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Dusty and Cam - 10.22.15 - Hour 2

Oct 22, 2015|

Russell Wilson's biggest strength is also his biggest weakness. Also, downtrodden fanbases and the NFL in Buffalo this weekend.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is Dustin camp in the morning with Dustin Harris an NFL veterans and Cleveland and the best ever on the local. But we'll we'll have an event that they didn't know. On 1080. Friends. Our number two it does seem him in the mornings on this Thursday thank you for letting us be part of your morning. Seattle Seahawks. Are. Levi's stadium mound. Taking on the game tonight San Francisco 49ers and bears tonight football it is a huge game for Seattle. Mean you go he dropped to two and five witnesses for the seller in the NFC less security gates say that no well maybe. Eventually and now we heard this is twenty years ago would I imagine saying that at some don't we just said that in 20082000. I don't know 2010 that the Seahawks were the cellar dwellers. With the 49ers so you have your Mike Singletary era yet they see hot scene that is two in four. And a 49ers seem also to and for Seattle as Owen three away from century link field. And the 49ers are two and one never would have thought at home. And this is saying about her field no awful turf field but. Heading into this game. USA today put out a an article. Kind of by the way USA today re branding with the Dax is future part two of them on newspaper front page of that where it says Marty looks like junior arrested and on in the website kind of does the same way by USA today putting out a an article they kind of breaking down that. Russell Wilson is on pace right now to have his best career poor passer rating. Passing yards yards per attempt in completion percentage as quarterback in the NFL so good he is. Well statistically. He's really get rut but as this article kind of goes on and breaks everything down to wait a minute. The Seattle Seahawks are one of the worst offense is statistically. In the entire league. And you sit there and you look at those numbers and you say well that's because Russell Wilson's government asked the ball very much and they haven't been playing from behind a lot. In his career. And so it they've been name. Pound the ball grind the clock out went on defense team now he is still on the ball more in he's being efficient and effective doing it but they're not turning drives in the points. They are 28 out of 32 teams in turning year offensive efficiency drives into scores. Dear seventeen then scoring but did they score almost five points a game on special teams and defense. Not very good in one of the good things is or not one of the good things one of the glaring things is he watching great cosell he does a lot of good stuff for NFL films. He came out he said specifically at the Seahawks have the most or remedial. Passing game in the NFL it is elementary. Elementary in the I have a couple theories number one I think I think one that one thing obviously we're scene with Russell Wilson is clearly. The offensive line play is getting to him mentally. He does not feel comfortable in the pocket you can't see my face right now obviously bees are on radio but it's like having blinders are having. I mean something we used to do drill called to distraction drew where your buddies with the line up in front of you. And your teammates and they would waive their hands in you would stand in the end of that line and you try to catch a ball and distraction. That is what it feels like to be five living quarterback right now with that kind of front pressure so to speak his mind is is not set and comfortable. You know that pocket. That's number one so he he's and making the game is fast for Russell Wilson right now in the passing game in the passing the other problem that I I really do you feel that. Is when the Seahawks were really really good in their hated they didn't have a number one receiver. Didn't they didn't have a number one threat. So what it told you is that Russell Wilson was able to make a play with anybody he didn't feel like I got to give Doug ball I gotta get its drinkers I gotta get exact Miller. They're number one threat was here ego. March on. Everything else happens. What happens when you bring in a number one target and everyone feels like you have to get this guy the ball your eyes go to him no matter what in any scenario what is that take you off. Takes you off your read in it gets you into the pressure mindset that I have to get this ball down the field. Too I mean he Jimmy Graham as the number one. You lose all your vision and when you have a remedial passing game it's not based on a concept ever read. It's based on give it to your first and then all my god I gotta get out and scramble make a play. That is what your scene on office he also is. Got the fact that I mean with all of that said. A lot of what they're passing game is is it isn't just vertical passing game allowed just past that he's missing or that are pretty basic like. Simple our routes into shallow crosses that are coming open he's not being able to get off it of his first read into his second and third reads. And you you