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Chris Dufresne - L.A. Times CFB Writer - 11.5.15

Nov 5, 2015|

Chris Dufresne of the L.A. Times joins Dusty and Cam to talk CFB Playoff, the Ducks, USC, and more.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is dusty and jam in the morning non 1080 slam. 836. On you or Thursday morning to meet dusty here came clean and ways to use the college football playoff committee. Released there. Top 25 earlier this week on Tuesday evening a guy who had Clemson and LSU number one. It is drinking with Christopher and in the LA times and he joins us now Chris thank you for taken few minutes for us this morning I done. You're welcome into the executive committee. Now. You know what that went that I've seen. As you had never ordered to pay is a you've been high on Stanford in the pac twelve and being out last. I think a lot of people are going wow eleven and twelve for Stanford in Utah. Seems a little bit low when you look at it bite you in Macon some good points. Via Twitter especially when I've seen of the pack two wheels still has a lot of knee left on their schedule to get in is it. It to win is should the tackle start being concerned if they're not move and ranking. Well he I think. A ticket Stanford beats Notre Dame doesn't pass some. It did in the yummy in the rankings they've picked should be concerned. At. I do think the league was. Was sort overvalued and there's one thing that kind of surprised me that was. Because last year the committee. Kind of held at the tech. Twelve Indian high regard in the polls in new that they are 512. Teams in the inaugural rankings last year they were all ranked higher than they were in the coaches poll. So it was a sort. That was a little bit surprised that they noted. The national champions from last year started number sixteen in the first. Player up ranking. In so. There's a lot of time left so it this is this is just say yeah. You know this is television shall basically. The kind of get things hyped up for the next month. You know specifically dusty and I talked about it earlier about the big twelve football and just what they're about ready to have to do to make a gun that run to try to get somebody did to stand out and say. They deserve to do they pass the eye test because he argued that we were back and forth his. Look you beat a Minnesota team that's TCU you win you win by what it was and I think it was 45 bear and then now all of a sudden you're winning games 55 to forty but does it really matters there I tested the big twelve has to prove anymore is that just who they are as as a conference. Yeah that's another thing you know they came out of that the ranking if you look at it is that the committee basically said. Were not ready to pass judgment on the big twelve and it's. And it's it's kind of shake them up like last year I mean nothing's really changed you know. TCU tried to place them but he meaning they played at Minnesota. Given credit for that is kind of not their fault that Minnesota did turn out as great as it. There's not trying to play people they're trying to do what teams did in the obese yes Sarah was to get away with things you know like Kansas State that does a lot of times they refused to play people because in the BCS standings. Lou you know waiting was beat. The only sank and you know a loss shall G it in the piece yes computers didn't see play it just it they just record your loss. But I don't think he could get away with that anymore. More at Baylor pianist played with fire here. With what they're trying to do. Particularly could even when things started the big twelve schedule in the teeth the big twelve teams they played have been. Notre got to be no good. They all have bad records now playing Kansas State between the slots or straight it's like. You know what are they gonna get tested and they will essentially that. Yeah well well it can't be too late and wouldn't you know what that's going to be one of the extreme extreme things to watch in the next couple weeks. Christopher in the LA times is our guest talking college football now. You mentioned that the pac twelve with only three teams ranked with the Stanford Utah and you see electing a lot of people outside of the conference and I seen this a lot on social media and in reading up on things. Is that do a lot of people feel that this conference the pac twelve that is. Is the lesser of the power five conferences because of the fact that they don't have an S ranked teams is parity hurting national perception of the pac twelve. And it looks like it. We don't know I mean I think. Teams like USC and in organs and towel. Not cal lost three straight. In Washington State. Coulter teams that are. Have to be righted you know in the in the 25. To 230 area so there there may be yet here that we're not even seen. I don't know that. If you look at it seem like organ I mean defensively they've been just atrocious there's no. He knows there's there's just no excuse for allowing 500 yards a game but. They're you know they had an injury at quarterback position with Bernard Adams in the lineup yet they merely be mission statement inappropriate figure net game and missed an open receiver. In the game that would want it and then now