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Dusty and Cam - 6.24.15 - Hour 1

Jun 24, 2015|

Dusty and Cam talk about the Blazers potentially moving down in the draft, the Hawks' new uniforms, and FIFA Corruption.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And an afternoon. Never about money for us it was about Huntsman gives system. That system that killed the human. He stands. Dusty era and had the old school. Now want. They're an NFL veteran James Cleveland missed. On ESPN's sports radioed to and maybe you don't see. NASA I'll have. That's out ten good afternoon in Arabic and a south him. Yes it back to back throat clearing days yet in the south that curtain and a good friend in the back and I are good that's accurate or not but that's only in high school I've body yeah. Learn Arabic in ten minutes a day via hook. It in order to have her kids and it didn't work I'd Fiat. I putted ten minutes. Just didn't didn't work for rip the intention. You put in like ten minutes total Oregon ten minutes a day after we 'cause like I don't I didn't learn one thing. Really. You learn anything about it well it's. Like like writing Arab. I the whole other characters that sword you know well you asked her reason was that lets the restraint teacher is what it is all around to speak but a little bit this fluid C Arabic you did or data PA air adopted. But. I don't know worth a shot right. I guess I commend you for trying to expand your horizons I tried it like though like the simplest way possible ten minutes today tennis. Well blog to teaching Arabic the easiest season ten minutes they send they can get a I've never understood. Rosetta Stone. That's what I was gonna say I've been meaning to try to get the Rosetta Stone spike can learn more work Spanish and more spin you'll my mom swears by and that. She Arizona sun Italian. And she swore rated words that I knew liberally never heard my mother speak a word of Italian but what. You know. It. I did pretty lines like yeah don't she'll laugh. And they look at it said well yeah I do art and I TC has said that he's out. They don't bet that while mom he got the oh yeah and seem that here that is really hurts. You said now if the news. But. I'm guessing that it worked maybe. Ordered I'm definitely gonna comedies. Do Sri yard I AM it was the it language I'm going to fail anymore and Aaron. We'll never. And on this day in sports history John Jim McDermott in the US open. You know that is. And actually do know hamas' goals yeah Ali I know all that stuff he was the first American ever to win the event. Indy was in the eleven years so the ten guys before who weren't even American so that would have men. Will your piece that 1911. And disease she was a 150 right now is doing math in his back to 19100. Doesn't I don't know that for. Or can cut it off the Bobby Jones. US open so congratulations Jon and here's the line. And 1922. The American professional football association shorten its name to the national football and go so. Imagine if not for long we're company NFL the app path Arafat's Fatah. The kappa. American professional football association good call by them while office apps two so AFLAC in. Sorry that I just did just fit as I sort of felt like that the the Arabic in ten minutes or is good six and that's Crawford. And. Yeah hicks admitted that doesn't have a those things for the abbey it was like or for all muscle groups they still sell it was like the electrodes they still sell them eyes I've seen him like CBS. Come on like their electorate like you put on the muscle you wanna know should got begun religious loads look there. All have got big irony is that is stands and I did the athlete knows they extend a nice if some batteries it's a big old grade Stan what it is just like blazes your muscles in that work there it. Does it worded it's the season I need help now holds ultimate have did some whatever told me Sig die yet that's so that's the ultimate add. Editor. You can do whatever you want and lecture do all that it's called die thing in your union. This states in 1947. The famous Jackie Robinson steals home for the dodge in a fourteen victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates at Forbes Field. That's kind of memorable day for people to this piece it. Still pretty big day. Three years later Willie Mays makes his professional baseball career debut for the giants farm team in Trenton, New Jersey. And just three short years after Jackie Robinson made me and Brooke the care color barrier in Major League Baseball. Willie Mays started his minor league career wasn't too long until say hey it was in the big sell. On that the state he started his minor league career 1979. Bob Watson we have this is another skier stat yesterday. We had done we had the no hitter that. One was a no hitter but no no counties EM isn't disease would call and take backs it up backs noted bags. This today. In those Ernie shore that came in for Bieber is retired 27. Batters or recorded 27 outs eyes on the mound but is is Babe Ruth is the two before that he walked a guy not doubt that umpire. And got ejected. Literally knocked him punishment as. And then Ernie shore comes in there is no hitter but that runner was Scott stealing second so Ernie shore actually recorded. Was on the mound when that Albert recorded but it wasn't perfect game because again as walked before he came. Today's of skiers that 1979 Bob Watson. Hit for the cycle as member of Houston Astros. This