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Dusty and Cam - 11.5.15 - Hour 3

Nov 5, 2015|

Dusty and Cam make their NFL Picks, discuss running backs in the NFL, and chat with Chris Dufresne of the LA Times.

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The competition is changed. Every game count on snow from game plan. When that's why dusty and camera poured countless hours of resurgent there pro football prediction. Steven spears leave alone could quite believe small and well. Anyway this is the change realty and I don't challenge like competition between the senator's staff must end baby and you presented by changing realty. I'll more than 1% listing entry in the NFL challenge will dusty and jam sponge and maybe it's. It's. I it is time for the change real team NFL challenge you can play along by going to eat any need to fan. Dot com. Clicking on the link right when you log in ten innings and dot com. You'll see little banners on the season NFL talent you click on the click here single sign up it's never too late. To sign us always remember that people ever to it never. Too late to sign up we pay we just keeps five games to pick because we don't go through all of you is that true. Ridiculous. Very hard in. Where we will start. Did not tonight's game Cleveland vs Cincinnati beacons thankfully all would go with Cincinnati and Allen would anybody have an upset that game lock of the week. We view it. You build it you have been able to pick Cleveland over Cincinnati and you know Aegon now that so let's get that even though the on the Olympic. So we just sit down one yet we did. Where we will start though is. 10 AM kick on that Sunday Green Day hitting the road at six in line for a unbeaten in undefeated Caro line at panther. Well eventually you're gonna have to have a loss it's too hard to go. Eighteen you know in this league ninety whatever it's gonna take at this point he eventually you'll lose. And this is the week. You're gonna lose Panthers fans I think Green Bay got that they had a rude awakening vs Denver last week. You're not gonna see back to back games like that and Aaron Rodgers I like Carolina they're playing really good football. Although I think the Packers beat him this week. I agree that because you're gonna have been Aaron Rodgers. Who is. Absolutely. He's commuted to sell double check on humiliated. After 77 yards passing and I think it's Denver Broncos. We shut out in G odds he was. And lifted after that game and I don't blame them for being this upset about it. I I think that what we're gonna see is an inspired performance that we may attackers in. Let's be honest Carolina did look great Monday night and against the need in their own surely. I don't think is is any knock on Carolina had just think that it is some point like you said can't you have to lose the law of averages regression to the mean. They're due for a loss in Green Bay is not as bad as they looked against Denver so therefore. I must take the pack. You must think that all right Miami Dolphins head up to buffalo. Worn the bills all these teams that high hopes heading into the year buffalo lived up to and for the first couple of weeks Miami did not know they've kind of flipped roles and now Miami is starting to become a better team in buffalo is regressing yeah I don't know this one is it. Is confusion to me I'm most Confucian on this one. Had a hard time trying to figure out there's a reason why there isn't my point is being flipped here I'm just gonna take demand Campbell round say Miami. Wins this game in buffalo only for the sake of there's a lot of issues in with buffalo there really is. It's that they have a more stable quarterback situation even though ten hill and I do knocked I don't see I'd I would you guys don't get along well I don't know very well I just. I don't. Really like his game. I why don't do like it was a person can't please don't like your kids Bryant you don't know but did not hate did not come out of my mouth don't like his game don't dislike him as a person. Can't you clearly hates ranked in the last few putts dirt easy there at the James Harden up a and his family income and aspire mainly due. If you're going Miami I guess I'll go buffalo somebody in this has got to be right so. Although buffalo Glenallen Nolan saying 5059 we got all the teams we've got to covered. Not calling unity in knowing you're better than I don't know no. That's not what I sing in on the same covering all of our bases here I'm gonna go to the bills. Okay I know other I know there is trouble afoot Rex Ryan is an hour and you know doing the Rex Ryan thinks but I still think his bills seems pretty good. And I know the dolphins and the main Campbell turn around but I just. Not a sustainable rate and that yet like quick like we do is say cam of a mid season firing is never the long term solution no. I wouldn't be surprised if the dolphins won but I'm just gonna go with the Rex Ryan I think the bills are decent. Fists that's confidence right yes that's about ringing endorsement that's about it but I just thank you give them I think the bills they're. Decent season. Saint Louis in the around loose heading into Minnesota this is it I'm excited for this game didn't panic. And you've got buy into Minnesota who's. He surprised not surprise team of the NFL and quietly. They've put together three straight wins their violence you yet he did the other struggling I don't analyze surprised he wrote them off after getting. Blasted in week one ignited. 