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Dusty and Cam - 4.23.15 - Hour 1

Apr 23, 2015|

The Blazers need something... what is it? Also, is there any truth to the Mariota to the Chargers rumors?

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Dustin and Kim in the afternoon blew us. Garage. She told jurors paramour. Didn't tool. I can fix it will dusty streets and Manning era find him come from. And former broad can Cleveland there's been little more time doing yourself a little less time little village brotherhood. Does the engine room on ESPN Sports Radio 1080 pucker up butter the. Hey good afternoon folks. Justine Kim are here from now until 3 o'clock so let's roll. Yes if I get my headphones were by that's fine I can give and when I finally you're below there we go minor minor needs minor details there you go this target party remains on their. Com yet microphone is on so that's one step in the right direction where you. We could show lined up for you today. Well maybe we have yet feel kind of treated it as well and usually don't we're gonna drop balls in the air and Crawford as it being in your physician before. These are the worst is possible because we t.'s three interviews as he signed up here yesterday. We my. Not happen any of them some conflict of changes potentially hey we may have three oss and jets today. It's depends on if they get back to you you'll army Crawford so we are lined up to have Michael Collins. You as being golf writer on. He is a former professional caddie standup comedian Ali and now miracle writes on the PGA and he is. Whole areas yeah. My big fan I mean I'm not my beef he is my biggest. Entertainer when it comes the gulf yes that is the guy that is literally been on there every. Singled off report that we had he he's the likes single reason I'm starting to care more more about golf is because of him and I I fun I go to espn.com. Golf painted on I watch his videos and Mike. Golf pretty cool thanks Michael Collins miss you he is he does make you cool makes it bunny on he is supposed to be. Joining us in about 11 minutes from now am but what are our chances there is an issue with getting all the microphones because here's the thing. Is that this guy has he's carved up the perfect life. Of being a nomad a complete nomad in his in his life you go from being a caddie. To make comedian. And golf writer like I honestly wanted to know if he has a permanent address or followed his mail is just like forwarded to you. Wherever he's staying in the hotel that week. God bless that life they'll think about your biggest threat stream that they it's whether you're again and maybe have something that I don't know I'm not just constant humor its will there be rain delay via. That's basically economy it is hey if you remember the commercial the Tiger Woods commercials that back in when he was a sign holder all the things he was really give us some some good commercials. And that kind of got his start after cat team but he's he's absolutely Spierkel. He is sunny and met. He may or may not be on the show in ten minutes so we'll keep you posted on that one also I wonder that we do know we will have is Jason jinx him. Well maybe. He's Seattle times writer tock in the Seahawks there's an inching time going on in Seattle right now obviously with the draft coming up. But with Russell Wilson there is a lingering question over his contract and how happy. He is that where the negotiations are going if they are going. And the big question that you have. Yeah there's a lot of things have been said you know what comes of baseball and then there's also religious concerns or just thoughts about what would you do if your Russell Wilson infused fish camp maybe you're. Pulled out rule that out and it there's a lot of things so he's got a great Colson the unit Bob can go to do a great job of Seattle times a look forward to him he'll be joining us at. 1 o'clock for your Seahawks preview and then also Chris Vernon of B Chris Vernon show in net this Tennessee from. Yep yep. I don't think we really need to say much more about why we're having him on the as game two last night for the blazers in Memphis. In goal was not pretty playoffs and blazers lose game T 97 to eighty TO. To restore. Well. The one thing that was what it was good for last night was effort. And I think that the worst part about what happened last night in there this was the fact there was effort and they lost by more. It was only one point more but still it was there it was there and you side. Right big jump out to ten to lead you said there it is a month. Let's go off and then and this yes smothered the Portland trailblazers. It was glaring. Evidence. About some of the things that this be realistic about where the blazers are right now they are they are Ed. Distraught team that has just they're not they've not given up that was. And most important thing that it was he was very evident. They did not give up however that game when you put forth the effort that they did which is probably their 100% at the time and he still. Literally look like you were plain insane and sometimes it it just the effort. Wasn't there it's the intensity it's not just the effort is just the intensity to game was played and they just don't have the answers right now really is it's confusing his fans but we watch it in we're just going