is of significance because he went on to get traded to the Red Sox. Before the trade deadline hit for the cycle on September 15. Becoming the only person below you nuclear Garland cycle in bowled leagues. In the same season and he is the first person ever hear from recyclable leagues to that point. But he hit third in the American and National League hit for the cycle. In that same year that's an impressive that anytime you can hit first cycle at any level. Men is impressive but to do it in both leagues yet in the same year the same year Bob Watson are produced an asterisk. Started today 2010 John Isner and Nicholas in the suit. Had an eleven hour and five minute tennis match. That went much who don't remember this film is a land down 283 games Isner won 6400 Jonas who fall on this or something at the thought they saw spoof on this in the I don't know can do that he is there 1643667767068. It was a it match at Wimbledon eleven. Hours he's seen three days. It started on June 22. And ended on June 24 I remembered this kind of wind is this being an end. It is kept going back and forth and both of them like big lumbering as having Isner. Is again is like 67 is just a massive human. And they just kept on playing ultimate nobody wanted to win it up set a record for length and games like 183 games at Wimbledon done so that is your today. In sports history got a lot to get to a today show though Russell Wilson. Making it sound like he may be ready to lead Seattle in an interview that he did with the rally north Carolina's radio station. Interesting comments that Russell made but. At the same time he did he really say all that much you know. Agents. His comments were very cryptic much like his Twitter feed he's been doing that. All along his career even ever since Twitter need to get on. To to have some fun of that and dive into. The NHL is expanding today they will announce that the Portland won't be in the running will do that's no lie coming up later in the show textual relations today how do you attack summer this is a good one. What do you do you said first week summer do for summer I need some inside tips I mean I need to know because I'm like did you year Ince. Negate the all year round school. Think about that if you have kids what do you do do you put him in the camps what you do with your kid away what do you want your free time I wanna now or style the vacation yeah acting tips when you take your vacation time. Right how do you like you to sports fix it during this time of the year that's big. Heat waves haven't had he stayed cool this can be like the open it's basically like an Internet forum forum but it's right here on the deep into it attacks on 553 of five. And that will be. At 230 this afternoon and then Marcus Mariano still doesn't have a contract signed. And that leads to idiots that's wildly speculating which is interesting. But it's not true and we down what it added content like this though you sit there and he gets credence because there's nothing else is talking about going on in sports so on dairy is an existing pick up so in markets Mario it is a contract negotiations that. He is. Largely negotiating himself and as we discussed earlier are and also today organ state introduced testing is very. As the athletic director today's lets you hear with stains were he had said. But the NBA draft is tomorrow are the blazers potentially moving out of the first round. End Kevin Love opts out of his deal besting Kansas is an eighty's. Does to you jam in the afternoon on ESPN's Sports Radio Genevieve. 169 years. Wednesday. Is it going that's what I thought it was and it's. Alex Kennedy of basketball insiders reported yesterday. Rather than the first report that the blazers are in talks at the Philadelphia 76ers. Two traded the 23 at. And third period the when he third pick for the 35 in 37 record overall selections in tomorrow's draft. Which is an existing new V is trading at the first round to UT's second round picks which. I guess it doesn't may. It doesn't hurt Portland at all because. When you look at all the valuations between twenty and forty they're saying there's really no difference in the players that you're getting. I don't know I was. As you evaluate talent misses in do you look at the depth of what MBA has offered really would get outside the top. Torre if you can't. You can argue that it's just everybody's second round potential in this is comes down to who likes who's got a better attitude and it's all the woods feels like in I think it is more of am likely you've been saying all day on its them the tough politics and minus figures in past four bugs here's that here's where it's actually makes sense for Portland. Second round picks are guaranteed. And the 23 overall selection is guaranteed one point one million dollars so it opens up the fact the guillotine non guaranteed contracts it opens up a little bit a salary -- cap room and instead of one guy at the same talent level you can get two guys in and you could make a mistake wreck and and it doesn't look as bad because you can't say it's a first round pick. Yeah it does go back I mean and if it does go good it's like we've picked him up late army is are we anticipating Portland to find these Tony Parker and the potential all star or why Leonard this low in the draft I don't know the going to Europe I mean I don't I have no idea where or what the blazers are thinking or what they feel about the strapped. If it does too and