mentioned that it's like tunnel vision every quarterback has that internal clock right yes and we count down when you have a bad offensive line. All of a sudden your clock starts ticking faster and faster again speeds up and you're kind of starting to see that when you see quarterback locking on to one guy. That's act clock going like you don't have time big to skating go to two and three. You know you can watch him and you watch all these clips and it's a great article you get to see you see the body language of Russell Wilson watch it specifically because. You get nervous habit or nervous beat becomes it is his first priority is I have to get out of here I cannot handle this kind of pressuring front ami. Clean feet clean pocket watch Peyton Manning and hated watch Tom Brady weekend and week out watch the ability. Other Aaron Rodgers has the to shift his feet and create space. Visibility because he has trust in knowing that his line or where his route is. Russell Wilson has no trust. Knowing that he can make a play. By staying in the pocket his and it is nervous football for him back there is he is. Best asset that ability to you create an extended playing also his worst enemy right now oil absolutely is if you if you continually go to the well with all of that ability this is what Cam Newton did. Early in his career why he's doing football during football why he's playing football so much better right now. I think he's done for now he is trusting his ability to see in the pocket and find guys down the field. That comes with confidence in evolution. It also comes a decent offensive line. Off Russell Wilson's best attribute is his play making ability play making ability it is not his ability to stand in the pocket and make the throws but. Just like great cosell said this remedial remedial offence. Of football in the passing game. Is glaring no walks these throats this taxes. And I mean this kind of leads us to. How much of the pressure is on Russell was and how much of the blame should be on Russell Wilson right now. His hold on Wilson's make one point two million per TD on pace for eighteen and eight interceptions and that's it for Tony one point six million dollars. Pay. It's that liner right. No that is I mean when you look at it in those terms Russell Wilson was worth every dime when you're winning football games rank them. But they gave him the money. Because we saw you know all the statistics are there I mean you you're. On this Indy Liz did did did shut up dropped the Mike point of I won more games than any other quarterback through Israeli Arabs hands down in NFL history yes I wasn't close and because not everybody can have done to what he was able to deal and keeping drives of gliding keeping plays alive the way that he Jimmy Moore he makes more big plays any other quarterback with outside the pocket anybody in football right now but what we're seeing now is the people that have been naysayers. In it is rearing its ugly head. It as a it's one part Russell Wilson sure one part offensive line and he's not a hundred million dollar quarterback. No. He's not. He's not afraid as the 86 point five so I'd come and half ago yes you're right he's not an arm and a quarterback. Russell Wilson is he he practices hard he prepares hard he does everything with his. God given ability which is his size and stature body that hits he takes Russell Wilson is extremely strong guy it's doubt he's got big legs. He is a rusher and he has over 280 yards rushing this year the guy does everything he can right now to try to win a football game the problem the problem mama. It is is that this team is not set up to be passing efficient football team. If you do not have a good offensive line. I can at least keep the pocket. Somewhat clean have you seen any improvement on the offensive line I've run well they just signed John peer Paul back. To try to get help that is bringing in the guy that wasn't enough wasn't getting out here they have to it's a glaring issue. Yikes you know you just don't eat. Through you really do forget how important it is to have good offensive line pick or just basic offensively they don't even have at that point back right now. Do you think that the Seahawks may be there mentality of sticking to their guns of next man up we're not gonna go on do anything may be hurting them at this point because. Dockery free agents on the roster we won 53 we saw last. We saw the last year new England's offensive line was in the same shambles. That is Seattle's is right now in the New England at the beginning of the year last year member every striding up Tom Brady he's done he can't win anymore. In week four they went out they dealt and dating game made some news to bolster their offensive line you know and looked at where they went now are seeing weeks six. And they're going back to their retread scrap heap of doubt that they cut before and bringing him back again. Does Seattle maybe need to start looking at their assets and seeing if they can get value for brings somebody else in that service was Seattle's and its own problem. Because what works the last three years. Is gonna be your own detriment. You're your own your own enemy when you think that we're gonna do what we do because it's worked you get stuck in the minds at why his New England so give it. Why are they able to do this year in year out. 