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Dusty and Cam - 9.15.15 - Hour 1

Sep 15, 2015|

Jim Tomsula started off his head coaching gig with a win, Scott Frost's thoughts on the Ducks' loss, and Steve Patterson OUT in Texas.

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Dusty and jam in the morning. Never about money for us it was about less unions system this system that killed the human. Stands for so we're dusty era I've had you'll wolves. Now one. Then NFL veteran can do them. On 108 innocent. And good morning to you. Jim Leland the people of Portland. Did you Alex Crawford. Thanks for including me I went to look over for it to my left in turn will uzis and any other studio internal well he did get a morning off and you know dusty I'm good I'm very good OK we spent a lot of time yesterday but we did going over. The giants clock management how confusing that was. Crawford's update really just got me fired Lou your mind well yeah I saw this headline yesterday and I guess it makes it even more confusing. Bet Eli Manning told their running back Jennings not to school war. We lice with the need it. Take a minute I have to go. In their game they were up by three they could have gone up by 1082. Possession game. I don't get it. And you answer me that. I I don't know either sometimes I look at Eli Manning I wonder is he is Smart as he looks sometimes. Is he making decisions based on mood that's in united faced that is not a good decision. Nate I it would what are what are you thinking at that point. I mean are. I don't know scorer. Or go up by two possessions I give it got to be more to the store is even coach Collins life. That did not come from me in the sideline that was not relayed we did not do that somebody's doing their own thing. Eating the most confusing part about that is I understand if you are. Down four. Or down three. And then maybe you don't wanna score right there. On that one play and give them too much time but I still am always against. Anytime you can score you score I don't care who you're playing. If you have time to score the go ahead and do it unless it's. Two and a half minutes and there's funny time lefty had two minute warning nastiness to timeout right right. If you are in that situation where your minute and a half and teams' backs against the wall. You good on you score especially if you're gonna go by two possession Ned does that really dumb over thinking what you're like well we can run around the clock if we do bristled. He could've gone with Ford means or three knees in a row. And they've probably been left with 20/20 seconds to take a fuel yes which exactly what should and but not scoring it would have you know that doesn't mean what he had to go down scored a minute and a half get the onside kick in need themselves enough time to get themselves and he'll go. Position to tie the game and send in overtime I think what he meant is at that point just after the two minute warning there was what do they were 204 left on the clock and they were just outside the twenty yard line. And that's when he said he overheard. The defense they were gonna let him score relent score and I think maybe just bought too much into it that if you let them score they'd be left a minute. What forty something we'll all they left him a minute 27 in the end you I don't get it easily swayed by the deep and what does he miners dumber or is that the tablets are Dennis school heard items are. And go to. Two possessions at the minute forty to go I'd. It's confusing to me I well I'm glad we got that idea way scenario yet hey let's get to the call. Is that. Wow. Hey it is not that this is rock and roll and play is. Clearly to me now about it today. The videos and more so I've got an early. These are we don't want this startling wakeup call because we know. That's football players we remember yeah what was our wake up call. And didn't appear born. Goodness that sounds horrible hole to solve like you guys come airborne me 1 morning you know what it's like you woke up went airborne know what I would like to beyond I'd like to relate everywhere these days every veteran would get nightmare far hallway shot nexus stairwell. Changes all the freshman in college were down on one end of easy could hear him comment yet he started one in it worked their way down instead irritating GA. That just loved his job to wake everybody up. Her right. Yeah that's. The hand. Aaron 1938. Paul Lloyd and Paul later. Of the pirates become the first Brothers to get back to back home runs in MLB history it's only happened one other time. You know me and I don't. DJ I know eaten no more reason OBJ and Melvin upped and did it for the Braves in 2013 would condone you really gave what's interesting is that against the in the day after. This day in sports history. Ten senior acting king junior course hit back to back home runs in the mariners' bothers some gumbo and now got Brothers today. 