I heard the expected job must be that Portland feels really confident resigning LaMarcus Aldridge. OK I don't think that's not like you're gonna find LaMarcus is replacement at 23 anyways. You know it's it's an interesting conversation that they wanna trade out just because it opens up one million dollars cap space to possibly. Re signed a three pieces that you're looking for in bringing back which our Robin Lopez and Alison Matthew's. And LaMarcus Aldridge and that one point one million dollars may be the difference again and one of those guys back. And let them walk so I don't know I don't hold much credence in any room ready here. Leaning to mediator app lets sees the example of the NFL draft what did we sit here in view for weeks and months up in the trades the back and forth and when the draft day came. What happened yeah. Business as usual went straight down so we can speculate and do all that and what it means what it does that mean it means when it's over this one says even this Texan veers into an attack simply can't trade of the first round need. This year yes they can they just can't announce it before the draft right. So what they'll do is this will be ace blazers picked when he third. And day. Get a phone call from the 76ers 76ers say we want this guy. And then 35 in 37. They go blaze called back and that we on this that that's our in my work exactly like that because that you get to the point of their guys off the board trades done. And what's the point exactly yeah that could you can just come down to that but. That's how you treat your first round pick win and you can't do it back to back years there and blazers are party dealt their 20161. Trip to Denver for Aaron follow them Wentz looks like it's like that was the route and he's I just I don't see if this is the time where you don't. There's so much going out and every team is trying to give misinformation every which way. You really have no idea. Who's really going on where outside of the top four. And really that actually. As of right now it's the top. Top pick correlate any town sounds like he's number one. And then there could be a plethora of moves that happen for and 23 and four which would be the lakers at second. The 76ers. Taking third in need New York Knicks picking fourth. Because whether it's Joseph Lil fourteen Angela Russell war. This European all the forcing guests yeah that Nat via news history his comparisons that are the best for our. They're saying it's Dirk Nowitzki with Kevin Durant and it's. So we'll compare it's it's really oh wow well notably that I'm a mom. But I like justice Winslow I think he's got I mean he's got all that outside too and in the situation and that's again. Here we are we just we just got through one through four and then what do we do we'll we'll miss that morning's top four picks interesting. Is. Mood that Kevin Love opted out of his deal today you see did the Cleveland Cavaliers now all of multiple. Outlets there are now reporting that. Big league Kevin Love did this in the hopes of getting a multi year extension with Cleveland. This year and so he can stay there. For the long term which is what he said during the NBA finals right it is kind of what he said is I'm gonna be Cleveland cavalier but as you said in world Joseph from Yahoo! Sports right do. Is again it kind of throws everything off the wall does in sees that the stakes. Is saying that Boston is geared up to go after an evil guys you know he's he's reporting and actually did Jabari factory tweeted also put this is some of the things that. If you go to Boston if this trips are scheduled Boston's gonna go out and sell them on bringing in. Robin Lopez also trying to get Paul Pierce to come back so that would be their Big Three out of sorts in the offseason move to match of what Barry got. Well I am gonna throw this finale here because we on the Kevin Love loves Los Angeles. In this is where can muddied the waters of the first round and he says to local words can be the guy for the lakers. Oh here comes trade they have Julius Randall and they want DeMarcus Cousins from McCain's yes. You trade Julie strain of for DeMarcus Cousins you draft De'Angelo Russell signed Kevin Love and I'll listen you've got. The starting five of the Angela Russell Kobe Bryant Kevin Love DeMarcus Cousins Wesley Johnson. With swagger EP. Jordan Clarkson or they'll come off that's not bad it's good roster better than what and I right now right by use this is all dependent on the fact that you have to trade. Randall for cousins. Get a starting center in the end Kevin Love signed the but Baird's Kevin Love made no secret that he loves Los Angeles you know he considers it more on the organ while he's. That's what he grew up I mean not grew up there but that's you please call as ball there and and that makes that makes him feel comfortable I could see him going back there and join up with Kobe for a year maybe. Start his new era. Oh and believe mean there is every Laker fan in the world thinks they're gonna sign every single high profile guy every single. He's salivating over Iraq Kevin Love thing right now and is there and they think they're getting. Everyone always blow of them and the knicks I mean bull with Phil Jackson's comment you're the two biggest markets you have reason to think you can do it but they never do the in thing. Who also played the next right now. Well Phil Jackson's comments for the best you pay what it. Why should somebody come and