Wal-Mart. To solving justice. Off after that game of course and he has every right to be you know he is fighting with no help. LaMarcus Aldridge has scored 52 or 56 points in two games. The other or in the starting lineup. Have combined for 75 Ford guys are scoring nineteen points more than LaMarcus Aldridge. If that is really all you need to know about that AB combine two games LaMarcus 56 the other order in the starting lineup 75. He is and it started to boil over at the into the game does that mean that there's a chemistry issue. Now no it doesn't because they're fighting they're good they know when their backs are against the wall they know they might be a little bit outgunned. Doesn't say anything that chemistry it actually would pry idea. More alarming. If they were happy and all right after getting their butts handed to and after two straight games. But what the issue is is that with no health at the most important time of the season. All the sudden all the national writers after the game. Here comes Dallas here in San Antonio lining up to get LaMarcus Aldridge yeah conversation. Is starting to gain traction nationally. Able I absolutely gained traction because of how this series and how the last couple months of of the season ended. It literally. And you can point back to multiple things can go all the way back to the west we think you can go back to the road trip would right after Wesley was hurt. You can look at how everything the whole demeanor of the team change cynical it's a lot of lot sheep right now looking for a leader. And LaMarcus has stepped up but he doesn't have that demonstrative leading ability to get huge that gets you like. Pulling everybody there he doesn't have that he's not he's not gregarious guy do you wanna get behind. I like him a lot I just don't know it just feels like Portland is really searching. You know let as Tim Duncan is Mac guy in there always are losing and a hell of a lot of games and got a great leader as their coach in Dade and I'm not saying coach Stotts is not a great leader known Ben's you know you look to point somewhere and you know who else is a good leader Tony Parker. Nancy do it by committee to Dubai group and right now as you said who's Wesley goes down in that shouldn't be the blame here but that's one of your glue guys and that's when he your pieces and nobody else is kind of keeping the ship together because one guy that does in the desert by his play and not that attitude. Is Damian Miller he's just struggling. Sure mightily. But Jason quick actually of the Oregon he wrote a great. An article last night or column last night. And it gives you just a peek into how Damian Miller's thinking through this tough stretch he's going to and it's not about. You know. He eat a lot of people are criticizing game because it looks like he's just. Spaced out. The problem is that dean another kind of looks as same way whether times are good or bad. If he doesn't change his demeanor and that's what I love about being you doesn't have a high he doesn't have a low he doesn't have an emotional roller coaster. Which is great out there he knows that if he plays better replace better but you could literally look at every game and watch him be out there his demeanor does not change and I love that about. His intensity stays the same level yet. Former athletes are like myself or anybody that plays you're the hardest on yourself no matter what no matter anybody meaning. Writer any radio talk show guy you're you're gonna be yourself mentally he knows he struggled he's gonna be art himself no matter what. Watching that intensity of the blazers they are just. It comes down to the defense. Comes down to whatever scheme or whatever style it is it looks like they don't believe what they're doing. And it shows it shows the intensity and I'm not gonna walk around and to have your say I wish they were a better team right which the or somebody different they're not they just don't have that intensity. That we're looking for right now in the player you know syndicate of. Indeed they don't have that rod rod that you that right right that's what that's or you're saying in their there's three of those guys on the roster and you look at it isn't. Wesley that he's obviously one hurts right now. Derosa right is probably the second guy like surprisingly. We saw that spark. That he kind of lifted the team up ray and you know the town in the chest and he was playing at such high level braces hand and the third guy is Meyers Leonard. But he doesn't. Have enough cred credibility and yet but he is he's an area in and you know that's the part that sucks is that he hasn't done enough to really make anybody listen because of his illness and you know in really feed off of that in he played each Clinton good. Game last said he played very serviceable minutes of that team in provided that this our diving for the ball and you don't mean bashing his head into the front row if you know the Alley you've done. Gave given those marks that nobody really feeds off because he just doesn't have doesn't have and that behind him you know and that is that could be. An issue but you may you bring a good point in kind of leadership at top. You know. With Gregg Popovich being a great leader for CNN he's a fiery leader he's intensely and I'm not going by no means not at all Terry Stotts under the buyout