1946 the Dodgers cubs game at Wrigley was canceled. Pitchers didn't pitch hitters couldn't hit that is an issue. That's the problem. Masks. That's a lot of nasty weather in bug you know the day there is that problem do you remember the ALC yes. Gosh. 2000 was it just doesn't four ALCS in Boston I think that the managed flies or whatever yeah. Does the closest thing that I can remember to use some light on the bed cancel his game focus their company any. Yeah dead. And cited the apocalypse I never really dealt with a locus mean neither. We don't have you know what the Pacific northwest we're lucky. Do we aren't as he does we have nothing that we have mosquitoes and you don't lake or river little bit but. I got Italian blood in me so date mosquitoes don't like me they don't know why is that I guess I taste awful boosts our my blood is days like allies seem me we'd have we'd have a mosquito that means escudos and salads ninety seconds and that some lake 740 sevens but that's where a year that's my grandma used to tell me they don't like you taste bad knows what he's saying I'm Italian mosquitoes don't like Italians for whatever reason why dusty cloud what do you say names these US TS the my mom's maiden name is and and Eddie. All these or right. It mama may names we don't know about it really nice look at us the super excited and Ari 1963. Easy day for the broadcaster of the giants as every fly ball was too aloof. What has no golf. Filip today possibly 1963 can I'm guessing it fully gave Matty in Casey's all starting the outfield for the giants open. Every single viable the out feels the manager for the blue jays hit view list actually that we could get his seuss' mandates you Leah 1991 city to state running back Marshall Faulk had the NCAA record with 386. Rushing yards against the University of the Pacific. That is a good broken several times since. Some Jed parent. Is the current leader Oklahoma running back 427 yards rushing. And he said that the week. After Melvin Milligan the courage for 408. Yards that Wisconsin's crazy. 1998 K anger teaching hits his 1000 RBI of his career on his 52 home run of the season in 1998. Becoming the fourth youngest player. In MLB history. She reached the 1000 RBR mark RBI marquis is 28 years old. Remember that your specifically. As it was just a year later that he was gone to Cincinnati. Does that make you sad that does make me says was it ninety at that is 2000 unit there well 94 and 99 is the 99 offseason knows that year that's did it's that. Or camp or mariner fans are more football let's get to today we've got mark Tuesday time now where we will break down to plays. On from the weekend in football got to get local twists to it as well will break down Michigan's power L we her dead deer Anderson organ State's coach yesterday. Saying that it's so I NCAA record on. Running power. And that is what Jim Harbaugh does is he runs power out pull the guard let's go breakdown that play as well as Harlan Barnett B Michigan State defensive coordinator did a great breakdown on WU. DF and in Detroit. Of why Michigan State dialed up pressure on that third down and seven. At the end of the game against stored in. And so breakdown that suit the situation in football those two plays Ghana for you at 715 in our t.'s daytime now. And a cell released its franchise valuations yesterday there was just those monks is get to Venus on factors it's good to build a new stadium to also Major League baseball's divisional races are heating up we will get to that coming up at 838 because there are some pivotal. Mac jets in a cross baseball this week that may determine the policies and as it's. As we're getting geared up for when the final month this season and line. Is gonna determine prodded the Daily Mail last in the masters and Rangers and a great series going on down in Arlington. But where we will start. We won in the NFL wrapped up with a doubleheader on Monday Night Football chip Kelly's new Eagles not the start everyone expected the return of Adrian Peterson for the vikings. I would even worse then what seed Jelena Eagles went through. But 53 a five as the text than we love your feedback wanna hear from yet. This is dusting jam in the mornings on ESPN Sports Radio 1080 the fan. This is Dustin Ian salmon or more million dollar and 1080. And. Italian team thomas'. San Francisco 49ers. Who are supposed to be just this absolute. Disaster of a franchise everybody walking away from that team everybody lock it away from the franchise. Everybody writing off the San Francisco 49ers. And they went out yesterday. Or last night in the nightcap of Monday night. Football and they put a electing. On the Minnesota Vikings twenty. Took three. In June Toms who has debut as a head coach. Did you. Did you foresee. This game coming like this already. All the hype and how many times have we seen in the NFL and everybody plays really good in the pre season. Or buys into the media hype the Minnesota is there the team to watch the Adrian Peterson is back. Tom sue in the forty niners are a dumpster fire they've lost everybody to retirement they've lost everybody to quitting there's no way they stand a chance I could have Frank Gore anymore. The heck is Carlos hi. And then all of a sudden they come out and absolutely would. These you know it was. It was a great game by San Francisco. Because of wages said everybody writing them off and they come out they send a message against a team that everybody's taking. To give Green Bay around for their money in the NFC north the A team a lot of people we're taking to be a playoff team this year in the Minnesota Vikings. It leads should be noted it's week one and his week one. Andy should also be noted border as lopsided as that score was. That first half may have been some of the worst. Professional football I've seen in a long time yeah I know that those two teams were not repeated elsewhere in week one. I I'm still getting used to seeing quarterbacks with gloves on I think it's weird. So that I'm still getting used to that is now hosting atoms within it that bridge where he's since he's come in even in college I think in college yeah or also. It's the little hand syndrome somebody was should've told Dave Craig back in the Seahawks they've put a glove on May be happier small hands small items little hands. So I think that a lot of these guys for them a lot of