'cause they can look one offense they can go for a minute big tight ends and they come right at you and go play action Ingle under center and go hand off. And then guess what they do. Up tempo high speed read zone would hear a lot wanted to read zone. And then they can change everything because they go with an identity is were gonna do everything we can. Versatility wise to win we're gonna get out of our own way we're not gonna get stuck in this is what we do we have to win football games Seattle right now is stuck in the mode. Run the football. Run the football play action. Deep ball that's what they're stuck him and then as cosell called it a remedial rats eating you'll pass in and out it's always been a remedial passing game folks and I think if you have in this texture says that any top five cornerback behind Seattle's offense line their numbers are drops significantly. I don't necessarily agree with with that because all the debate is as guilty then it's a scheme would change. Let's see invent it at eight Manning's super for example right now the schema. Manning is 48 but just two years ago he led the world in passing. And touchdown. The world Peyton Manning has not changed that much in two years guess what hath coaches in scheme to. That is what's happened crazy all right. Well tonight's they hit the road they go to San Cisco last place in the NFL NFC west is on the line 55305. In 49ers did out of seller in the NFC west in what would that mean for Seattle. Movement toward him the 49ers moving forward this could be a big game for them momentum wise dusting jam on the fan. This is dusty and chairman more million dollar and 1080 sound. If you don't Monday Night Football as ugly between the two giants in the eagles'. Levi stadium's field may have some he called ugly remarks tonight. I yes Asia beaten you mentioned this yesterday and it's a very real thing if he doesn't miss that please. It would let the people know and take gets behind the current of the blue how in NFL players feeling right now at this point in the season. Well I don't I don't know how ousted physically prepare the mindset of someone. It's it's like you haven't worked out for a month you know that time we have worked out for months and miss and an eagle you don't probably hit the gym up. And you go in in your body's been working out for months ago I let you do your work out today. You do that on Monday. You just you do cannot get out of bed the next. Physically you cannot get out of it there's not enough Ibuprofen and Advil to take even make it seem got a bit but you do you walk your way through it. And then by the time you hit Wednesday yearly I don't even know. And then Thursday you have to go do another work out of a hundred miles an hour trying to keep up with him physically and mentally cannot do it but you have to do it because it's your job. That is the mindset of what pro football player has to deal with. Now Crimea river right these guys are high paid athletes are paid to entertain you wanna see good football Thursday football in this time of year. In October late October. Mid November going it's gonna be bad football folks in it because the body is is is real you cannot recover that way not only mentally. But think about the normal work week. Coming for film. Tuesday's your day off Wednesday full pads run game Thursday is is third down passing game Friday short yardage and goal line in Saturday's walk to install. All that's gone you have one days to prepare the I'll watch all the film he got to watch the last three games you got to smash it in he can't put pads on. Its average football because you can't what this is Thursday football to me is like pre season football. Exactly what you're gonna see Vanilla. Average style football guys just trying to barely get by. In winning game and sneak it out at this point this season there's no light at the end of the tunnel don't you know you're you're really you're in a bad mood right now. You're not happy you've lost. You're trying to just figure out something. Ye ye got it the only good thing that further both teams is short trip for Seattle home game that will give a little bit of uplift because it's an hour and a half plane flight it's not a cross country game. So I will say that they'll probably be a little bit of a spark their mentally. Other than now. He says hold on. He got a question for you guys is because we talk about this I think every single week how old there's an affable socks because everybody's beat up I was testing in about. What I was doing on Sunday and how quickly Thursday came in and I can't imagine a quiet. And and an NFL game are we gonna see a year livers Gailey repaired I AR AL and imagine if it took yat nets and that's not even on the same level that I added easy weekend. Are gonna see there's an affable come to an end at any point now now because of the money. No longer a C Wednesday night football coming to me. Mean that's just what it is self stoking the product is worse I know I had somebody the other day they sit and I