49ers. And dead LaDainian Saint Louis in the think different team it's not merely in the back. You don't want this is Todd Gurley is Adrian Peterson reincarnated. Back a few years in 2007. Major Peterson. Is still he he's he's. He's kind of the king of the mountain a little bit. He could still do some amazing things that Todd Gurley is doing something we haven't seen since Adrian Peterson so the battle running backs does it. Think about that cares about quarterback play in this game move cares. Running backs are gonna control this game I care about or. You kind of do this game close is the pick him game it's a good two and a half spread I mean they got Minnesota a little favored it doesn't matter. I I aren't Ly eight. I like the like the veteran running back in your Peterson I do I think Minnesota wins. He's the heart I wanna make it around and yet I know line is they gave actor and I. It's in Minnesota right yeah that's the reason which is outside. And that's not gonna thanks to eagerly rainy and did. I gotta go this game's coin flip to end cameo asking the question of players this game. Answered my date for me I'm gonna go with the vikings as well and home field advantage yeah. Blood and once again a lobbyist in dollar bills dolphins to me Atlanta. No this game is good this game is this is good yep that is being in terms of like feeling talk only point here you know I don't know why can't I hear I just don't feel particularly confident either team they're both. Good. I'm going with Saint Louis I think their defense is better. And either play uniter I can't I can't argue that he in mean you have all things being equal it in. Did the offensive side of the game of football I'm gonna go with Saint Louis in in their front seven to carry him through its ongoing with the rams on the road. Our next game. Live in this and I and Oakland Pittsburgh. Both Oakland Raiders at four and three is it before and for Pittsburgh Steelers let's start with a homer. I think the raiders every week on this show and lately it's been good for me like. I can't first thought can't go against that can't go against tradition. Second of all the raiders have been get a lot of hype a lot of love this week high you know from the media on social media people restarted take notice of what Derek Karr. What Reggie McKenzie built there in. Oakland's. And I think that they be this deal well I think the Steelers I'm for some not going to be against the raiders second of all they look legit. Man if they can do this if the raiders can go into a whole East Coast strip. And fly out there. And win this game out his first huge for the rest of the season this would be this and not only be big for them this could be big for the whole fan base for the franchise this is a statement franchise win. In the mid season game and it's it seems with a lot of history I met Andy when you lose Libyan bell. I I don't know I mean I know that they can make that up with Ben Roethlisberger. Staying in the Williamson's dad I can't pick he gets the Steelers here I think this is too big task the raiders are close up. They're just not not that if they do it in men and longer all power to its immediate I'm still gonna pick the Steelers. I think dealers delighted Steelers lost to the bank news because they during those ridiculous bumblebee uniforms last week and soul. The U prison yard uniform terms yeah. You said that the raiders are finally getting the respect that they deserve and they got a lot of pub and a lot of love I started the year two in line I'm not saying they get the respect they deserve it's almost a worry. Yeah and Dave expectations are worries they folded and hinted they dropped a couple of games in her own right after they got those. Agnes has rise in the same writing on the wall plus CN. West Coast team heading east. And playing in the early you always the deciding factor on Golan Pittsburgh and idiocy in Atlantic against the raiders and cut it would be a sad I don't pay enough often are staying true do you they would and Crawford right. Be strong states from I have strong bracelets that's on the final game that we are taking this week. Is Sunday Night Football. It's amazing that both of these teams are still in contention. In need. Tendencies. But Sunday Night Football we'll have the Philadelphia Eagles is being the Dallas Cowboys. Dallas losers of five straight Billy losers of once. All those cowboy fans I don't know what to think it would cowboys are right now I I just think it Jerry Jones and they are who you thought they were is the bought three of of consistent comments out their great good for you the yards here owner your the only thing that's really relevant right now. With the cowboys but Desmond monkey is -- that won two Indy you're gonna bring back your your leader he's practicing Tony Romo practicing this week is he going to play. And I talk about practice man yes his practice Democrats is mean that you can tell me to call roles can heal that quickly how do you protect I don't know you're gonna do that. But it's in the it's in Texas their defense though wait a minute they still have a pretty good defense. When a target by the cowboys is that they're very good defense. Johnson Tony Romo I can't even get to. Romo's clavicle is a panda express chops to equate to break again there's so bad it quarterback I don't know I mean I I got to pick Eagles here their awful blood ask. So week. To