the veterans this was their first time really competing consistently. For a whole game of football on remember. Led let's let ease back off the accelerator a little bit because this is week one and football's broken down into four quarters the first four games of the season the second for the third. For you have to review their so many teams even come out of the gate 31 look great in Italian clothes so don't get too discouraged. Minnesota fans went AP puts up. 31 yards and now he that prediction at point 500. That that seems like quite a reach well he's got a long way to go to get he's got to average over 220 for the last year some like that he is now without it but it's a law he's. 31 down. Who's got 2469. Lefty nine yards to go hey you. When he hasn't and the stars if you wanna hit them in you know. Ray I like is optimism I think that's great the you know let you can also. Aim for the stars and he Klamath Falls his well you you may not even make it that the avenue even valid have been better than what eight in Peterson did last night you one thing that I thought was very interesting though we discuss this when we earn our noon to three times not is that. The right side of the 49ers offensive line. Is historically that you've got IT guys in what's his name Jordan Devi an air years. Do when Jim Thompson Lynn named those two guys the starting offensive lineman. For San Francisco. I think is after we tune in the pre season. There was an article that came up from pro football focus that said oh. Deadbeat in peers. Where. The graded out as the two worst offensive lineman. In all of football last year not just not just. Starters on that team know in all of football they were on two separate teams. And they graded out to be the worst in all of football and Debbie came from New England in May cut him. In week seven because there was an article written in the Boston Herald Jordan Debbie will get Tom Brady deal. And we remember important. Remember where he said dated the season's broken into quarters memo and am last year but he writing off Tom bray teacher and Tom Brady is sold the patriots dynasty coming to an end here we'll Devi was starting up. Right guard for the patriots. Win that. Time was happening all the sudden they cut him things change and things change for that. Piers was in buffalo and he graded out as a worst tackle in all of football last year at that is interesting when you saw. The success that have Cisco is having on the ground in the first quarter of that game. They're running everything to the last and then they in any time they went to the right call it's happening was rolling out with Carlos Hyde as protection. Up front knowing that those two guys are gonna win F and Nate Morton good by any stretch of the imagination. To start at the end of that game. If those two guys in the arrest of that offense of Lima Staley Boone and Barton. Man they were road pavers and I can't Sims is the rushes for 230 yards and they broke the will of Minnesota late. I think Minnesota came out with just unrealistic expectations about being able to dominate on defense I think everybody thought San Francisco was a roll over team immediately when you see and read into that. The whole offseason was just savor this collude San Francisco losing. They came in thinking they are gonna run the football would no problem no problem and that that change I was more impressed with how well. Their defense did a media was good to see Navarro Bowman. Back out there I mean those that guy's a monster for him it's been a year and a half correctly the last time he played NFC championship game in thirteen 2013 yet and I mean that knee was just. Obliterate. That it was awful doesn't the most disgusting knee injuries that on the CME net that's one of the ones that you sit there you put up there with the Willis McGahee yes the Joe's ties and an injury which was an ankle battle took complete knee reconstruction you sat there and they kept replaying it over and over and it was yes. God awful what happened and yes he he came back in it really gave you can look outside of him. I mean they had big duel with a bunch of dudes in including a local kid which bears to be noted Kenneth Acker. A kid who's from Grant High School went to SMU. And he was a guy and make it plays out of the secondary coming out of nowhere and they had guys. Just absolutely playing with their hair on fire last night in like they did have nothing to lose like everybody had written a mosque and it was it was fun to see. In the week one you get Jim Thompson look who Andy I'm a fan agent Tom salute just because of the path that he took to become a head coach it's. And been in his commander general vibe. Right and what he means a big gold chains he does does gold chain I know but bigger news twelve bigger maybe with each winning get a little banner ad with I wore my Tom solar gold chain today just. As I like yeah I think you're doing it for Toms who you do that you get there isn't she got back from new Yorker off. Don't pretend it's sounds a little city. But. You have a guy and he Thompson about the way he used to Wear recorders that jacket you know electrical ovaries aren't yesterday. But when he says the deal like coach he would Wear no shirt underneath it begins he's this letter is this letter he's got a good laugh they're going on him during games. Ends he ended up putting on a shirt for word NASA television. He is he's a guy he don't know his story I highly recommend you go in and looked him up and looked up kind of what's. His path to becoming head coach was because he was like it at. Medical sales guy and his wife looked adamant that you are