Selena. But in there is eighteen this is a team that's lost right now here. Mentality and I asked I think. Who's Jabari when asked this I said dude does a team take on its head coach and identity absolutely it does I know it does because I've experienced it no matter what and sports. The identity. Of this team is coached Dotson he owns it he knows it and so of your identity is to let mid range jumpers and not contest shots. And not crash the boards literally am watching guys shoot up to getting back if one guy crashing the boards. Is his role any blocked out by three guys and it's just the intensity is not there and equipment over to the spurs. Clippers game two different style coaches to different style of teams. In tents battling aggression I'm not comparing what I'm saying it is just completely different and it's not working. You know that is indeed that is a very good point and with Robin Lopez especially. His effectiveness on the offense and has gone because he's actually doing really good job of boxing out yes all the that that takes away all their second chance opportunities all those easy Tipton and Robin Lopez is is in the kraus there's people but I think. Marks only can do you did right he's played he gets a superior center at the point he's doing everything he can't try to eliminate him. But when your boxing out you're doing it's agree to help this article was Lopez with. Could solve that second half the battle and why this happened at each other Jesse brings a good point on beavers into it attacks on 55305. In this is where you can chime in and have the conversation. Generated in general long witness. And he even keel and then that's the and these are so frustrated because he's not freaking out like dale and this is what makes Damian Miller great it's also what frustrates a lot of people with him. He's innocent break out of it. In there there comes a point in time where ever he's had so much success over the course of very quickly career now where is his big failure. Hasn't happened and it could be right now it could be right now that. Guys like Willard guys that any person that's been great in the NBA has gone through times. When they get their butts work and they don't have agreed Ceres and I mean remember when people. You know this is one tidbit when LeBron quit on the cavaliers and they said that was you know home the first time using Cleveland. That he just gave up ingesting care checked out completely. You know people were saying that's a lot of the same kind of rhetoric it's going about about. Miller right now is that he's checked out and he doesn't care that's it's so sort of far from the truth yeah. I'm not to give the guy passed because plain awful and he knows he's playing awful it is need people tell how that absolutely not shooting percentage exactly shoot like. When he goes of the goes in hurt us it's right. Right this team needs a spark mightily and hopefully coming home to Portland. Will give them that but if the waiting game one went down wasn't spark enough navy's. He TU. Is going to be that's our tickets and actually gonna hear from you beaver into it attacks on us 55305. We may have Michael Collins next but if we don't we'll give you some player audio and get your feedback on the deep into it detects I'm dusting him in the afternoons this is 1080 the fan. Doesn't intend to mid afternoon on ESPN's Sports Radio ten maybe folks. What we have here. It's not Michael Collins good. It does seem to ammo we are out to Michael Collins and he is on the clock the is being golf writer. And comedian and former professional caddie we're talking about well incredibly self. Following in game two last night's 97 to 82 effort what is better. It was a bit more inspired the tablets there is by more than they did before and that is concerning it's concerning to a lot of fans because this is. A series that appears to be heading for sweet city. And is much is people want to you put your rosy spin on and say it's not a series in the class till somebody wins on the road. It hasn't been pretty at home either. Now on hasn't hasn't been good there's nothing against this team in I would say over time yeah well you know there's there's something that the grizzlies have. That is almost like some sort of mind trick that they have. Glossed over. Everybody to just turn into a sub par player I don't get it I mean I've never seen a team literally dominate somebody mentally physically. And emotionally consistently for only three years I don't get it. Well what if I did get it but I mean I don't like. You have an awful match up. And went in that jet is turning into is a physical. Mismatch is now turning into a mental roadblock for the Portland trailblazers. And you can see it. You concede after the hot start when the claims came down in that is you got their rotation Nolan. And they got their guards in play and that lets not forget that LaMarcus Aldridge last night. Was masterful in the first half against Zach Randolph sure do what over from the field in the first got him there. And heat in you do that I think Lindsay goes over five yet to start to game and LaMarcus Aldridge did everything in his power to shut him down did a great job that guards were helping not out a little bit more. But it was to guard play for meant this that really was separating factor in that first half and it started you know