get a job sticks break easily and what would be bullies or the panda express one think. All right I like it. It's an act that's like the biggest talker on the cowboys has been a little pet monkey that's not a good sign. Yeah and Greg Hardy in an idiot. I'm gonna go Green Bay in this island Green Bay beat her way billion LA via iTunes and green I don't know I agree midnight on the TV perfectly. And gone with the wildcard what's he care bill in the locker no good filly in this land. End. Here is something else the Mona I'm going with the Buccaneers to upset the giants this game we're not taking. Just because it's at home and that will push the Eagles into first place in the NFC east. I think that Philly wins this game on the road because I don't think Tony Romo plays in this game he may be practice he may be rolling. And quote unquote practicing and that means nothing date he said just last week and on the eight weeks' time line not the sixth or seven we kinda like a he needs more time. And after this week he'll be looking at eight. If the box away and you know who's looking decent. The knee in my bet verse cam on Jamison and Denver's gonna be artillery round yes it might be a blade. Bet because Mario it's been out for three is you have to exit while you don't know that's factored into the bad I believe. This time we'll talk like you're setting the criteria. Why just because your think your belt. There. Yes and setting the criteria here Dan. You do edited it and oh yeah Kiko Alonso will be back the legend of Kiko Alonso will grow for the Eagles. Big NFL challenges brought seal Biden changer realty goatee you and I change realty now dot com. Pulls service great value in home of the 1% listing fee but it's an aided fan dot com play along with us. It's the change realty NFL challenge we are talking about that Saint Louis or Minnesota game. And it got me thinking. On do you need it and and any leaks. Running back in the NFL anymore. Do you need it. Dusty camp on the fans. This is dusty and jam in the morning in dogs an eighty love say. He needed the running back anymore in the NFL. We see very few guys. That. Or those you meet it ruptures in the NFL. Teen name and probably all on one hand Marshawn Lynch currently yes Adrian Peterson. Lay him though was line. Got to put tiger in America Todd Gurley is is one of now we have to that go head to head into teaching to think about. Again that was built. On that sad running backs we did you mentioned Marc Emery. Well it's not sad because that's where we're Jamaal Charles. While he's hurt but I well ya de mark where you may as well be hurt Fina. Big move like that touches in yards and he gets near Walter is by getting more. But we sitting there and we see that these guys needed to focus on the running game is what it is it's corps director of the league we know the rules are set up that way. It's election coaches take advantage of most important position on the field and make it matter. But. It is the question that I have is not about you know those teens in those schemes like New England doesn't need an elite running back ever. They never need one I ever had one. Corey Dylan. Corey Dylan was you lead at one point and he did he did not for a boatload of yards in his years there. Yahoo!. I'd never really thought of Korea's is as a leaked. I really didn't I mean I thought Cory was very good you he was excellent just wasn't wasn't in the NFL's leading rusher for two years and since it. If he was the leading rusher. Gonna have to go back and that there in I wanted to get me as a teammate of mine ML good now he may not be great AE Lee but he was a great running back right is Ab yeah absolutely yeah not gonna do is happy that at all no he lead is a strong word and it's a really really high word right. But they don't need that guy. In actually he had only running back on that team to be scary to think Olympic do you. But you don't need it because that's not we often is built for a my question is though the workhorse running back the Marshawn Lynch the aging Peterson. Hot early types. For those run oriented offenses. Do you still. Need that guy or can you do it by committee now. I think that. Really think over the over time if you're telling me if I had the choice of I'm starting a franchise number wanted to court record number two I would I would start to feel what is. And I use this all the time because I think identity is very important I think you have to. Base yourself around these once in generation style players like Ager Peterson what tiger really is doing right now. There's been a lot of running backs that have had really good good rookie years and Todd Gurley. Is legitimate and he he is really legitimate he's doing it as a rookie. Against super NFL talented players in defense of mind and met this guy's gonna be really good bar and an injury he's really good. So you tell me if I can have an elite running back you know what that does offensively anybody that understands the depths of football. And understands how offense works there's not an offensive coordinator or head coach that would take and a leaked his were using the word leaked today. It wouldn't take Italy running back and say yes put him in my system right now because when you have that threat. It changes everything for you profits it makes your offensive playbook. Just expand exponentially. Look what Marcel Marshall Faulk was able to do when that trade came more from Indianapolis. You're one