miserable earned you need to go and pursue your passion in your passion is coaching now go do it. So he sort of coaching for free working odd jobs on the side. And he worked his way up to you now becoming a head coach said everybody laughed that his first. You know press gathering. Well I think was it not in my cocoa. Of the CSN Bay Area was an absolute dumpster fire where he's just mumbling and stumbling in stammering over his words. To see that team kind of rally behind him and get a win in their opener it I like it I don't think that the San Cisco is going to be very good this year. I think Minnesota is far more alarming then you sit there and you go men. Yours say they're the guys and they're gonna be fine I think they they came out. With just. This lady elated make they were they were mentally speaking and this is going to be much of the game but I wanted that pose the question about Colin cap predict because. Even during the broadcast by the way. Listening to trade deal for go over what Colin capita did in the offseason to approve his football. Knowledge is quarterbacking. And and I notre went into detail about what east did in Arizona working on footwork working on the ability to. Make plays and playing eighteen is feed his throwing his his evolution of quarterback play. You know it was it was quite prevalent trip was impressed with what. He had done but I think that when you see the stat line said he he only ran the ball seven times care forty went out. 41 yards there were plays that he made that he could have run he could've scrambled he could've done yet the balls to check down balls out. K it was it was given to Vernon Davis and Anquan Boldin. I I compare it tumbled to an absolute he might have a Mac truck you can hit that thing a thousand times. It's never gonna breakdown. It's just that old trusty rusty that disk constantly will play art in EDE runs for maybe a bit he would run for night I keep you know. Slower than than than most offensive line but it doesn't matter those type of things what's gonna make separatists a successful of Kong property does not turn to win the football game with a yeah India's aid he kind of made those strides in. Trent Dilfer winner op I asked I pose the question too interested in in in my killing me yet easy just yelling in general. I look this energy at the start and his passion for the inside of the quarterback play I wanna know what people. Out of you know what does that five factory of five's tech sign a legal rambunctious people started turning on track. To angry rhetoric on the third quarter. I think that that has a little bit to do with the fact that. He's not working with much with Chris Berman in the does that mean we think boomers losses edge. I don't think boomer ever had his edges a play by play guy there was a lot of of Australian references going on there is some reason he. Lot of positive on the Bob Asia. But you had. Chris Berman. Yet to color guys in in the visits and I'm so they Chris Berman is the raises resemblance soundly and you know and coming up would nicknamed hack it. And debt are of the good play by plane and is tea set up your collar guys and when you're not getting set up. The right way what you do is you go to what you know best and what Trent Dilfer knows best is quarterback play. And so you talk about about Iraq prevalent court of eccentric broadcast. Holy smokes. We got we got that we analytics of the arm angle we got your vote goes down. Days I was it was well now it was it was. Different. It really was but you know what. Eight overall in the big game was this had decent enough game and acting and it's twenty victory and by an attacking went on late and you're gone. And what he talked about at this would make it's that everybody was expecting it probably the other way. And so all of the press that they had for Minnesota blew out singer of San Francisco that wanted to win outdoors it was gone improbably now one. But we're gonna hear which you have to think about that Trent Dilfer on the broadcast the C forty niner fans appear would you date San Francisco get get saying. Gets a win in their week one opener in that's something that franchise desperately needed. I think they look like clowns in those black uniforms. But. How good is when there is in now mean it is if that if that is true if you can tell me that separate Cisco. It's gonna be competitor weaken out you solid saint listed Seattle we know what Arizona is how much better they are. Does it scare you if you're Seattle Seahawks fan knowing that this division just got tougher San Francisco as that ability to carry it over a week in week. I wanna see the San Cisco doesn't I know I know we need more we need more a decent teams. Yeah but that's the thing is as you like I'm not gonna write off Minnesota's not a decent team right they have talent on that team lead late and take. We'll find out a little bit more will have done more on Monday Night Football coming up at 7 o'clock. In the show will have baseball divisional races he now and little Michael Jordan tidbits coming up in the program plus that the pactel stranded you. With getting. Athletes a little likeness love but coming up next ducks' offense corners Scott frost spoke about the setback in East Lansing execution or preparation. What slows the ducks in these big games ST here team Cleveland right now salads with sports and. This is dusty and jam in the morning you know until Canadian yeah. I needed 6:34 on year Tuesday morning. Dusty here at and T in Cleveland with you. You know I secure the days. The thing I have. I can't get the Iraq data that we early have you heard of calendar I have a calendar