say I was walking into a door. And I smashed the door and I had to take the week off yeah antique I ran into wood door walking out of my work my neck was so bad. I had to take a week off. Quit that to a football player. Took massive amount of hits. On that hey I know the body's different but that's what you do I mean. We just you can't compare it nothing's good at them in Thursday oddball is different because if any of us maybe not you if I took. A couple of those hits I'd be dead Jesus Obama steers the other day was out for two weeks it felt like. Six digital. But I am don't foreign ministers of how this game pertains to use in his San Francisco and Seattle though. One thing that is being vastly undervalued with the San Francisco 49ers. Is despite the fact that they're missing everybody Justin Smith Patrick Willis Chris Borland you Alden Smith. They're still getting pressure on the quarterback in one guy who's been quietly spectacular force Saber Cisco because they're two and four and they suck. Is. Aaron lynch they're outside linebacker he stepped up in NT that Auld and Smith role. He has been phenomenal. So far this year he's got nineteen hurries into when he pressures on the quarterback. And he's probably salivating. Looking at what this offensive line is for Seattle and what they're throwing at them hear it they're doing a great job with their front seven of still applying pressure and getting to the quarterbacking guys like a local guy on the outside Kenneth Acker Grant High School product. Who I think went to. Goodness I'd he didn't go to SMU I don't think. And yes he did get SMU ya I'm sick here he he he's a local Portland product he's been doing a decent enough job on the outside. Along with that remained rock at the corner positions. This may set up to be one of those games where Seattle are sick of Cisco's getting that pressure on Russell Wilson where we see him folding in the past. While it's a simple game plan when your on defense and I mean there's there's nothing scary right now that this Seahawks are doing office. Nothing at all and remember all these guys are younger and do other than Navarro Bowman. These guys are young and they're hungry and they're trying to fight for a job to stay in the roster because you know that Thompson will probably won't be the coach next year here watching all this turn over. These guys are gonna play with fire and hundred still this is a rivalry game. But. He's just is not gonna see the same speed. But yet you're talking about what the 49ers are gonna do on defense man you're gonna pack the box again. Bring a lot of pressure you know play one on one of the outside because nobody scares you vertically other than maybe Jimmy Graham that's it. And now you tied in as a vertical threat to vertical threat zero. Well they're Lockett he can get vertically down but. Yeah there are yet to create enough time again the ball exactly. And you walk for three seconds mean seem to need that we'll see in this game is you know this is big for Seattle's defense to. At what point do we start to you legitimately wary about the Seahawks defense in and didn't start saying. China has officially come off because he seemed to fourth quarter collapses and back to back weeks we've seen that they've just over the course of the season not been as good and fourth quarters of games they had been traditionally. You know calling tapper naik as RJ in texting in at 55305 says you know. Calling cabernet kind of dribbles down his leg win and he's in these situations against Seattle he he towers into a corner. He doesn't rise up to the to the competition. With the shine coming off the legion of boom is this may be a week where San Francisco can get things going on defense and when we start worrying about Seattle. I'm never gonna count call now because he has the skill set where mr. so he can show up and he can make plays with his feet. In the legs and then we can listen to trend over comment on house armed position is changed five billion times better OK look. He's probably somewhat better but thing is is is the reality is he's he's not big. Vest pocket presence guy he doesn't know how to throw the ball efficiently down the field he's not very accurate but he's an unbelievable athlete. So if you're gonna say that he's not gonna make and play somewhere tomorrow. Yeah absolutely. The Seahawks are here you taking the conversation only had about Russell Wilson in the last segment and we can just insert calling cabinet what you yemen's gulf offensive line quite clear. How good a quarterback do you think you can be if you have no confidence in the guys in front. Your panic stricken. We always talk about the game slowing down the game as fast for Russell Wilson called cap and agree it's too fast to the point where they have no confidence in each other. Makes good quarterbacks that really bad now. And there's no there's no easy sixty either of these scenarios where the defense you need to see this defense for the Seahawks play. A game like they used to I don't know how they're gonna do it physically I just where it's gonna go against everything I just told you. A few minutes ago I don't know how they're gonna do it physically. But