guy that came in and went to the rams. Marshall Faulk transcended. Running back play because he could do things out of the backfield but nobody could do. His change of direction and a leaked hall of fame running back I can do things and nobody else could it change the whole landscape. You say was Kurt Warner I'm sorry it was Marshall Faulk that changed everything for that team and that's what those kind of backs. Can do and they don't come around there lies just his rare. As a quarterback as it is to have one of those elite backs and yes I think it is important not as important. Anymore because of the rules like you said. But still extremely valuable. Yes it is and you know that is. It's where the NFL has gone now in that if your if you are run oriented team. Your focus should be on the offense by which goes Specter ours is at about. The Seattle sea tough acts. In that the biggest issue is Marshawn Lynch is still lame is still an elite runner. But he's not getting the yards it easy we can't able to because it is now on the offensive line. Anymore and that's why he candidates and leads me to believe that. You know when guys like Todd Gurley comes through. And we see these guys cycle in and out so quickly in their careers. That the committee is going to be what takes over Italy despite these guys being as you say those kind of transcendent and you know. Special dyes. They're good but if you wanna if you wanna extend their careers we're seeing even Marshawn Lynch slowing down as he's approaching that when he 200 carried. Threshold will your window I mean I'm sorry gays you you can't. Eat you take too many hits yeah you take way too much punishment in your body your body can't physically hold up that way it's not possible. Window for good running backs is four years that your that your window. AP got a year off he did something then and not everybody night in getting Europe because he wanted to heavier he's got a year off used. Now -- that you'll fail lie yet recovery it's not that voted that and then you're creeping if you have just gotten a year not not not an injury year yet not ended ruptured Achilles is I think no would've made a big difference huge difference. In your career. The everything thank sciences in professional sports we'll catch up to that nineteen in there will be things were guys that have a built in their contract. They you take a game it's like a proxy battle off your take a sabbaticals as a single player because you can extend into for franchise. If you can make cut his salary down until like league minimum for that year and he still can have your closet on him to trio would never allow to happen that's only bad part you know. Right ego would never allowed to happen because there's not one guy that would standing goat you know what comes gonna play at a really good year. I had ID 85 catches I had. All those yards a year off if he can roll that over though Matthew could hit the player an option that year of his contract that he displayed at the length of his contract and on and at the end he contested and well I think it's it's smarter to even think about with the what if those of just maybe just. Cycling down and cream more roster spot. That would make it a lot better in a gas that would create more roster spots and then you know what he wouldn't have as much as we have anymore. Injuries because he wouldn't have that might add depth in the pressure on the starters in these multi million dollar guys they have to play. 6070. Plays a game and nail bill also ended the science that may lead to you guys taken longer stretches off. Of concussions then having your brain and cover. Is certainly full year for a concussion until you are there's a lot of science behind a 100% yeah. There's a lot there's a lot of did he get back and right if you well the others there's signs on that too there's no proven proven great. Arrest is definitely a big key look at this of this text says no Ricky Williams led. Regulators did take his sabbatical he went injured in Australia and northern California in just smoked a bunch of Sweden hung out Adrian he can get. Yeah. I think his ear off every he wasn't great. He was good Rick is really came back is usually came back and he left Miami mainly back to Miami yeah but. You couldn't really good you were on a leak were on the elite conversation it okay well that's we're trying to do I could say that about a lot of lot of running backs added that. Oh OK who. That would lead took time off and thinking and then came back just as productive this is what the that's my point is I'm not saying you could just say that there's a lot of running backs up that are very productive. He. Let's see here he came back after he left in take is that a sabbatical came back had. Addicted to the news or just because it happens once and let us interview that I know. It that and that's what I'm saying is that we're seeing Adrian Peterson doing it now I mean how many of these other guys against it there's got to handle him. You know dead right tackle that left for the 49ers. He's taken in he said I Maine just needy year or two off to let my body heal well I I don't know didn't work for John mosques. Let me just. K I saw a couple guys in my career and this is this is this is just outer outer reality is only couple different positions are things that can do this running Mac running back might be one of them. Your body when you do take time off in the Mitt and middle of a season