but you know let I just realized. In big bold print at the top of every single threat she that I have you resented that date yet you don't bother to look at that today. I don't have the date and I got it right I forgot to update that it's Tuesday not Monday but it is Tuesday morning were almost a Friday. Right I don't know no fog forming their NAFTA early IRA the ducks fell over the weekend in two Michigan State in East Lansing and it's always adjusting knicks need to sit back on Monday and listen to let. The coaches and the players have to say after they have some time to digest. A loss especially you know it's easy to sit there and roll them around from the media after a win and Teague yet. An idea of how how they feel laughter when does everything's good but especially when you're talking about an organ program that setbacks are few and far between with organ. Except for a national championship games and your occasional Arizona. It's toast out there but. Organ is a program or they don't handle losing very often so how did they handle it is something that people always wanna kind of gravitate towards and look at. And yesterday afternoon Scott frost. It's been from the cameras and get a couple. Telling. Points then in a conversation with the media that we felt was relevant to share with you. Some of those missed opportunities. More on on preparation or just on the players not making the placement on the field I don't think it's either I think. You have chances to make those plays you know if there's one play we had a devolve to. Charles and it was there and they're the vehement agree. We had another deep opportunity to answer wanted to do in the Pentagon Vernon's way any injuries at his feet and through late and got. Had one at the end of the game it. We miss play yard you know so it wasn't anybody not executing it was just. You know you've got to catch some breaks and have a couple of those places. It that's an interest seeing. You don't point that he makes is everybody wants a look at. The fourth and 14 and goal from the one where. Add Doug is saying take the points take the points you talking about. Whether it's preparation for these big games organ just gets blown up at the point of attack. And is it something that they're drying up or is it execution and you know and I think that it is. It's pretty telling when Scott frost goes. Yeah out Vernon miss that realm but there are several other plays that you looked at as a coach it'll probably. Far more. Concerning horror that they feel dictated the outcome of the game. Just than that throw. I think that no matter what if you're breaking down football. It's always the morning after the day after and you start to get to. Analyze it and and go after it every game to be broken down into probably. Five place. That you could say your big plays that game changing plays or momentum changing plays are we got this back it it goes the other way. And I know the the question was posed with a was that the guys are making plays no it was it was more about the opportunity that you had there and that taking advantage of it. Vs a good team when you play good teams when you play. Quote unquote his Mayer quotes top ten teams you don't have the luxury of making a mistake on a big play you you have to be perfect. On that but your only gonna get a small window of plays and I think that's what coach frost is saying is that. Look our opportunities were there we need to understand this is week to. This needs to develop Verne is gonna make those throws later in the year but verses this team there were certain times within their defense give them the credit. They took advantage by stopping those big plays that big plays happen. You just have to execute them we're gonna happen all the time it is always a fraction. Traction until they break clues yet that's the hardest part. Bow when you look at games like. Of this magnitude this early in the season is that. They had won game two you kind of iron out the wrinkles. And then you're thrown in to use this situation. What. What I think organ fans get frustrated with is the fact that EC teams like Ohio State ended really. It's kind of an unfair. It's an unfair thing to look at because there's very few teams that will play big gains this early in organ is one of them in this is where we kind of see. The warts come to the surface. It's that. The other teams seem like they have fewer wrinkles to iron out an organ does this early in the year and is that age in that thing that's of that question comes up is that scheme. Is that we don't preparation leading up to these games because. You know in the ensuing weeks if you're looking at weeks three and four organ historically is a completely different program than they are weeks when the team regardless of opponent. Right and when we're talking about we're going into a different thought process too because I'm I'm at the point where. You start to worry you know one loss and I and I said this about Michigan State this game meaning more. Then it does to organ because if you think about one lost organ in the pac twelve they can still have a chance but. You if you're gonna continue if this is the way college football's gonna continue to go where you have to play your strategy games in the beginning to make yourself viable to get ready. To play the big games then you should be you should be playing more big games early. I think that's where we're at now is so you're so worried about making it into the college football playoff. You can't give yourself an out in the first three weeks and this happened to be the one game that organ was gonna run into in that first month. That was