doing saw the heads just starting to hang because it wasn't. That traditional way that the blazers had been beaten by meant this that was that has gotten beaten last few games it's. Almost like the grizzlies decided. Not to be decided they figured this out that they can take out the guards for. Portland they can literally shut down seagate faceted struggle he could shut down damion can make him have to drive to The Who but he wasn't able to do it denied the outside shot. Put it in in Nick's hands shooting from everywhere you know what Meyers Leonard shoot but literally they said we know that you just mark LaMarcus can obvious we know. We're gonna give you one on ones were gonna let it Zach Randolph go against you you know will bounce problem solved is there's no big. There's no big can take it inside so we literally have an easy road is were able to shut down your perimeter and let one guy play and literally that's what we've seen text Eminem and be into it detects. On 553 of five. I don't why not try during the game that Myers played three spot of the team to the TC of LA Lopez Leonard T in the Willard. Eight diskette thinks he could work CJ is not worth playing in this series. And the biggest problem with that would being in mean in a lot of people are are trying to do is figure out anything you know in the US throwing darts at this wall let point you know we're playing Thursday morning quarterback Greg you totally. But the big problem is that there's. Who does Meyers Leonard defend the and he does have the stamina be out there to be able to handle this he does doesn't mean you're UB gas and five minutes now it's it's a tough it's a tough solution of the problem the one guy that I don't understand. If you're struggling so mightily defensively. And offensively. But did just the way that degree is these guards just. Tearing apart and the blazers. Well why why not just thrown Alonzo Gee you're down fourteen it would be what what hurts yes what is the downside of putting in the guys do. Is ostensibly. A liability especially on the perimeter in lawns a Jeep but can create at the rim. Is a lock down defender in the idea by Ahmanson lockdown defender I would say is their letter and it is a better option than anything that is on the floor for the blazers right now because. Obvious isn't leading. Did success on the defense and then navy now it's on his bulletin saying lets us in defense that does not you beat me to accuse you said he yesterday you said this Portland Trail Blazers team. They're offense dictates. Their defense. You notice it when everybody comes in there it's not a defense of mentality that you start the game and you don't finish the game with defense because. It's not what is in their mentality and if they're gonna shoot well that all of sudden they pick up their temple but they don't worry because they're not gonna defend the midrange shot because they building come down they're playing good offense they can. Score their way back into it. Why not flip it why not like you said flippant and take a defense of stock mentality. And then you know use your ability on offense I don't think they can do it. I don't literally think that they have that ability too far now you know your team dug in your meat into a system and it and literally a scheme. That tells them that. They cannot have that intensity up there because it's not their identity their identity is not that. Right now this green is Teague and he player's skill on the blazers Conley and Allen and then there's deedrick and Courtney Lee yet what health court you really I know what do what do you mean Dane know it gets held tedious ten points. After twenty in game one but then it's Courtney Lee that comes out of nowhere and that is. That's where frustration start so early and is because. Memphis is a team that uses thrown hay makers right now ITA everything's landing you don't have any yet. In the new defense that is not done you know open opinions and defend your job fair in Allen hay makers accountants. It's hard it's frustrating and this is the worst part about being in it in a playoff series like this but. Aegis don't have answers right now right now there's no answers and I think that the worst part about it is. Shots to start fallen in there's a lot of this is better shot selection mood in the call that to stop trying to take it in clear and take it. Cleared the rack midrange and tear drops can't go all the way to the rack against an interior deal like this that the problem the result. And I agree wholeheartedly with that tax in the sentiment coming in on on shot selection. As it's coming through we meet again a ton of them. At five factory 05. But the midrange shots are falling neither the threes. Are dreadful right now nothing is falling C got to be aggressive in trying to go to the rack to the inside because united Nathan from outside that's the most frustrating part. They don't change that's the point is they feel they can shoot their way out of it in continue to shoot. Three steps behind nicked in the three point line you really think with a hand of your face at three steps behind. You can shoot your way out of that absolutely not not percentages mean is your midrange jumper not not good enough is your attacking the rim. Not good enough I don't I don't see is your ability to score on the fast break I know the grizzlies wanna