing T offense at a very powerful high school you can take Bellevue high school open CL that is wins. Over and over again yeah because they recruit in the outside where they run a wing T. Is it hard absolutely not it's six plays and they run and they run it over and they run it efficiently. They do that and organ they do that in their his system and would you take that to the NFL though. Thing is guys are intelligent and Mike Tomlin said it specifically with Chip Kelly came Middle East that we're gonna hit the Reid's own out of this league we're gonna take it out. EnerNOC to be able to do it. Mysteriously. What is he vault RG three's out called cap Riddick is out. You look at all these court Rick's how how many hits the market Mario to take this year and he wasn't running the Reid's own contract you have to understand this league is big and fast and super powerful. And if you don't protector quarterback number one and find ways to get the ball out of his hands quickly. You will be in for very short. We want to great point because you take a look at the evolution of Cam Newton they don't run read option and no. He drops back he is a pocket passer he runs when he asked you but he throws first. That never involved in Philadelphia there was and that flexibility I think that may be up in the end the detriment ever meet or talk about the NFC east. Your competition is a terrible giants in. And totally injured cowboys team and a disaster were Redskins. You can't. When that division. You clearly have no excuse not to win a division I don't know you put together a 1080 team and we can win and that's you strain while watching is able to do is exactly what. Would. Gruden has been able to do. Running that simple Wesco system but he got a quarterback that figured out Kirk cousins. Thought super talent yet DeSean Jackson but caught there's there's not super a lot of talent I mean. If you look up and down on those rosters and you look at what Dallas had dallas' quarterback away Tony romo's might be worth maybe worth half a billion dollars to house. That's how critical your quarterback play is. And not only is that division just a big we're division that knowledge is it was hard to watch with the Eagles were due because they should've won that division hands down. Well I'll say this Philadelphia Los mortality off season you know any other team in the division rectum. Will we come back we want to hear from you'll be time for textual relations I can't get a great question today. Yeah I I you know I wanted to pose one of the questions is. Texas have five by 305 is is do you like as a fan or is anybody that Lowe's football do you like a GM coach. Or do you just wanna coach what does that work how's that gonna work for Texas a fire fight through (%expletive) aren't talk about that when we get back before we can do that though. Here's Alex sports on. This is dusty and jam in the more million dollar and 1080 I am. Portland welcome back and good morning no dusty Eric Keith still hanging out campaign doing today our conversation that shockingly. There's been a lot about Chip Kelly this morning. Before winter break a great question from from camp we went to all of you textual relations time Texas 55205. Do you want you were head coach. To just coach players or did you did GM slash head coach. Important to point out there's only three guys now two after this and have that that situation Pete Carroll. Bill Belichick and now Chip Kelly has been let go no longer has that ability. Is it too much to put on one guy. We hear all the time the owner should never be the GM is it different for I have coached. You know there's a lot of outs you have to Wear and especially as a head coach I mean it's also CEO it's a little less pressure I think to media. NFL head coach when it comes a responsibility as compared to a college coach but. You mentioned Pete Carroll he has agree. Side gate also because he has John Schneider with him in and they work in conjunction and a obviously there's there's a partnership that they have. It's not solely one man Chip Kelly took over solely completely. When I got to New England also it was Bill Belichick and it was Adam Scott Pioli the sky really worked. In conjunction very well but it eventually Bill Belichick you win a cup pursue walls you pretty much do what she walked. That's a winning does. You know Mike Holmgren at the end of his tenure he took over complete. All everything what became the Seahawks didn't work out right and then he went into Cleveland and dreaded Butte general manager that was a struggle for him to and he'll tell you that. Then one of the worst decisions I ever did was take over the general manager pat and that rule. So you have to ask yourself. As as a fan as do you think that a deal want yourself do you want that coach just to coat on and a coaching. Or do you want him to be the GM. Goals are power struggles might stop of all the teams I've played in the worst atmosphere was definitely Saint Louis when I watched jays a minute John Shaw were the co GMs. Saint Louis try to handle Mike Martz. It was an eye out easily get into daily debacle. How do you got to GM's you know it's like every every counted as well as two presidents has to see those right it doesn't work what. What does that make the culture like than in Saint Louis when you've got to GM's and a head coach while you do you make a decision about it well you just saw you just knew win when Mike when I say Mike Mike Martz actually brought a player and but he didn't want you lose alienated immediate CBI in Iraqi thrown out an extra practices he'd abusing you make him do certain things because that's not his god. While NN and that's really what happens is that you get as a player. You just you're just showing up trying to do your job you don't know whose guy you are but eventually you start to learn and by the GM's god or my the coach's guy. If you start to be the GM's guy did he start to go home I got you got to protect my job. Somehow but it always bases on on your player performance and eventually the coach is the one that's gonna play. All right couple thoughts from our tax on a 55305. The question posed is would you rather your