either gonna define him he can't let it define that whole season here and tell me that. Now everything is is is thrown out because you're gonna pick up you're gonna have battles. But this is this is to the point where now I I keep watching college football I don't like the fact that. Pick up an early in the season or you start having a panic button early and everybody's wondering how's this gonna shake out. With just one loss yet that's why they need to have that standardized. Scheduling that everybody is yet is seeking for I need more big games in the beginning the season he just do because it's easy to sit there and look at organ and say all of the warts that that program has but at the same token. We don't know what the war czar of TCU or Baylor or any of these other ones the AC Oklahoma going to Tennessee. And and we you know that those two programs. Art or again yet. It's far is a talent level this year historically there on a different planet in Oregon. But we see we know that those two teams are or organist but you know let. Week Oklahoma win in rallied against Tennessee won in overtime so you kind of know that that is a program that is getting their bearings in their step ahead of where you tedious at this point you know you know that Virginia Tech is a decent program that doesn't have the lakes TU. You know go head to head with the elites like in Ohio State early what do we know about the other teams. Nothing nothing right now now where does organ go from here how they attack get Scott frost. No I mean everybody has a big picture in the back their minds that we really do anyone in the it's one of the few games in the pre season where I think it was two really good teams clinics and last year we made a few plays on it this year they made a few plays and held us off. Season's not over. Credentialing and try to rebound from this in the ducks are unified. Did you see what he said there siege you know he's gonna fly again well prior to that class are gonna fly again quack quack color. Black think that was quack that was made up their. Know your guys he's gonna make churches and that's gonna fly again new week but the keyword I wanted you to Keon Keyon owner the keyword in the Keyon he said Kris. He even a coach's point of view it in college is at the first three weeks. This is the pre season unfortunately. The pre season fell with a big time matchup. Version missed mid Michigan State that you lost. And that that is the mindset of coaches in college football now is that this month is the preparation time. To get you to the end and they understand at least organ understand a coach frost could tell for understand that this is not gonna make or break the year this one game off. And that's how you have to take the mindset going into the rest here because you now still have a chance to win your northern division. Get into the pactel championship game and then you could possibly represent. Going into the final four. No one day cooked at Scott frost had Ed that was Steve print reporters and no cameras or recorders rumors really around at the time but. He said. We don't discuss injuries. But Vernon adams' slowed a little bit as well you know and it's interesting to me win. Scott frost picks and chooses his times where he's going to go out and defend his quarterbacks like that he's guarded and he's Eads easily no excuses no excuses. And it tells you a little bit about life. That finger injury and what they kind of were looking Everton Adams on game tape and saying. Man. In maybe that did affect and the few times in that game. Well I think you saw when he came out with a glove in and they're not gonna lead on and that's organs philosophy it's a lot of teams philosophy is why are we gonna discuss injuries what's the point. Rocketing GB I kind of information because it doesn't help. That perception publicly and it's not what we need to do I think. I was to the point where I felt like just his throwing ability and everything that was what Vernon Adams was I don't think he's a super strong armed guy. I don't think he's somebody that sets his feet when he throws he's not dynamically beautiful back there as a quarterback re watch he's not elegant like. One Marcus Mario little was just this enough fluid but he makes. Play and that's what he has he has an intangible. The play making ability to switch your hand the left hand and make a throw those types of things that's what he can you freeze you have to take that. Go get the ball was fluttering he had a sore finger. But that's the best you're gonna seed that is what Vernon Adams. I Dorgan is gonna wanna get upper lane. Take the foot up the gas in game Vernon and another against Georgia State this week in and mediate should be Errol every game where you wanna get lots of times now. Our money meant isn't made on the court it's Madoff in the biggest name in sports is making boatloads. Of it off the floor. Still even though he hasn't played in over a decade Texas 55305 this is dusting him on the fan. M in the morning on 1080. Back before we gets you a little. Finances former blazers beat the and president of basketball operations Steve Patterson. Has been can that as the Texas athletic director right. This is this is big news only because we. Saw the story that I wanna say came out was a June yet in detail and you you can speak on that a little bit more than me about the details of about. What it was Texas was doing about generating revenue they were a business they were about making money they were charging they were cutting back on there. Plane flights they were charging. So many what was it. They're charging fifty dollars a head for homecoming