slow you down half Kourtney take the temple away from yet. Liking you pick up your intensity and score a little bit our early office. Yep and I think that all of the answers that people are trying to find are not answers at all because it reaches in on nights off. In Rome on Twitter last night there and why isn't. Tim Frazier getting in Tim Trajan not getting in disease in the do you really weeks ago in its casino in the league MVP Disney's ready you know Meyers Leonard is a good spark but if if that's what you're relying on right now at this time in the season we're digging that's in your day that's where it is it's a frustration level I did if I understand of course it should Israel. And should have frustration amongst the players and the coaches obviously do and they don't like either. It's not a pretty situation right now with the Portland trailblazers and I don't know what the fixes I don't think there is a six right now and meant this is a better team in Dayton you talk about a team that's playing like they have something to prove. Everybody wrote that team off and they got into the five seed. And now we're seeing what was one of the best teams in the Western Conference to start the year before injuries took their toll on them. If you lined up this team and right now what Portland I would say that they are tied do you think that this team playing the pelicans at this time I said it Dieter. You think there there are set this a 78 matchup when you think about Portland playing the pelicans I don't know if the game they have right now would even be development. Where they're playing it doesn't matter because the grizzlies and it's even their hurt physically this team is and is built well the go into the playoffs and physically built. Well yeah I let's let this one brief Sherlock has a lot of people have dean and other questions we'll get to those coming up a little bit later in the show plus or player audio that we L lines have all lined up for you seeking your from the guys. Themselves that. Let's change of pace let's may begin and get a little refreshing to recharge going on here and sucks and football Philip Rivers of the titans that's definitely heating up but not with the people that. Really matter at all Justine Cameron house Alex of the sports center. Does do you intend the mid afternoon on ESPN's Sports Radio Janet you Sosa man. There's been a sign of speculation in the quote unquote reports that are gaining a lot of traction in the media. The Michael guilt in of these San Diego union Tribune is reporting needs San Diego Chargers in Tennessee Titans have heads Seagram conversations about the possibility. As trading Philip Rivers for the number two pick. Which of imprisoned and the B Marcus Mario that T San Diego State aid because it is. Not at all have they contacted each other about that proposition. That we've heard is. Is gaining trash if we gaining traction in this is the confusing part of me because in in the were part of the press press covers as you start he's he preface it with. I'm not going to lie. OK so when he was asked about there trading rivers to the titans he answered I'm going to leave that go who's who's and telescope the did get on to let's go yeah I mean as he said that I'm gonna let that go so you I mean I don't. There there are so many mixed signals on this about what's going on in everyone's ducking and dodging and hiding and really who. Who can make hay with what this is gonna go they've actually worked him out I mean they're we know there's interest there's always something behind it but. Of course they're gonna keep tight lipped Sinatra and pretend. Well it's what's amazing is how these things get started really is. An idea maybe it's flooded out by a front office member team kind engaged. Interest backlash your support that doesn't mean they've talked equal like the teams that Iraq no this is a front office person Zardari and then leaking it to media member right saying hey this might be some that examine ways. You know and then dating they really do date due to gauge. Interest when the thing it supports going to be right with the media thinks of it and teams played the seed in the other with the other team to kind of gauge their interest as well in in instances like this. When there is support from the fan base it's not overwhelming. But it's supportive in did fan base can see the other side of it via the media supports it because they see it as a win win for bolt franchises. In the party involved Philip Rivers in this case. He doesn't vehemently object to it. It actually his only objection that he's. Said is that I don't I'm not moving now I'm moving to LA which makes you think all of the sudden. It makes a ton of sense that this that this would work. For the chargers. For the titans titans people are saying I am not mean we miss then you know why wouldn't you listen the opera is a damn good quarterbacks coach and he's got some miles left on and. There right at only 34 he's got a lot of miles left on him he literally has 55 good seasons I would say at the rate he plays he's not a mover he's not a shaker he's a guy that stands in the pocket can deliver he's a great leader he's very intelligent and he's a guy that can take your team. Two Super Bowl run if you put the right pieces around him which he really hasn't had in along time at San Diego he's made