play for the New York Knicks Phil Jackson well. You should come play for the knicks because we get everybody involved in the offense we're like everybody feels good we run the triangle. We're gonna make sure everybody touches the ball we're not gonna have one guy stand at the top and said hi pick rules per year. That is the selling point to show up to the mix which is. Okay back to you. There's no other selling point come play for the dynamic here Fisher. I mean I. You guys see you guys know about how easy going. Street ranked TC that night at the start of the playoffs. They'll Jackson tweeted. They use of it very sarcastic three pages wanted to get some stats on how three point heavy teams are faring in this year's playoffs how's it going to humans are going me it was a type now. Ended as the Playhouse and on a lot of NBA writers and bloggers just to have three just kept waiting. Eight they'll how's it going candidate the Andy culminated with the course that does that three point team winning yak and so and it still did an interview in the New York Times I think it was late last week Courtney. Asked him about to say he'd taken a lot of crap for news. How's it going to be goes. Oh what you know point is not colloquial expression to try to covered and try to say it's. Slang it's like slang. Are going through. You know it's it's not going good you jittery it's really no way because it is like dated me hubris Iran but he tries to say it's it's new Yorker slang. Going. Sometimes. You'd just get a little. Giggle out there. Maybe where he is the zen master maybe there's a lot of in since he's been burning in just that it's thinks he's starting to run together think by incidents you mean we well I was trying to be general but it. There be it Phil toward takes oh absolutely. I mean you don't own a range in Montana without. Guarantee. So I he's got back problems duke. Medicinal purposes over or recreational purposes. Oh well what every person that's at an additional is basically for recreational dated so easy demand card I'm not kidding you. I had. Quickly I had a your buddy that's deadliest oh my goodness. And he's got a bad bill he got what I need to get as medical marijuana though we didn't know yet I don't believe it that is lingering pain is chronic pain glaucoma now now he's got no problem. You know you're just going he's a chronic pain. Chronic pain chronic and then they say I'll have you tried medication. This needle. Yeah I smoked a little bit of my friends and it helped to go okay here's a one year card. Hey whatever works in debts of about how easy it is he's had chronic pain in the step was to go. And it sounds like Phil's been tough and achieve a little bit too much it really does. Here is he's learned to believe his own medicine now and now the in ESPN reports are start to come out. Kevin Love. Gonna be pursued by the Portland held lasers right okay yeah. That's led the blazers want to of course they wanna hear about this yet he says they're gonna be going after all LaMarcus Aldridge and that might be there's your Big Three bring Kevin Love did have LaMarcus and our aim to have two powerful just that'll go really well there's enough basketball's the support that I really want she's you have like his LA wants to go play senator that's real as he was with five. Yeah removing defies that's. That's kind of silly right now absolutely they're gonna do their homework and aid never hurts to put out of dealer. To train get a guy like Kevin Love if you fail on the markets Aldridge and they will know on July 1 when you can start negotiating with guys and which is just next week. We can reach out perhaps those talks. Because LaMarcus Aldridge is that one thing I want this to be quick I wanted to be done wrecked and then I wanna move on and move for so that's investing that the blazers can hear and that's the best candidates is that contingency plan though of sorts absolutely little look at it that way in my really you have to do that if you're the blazers feel she's skating. Every single duck and wrote you possibly can in lining up interviews. Then all of the interviews that he possibly can with potential free agents and Camelot is one of those guys now. And so yeah they're this report is out there that the blazers are you know looking at Kevin Love. Well who wiz did beat the headline is the blaze may perceive Kevin Love that's. If LaMarcus Aldridge and center here because bad Canadians say big question mark day. But he is up to that will be created now though. And the if you anticipate him to go anywhere you see Ireland IE I don't think he if he's going to two places here on the pick he's number one he's going back to Cleveland number two he's going belly. Yeah I think he wants to come back to the west and that he wants to be in the east. I would love that he just went right back to you Minnesota. Justin hit his first book and again they got like Andrew wigand's and they got it pretty bad eighties that you don't roster better now that brought us really don't yet know it's not often that that be funny he added that his candidate shot it to Cleveland. Yeah with the Cleveland lower. Than the lakers right now it's gotta be no way is going to be what else fits better. Nothing we're gonna have to very young on hopefully tomorrow from Comcast sports let's trying to locked on the big time for Jabbar to come in. And he has got some inside information he's talked to Wesley Matthews. The good so I just a month