weekend raiders students and former athlete goes down on the field to walk on the feel I did when nobody's in the stadium. Which is something that has been like a homecoming tradition they aegis and if you're in the Lama on homecoming weekend you get to go and you get to lock on the field. Early in the morning before all the festivities kick off for anybody's in the stating for the teams take the field and now they're gonna charge fifty ducks ahead for that. And as you said he would big comeback when the things that Texas and Rick Barnes hung his hat on as a recruiter. Was that Texas was the only program in the big twelve with the exception of Kansas that had charter flights for the basketball programs and now they fly commercial. And there were things that anal as little as. Charging employees for. The Nike gear that they get. TU I mean he is where our way around town. Part of the year and work attire. Even charging employees for that which is something had been free you know to an extent I mean you don't get to pick and she's whatever you want but. You've got you know a few polo shirts and whatever. UT years charging people for that charging boosters. Ungodly amounts of money for just raising out of nowhere you think about what Texas football has been the last two years and they're hiking up their ticket prices for their suites. And for that season tickets where they were essentially Al pricing. The average fan and making it corporate NFL event because they. They can't in Texas wreck and there's a lot of things are rubbing him the wrong way and you know I can't remember what the guy. We have to got to remember Texas football is is massive I mean I mean Austin is it is a great city it's one of the most. Up and coming cities I know it's still is viewed that way but Texas football's a staple. If you're gonna do that in Texas you have to do one thing you have to win football games. It doesn't help the Charlie Strong is down their losing football I know he's supposed to be that game changer of sorts of what they bring a tough football. Back to Texas but. When we read this article went over in detail what Paterson was doing it felt like he was. More concerned about running a financially. Lucrative business in making a good. Product with athletics on the field and it is ready he's rubbing. A lot. Of boosters the wrong way including. They have their practice field is named after a prominent booster who I cannot remember his name but I saw this pop up yesterday I canceled his luxury suite. When their main main boosters for the entire university Texas athletics program. He just said I'm done with them I'm done with that. We're out and I'm Donald's that'll send shockwave. Right at your present its greats and this right and finally I generate the other resident of Texas and so how enough he just said oh it is. Joseph Gmail I believe. Who. Who puts a bill for a lot of their innovations through the practice field all that stuff and he he just decided. Enough is enough I've had it was Steve Patterson. We wanna get it back to you being a collegiate. Atmosphere in a not a big business and so. Steve Patterson has officially been fired by the University of Texas and you know he went through. He winter a lot here in Portland it was kind of the dark years of the blazers started to jail blazers air and went right up through you know missing the post season for four consecutive years after a proud tradition of a 21 consecutive years and make in the post season for the blazers. And you know there's a lot of people that the bad taste in mouth but he'll send a lot of really good things in in pulling the blazers out of it. As well on inning and getting as they temperature and so he's out as the athletic director at the University of Texas. Well now they're gonna search spend money again let's hope so as we Texas football is good it makes it makes for good national football I don't think that. Steve Patterson has been the problem with. Texas football because the downturn started mean it's all well and I've frowned stayed there too long piece that he's he'd held onto his traditions too long and the recruiting classes failed and and that's what happened when he can't worker your own state your losing to Baylor TCU and recruits that's a problem. That's a big problem. Mean in when you let it books they're and it's not just their football program their basketball terminals and under Rick Barnes for some long. And that was they went too far into the good old boy system yet so they went completely the opposite direction and brought any businessman in in steep Patterson and a professional sports background. Was the media at Arizona State and did some great things intensity. And they were upset when he left Arizona State to take that job at Texas. But on they went too far in the other direction now they're back at square one trying to find somebody I guess that's right in the middle of throw darts at all Texas right now trying to get their ship righted you've got you've got T good coaches. I mean Charlie Strong and Shaka Smart I know you know they got some good coaches are now. They're gonna have a new leader that going against but his own. Footprint on. What the university texas' our rights we have Michael Jordan is that we need to get to you but we'll have to put a push on it our one is down. Two hours ago next hour the Eagles get plucked in Atlanta 49ers Rossum RTZ timeout where will take a look at the power oh then Michigan ran all over organ state with. And Michigan State's blitz on third down. And that broke the ducks back 553 of five is the tax signed this is Justine Kim in the mornings on 1080 the fan.