runs but ever since LT left. Still have gates he's still have a few guys with their older there's a lot of things that you need to put in place this makes sense I don't wanna go to LA of Scopes have in my house in Tennessee. But ADs did as all of this thing you start stayed. The media hype in this circle around aids day in a lot of traction is getting really serious doesn't answer the two teams haven't even talked about it correct you know and Jay Glazer had a great tweet today that. If he's finally buckling down into draft. Scenarios right now in getting into the draft. Because this is like right now we're one week out yes that is what the final week is when draft boards start being finalized now in a valuation is finally over realistically have been evaluating guys up until this. Point of not it's nausea it really is right more out in forward Kennedy's franchise in the franchise's eating that the need we're sick of that listen into it print media you're sick of the media covering it and imagine being I did these front office value waiters were you literally have to look at probably. Eight in all in in just being completely honest. You have to identify. And evaluate. A around three regular guys. 300 guy and that's doesn't include free agency purity having to deal with and do that and in the freezing calm behind in the all the stuff the you're having to deal with. It is. Just get me through this era everybody is at the point so now that the teams are finally zeroing in and filling out their draft boards and he would ever really locking into guys that they would consider taking. Now is where these teens actually start to talk so it shouldn't be any surprise that they haven't engaged in stocks yet. Because none of these teams really know what they're doing it until this final week leading up to the draft so. I decided is that is an interesting nugget that this is how franchises work and did the reason why. In this it and you know Tom to Alaska says we haven't had any sort of toxic Tennessee at all. Or give wasn't less than it told the senior team Tribune it was a quote so worse brewers franchise source that the talks have even happened. These little nuggets give floated out to members of the media to gauge the interest of everybody else because. It's wanting to make a move do you feel as a group they sound football move for your franchise. You don't wanna go out on land if you don't feel Tennessee would be interested because. It's if you go ahead and you engage in these stocks. And Tennessee's Zach no way. That's gonna get out and guess he's all pissed off his Philip Rivers because he thinks you're trying to trade him now you know it saves the butts of both these franchises in dealing with their current player there's a method to the madness and Hussein and getting it all out there and in just seen what everybody else thinks about it because. You know people within the San Diego. Front office they can sit there and say or in the coaching staff can sit there and say. We feel Mario it would be great in a good fit here but the more highs in years you can have sitting there talking about it on on ESPN and fox sports. Makes a sling won't eat eat eat if all of those people kind of supported and armed border that it makes it a win win for your franchise limited also. Goes into the point that makes you start to think about why did they continue to do this but because both the general manager Tom Klesko and coach McCourt went to Eugene. And worked out Marcus merry go to and his quote was working out Mario at a was just quote unquote just kind of what we do preparing for the NFL draft. Really no it does but when you have the seventeenth pick. You went up there for a reason because this is part of your thinking you need to do your due diligence yet as all good GMs do. But. There's there's tracks into this but it doesn't mean they've sat around and had his Beagle get together and made the decision along time ago now it's still in the works is there's a lot of offers being blown. At Tennessee now and I was reading a book. About Bill Belichick act neck of the education of coach really good book. And one of his quotes it is that we will evaluate guys that we know we won't draft. In this may be with scenic courses you because you look for in five years down the road. And they'll bring these guys in or they'll go to their campus and work them out. You just see what makes and tic seat there's some there and then if they go to another team they will pencil them in as a free agent target them. Do you book on their after their rookie deal that you know they're looking like four or five years down the road is guys that maybe targets and you look at the Philip Rivers he teams. I'm 34. I either over the summer or you know in the next few weeks and that's a guy where they're sitting there and they may just be looking at Mario it is saying hey. Four or five years down the road we met wanna make a play at this guy and just kind of see how he develops and see is meant to save them I'd be no reason why they do work out because a lot of franchises do that. The absolutely do that and think about this thing about John Schneider what he did in getting Marshawn Lynch four years later. After you don't think there's a lot of due diligence done prior to the draft knowing what would fit into the scheme and how it would work and