or anything like that or taking your off. You lose everything what it is to be football where your body becomes completely different your athletic ability changes. I did that I came in late in a week in a week to. After missing all of training camp I came in we do that and signed late. I noticed immediately not having that type of practice and stuff in. It took me four weeks to catch up even where I felt comfortable as a body wise I was in great shape I was a phenomenal shape. Didn't matter you were in football CB tickle your off. Your body doesn't completely different change in and this is coming from the experiences isn't just me guessing no it does and I saw players and figure out on retire. DeMarco Farr was a great defense of tackle for Washington played a long time the NFL play for the Super Bowl rams took a year off. And another to take another half years it probably come back come back with a 49 didn't make it through training camp said his body in melted. Completely melted and that's it's hard. He's yourself as a point. I can name bunch again the big comeback convert the same. Which is kind of like the ultimate trump cards fan. Yeah we eagle William BI came in late in Ireland the same. Why wasn't you know I was insane because I was thirty in right at 31 that's different but there are a lot of players that try this way. This year's is John do when your 24 and then he skipped in the 125. When your thirty anyone skippy year. There's going to be a team that tries this you. And they're going to be called idiots until I gag as Russia's like. 15100 yards and next in a gay man here we go again. Now man. Okay let's we got Christie train in the LA times hopping on the line next he likes funds and end LSU and he likes of pactel chances for the college football left he'll explain. Here's outs of sports. This is just and jam in the morning non 1080 slam. 836. On you or Thursday morning to meet dusty here came clean and with EU the college football playoff committee. Released there. Top 25 earlier this week on Tuesday evening a guy you had Clinton and LSU number one. It is drinking with Christopher and in the LA times and he joins us now Chris thank you for take a few minutes for us this morning I don't. Or you're welcome it executive committee itself. Yeah I'm happy to contribute. You know full well that I've seen as you had never wanted to pay is a you've been high on Stanford in the pac twelve and being out last. I I think a lot of people are going wow eleven and twelve for Stanford in Utah. Seems a little bit low when you look at it but you've been Macon some good points. Via Twitter especially when I've seen of the pact will still has a lot of neat left on their scheduled to get in is it. Did to win is should the tackle start being concerned if they're not moving up the rankings. Well he I think. I think at Stanford beats Notre Dame doesn't pass them. It did in the the other in the rankings they've picked should be concerned. It. I do think that leak was. Well sort overvalued if there's one thing that has surprised you that was it because last year the committee. Kind of held at the pact. Twelve and in high regard in the polls in the U that there are 512. Teams in the inaugural rankings last year they were all ranked higher than they were in the coaches poll. So there was a sort that was a little bit surprised that they noted. The national champions from last year started number sixteen the first player up ranking. In so. There's a lot of time left so it this is this is just say yeah. You notice the television shall basically. The kind of get things hyped up for the next month. You know specifically dusty and I talked about it earlier about the big twelve football and just what they're about ready to have to do to make a god that run to try to get somebody did to stand out and say. They deserve it do you they pass the eye test because he argued that we were back and forth his. Look you beat a Minnesota team that's TCU you win you win by what it was and I think it was 45 and and then now all of a sudden you're winning games 55 to forty but does it really matters there I tested the big twelve has to prove anymore is that just who they are as as a conference. Yeah and that's another thing you know they came out of the ranking if you look at it is that does the committee basically said. Were not ready to pass judgment on the big twelve and it's. It is it's kind of shake it up like last year I mean nothing's really changed you know. TCU try to place them but he meaning they played at Minnesota. Given credit for that it's kind of not their fault that Minnesota did turn out as great as it. Dealers not trying to play people they're trying to do what teams did in the old BCS era was to get away with things you know like Kansas State that does a lot of times they refused to play people because in the BCS standings. Lou you're waiting was beat. The only saint you know a loss killed due hit in the peace yes computers didn't see you play it just did they just record your loss. But I don't think he could get away with that anymore and Baylor beavers played with fire here. With what they're trying to do. Particularly could even when things started the big twelve schedule into the teeth of the big twelve teams they played have been you know turned out to be no good. They all have bad records now playing Kansas State in the slots fourth straight it's like. You know what are they gonna get tested. And they