they're gonna have to figure out number one stop the vertical threat. Stop in the vertical threat. Find a way to defend the tight and figured that one now hey it's okay they get a pass this week with so Vernon Davis being the tight end in these numbers fast. The es probable he's a little slow but boy he's been slowed down. I would argue that Anquan Boldin is is is the most physically doc still at his age. He is the strongest toughest wide receiver in this game it is frightening how strong and tough he is and he runs a 49. Maybe a four night. And he may be he is questionable. Along with Carla side in their starting right tackle or appears to mean this is. He's talked about them being beat up you look at all of the injuries across the board for for both of these teams and man in its your turn to look at teams is just mash units at this point in San Francisco but seal is an underdog in this game 42 and I would wounding an ironic the way under on that. I'm on now so they're going on with Baghdad this is a 1713. Game. You think that's what I'm given yeah especially on that turf down there with iTunes goodness just did atrocious OK let's go 1612. I'd be glad Tony five kick you can hear it right here on 1080 the fan in 92 point three. TGO. And our rights and the cubs must downtrodden fan base in sports because there's bared their plan that car dealer lots it's been since nineteen away. The cubbies really have a dad that they gets well last night by the Mets. Texas 55305. Here's cropper the sports. This is dusty and gem in the morning on 1080 yeah. You know the Chicago Cubs can carry the banner weakness that somehow there. Wildly popular but had just. Been beaten down with. They're post season escapades. And they get the label of being the most tortured or downtrodden fan base in all of sports because of the fact. That they have won a World Series since nine Tino wait just because there's all the strain on when I wanna. May and this is like kid this is uninteresting conversation because there's a lot of fan bases that's at their angle although well. The break signed cubbies you know in nineteen no way moon is been a long time. And I know that the Bart min. Against the Marlins was a big deal for you guys that. Let's let's be clear here at the Seattle Mariners have never been new worlds your piece. There's been how about the don't get me started how about the Buffalo Bills you know you talk about torture off. They went to four. Super Bowls and they have not won lawn too good to drain. Low migrant. I just. I disagree with the cubs fans even considering themselves downtrodden no other team. In America. Has benefited so much from losing. As a Chicago Cubs you made that you made a quote what was it to their anti American un American un American if you lose for so long people should embrace losing. The shouldn't fill Wrigley Field consistently over and over again like word the lovable losers were the cubs you know that's not cool. It's not cool to be at bills fan is not Colby brown stand right it's not cool to be a mayor sand it's cool to be comes. Hey this could very very scary this goes back to dole fan loyalty that we talked about and their relations how you handle bandwagon fan bases for right I'll give cub fans this is that. Yemen had a much to cheer for re still fans right. You have the lovable loser really does that mean you think about that get away with a B a cubs fan and a it is the anti. Is the anti bandwagon fan bright. But it's almost like in you want zero expectations. So you're okay with that having the zero expectations. That's the problem. Which is the most tortured of the fan bases. Text five factor a five Robin surely hello TrailBlazer fans need should be here at least tied for the most disappointed down drunk fan base. A match he bargained for Oden Bowie. For the goat playoff disappointment you got the playoff solitary he Sammy Sosa hitting all those home runs for a six pack and shot he needs any day. At least you got a cool song from our rock star busta bucket come awed. That's proxy and surely a but blazes have 1977. And at least they have a championship that's the difference yet but here here's where you know you talk about the blazers and we do opinions go back tee now is nine. 92. And then you know getting your heart ripped out in the T thousands in the Western Conference final. Yeah. We need to have a Bruce Springsteen glory days on repeat ready for the island lurid and in because that's really what it is I mean you you get that one point he just can't get over the hump you know its glory days. I feel like it's at a certain point old championship it's all the same now maybe I'm wrong and that I feel like 1977190. Wage does that on hold any demean that at all that's all old. I was alive it's just says. So maybe what you're doing is going Cleveland Browns who had zero championships of all ever ever a time or Detroit Lions won the playoff win in 57 all eyes are pretty downtrodden they also live in Detroit. Which as a city is gone through a lot of hard times is now let's have heard Chicago's at least to cool city. And this text. It helped Chicago Ridley Ridley bill is a cool like lawyer you know. As does Steve buffalo and yeah