head coach just be a head coach Kirby the GM as well. If your GM is an idiot I'm fine with. When games and the coach can play quarterback running back coach and museum. I think this speaks exactly to your point camp winning cures everything that you win and you get as is much room and the leeches you you know you really do you just you get a lot of leeway and and winning cures everything we makes everything happy when he makes it fun to come to work when he makes it easy to sit at the facility when he makes. The the meetings better to make your food taste better everything is better but losing. It starts is falling in and it's and it's an addictive disease to. And it takes over everything and that's obviously what happened to his. Employers lose and players aren't happy and it's certain to mark calmer getting forty million dollars mysteriously can't carry the ball more than 2.5 yards per carry. It's a problem. Well in the Montgomerie had a system in Dallas it made sense in the room. The way they ran the football the way they threw him the little screen passed that was how he was successful as they got him on the ball in a variety of ways. I never understood why that didn't work in Philadelphia. If you got DeMarco Murray the sky who led the league in total yards last year. Why are you not getting him the ball more often wild Brian Mathews in the game why is Darren Sproles again what. Why are you not having any consistency and we get the same comment from from the five with three. Not being able to move the football through the rush was the demise of Chip Kelly. I you have to have a good offensive line to me it really does start with a I mean offensive line play has. Is tremendous it will you'll create if your object and in I think truthfully. You watch enough organs football you understand what to kill him what he brought his running the football first. No hard it is to run the football in the NFL. It is extremely hard guys are too fast they're so explosive. You cannot do that consistently in and out unless you're committed to with great offensive line play. And unfortunately to a scheme we have DeMarco Murray. DeMarco Murray is a one cut back what does that mean one cut back. Means he's got to be in an I formation urge you gotta have the ability to have accelerates and he does not aside decide back he's not rush on the court. You know she was the ability to make eight guys miss that can happen. The Montgomerie is he's gonna set the edge on his own he's gonna put its foot the gradual downhill attitude that's what works but don't want to drop in July. And it's that's why you pay a guy Chip Kelly six and a half million dollars a year is if you look at the film and say that I understand what player works in my system. What happens there than. When you received right now can you take a look and say DeMarco Murray cannot run the east to west can only run northside prep. The Shawn McCoy worked in the system does a good job running east to west why make the change. Well that's differs when Eagles because Eagles think they can make everybody into something off. NN I'm not gonna sit here in India and criticize Jim Kelly is he think he's brilliant with what he wants it is clearly. Obviously I mean I'm the last one to sit here and tell you that I know more about football than he does. But I will say that he what he did is is he got fell into a trap that he can put anybody. And also remember mark ruse recruited there we there was there was a lot of things that he tried to fit. He didn't fit in Dallas 'cause they couldn't afford Q what went back to Dallas of the money was right. He went to Philly because the money was good. Then he realized old men and I'm not getting the carries and again in the numbers I don't like. I I don't care about the money now I wanna be to god it's carrying this football team and running the ball he doesn't belong to offset side. With one hesitation step with no nothing no vision downfield when it comes to gaps and he should you have to block every other down either about the time has talent and up from the five with three as well I don't know I think this is more week ownership and we Cogent. Chip has more wins in three years than Belichick did in his first four and a half. Belichick took over the browns to 115 and imploded the next year and got a better job. Does it speak to weak weak management. Well you mean he's he's responsible for management does your owner but you know what owners great owners or do one of one of two things get out of the way where they medal. That's it that's really what it is and at this point you mean you look at Phillies ownership and they decided to turn it all over. He'll what you can feel confident in the end that when you do turn it over to Chip Kelly he runs everything that you need years your ship sinks sinks or hoard floats off and here. A big time success so you can just. Got to admit. This filly took the rights stance that if it wasn't working in your locker room is gone and there's a problem. Dynamic change. We talked a lot about where would he be a good fit this text from the 541 chip was never a good fit in Philly with such an obsessed and passionate fan base. Is next stop needs to be a smaller market with a relatively younger franchise where the identity has not been solidified hash tag rule tide Keith. Thanks a lot appreciate that built them up spots of Auburn sucks in the text line right now that's fine that's OK you know I was gonna sleep in my crystal football. Coming when you get when organ catch up. But with the do is Chip Kelly a better fit in say a Jacksonville. In a smaller market where they winnings not a priority we just wanna be better than we are today now. I really mean there's gonna be so many things he's been his name is linked to mean junger who's had this for years as names linked every job until you pick your job. You'll be out of a job very long that would when he offers its gonna come down too busy wanna see in the NFL I personally think he wants ceemea though I don't know why he would. Wanna leave I don't know why he wants to go back to dealing with not much type of recruiting in patients in in players and all that. Although