well very good and so he's got some information on last. He's very in tune with the drafting kind of every witness got to come by in the NBA scouting combine. He's been everywhere kind of tracking free agency gets in and everything so we're trying to lock down time to get him in for half hour tomorrow. To discuss. With the goings on of NBA free agency and the draft which is is is tomorrow. But the Atlanta Hawks and of their uniforms today. I think they suck you Crawford Michael Jackson did that there are good these are high we agree what are the facts and lock up agreement hold the phone I know I think that are down I think their dusty is on the old mantra Arabic now or the young hit a train. Are awful what do you think 55 Q five has been into it attacks on youth and dusty Cameron house Alex. You know James. Jones John John. Alex Johnson on Crawford Alexander John winds in order now Alex Jon Crawford. With sports. Dusty and jam in the afternoon audio as planned Sports Radio dignity you both stand. All right it's the Atlanta Hawks unveiled their new uniform. It's today and it. I do I just think they're dreadful day in new color not a fan at all their new colors are red black in volts green. I. Writing its dynamic. I think it's different I will go with I think you but I do agree that what what would you call the background kind of a I should be eight diamond plate tightened back there and train they have triangles and this is triangles I Sony and is that this is one thing that. There's actually wanting that I hate and one thing that I kin. I can just like us nineteen industrial and practice area is I hate when they sit there and go. Had triangles. Formulating a V pattern of hot die you are trying to explain like that's like no you money to put triangles on you here's the okay. Let's move on like from there that Al the new LA's the on the clippers look like it's actually a basketball court and if you look at this it's actually. We're gonna paint our court the same way you know who cares man now I didn't like the navy blue that they had bit that Atlanta owner. The prior I thought that was hideous. We know offing that visible to know because navy blue with red it just doesn't mean there's certain things you can navy blue works with Boston Red Sox America. None and knowing and another you know let's not navy blue. And not navy blue he's had navy blue and red and white and in their logo but guess what let's hobbies see in the yankees' logo you have but they're not where and it they're wearing all white and read them their uniforms and their logo. Ounces of red white and navy blue or actually the most common. They are were they are I'm just saying to their combination I'd like I actually. Like it's coming I eat the hawks are the Yankees on gonna have to be different there and and a ia makes it OK so tell me just telling his part that I love about what they're doing. The united big that's the part that it is trying to sit there and still leave bill a goods like you know though it's the even if no snacking not knowing is not okay. This is what I do appreciate about it they're adding volt green because they had in their CEO. Is gaining Peters or costs. Did TI come into halftime inner entertainment halftime performance like that a rapper from Atlanta OK and I do know that went on every single. Jersey lined out. For him in the history of the of the entire franchise tag and is it which when you wanna Wear out there. And he had a bag and he pulled out the royal blue. And lime green heat mayor beets Jersey and a matching hand said this one. And so at that time they were already thinking of going something with a different colored black color Marie Soto decided to go with that. I appreciate the fact that sort costs in his press release goes. Look this is who ER this is what we represent and we hope you like yes well we also know or not for everybody or not. Out to make everybody like us because that's just not possible. But if we can be truthful and transparent about who we are. I think that goes along way. And I can appreciate that because how often do you hear art's a flawless designing aegis here than trying to sell you this right so they are the greatest scene ever look somebody like get somewhat and he's in there'll be honest with you and they're using a a firm. Because they know in Atlanta the demographics of that and manner African American right it's a bit heavy black community and great black. Coulter historic black culture in. Atlanta and so what they're tragedies is company called motive quest a data insight company. You're going to see what social media in what people on the Internet were saying about the hawks. So they give that's when he brought back the old pac man logo they want to identify. With young African Americans in Atlanta and so that's when he kind of went with this color combination that's why they were brought back the old pac man logo. I can appreciated that doesn't mean I like it because sort copies is going out and saying hey we're out on the limb. We know people are gonna hated the demographic that we're looking for the people of Atlanta. This is what they want and I can appreciate that. He doesn't have the tradition of the Celtics or lakers doesn't have to stick with the classic in everybody's saying don't change who works with your Atlanta and you made it pretty far to the playoffs this year you have a good young team you're gonna try to be different I think there. The all