Alley and here's another thing yup I think you all out factor in. Other teams in that city. Like cubs fans at least they've got doubles success bears' six as true they did have Michael Jordan what does Bob Anderson Apple's shuffle was weekly Cleveland every sports team is that harper yeah I believe Cleveland is the probably the hardest city hit its Cleveland their river used to catch on fire a bully should able wool and that was one time up up up. And it's I assume I don't guys including Columbia LA got big key here river Cottam for exit. Mobile just once one time that's enough man you don't hold that against us. It kind of acquire one tablet how many other rivers caught on fire outside of the Bible for a fact. It's not gonna be really disappointed when I go to Cleveland and it's not on fire. He yeah and yet idea I said I said this earlier in this Texas city of bills and I've got a BA it. Mean you wanna talk cubs own the cubs cubs cubs. At the end here's where it is definitely when Denver did it three years or owners all poured the bills for. Times yeah four years in a row I usually lose all four and but three and heartbreaking pageants. And you've got just so many in the auto vikings fans Minnesota Vikings heartbroken multiple Los uncivil no appearances and whatever remembers that there are broken well yet they lost four in eight years. That's true. Forgot about that and so you've got to there's a lot of cases for downtrodden team misses I can sit there in the cubs fans can just lean on in. You know it's like a support group for you a teams they just can't get over the hump and win a championship it's funny how we haven't mentioned any other than the blazers and any other basketball teams oh maybe that clip. Ers young got all the clippers families for a while and still is too good point there clippers yeah oh man we sock. Historically. And we had probably the worst owner in the history of professional sports guy grew grew a degree that I'm David clippers fan base is too small will be able to feel sorry for them. No it's LA it's and it's too flashy it's at its LA canola and nobody to feel sorry for anybody in LA now gonna happen and that's fair because I'm out of the clippers suck out as go to the beach. You know one thing that goes into you don't have a sense to you is Crawford as serious issue taking serious exception with cub fans boom in so many of them having a team that loses is that. Let's go back to I mean pop culture has a lot to do is he said Harry Kerry and Bill Murray mean Harry Carey was the voice of baseball right for a lot of years yeah. And he was the biggest character in mean Vin Scully obviously the voice of baseball. But. Kerry Kerry was the biggest. Character is on WGN where it's national right no other baseball team have the brilliance of what the cubs did you know you national game you have things like. And Bill Murray being a cubs and right from you had fair Steelers de offered the tip of the eighties it out where you go to there and you're like K Wrigley was cool. For kids in the ninety's yet the movie rookie of the year and who you know and some. Her kid with a broken arm and that can throw a hundred years yeah everybody's starting to go on and on and attaching selves to them that. You know there's been something where it was a movie of trustees as well they've been able to do they marketed in a pop culture I don't know big market hit. It's just it gravity to exit Chicago and a you know it's it's a big city that can't seem to do it where new York and LA. Those cities can win championships and do it all the time. For whatever reason. The cubs can't do it in Chicago where the bulls have at the Bear's habitat or dealt White Sox have all three have it's not what. That's what the Blackhawks are the best team I know oh my goodness if you really forget about that area. Always. I varied I should be a very downtrodden fan base in terms of championships is San Diego. Which I don't I'd yet again and it's it's caveat guns and those California teams some buckets of politics and said the won't state warriors and last year's. California teams. I don't think you can never can you can't be downtrodden other than the kings won as a chisel north California no value if it's just. A warm weather state with the rise to deal the kings of bays of I killing as yet other than the kings which I still do you consider Sacramento pretty. The blue collar city it's still OK it's yet California West Sacramento it's pretty rural Mary or other than that you're not gonna get any sympathy from anybody you know California and San with a New York teams there's too much to do in new York and but now I'm taking York's no doubt about it and not about I don't feel bad. And yes this this section that brings W wrap them up the Padres and chargers it's like and is finely and and so I go out Crimea river August levees have them. Every day right odds is this guy down and hand on. Or have a lot more yeah I think yet there you go make you feel a lot better your issues when you get a Tijuana. Then you know being a fan of the tigers there the chargers. All right well we were pretty consensus on Cleveland are we played pretty three big consensus there I I don't