will essentially that. You know will will it can't be too late and wouldn't you know what that's going to be warmly received an extreme things to watch it the next couple weeks. Christopher in the LA times is our guest talking college football now. You mentioned that the pac twelve with only three teams rank with you stand for you top and you see electing a lot of people outside of the conference and I seen this a lot on social media and in reading up on things. Is that do a lot of people feel that this conference the pac twelve that is. Is the lesser of the power five conferences because of the fact that they don't have enough ranked teams is parity hurting national perception of the pac twelve. Yeah and it looks like it. We don't know I mean I think. Teams like USC and in Oregon and cal. Not cal lost three straight. In Washington State. Dozer teams that are. Have to be right it you know in the in the 25. To thirty area so there there may be. Yet here that we're not even seen. I don't know that. If you look at it it seem like organ I mean differently David just atrocious there's no. You know there's there's just no excuse for allowing 500 yards a game but. They're you know they had an injury at quarterback position what Bernard Adams in the lineup yet they nearly beat Michigan State had a broken stringer Matt Damon and missed an open receiver at the end of the game that would want it and then now he's back he's. He's he looks like. The magicians. Russell Wilson type player that we thought he was going to be and then not get credit for that. You know USCs have all sorts of problems but they look pretty good right now Washington State lost to. Portland State but they look pretty good right now. So I think there are a lot of good teams that that are currently and that's always the problem is those teams couldn't can mock up of you know things for the the Warner to elite teams in the league. And the end up with it was one or two conference losses that might not amount. Let's begin to respect last year the Big Ten had nine and zero respect but I looked at Ohio State for him all the way up from sixteen is there a team or is their teens that you see because you look at Oklahoma State Oklahoma Florida Sampson at 141516. Memphis sit thirteen is their somebody's sitting there you go look at right now is gonna say hey this team might be in the conversation come the final week. Yeah I mean and look at that that that slot just talked about it 141516. Oklahoma I think TV got. You gotta look at I think you can get away with. You know warn law snag in it in the new error and you know it had lost its axis but that's a rivalry game and look. Or else they had to hear a bad loss last year at home against Virginia Tech but how how local playing now an in and based on who they play the rest. Plus they went and played Tennessee in war that's a pain in the community you're gonna get major points for. So. I need the kings head of the met that even some of the ones that are undefeated I am not sure about yet to be Memphis site. I still think it's a Memphis campus is gonna beat Ole miss to win the SEC. Now Ole miss does that then. Memphis profile. Is raised. And then they'll have a chance to also beat Houston. Coming up in a couple weeks but. Yeah Oklahoma looks he could be like clashes Ohio State that there at that. The fifteenth spot. Florida State may be but that they can't get their nonconference schedule. You know is it was not very. That it played Notre Dame this year non conference. But at. Yet that's bull. That's an interesting area to the annals see anybody else. You know possibly and he looked a UCLA eighteen that 62. To get their current twenty degrees would be. Very typical but. If they go through the rest of schedule in the end up beaten out. Stanford. The end that you talk to get a chance between top ten teams on the way to Utah and Stanford. And so. That's a launch site on him or trees that B 521 shot he can't say. He can't say it's about. OK so we knew we knew when you're looking at this he said met this only has a shot if all miss when the SEC we talked about this yesterday it's a theory that is re going out there Allan a no way your thoughts are on it. That is all a mess wins out in wins the SEC. There is the possibility that the SEC is and in the college football playoff do you think that the committee would ever do that. Well I think they kind of meet a statement yesterday errors when via when they put the racquets out that. They really like Alabama and victory here we go again Alabama sitting there. Hey you know it is 2011 although you know. They're the one loss there are a team that did not win their own decisions that and we've got Indians BCS championship game will be hectic to adhere to get in doubt they'll hit it four. You know that to me is one of most intriguing questions. Is it like he said Ole miss schools on. To win the title and and after the SEC champion knocked it in. But but Alabama as a non division winner give him or. You'll also get it that's. Obviously that can be thinks very highly of of the SEC and I don't know that it's actually at this minute. Warranted. They're loves the pretty SEC. He you know Louisiana State has. If they look they have got every break that he'd get this year and it'd be canceled by whether they had a game moved their own stadium because of weather. And 88 the plane that you know they're playing their Serb road game this year it just couple. Broke on