mysteriously he can't get it done there. Because the Seattle now he's probably the best running back along with Adrian Peterson in the game. These guys know what they're doing Indians they can figured out and they have all these men aligned for future. They they they really do in. Goes surely doesn't matter even going into the draft these guys can be prepared the matter. Yeah a big out at Dow locked in an eleven man it being seen to see the flurry that happens one week away. On the first round of the NFL draft I am just ready effort to be done you know to be completely honest because. It there's a lot of hype machine is. Run its course to me right now and what we think is going to happen in what all of these prognosticators. You know the topic CA's is that word this all the big guys all the milk diapers they everyone's draft picks in this is gonna happen this guy's gonna go here. It doesn't it changes every year they'll be a run on somebody and it'll literally the board foot crazy and all of us will go see none of us do we are talking about. And it ain't that funny thing is that when you see these mock drafts they changer around somehow they existed to mock his mock you'll have guys that changed their first rounds like completely. Science is a winning because he cover all their bases and then the vehicle can mock draft two point 987. I had. This pick and they did. And hello here's my favorite one is when I see today across the ticker dean mean traction. Does get its seven days for the draft gaining gaining gaining traction what is changed. But put it a week ago a lot none needed your immediately gaining traction because we're. At a white walls and I died days away from Pacquiao Mayweather fight tickets went on sale today. And I believe you had to give up your first born child to get in the door and sniff dusting cam on the fan. Dusty and jam in the afternoon on ESPN's Sports Radio Jenny do you. It's an on sale today for the equally Mayweather junior Manny Pacquiao fight in Vegas. They sold out in sixty seconds six feet. Sixty gone in sixty seconds. Right has enough Romany. That the economy weak but it would have UConn vertigo Andre Miller no pun intended Joseph Biden's it is I think practice. I don't know if that's upon that might be climb adding that's a clever way of life in my you know let it gained in these are the only tickets that are going done. To sailed to the public. And no pun intended but they only sold 500. That'll get nearly daily made 500 available to the publish a pop. By 500 and how big does what is I see it's like 165. Is that as a whole 1500 I think it's let me MGM Greg Schultz. I didn't recruit then there. You corporate tickets were purchased that easily view the mafia owns 141000 and the the close filibuster meet them evenly yet based on if you'd like you know long Johnny tissues is kept his chat at a thousand of those taken correctly but. The low low price of 15100 dollars piece is the starting starting bid take precedence in nameless they win the end market in sixteen. Seconds. That's and you know what did somebody was sitting at a computer I don't know if you could've done it with a computer that you probably have to call in to get in line to get that spot I'm running on it possible I. Think that they RT went on sale. Aaron dame went online I think it was an online deal that they had their but 59 dollars that is steep for a in there's no absolutely. No guarantee that this site doesn't longer than sixty or 66. Seconds you know. I mean you did you see it once worked night and knocked out that thing is over remember iron Mike Tyson's return was who beg IE five bed that hurricane. The Italian did daddy do is blast in the Jason people like leader like you the pizza guys that they dated a few minutes Liggett dominoes after hurtling our government pizza box. It was a good day at the exact a hurricane now I would like some yeah some rather but is that being. It indeed so clipping their people in the front row in you could see there are. This study like do I paid ten G forty some seconds in that I mean I know that Pacquiao and Mayweather did that fight she'd go. The distance neither of those guys and knock out fighters must at this point in their careers anymore. And it will be a fun fight they'll make it worth the people's money. But fifteen there but give no guarantees on how long this thing is gonna happen you have. How much would you pay. To something that he did though linked to the game or event is not guarantee. I think it's more than just the event I think what you're doing theirs your purchase seen your purchasing something to see the people they're just think about who's gonna be there. Everybody who's anybody in the sports entertainment industry is going to be there so literally your buying a ticket to rub elbows to go take a self be next to. I don't know ludicrous if that's a big name I have read this think about it that is a big bet the big name every right out to duck OB America's yeah I mean on what the heck even at this point it was a hurricane Peter McNeeley. That would hurt a guy Peter McNeeley got through that Tyson just a couple obliterated. What it but it wasn't even close yet any heat yet he said he wanted to wrap Tyson an eight to tune up for. A a if he does get at his base that's in our car for child series that resonate it in Google. Peter McNeeley if