know I think buffalo has Dottie yeah. It just says buff shortsighted overwhelming. You'd least buffalo didn't have their team stolen from the middle of the night. Yeah they've been brought back. Actually I think and then did have that team lead view and win two Super Bowls yeah JJ in Vancouver did this Sydney Juli that these were the Indians. Man they went to world that you did they are pretty good growth record of Albert Belle yeah it fat in remand roaming outfield what about a city like Montreal or you had a team that's Canada Canadians knowing it candidate out artists in Evans a strange that a team and now has nine. Like yes Sox hit biscuit the Oakland days man beat almost teasing for ever had the bass Brothers I Dougherty got some aren't involved movie yes. And so now we're good now are claiming movies are hey you have to claim movies if you get them oh well where's the browns movie. Mean draft day. Grab Malia I can't browse this new crappy in the movie ended be Lincoln's views on the World Series in 8989 daddy did it's not let's not forget about how to get out of the really good baseball team that was the only nominal baseball team that's that almost that's that's an all time team he did it. And yes angels in the outfield did work for the unions did. And they won in the rally monkey. I'd say at the Seahawks had been so Ganassi Alice down the final aria trial it rains all the time so. Depressed already considerable hit yet give soup and the Sonics were ripped. Stop it right now I feel bad man affected me. It's right across the room Portland the clippers should the state in San Diego is that it would really be truck sports city. Right he's in the arena at the scene Yeager cookers used to play and they insist they have not touched it and I sent. The clippers left in it it is not good to flea market now that we're seeing because they plays basketball to know they have a life surgery at the yeah it's and they only name lately they've moved LA they played in the sports are. It affects sleep and at Howard did not lower the death and the great movie. Creep yet another reason why the bills will spank the jags in London. Spoiler alert it involves a sleep expert Justine Kim on the fan. But don't kid and OK okay. This is dusty and gem in the morning until Canadians love Sam. Jacksonville Jaguars will be playing he Buffalo Bills. On Yahoo.com. This weekend live from London. This is gonna be that its web cast. Oh this is the web cast the web stream of a football game he. Which is gonna go over. You know did that suggesting we talked about this. Before on win this game was first announced in it was on. On. Let's see here. On was in the spring some in April. India may well know is in a long time ago you know we we discussed this in a set a reminder in my calendar when it was member and we talked about this. We said how many people alive stream the bills and jags game. And I have a reminder that will go off. On Monday tell you to do that your prediction was five point 25 million okay. Will watch the bills. Via live stream via live stream on Yahoo.com. My guess is a hundred times. Did the Bob Barker one dollar you totally did that to me. I live with a 100000 people and we'll find out this week five million that's seems doable that does seem doable. But because remember we have to figure in other parts of the country right. Oral and or the world I'm sorry the other war we have to figure in the world so that means that guys that are coming from Europe in London and stuff like that. You can get that itself. Pretty good about my vibe we do five. If tough is at 6:30 AM Pacific time and I feel very good if not Maine 30 AM on the East Coast is when this ends not awful. Betty did thing that has me thinking that more people watch is because at that time I thought both these teams in obsolete in such. Well the bills are actually OK they're 500 right now and they're good football team. And so they're fan base is bringing invigorated so they're gonna have I think a 100000 people that's totally low balling it and they're gonna get accomplices Wimbley hold. I don't know I'm not big on my soccer stadium capacities here I don't know they sell out normally when they're there. Oh yeah W and it's clear the NFL games yet they sell out completely yet again they absolutely seemed literally quiet stadium but I I don't know because of what I've watched I think what they're saying nobody knows what to cheer they're going what the hell out of the fifty yards or. Yeah and it seats 90000 geez it's huge huge big stage and they sell out. The brits we limited do you think it's configured in 90000 even with well of course the fuel is via via the matter of sloppy it is a lot of people. But we will see there'll be huge streaming fan base on a read it you can stream any gain yeah it's those jags and I'm sure to be highly watched is that text itself. You know. Yeah 100000 year probably you know in this that at five point 252 I have to be over it because of its not over then I'm yet to be under its meander. Think presses are one dollar about no no no device but if it's five point two. 67 I'm still under right now and I wind right but I'm over for the five point two if you won at