the right Wafer from the tigers but I still rusher to know how fully dimensional they are taught exceed available find out. Or find out Saturday it's so that. Before we could let's seal Chris on an SE specifically about USC does clay Helton stand a chance and do you have any rumblings knowing of anybody that any early interest for that USC job. Yeah out that I was I was epic game and tell their their way to tell. They're. There's a real priest tumbles Groundhog Day like two years ago that. Kind of a below that built for it or drawn. After Kiffin. It's sort of the same thing and I think he has to use the same thing or drawn duke did accept. You know. He's got a BC LA at the end and or drawn had a job duties if it they beat UCLA ND a later date it. Dictated not think it terribly. I think he's got a you know thread that needle and it'd be perfectly yet if they win the rest their games and women the conference go to the Rose Bowl. I think Pete that he has you know that's his avenue for the privilege. Or is due framed covers college football across the country for the LA times a great follow on Twitter as well at do you train LA times thank you so much and I'm really appreciate it. Really seeing stuff on. The SEC because. It is the question that we talked about yesterday and you know his view on college football as a whole in a way that committee works and things. There and there's some inside there that weakened you on for. Per day absolutely at Memphis get as we all that SEC stuff Notre Dame Stanford and UCLA with an outside shot of getting in the one of these teams outside one of these teams outside is gonna show up just like Ohio State some is gonna make an interest yup. Our rights big show tonight here on think two marquee guest will be on 1080 the fan. And lets you show they're gonna beyond him. Dusting him on the things are under. It's okay. I. This is a steal and jam in the morning and 1080 I am. Packed properly luckily in this and other than that we need to give more. On dream nicotine Dodgers was burst and it all agnostic now know this is on ridiculously out of gas and being kicked attitude his concerts. Wait let you out of luck yet his concerts are literally hazy for me. How easy it. It's colleges and he owns a gentlemen's club in Springfield that Morgan yeah. He is a silver dollar that night I heard it's a different one that broke out opened recently I don't know riding go but I heard that's why he plays Eugene so often. Is that he just checked in on his business. That doesn't idiot all with the coming up tonight we teaser there's going to be too big time guests on this station. And it's not on their herd with Colin Cowherd from nine to noon it's not. Under and Sprague from noon to three or primetime with eyes against it from three to seven men who is on the football show with Luke Anderson and Nigel Burton. As they all have the executive director of the college football left committee bill Hancock on. You'll also have organ quarterback Vernon atoms on their program that bingo and that guy Kelly Vernon will be an interesting one because. And in fact Burton adams' deciding between Portland State in eastern Washington. Nigel Burton was the coach recruiting her and Adams. Of Portland State pretty familiar they young man. And he coached against them from the past three years sell. That's been teaching interview like really strong and I definitely tune into that and then obviously bill Hancock. You know if he's he's not yourself with the yellow and white to make those decisions. Abdullah Hancock is a really good gas because. For all the criticism that the BCS got in the college football playoff committee gets. I love how upfront and honest he has. As easily just like we want me to do is not good give you the political answers give this is why we do it people are gonna like it right to take a hike but to make everybody popular right. Guess what not everybody's gonna be happy because whoever ranked fifth and sixth are going to be live it right at us. I hope thundered on happens in every single team that's undefeated right now stays undefeated and deceit absolutes you that's what you want I want it some amazing how bad Sunday. Why saddleback in the SEC has two losses and recycled and if you can put Alabama middle. Or like some savings can really not like somehow LSU has. One loss but they don't win their division so they don't play in the SEC championship game. Yet there are one loss team in the committee says you have to win your conference. Is active biggest correct here you at least have. To win your division is him when their biggest criteria is Ellie she doesn't do that they're sitting there with one loss in there's like a bunch human beings. I want it look so bad. Did he sell that name. That may be what makes the south secede so we just need a twenty game college ball sits in his what we're gonna need be great wouldn't it be great. Sixteen game and the sixteenth played in this bring down. So we can have the NFL all fallen when yes ending college football and they forget about baseball we don't need any baseball or basketball they can have August is oh give an August. That and shorten the season there. I think it just fix the date the economy in the United States you have an epiphany. All right coming up next is a herd with Colin Cowherd thank you for being with us tomorrow we got a football Friday addition of dusty camp in the mornings. Boy that's six that night and have a great day.