although he might have experienced one thing. I can't coach these guys because they're all means at all I can only show up I can't girls like you mean the end. You can only control everything that's taller. It is hard it's hard and it's the difference is you mentioned earlier it's a different between Nick Saban with the Miami Dolphins from the Nick Saban at Alabama and it is the difference. And and that is a huge decision that septa is gonna have to make is he one day wanna be at the mayor of a city in Texas hypocrite after you saw this great run and retires a legend you know like Nick Saban can absolutely do now. Or does he want to be the guy that stuck it out grind it out and won some games the NFL I think part of what should tell you has to be thinking about as he doesn't wanna go out of it. He doesn't want to mark next to his name you are talking legacy. After after coaching a sudden done you've got your legacy and that's what's on the line for chipped out. How oldest it was he was he 505253. I think maybe so the idea I mean he's he's I could be wrong that number I don't know off thought my head I know Texas are after ya I think he has time I honestly do I think he has time to go back to college and find find his way and maybe make another nick another round. And then come back to the NFL like a lot of coaches have I don't know if he's gonna wanna do that it's going to be hard it's kitty really I'm quite interest and I think the. World stressing our little world raise interest is about what this man's gonna do you know and I don't even wanna start the rural. By U you have to remember what Mike Riley. Certainly now he's and I got to charters them came back home to Oregon State and I'm not suggesting mark Alford C does any warmer today than it was yesterday so mark comfort goes NFL and maxim Kelly cuts benefit somebody somebody's not stepping out whether it was crazier things about Apple's got frost is gone so it about Chip Kelly is the O coordinator no doubt were rich I know I'm not bring him back job and gesture on her talk about impossible things that can never happen you know. Oliver is conferred defensive coordinator so hi to him until he is fifty T about the way it also you know. Brawley Philly probably one of those three worst cities for champ. To start or to attempt to start is he's long term process of an NFL career at. I'd to Boston. Nearly half a bulletin every swing Gus Bradley who's been what a Jacksonville for noses fourth year absolutely atrocious he gets an extension he's still coming back. If chimp is in Jacksonville he could be their father's life well yeah. Absolutely the differences you're in Philly I don't get away with anything in Philly I totally agree with you keep adding it plate is him in Jacksonville. Him and most other cities Tennessee yeah yeah exactly. And go to Nashville and be there for life. I don't sell I know so honestly just to watch just for that does what what's football entertainment watching him reunited with markets in Tennessee. At a fund conversations thirty being made yap island it. All right one more conversation before we go to break one more text from the five with three I'd rather have a coach or GM then an owner GM IE Al Davis hurting the raiders. What hurts most with his offensive line and nothing else and it dot. All right when we come back. Don't keep taxing us where do you think Chip Kelly fits in next. 55305. This up we come back we'll talk about the golf ball playoff and your ducks getting ready for TCU stick with us. Keith encampment morning and in effect. This is dusty and jam in the morning on 1080 I am. You know it would take about ten seconds for us your quick audio content say keep the candle or just desperately. Not to our chief villain for dusty air hanging out with fantasy football hall of fame legend Ken Cleveland who. I think that because again cam and I wonder you mention it separates Alitalia. Before we get into college football playoff I just have to at least acknowledge a story that's breaking right now are in regards to the chip Kelly's story. The word is CBS sports is reporting from two sources. That. Owner Jeff Laurie goes into a meeting with Chip Kelly and the intent was not to fire him. The intent was to have a conversation. And take his temperature asked how he felt about the organizational what the future would be heated exchange followed. Insults were thrown in and Chip Kelly with fire. It seems like on a whim which would explain. Why it happened with a week left in the regular season instead of early during the offseason. Now again. We're we've got a source from CBS sports is reporting this will get more information as a breaks but the camera you've you've gotten some information from a couple sources are well. That says that maybe there's more to the story that we're seeing. Others there's a couple couple things that are probably more of the story is almost gonna have a little bit feelers out there are certain guys on the inside that there's more to this story that. Tim was not meant it he wasn't supposed to be fired mean that none of this was supposed to happen and it. There was one of those emotional decisions where obviously words were said. There were things that were probably behind closed doors that when you have it in a meeting you can. You could probably argue that this was one of those questions like what are we gonna do next year. Are we gonna have any help you gonna have any help you are you making the right decisions when your owner questions. And although start to come out you're gonna get defense it's a natural reaction right here Chip Kelly. Gonna stop yourself from being defensive you are the master you are the mastermind you are the eagle. Ultimately the emperor of the dark so absolutely and and the first thing you're not gonna do we show weakness ran the NFL if you're weak you're fired. You're weak you're you're you're out of a job not only as a player but as a coach. You do everything you never admit failure. In the NFL you've never seen anybody walk out Gil got a field it was awful I don't belong here I don't know you don't do that. Oh when some questions you specially when you have ultimate power. You