black looks awesome I think she used the laces that's granite saris are granite charred hole which is another and I handling in multiple names thing you know you're trying trying to convince. A different color well yours yet do you relate and it chart like a loss of like a hard at 48 crayons yeah final eighteen belated look at. You know there are some things look good and here's what I will say is I wanted to ask. As this. Please thank you because if I have to see this all day I'm all over in in the but if I have to see sleeve switched thank the lord they're gone forever because that was going to be my question and who had a show on for error no big gotta be gone. No and don't tell me that he's not gonna let that happen and he could. Contribute to legal mandate route right now. He's ruined my day but lo green say I was gonna say if I I would rather. Have bright shiny some sort of the uniforms that create. Interest then looking at those sleeve yeah practice jerseys that those guys are wearing. And they actually. Flare out to people on the B I know we are talking about 553 of five are saying you know. Fox editor Jeanne will you knees maybe they wanna be the organ of well be there's a reason for that. They actually consulted Craig pins of the university organized how they go bow. Everybody wants to organs ability because of their flexibility in there they they are the ones who can take the credit. For really this uniform and change yeah and so win doing that tinsel than we are taking into account the player's right to take into account design in trends. And we go on read reach out to consulting companies on what colors are trending for the future. And is able to green obviously organ word really brought it to sports. In the BCS national championship game 2011 when they were the bull uniforms against Auburn and now's first time anybody really sounds like well on on athletic field nine in the women's World Cup team wearing them there pox are wearing and the docs word yet again and added more. Hewitt. But in in that we need to win their CEO talked to kittens he said get player input player includes most important thing that we want. Well they were gonna have flared sleeves on these jerseys and Kyle Korver said no. He's that I'm a shooter. The one thing that I hate. Easily bull's coerce and so he said. Anything heavy on my shoulders get rid of them so they locked up the sleeves thank you Kyle or for now thank you Kyle thank you what do you think of them by five. 305. Is the deep tin toy attacks on. T Alexander loves them and allowed people did that and I'm OK if you like him or not I just sit there I did for me not for me. The hot that like the McDonald's all high school all American team. I think this is where it gets me. Do you remember the issues the Nike air beacons. No. Dayton or red. Black and yellow cab and forget who's cute name war. They urged is she for specific player but I forget The Who has been wired or called the bacon air Bacon's I don't know not for Kevin Bacon there. But says the text please on this. I thought those in the works she's an piracy. And when as a kid and was in middle school and it was they were red black in ya. And I think that just kind of turned me off to that color scheme and that and it's not just that color scheme just might be what does for me. Or remember you also worked in the foot. Shoe foot industry that's the issue for identity and so did what we're industries there's the word early or I I shoot that sort of on the foot of this view I like you're you're calling my gun industry yeah they're selling nice summer job at the finish line and that's a bit in shoe industry what. Then you wouldn't call it anyways so our job laying in shoes yet to see them. They appreciate them not Tim Hardaway a year Bacon's. Parties and a I had a summer job making chili cheese Fries the urge to any fairways so you were a no no you were would be in the food cart industry. I would be the I'd be eight culinary call their food garden I'll be on that a Carney you're teaching your thought on your resume or your tongue doesn't you can put that in your finger at the minute you colonies. That's a good job in my own thing I'm pretty senior guy show because of that car and an ego exactly. Tells you that long ago and lower yes I wasn't Al Bundy. And we had its roots her elbow and he. Oh yeah I would have dude. Yeah. Hidden on the girl that worked at the sunglass that you got thrown outlined in the control of one young diet little kid I went stopped. The you stop stem cells are looser yet shoplifters running live would you stop the jobless is a great like every parent out great storyteller he was running through the concourse in Millen when you go to stand out front of the store it's that he is running suspects and and G as a member of the Spinner she is on the trails Krewell Spinner she's where when you walked they had a week oh yeah. Lara yeah aware of tomorrow they were sitting on. I threw the issues that guy hit you hit him. And did he fall. It's and I just enough to look at it. The youngest shallow seas and into colosio is structured now he laid out any Israeli hasn't denied patent act and why would you does that achievement and it it slowed him down just enough to let. And they got out of there. It's because we're told. And he's hitting hero medal you specifically still not too you know not to stock oh that is not worth it now so small security yet inside my dog out of whatever legitimacy as