you look at the image from a distance entity click the close that. His Wikipedia picture. It kind of looks like Wilcox and his wrestling. Didn't you get something like ten million dollars for that. That he grief that forty seconds I hope he was some bunkers amount and I know that he got a Guinea got a pizza deal would get knocked out by the pizza. I'll tell you what though I think Wilcox at the last blogs directly Peter McNeeley did with Tyson. I just can't at I can't fathom paying fifteen and about 44 that I know per boxing but would you do for Super Bowl would you do over Malia well okay. NBA finals is BCS national championship game. An organ played burn down. There was a pair of tickets or grand. And we were down there in Arizona and as that no I Fidelity's Heather elect them you know we're not gonna be that. That's a good seat on your count me that's the problem but yeah it's when it's one of those lifetime experiences bucket list. For a lot of people because boxing anymore we don't see super bouts. I don't know nothing is entertaining except these existing save boxing and all you people are talking about it in on when you look at the payday is simple these guys are happening. Are now one of the things that made boxing. Popular inning really grew the popularity. Is the fact that guy's saga that is something that they couldn't make decent money on them you know in the nets led kind of you hear guys like Tyson and Holyfield Newman when they were kind of coming up there are saying. Yeah it is. It was Ali and Foreman in Frazier that kind of got us and not abandon this influx of money teen age natus really wanted to fight. Right Floyd Mayweather junior is the highest paid athlete in the world in sports. Any sport in the world and that's it in debt can be in the Leuer to use some people letters or come up sane man. I can do that. Yeah why not try it but can you name a heavyweight champion right now I think we asked assigning it to click Klitschko. I mean everybody knew who lets. Everybody knew there's a deal with the last name Crawford that's up and coming yes see that's my point is that there's other than that's not I'm an early Alex Crawford does everything about the Crawford in this where I'd keep tabs on my family members all your favorite. It remembers every Joey Crawford and Maria both all that together but we can there we don't have the super guy we don't have the big time heavyweight even the middle weights and all these guys Richard. Just there's no one to attach to and that's why this fight is so big because these guys are the biggest in the game three and their it would mean the 140 council and. Yet doesn't matter though doesn't matter gig paid I mean what. He eluded many paktia was like a senator. In the Philippines and he he gets he's so popular Beaulieu he ran for political office in line probably Lance is Manny Pacquiao. Is just the ultimate Renaissance man he he recorded his own song and he's walking out to you you usually does that that's so awesome they're awful our problem not because I was always do that wouldn't you. Now I was. Is though that he is footlocker commercials that are becoming legendary. And if you haven't seen them I treated at a linked to it earlier today. He had many packed yet has won my heart and I think I'm gonna be reading from any Pacquiao out in in them Mayweather fight even though I usually side with America and just root for USA for her. There I am picking up a mini pack yes but down. I kind of like it too I think this is but again this is just a massive money grab fight it's going to be of course. It's just like all the big twelve rounds of of literally photo that's what's gonna look like just pound pound and pound and little floaters and is still going to be cool watch or I don't think I'm trying to think who house them to go bomb in two so I can watch it. I've already got that covered them. Your daughter the other night augment the no I didn't make the cut and I'm going to be down naslund the mean you can drive down naslund and and you can watch it but I be down Aslan and antigen in my money in the large college buddies from college this way to do it going to be a good time bids will be flowing like the salmon of Capistrano. It's like half Super Bowl it's like you know you can have half Christmas in June is like to have Super Bowl the death. Yet it really it really is him to have these Super Bowl in this guy brings a good point you know a lot of interest in boxing has lost because yet spent a hundred bucks to watch at home. But AG that thing about is now in DC with their food their fight series right their change that by the way did you Dayton we talked about that yeah I did that had cost is the current Michael's never happened before on the in never never ending years it and anything they'd be on the same broadcast together. They did you know what happened with that site. It was preempted locally by a blazer game. It was on April 11 in the blazers. Trump played that night and so what's that eat this pocket or I about. I would turn out as make up. A moon. Nothing saga is that in this. One hour now and two to go next hour the clippers may have blown their series last night and Russell Wilson be a no show for training camp. Jason jinx in Seattle times covers the Seahawks a draft primer and offseason tock is next this is Justine cam on 1080 the fan.