know did did he have too much power did he did his head explode too much did he become to the point where he felt like he was untouchable. One more thing that's being discussed right now Jeffery McClain on Twitter he is an insider for for the New England Patriots actually which is instinct. He says that he had virtually no allies that nova care to know what nova carrying them the addressed the Philadelphia Eagles as one in nova care way they are the leading sponsor and an investor in the Philadelphia Eagles. And they are a skin company. And interest and Chip Kelly had no friends at the skin company. You know taking a look at that picture that kind of makes sense to make for a maybe you did years and over their product Mary but that that speaks to. The NFL kind of changing event meaning used to be in our our of these investors the new boosters Brett professionals. Or insults it's in an honest question legitimate question but guess what what moves money moves obsolete and guess what happens when you win. Or money influx mergers and sales more all those things much extra post games more TV revenues revenue. When he and that that will help will definitely help but also if you don't get along. With the people there running the organizational part of that. You can't alienate anybody until you win. When your winner you can you can do pretty much whatever you want but as I haven't brought home a championship if you haven't even gotten out the first round playoffs you don't have a lot of freedom just yet. While detection the five by after a five let's have a couple real quick lots of chip to the titans chips to Tennessee that's about what everybody seems to want to see you. From the ninth of the one ducks need an off into the corner. Can imagine that being the right fit but hey you can dream up from the 53 Mike Riley to the Eagles please. Why not bring some happiness I tell you what that would be that be something different. Up from raider nation from the 971. Maybe it's because I'm part of raider nation but Al Davis has owner GM did manage to win three Super Bowls. And was one bad decision away from at least one of maybe two more when Turkey was there right. It's always a bad thing to have that owner GM I think there are a lot of fans in Dallas and in Oakland who say we had a lot of missed opportunities because of our owners. Oh yeah also morale Davis was coach and actually really new football also won championships with football is different we're talk in the modern age now. Read there's not a lot of coaches that wanna citizen GM no way I mean Bill Parcells tried it in Miami out of that work out not well -- didn't happen well. So yes this is a different game this is different management is is worried different now but legitimate question in India like that I mean how Jerry Jones doing for you guys down in cal we. Well that's that's a great question you take a look at that and and how many times has Dallas been on the cusp and had it seems like plenty of talent in them. I'm just not any when the announcement of course you know they're not only copy take a look at Tony Romo he backs him. You know without any question but if you wanna talk about a place that would be fun to watch spring Chip Kelly to Dallas and see the two biggest egos and all sports go out and every single thing. It be such a train wreck there an absolute credit to be great watch it be great reality all your grade B fantastic you wanna you wanna know where where HBO would immediately go for hard knocks down so that would be the place and you realize though if you finish in the bottom five of the league you immediately fall into. Hard knocks reality show you have to be in their so windy you'll have to be on our docs. From the 760760. And ignore that this thing Norv Turner to the Eagles I wanna watch Philly burned. I think there may be some some hard feelings from some Chip Kelly fans out here there might be north hers and owning or is doing very well in Minnesota and now. All right last question on this topic that I I really wanted to view camp is you have more experience. The next coaching comes in the Philadelphia and what is the culture have to be the change that locker let's agree question it really is I think that you have to win the locker room immediately. How do you how do you do that as a coach coming in you mentioned Chip Kelly got it wrong and not spare. What you have to do to get it right when you dealt with coaches wouldn't with the coaches that that reached you. I think you have to understand is that you have to be able to be tough to and that might sound a little awkward but that might sound a little bit different Oca you have to be reachable. You can't how somebody like it there there were coaches that. You have to have fear. You have to have respect but you have to be tough to what you have to be able to say that when I walked on the hallway and I crossed paths of my head coach. I'm not afraid to look at in the icy morning coach are you today and he's not gonna looking Isaak idea on how you feel footage genuine. And I don't know and I'd never play particularly I don't know what it's like. But from what it sounds like from players. From everybody has the same stance with them is that in the NFL non call it's we're not talking caller talking NFL men. You have to have that type of partnership he can't be an ultimate dictatorship. As bad as you think Bill Belichick is. He is the ultimate when he knows exactly what you do every day he's comfortable he actually interacts with you every day he's completely different person in the media than what you see. Behind in the facility. And you locks and look you get the guy treats you with respect and interact with you and he's genuine. I don't know if chip Kelly's genuine. With NFL players that's the question that I would need. We'll find out more as time continues when we come back we're gonna shift gears ran a talk about the Palestinians we've got to college football playoff coming up shortly believe. We are an hour into the show and the story is so big that we haven't gotten to tomorrow's college football playoff we'll tackle we come back. You can jam of the morning and eighty the fan.