this I lose you still win no it's what goes he's whoever's closer and you're going to be closer now in the price is right are we ever gonna send are good teams over. To playing it was an over their dividend winds. Two receives the dolphins just went. Again Communists and the good times over. And does a bad you know sending an average crop. To Europe are you a shot Kahn wants the jags to be over their mark as he deals that they can grow their fan base yet doesn't own a large stake. In it and. Knowing you were taught him Potts ever seen any West Coast teams make make the trip yet. Drew. Something tells me that the raiders played over their onetime. Did I yes they did it then once again it was really bad. In the syndicate team gap but our guest shot on com. Lives I think in England in the offseason send expressed he wants to move these guys joining easily the line I think he's going on that theory that. Fans in London do you not. Daylight faded helmets now they don't know that that's really ugly nick and that's more normal electoral. I have these credit that's and that's what they do over their four ball marks. On. But there is one reason and one reason only that you should at the house. On me. Buffalo Bills in this game quotes only one. Did you see that Jacksonville. Is not leaving. For London until tomorrow morning Lucia our economy is also cheap. The Buffalo Bills have been in London since Monday did see that that they got on the big on the flight right after the game you out and said they'd been over there getting adjusted practicing it's five hour time difference. The jags are leaving until Friday in this leads to you Christopher winter who is saying renowned sports. Sleek signed this declaration absolutely and he said Jacksonville's gonna lose this game my guess is pretty badly. His reasoning is the jags decide to do arriving United Kingdom on Friday morning two days before kicking up the Buffalo Bills buffalo landed on Monday given nineteen nearly a full week to get acclimated to the five hour time change. Quote they'll have a lead of four days. Bet the farm on buffalo that's absurd why did the jaguars even Dina. Them because of the fact I mean you're flying over you we talk about long trips fourteen going East Coast to West Coast and getting that adjustment nightmare. Your adding two more hours to that time change for. These guys gone from Jacksonville team they leave Friday they'll get in late let's see daily Friday morning that get in late. Late Friday. While they're gonna get there by Friday afternoon well there's probably eating late tonight or early early Friday morning in getting there. Turn and it just immediately get in there and do that that's going to be interesting and and so the sleep scientist says bet the farm on buffalo based on the fact that the Jack up. The buffalo is this a better team I'm an event that. Better on defense better on offense. More players although Percy arming to make the trips and we walked does hurt you hear that Tyrod Taylor we don't know I mean there's Vijay manuals gonna be that guy that was there there's a lot of concerns and now that it think about it it's meant mobile lock. EI it's it's a you're Percy Herman Gunter he's mulling retirement and that is something wrong with this if it's really badly sadly who remember him he's had done that surgery April labor and surgery yet he had when he was in Seattle I think as a second money anyone Minnesota one in Seattle and it's a lingering issue and he's not Neil de NFL network is reporting that. It's not that he's like seriously contemplating retirement. But it's something that he's having to start to think about because his hip injuries getting so that only 26 years old to. Mean that he is goofy crazy as he is it's amazing how the sport. And he rail one of the best athletes in this hole all week and it deed being the I guess in head case that he is doesn't help it doesn't help kind of dealing with these injuries and that's one of them when one of the long. I guess concerns about him is he doesn't handle. And setbacks very well known whether it's on the field or off the field. He just doesn't emotionally can't rain and rain and in and mean. I can be a big loss for buffalo but also may help them in the long run because well one less guy have to worry about in your one us attitude one less thing it maybe gives next man up their thought process to. You know it's a loaded receiving corps that they have. And jags at least had the better quarterback yet Tyrod Taylor also didn't practice today for buffalo. So taking a day off though and it or just plain and he's doubts that it could be EJ Manuel officially to them and ask around I'm looking at now Rex Ryan said after practice today. I'm looking at the injury or they just haven't listed. And I says data day on injury report but if he does they're trying to officially yet they're trying to test that and today was kind around downtrend no way for handed and get in or get out of line at some stray from the Latin man's mouth there you know bow double. You hours kind of want to go the change realty NF NFL challenges next you could play along at 1080 the fan dot com or Texas 553 a five gusting came on the fan.