he's back he's. He looks like. The magicians trying to Russell Wilson type player that we thought it was going to be an anarchic credit for that. You know USC's and all sorts of problems but they look pretty good right now Washington State law. Important as speed but they look pretty good right now. So I think there are a lot of good teams that that. And that's always the problem is those teams couldn't can muck up. You know things for the the Warner to elite teams in the league. And the end up with with one or two conference losses and that might not. Let's begin to respect last year the Big Ten had nine and zero respect but it looked at Ohio State for him all the way up from sixteen is there a team or is their teens that you see because you look at Oklahoma State Oklahoma Florida Sampson at 141516. Memphis sit thirteen is their somebody's sitting there that you can look at right now is gonna say hey this team might be in the conversation come the final week. Yeah I mean look at that clip that slot just talked about it 141516. Oklahoma I think PD data. You gotta look at I think you can get away with. You know warn law snag him in the new era and does that add loss against Texas but that's a rivalry game in and look. Or else they had a here up that loss last year at home against Virginia Tech. How how focal plane now and it. And based on who they played the rest away. Plus they went and played at Tennessee who wore that to add the committee they're gonna get major points for. So. I did the teams ahead of them met that he has some of the ones that are undefeated I am not sure about yet in the Memphis site. I still think it's a Memphis campus is gonna beat Ole miss to win the SEC. Now almost does that then. Emphasis profile. Is raised. And then they'll have a chance to also beat Houston. Coming up a couple weeks but. Yeah Oklahoma looks he could be like last year's Ohio State that matter that's. The fifteenth spot. Florida State maybe but that they can't get their nonconference schedule. You know is no it was not very. This is that it played Notre Dame this year conference. But that idea that's poll. That's the interesting area of the annals see anybody else. You know possibly he looked a UCLA eighteen that 62. To get. Get there from 23 is going to be very difficult but. If they go through the rest is schedule in the end at peace now. Stanford. At the end that you caught had a chance between top ten teams on the way to Utah and Stanford. And so. That's the launch side on him or trees that B 521 shot you can't say. He can't say to pot. OK so we knew we knew you when you're looking at this he said Memphis only as a shot is all mess when the SEC we talked about this yesterday it's a theory that is re going out there I wanna know your thoughts are on it. That is all miss wins out in wins the SEC. There is the possibility that the SEC is and in the college football playoff do you think that the committee would ever do that. Well I think they kind of made a statement yesterday Perry went via one of the wreckage out at. They really like Alabama and victory we go again Alabama sitting there. Hey you know it is 2011 although you know. They're the one loss there are a team that did not win their own division. And we've got Indians BCS championship game will be hit it too bad here to get in doubt they'll hit it four. You know that to me is one of most intriguing questions. Is it a decent at Ole miss schools on. To win the title and in that after the SEC champion knocked it in. But but Alabama as a non division well irrigated or. It will all get it that's. Obviously the committee thinks very highly of of the SEC and I don't know that is actually at this. Made it. Warrick said their loved it pretty SEC. And he you know Louisiana State has. Gotten if you look they have got every break that team get this year and attic he canceled by whether they had gained moved their own stadium because whether. And eight feet they're playing they're you know they're playing their Serb road games this year it just kind of all. Broke on the right Wafer for the tigers but I'm still not sure you know how fully dimensional they are taught exceed them you know we'll find out. We'll find out Saturday itself out. Before really Alessio Chris on and ask you specifically about USC does clay Helton stand a chance and do you have any rumblings knowing of anybody that any early interest for that USC job. Yeah out that I was I was epic games and tell they're there when it tell. There's there's a real treat. Couples Groundhog Day like two years ago it. Kind of a below the built for it or drawn. After Kiffin. It's sort of the same thing and I think he has to use the same thing or drawn do did accept. You know. He's got a BC LA at the end and or Iran has the job that he is it they beat UCLA ND a related hate it. It stated that it terribly. I think he's got a you know thread that needle and indeed perfect yet if they went to rest their games and win the conference bill and Rose Bowl. I think they that he has you know that's his avenue for the permanent. Is do you frame covers college football across the country for the LA times agree follow on Twitter as well as you train LA times think he's so much and I'm really appreciate it. It.