well. In any of these things either anyway. Teen now where the dot DOS three wells that dot auspreys ward yeah I'm not aware mine as well have a dot there dot Bosnia Spinner still stand. Up and Nike air Baikonur and more by Tim Hardaway. Perfect. So yen in new uniforms and it is all about the fast enough that's what weren't. And I added this argument US indeed we search area when did we search area so much about all the facts and stuff well. It seems like it's been forever but it fit but when it comes to uniforms now it's very important port for recruiting support for marketing it's everything. Yeah and I give I give my golf clap to and I think that's improvement. And I'm giving I love the new uniforms guns and be into it Texan island any of forms I wish more teams abundantly and with fashion and we tune Disney World last year in count well over 100 organ doctors in Jersey's it was. And it looks good people buy them and I agree I toward league agree I totally agree with that 100%. You're gonna get the lakers and the Celtics to deviate. Now neck and classic ones you don't have to but you know when your Atlanta. I concede I hit an a and appreciate Angela lived in ten years they have the uniforms. Arena and that's the movie a year in its name to be hot peak is a that's something they're gonna go. If you if you bring them hands we call on this trendy resort you wanna call such classics trendy for all the trends yeah. But it's work informed today in not organ form that. Now I love that they're out front to send me you know like we are here today in fifa corruption matched that match fixing possibly. Dusty came on the but I'm not defensive end of everybody. I have no need in her senior she did for us. It not tease Gonzaga now. The latest. In fifa corruption. Is an email that I guess and and the great RJ bell of pregame dot com. He works in Las Vegas to. And very is an Internet does. Us. About. World Cup match ended yesterday. You have to show me this and I had to look at it multiple times before I realized. That. There's some credence to what's going on here we may have match fixing the only women's World Cup you know itself. Let me set the table for it and Japan is leading Netherlands to. Two as they say nil nil in their Matt gets to zero. Q zero. And in extra time so they added three minutes that the into the game. Because people fake injuries and winner I don't know how they go ahead and get all of that time because it. Seems like sometimes people think a lot of injuries they don't have time I don't buy I know when nothing really happens there I don't know but they're. And one and a half minutes into you three minutes of extra time. And Japan is that 20. And gave very easy little lob is gone into the what they called the box there. And keeper today and in the Netherlands for the Dutch player. Gives the simple header the Japanese goalie is standing. Watching. All discover I'd better. And she hops to the left in watts is the ball Disco right buyer the goalie did not react. To the ball. Often the header and it goes in and Japan beat the Netherlands two to one. Not a lot of effort knowing that they probably we're gonna score again that's really not the story isn't. Connor the story there's a reason behind it seemed it's interesting because there's a lot of money pushed. I read before kick out of this game tease the over and a the over in this game was two and a half schools hurts about it Japanese goalie not doing anything and really just watch an embargo by. They hit the over the magic three button and send now we're talked in match fixing in the women's World Cup what ago. Fifa good for you fifa appreciate it that's good in defeat Japan for letting yourself be known for. And I and I mean you have to watch this I mean did you tweet this out. And he's probably tweet this out there but he concedes that they can take their own gander because when I looked at first it went. All maybe this old now yes this is a blatant lack of no effort I don't care if maybe her eyes were closed on Knoll. But it was not at all. An effort to stop this from going yeah I don't. Who ultimately ratified it entered at the end escort parent trying to go read it on the the F dash slot dot com. Twitter feed at 1080 the fan and you tell me is this match fixing. Or not because it is debatable not really but it is you today you can argue with a little bit I think a bit I mean for the soccer aficionados out there are some of that. The keeper expert golden that is you they'll let us now because this thing looks blatant union. On. It. Well the goal the disease and and she and her hands up at all all these weird to me and I don't get it comes pop to the left knowing that the the group which was it was the right I mean it just. It looks like she wants to get it but think tennis is all monitored. I'm gonna do that. Here's the other thing that gets me and that is that there is a lot of money debt late on the women's world yeah hop how alive when that happens like that yeah it lets you now. So it's going down I got a hot tip for is that the radar to run the plug into the in the Sauna Yahoo! and enter suddenly hears about it. All right one hour and still got two to go next hour the NHL is expanding organ state introduces Todd stands very. And is Russell Wilson giving himself a way out. Of Seattle his latest comments. May seem so 55305. That is beavers into that attacks on your listening to dusty and can't on ESPN's Sports Radio 108 nothing.